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Theory on how the people on Zou got on the back of the elephant.

The elephant originally lived on an inhabited island and the villagers adored it.

It kept growing and eventually couldn’t fit on the island anymore, but lived in the waters around the island. (Possibly used by the people for transportation between islands?)

The island was attacked by pirates/marines(Something about the void century? Ponoglyph on the elephant?) and the inhabitants fled the island on the elephant.

They hated people because they thought them scum (if attacked by pirates) or saw how the government easily betrayed their own and decided to create and army/live in seclusion. (if attacked by government.)

The elephant wanders around the ocean to lose their pursuers and continued to do so. (Might be running and the reason for their being attacked because they were a part of the old kingdom that was destroyed.)

So what do you guys think?

*by OnePieceDoesExist

    Kaido’s Daughter & Crew – Inspired By Genghis Khan

    Kaido has been revealed. Many people are comparing his appearance to Genghis Khan, a Mongol.

    Just like Kaido, Genghis Khan had the fu manchu mustache, which originated from the Mongols. They also have dark hair, and both represent extremely strong warriors.

    Did you know that Genghis Khan had a great-grandson named Kaidu? Is the legendary Mongol ruler named “Kaidu” the inspiration for Kaido? After all, Kaido does resemble a Mongol warrior, and he does share a similar name to this famous Mongol ruler.

    In the tales of Marco Polo, one in particular was the story of him meeting Kaidu and witnessing two beasts (described as dinosaurs) pulling his chariot. (Note: Marco Polo mistook some of the animals he saw as dinosaurs. Does that ring a bell? Even though they were probably not real dinosaurs, it could still be inspiration for Kaido’s crew.
    Therefore, we’ve found another parallel between Kaido and Kaidu. X Drake (who has the powers of an Ancient Zoan DF which enables him to transform into a theropoda dinosaur) seems to be affiliated in some way with Kaido, and the great Kaidu had two dinosaurs, according to Marco Polo.
    If Oda keeps the parallel going, then we could be very likely to see another Dinosaur Zoan in Kaido’s crew.

    Did you also know that Kaidu had a daughter named Khutulun? İmage
    Khutulun, Kaidu’s daughter, was one of Kaidu’s greatest warriors. Apparently, no man could beat her in a wrestling match, and she was undefeated in thousands of battles. Any man who wanted to marry her had to first defeat her in wrestling. If a suitor lost, he had to give her his horse. By doing that, she won 10,000 horses.

    Since Oda seems to be basing Kaido off of “Kaidu”, will Kaido have a strong daughter as well? I believe so, and we saw her in ch. 795.
    I believe this is Kaido’s daughter, and she seems to be fierce and strong just like Khutulun. She also seems to be the leader of this particular group, and Khutulun was also a military leader.

    Also, we know she’s part of Kaido’s crew due to this JR, and she has horns like Kaido.

    Conclusion: Kaido bears a striking resemblance to Mongol warriors, and his name is similar to the Mongol ruler named Kaidu. Due to this parallel, Kaido could have a strong daughter inspired by the famous Khutulun, who is Kaidu’s daughter. I believe that daughter is the woman we saw in ch. 795, and she will be a very important character.

    *Theory by Alpha2late17. Here’s the video of the full theory:



      So as the name and the picture suggests this is a theory on Rayleigh’s powers…
      As we all know Rayleigh’s alias is the Dark King. My theory is that he got this name by his top of world(once upon a time, now weakend due to old age) CoA:hardening(maybe stronger than or epual to the pk).
      You can see the toughness of his haki in instances like in the fight with Kizaru he coated his sword in CoA so that it wont get cut by Kizaru’s sword(since it is concentrated beam of lighting so it works like laser)

      and also the speed at which he came to kick Kizaru from attacking Zoro was also achieved by using CoA on his feet and then kicking the ground (like instant movement in uq holder or negima if you know about those two)

      in the gif above it shows the dust rising from his feet…
      also when he came to Marineford shot bullets with bare hands and then shattering the cannonballs although this can be acheived by the kuja also,the speciality of Rayleigh lies in shooting multiple bullets with accuracy and CoA embbedded into them


      so instead of a baseless statement that “the demon” resides in Rayleigh I suppose he was called the Dark King because he had insane CoA: hardening levels like being able to put three layers on top of his body or atleast he was the first person who introduced the common world to “hardening” or CoA since haki was developed by the kujas. As we have seen in the series the marines don’t tend to change peoples titles such as Zoro is still called pirate hunter even though he is a pirate and he never actually intended to be a pirate hunter.So Rayleigh was also given the name Dark king by some dumbass marine or commoner cause he was black(no racism intended)

      *Theory by gamergautham


        1. Zoro as the vice captain has given his comment or approval regarding other strawhats, EXCEPT SANJI. Since Luffy and Zoro are the first two member of the strawhats, it seems normal that Zoro will always be there when other strawhats are recruited. But in Sanji’s case, Zoro was away following Nami.

        2. Every strawhats has their picture seen by the world, EXCEPT SANJI.
        I am talking about their bounty poster.


        3. We know that every strawhats has lost somebody important in their life, EXCEPT SANJI.
        Luffy lost Sabo(returned) and Ace.
        Zoro lost Kuina.
        Usopp, Robin, and Nami lost their mother.
        Franky lost Tom.
        Brook lost his captain, then his crew.
        Chopper lost Dr. Hiluluk.
        In fact, in his flashback instead of losing somebody, Sanji actually got a new friend (Zeff).

        4. Every strawhats has once left the crew, or fought a member of the crew, EXCEPT SANJI.
        Zoro was going to be killed by Luffy in Whiskey Peak (Chapter 112).


        Nami and Robin temporarily left the crew.
        Usopp and Franky fought Luffy.
        Chopper was forced to left the crew by Foxy.


        Brook fought Zoro, actually Brook’s shadow(Ryuma) fought Zoro.
        Luffy fought himself (Chapter 478 – Luffy versus Luffy).

        5. Every strawhats has devil fruit ability or weapon, EXCEPT SANJI.
        Luffy, Robin, Chopper, and Brook have their df abilities.
        Zoro has his swords.
        Nami has her clima tact.
        Usopp has his kabuto.
        Franky is actually a weapon himself.
        Not only lack of weapon or df ability, in fact Sanji restricted himself in using his hand.

        So let me tell you my theory regarding these 5 anomalies.

        In the future there will be a big incident that remove those anomalies. In other words, Oda has prepared an amazing story to make Sanji’s character follow the pattern. Lets talk about the pattern one by one.

        1. Sanji will temporarily leave the crew, and here Zoro again will give an amazing advice or speech about it. And when Sani comes back, Zoro will give his proper approval. But what could be the reason for Sanji to leave the crew?

        2. Sanji will get his proper photograph for his bounty poster, and that is when his parents will recognize the existence of their long lost child and will try ask Sanji to come back. But who are Sanji’s parents?

        3. Or maybe Sanji actually has lost one of his parents, or his brother, or his sister. Then for some reason he decided to runaway or to take revenge by sneaking to Orbit.


        We have seen many times Sanji sneaking to follow his instinct.
        Sanji was sneaking to Maxim to rescue Nami.
        Sanji was sneaking to Puffing Tom to rescue Robin.
        Maybe at the momet while Thousand Sunny is heading to Zou, Sanji is sneaking to Big Mom’s ship. :D
        Maybe in the future the strawhats will encounter Orbit and that is when the strawhats learn Sanji’s true identitiy. But what is his true identitiy?

        4. Not only he will leave the crew, Sanji will have his proper fight with Zoro.

        So, many people has been talking about Sanji being actually a prince of some kingdom since Oda has foreshadowed it by giving him alias as Mr. Prince.
        Also, Zoro has actually mentioned that Sanji looks like a prince.


        Notice the ball in his head, it looks like the ball in Inuppe’s head (Zombie who owned Sanji’s shadow).


        5. For his ability. There are two possibilities.
        the first one is, Sanji might get a devil fruit ability, which enhance his kicking ability. Logia maybe, or Bellamy’s fruit, or actually his dream fruit (Absalom’s fruit). I prefer the second possibility, Sanji will get a weapon, which is a metal boots since he need an armor to cover his leg. Or shoes to enhance his kicking ability, similar to Detective Conan’s shoes, LOL.

        Or maybe he will lose one of his leg, and Franky will give Sanji a prosthetic robotic leg (super awesome).
        In fact in early concept of strawhats character, somebody has got a prosthetic robotic leg.


        And it will be funny when Sanji finally meet Zeff again. Zeff will laugh and tell Sanji “so you follow my style huh” since we know Zeff actually got a prostetic leg himself.

        Lastly, since we are talking about Sanji. I want to point out that Strawhats might not need to have a giant in their crew to figh Sanjuan Wolf, because we have Sanji. Oda himself has foreshadowed that Sanji will fight Sanjuan Wolf 3 times.
        1. The first 4 letters of their name are same, so Sanji versus Sanju.
        2. Sanji has the experience of fighting a super huge giant (Wadatsumi).
        3. They actually have the same birthday (second of march).

        *Theory created by gaimon



          I think the next arc will resemble the Skypiea Arc. The reasoning for this is that all the Post-TimeSkip arcs so far have been similar to the beginning arcs of One Piece. Now they might be different in Content. But in their core narrative, conception, execution and underlying themes they are rather similar.

          -Various Early Arcs/Return to Sabaody: The similarities are somewhat obvious, Introducing/ Reintroducing the main crew. As well as showing the Powers/New abilities they have/gained. Now that is there for a fairly obvious reason but there is another underlying current. The presentation of pirates contrary to One Piece, or at least Luffy’s, beliefs of what a pirate should be. Buggy, Don Krieg and probably(arguably) most notably Captain Kuro. Where as After The TimeSkip it would be the Fake Straw Hats. Although Luffy is obviously more affected by the earlier portrayals then the Fake Straw Hats. Now also there is the the portrayal of the Weakness of the marines, with the ease of defeating Captain Morgan as well as the Pacifistas.

          -Arlong Park & Loguetown Arcs/ Fishman Island Arc: Now the most paramount similarity are the Fishman… Not sure I need to explain that any further. Now the most prevalent underlying theme is obviously the racism and it’s littered throughout. Also possibly misguided loyalty or trust, most noticeably With Nami’s trust in Arlong to Hold Up his end of the Deal. Then in Fishman Island there was the Trust in Madam Shyarly, not to mention within Hody’s Crew. Another parallel would be the theft of freedom with Nami subservient to Arlong in the first and Princess Shirahoshi locked away for years second, And maybe to a lesser extent Arlong could be related to Caribou for stealing people. Now maybe the most striking similarity is the death of a mother witnessed by her daughter. The massive battle of The Small number vs The Big number, Zoro and Sanji against the Buggy Pirates and the Marines. Then the battle between the Straw Hats and New Fishman Pirates. The end with the pirates escaping into a New Ocean, Grand Line then The New World.

          -Not sure where to put this: Introduction of great new threat or obstacles. The Shichibukai with Hawk-Eyes Mihawk, then introduction of Yonko with the Big Mom Pirates. Needs a new way to navigate. Smoker and Tashigi and all the things that come with that…

          -Reverse Mountain – Drum Island Arcs/ Punk Hazard Arc: The most resolute is Clearly that these are a lead up to a the real threat, namely Crocodile and Donquixote Doflamingo. The desire to help someone that might be disreputable begins this arc, Miss Wednesday (Vivi) and The Distress call from Punk Hazard. The whole begining is to show how powerful the crew is in relation to the threat they face Whisky Peak, The Centaurs, escaping from captivity. They must bring along a surroget crew member, Vivi, Kin’emon then Momonosuke. The straw Hats apparent betrayal, The Giant’s exploding alcohol, as well as the Keeping of the Candy from the children. The defeat of a a man that uses his power over people for evil, Wapol then Caesar… this is longer and harder then anticipated… Here are some other things I noticed a flying animal type thing tells the boss about the straw hats, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday later Monet. Meeting of Giant mythical Beasts, Giants, Dragons. They beat someone, supposedly, really strong. Zoro + Luffy vs Mr 5 + Miss Valentine, Zoro Vs Monet. Mr 3 tricks the giants, Ceaser tricks Brownbeard. Wrongly enraged Giants, Wrongly enraged Children. Mr 3 power and Caesar’s Gas.

          -CrossOvers: The Cage the Straw Hats and Smoker are in by the hands of Crocodile and the cage The Straw Hats, Law, Smoker, and Tashigi are in from Caesar

          -Alabasta Arc/Dressrosa Arc: As the Dressrosa Arc isn’t complete there may be more in the future. Never the less The biggest similarity has to be a person masquerading as good while they subvertly commit atrocities, I don’t think you need reminding but Crocodile and Donquixote Doflamingo. Then theres the corruption of a good person in power Nefertari Cobra and King Riku. Death of a father figure, that didn’t really die, Igaram, Pell and Kyros. The apparent death, or grave injury of a main character. Luffy at the hands of Crocodile… Law at the hands of Donquixote Doflamingo. A weird pervert that might become far more important later… Bon Clay and Sinor Pink. A seemingly insurmountable for for Zoro Mr. 1 (sword fruit) Pica (In stone). Slightly suicidal person Pell and Baby 5 (maybe not). A rebel force wanting to destroy the ruler the revolutionary army, the dwarfs.

          Now I may have missed something… But for the most part I think the similarities are rather interesting…

          But maybe The next arc will in some way be the second Skypiea Arc…

          *Theory made by ConspirOC


            (you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


            So in light of the recent chapter of One Piece, we have learned that those who are considered “D”s are the “Natural Enemies of Gods”. Now as we all know, within One Piece the Celestial Dragons consider themselves Gods, among the human race. When you take the context of what Corazon said about the “D”s being the natural enemies of the “Gods”, one would assume that this means, the “D”s take on the role of the Devils.

            I know, I know, it sounds crazy right, especially considering that in most religions and Mythology, the Devil, is undoubtably an evil entity, and just doesn’t seem to fit the persona of all the “D”s we have seen so far within the series of One Piece…. Well I decided to do some digging, and I found something very very interesting. In some religions, the Devils were known as “Tricksters”, and these beings, although sometimes were considered evil, were far from the “Devils” I had grown up reading about. And the more I read up on them, the more and more I saw the similarities between “Tricksters” and “D”s.

            *In mainstream Islam and Christianity, God and the Devil are usually portrayed as fighting over the souls of humans. The Devil commands a force of evil spirits, commonly known as demons.[2] The Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) describes the Adversary (ha-satan) as an angel who instigates tests upon humankind.[3][4] Many other religions have a trickster or tempter figure that is similar to the Devil. Modern conceptions of the Devil include the concept that it symbolizes humans’ own lower nature or sinfulness..

            **The trickster deity breaks the rules of the gods or nature, sometimes maliciously (for example, Loki) but usually with ultimately positive effects (though the trickster’s initial intentions may have been either positive or negative).

            ***Operating outside the framework of right and wrong, tricksters do not recognize the rules of society. Their characters and actions are far from simple, however. Often childish, greedy, lustful, and even nasty, tricksters can also be friendly, helpful, clever, and wise. Sometimes they appear to be clownish, clumsy, or foolish, although they usually possess amazing powers of survival. A trickster may come to a sorry end in one story but then, after being miraculously brought back to life, reappear in other tales.

            ****Sometimes a trickster is a creator or culture hero whose activities explain how some aspect of the world came into being. In northeastern America, for example, myths of the Algonquian-speaking people tell of a trickster named Gluskap. Gluskap lived in the cold north, but during a journey to the warm south, he tricked Summer, a beautiful female chieftain, into returning north with him. After she melted the cold of Winter, Gluskap let her return to her home. Maui, the trickster hero of the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, created the world while he was fishing. He let out a long fishing line and reeled in island after island from the bottom of the ocean. Later, Maui stole fire from the underworld and gave it to humans.

            This is just some of the Information that I have found on Trickster, and trust me, I could quote a whole lot more. But as you can see, the trickster, is neither good nor evil. They live their life the way they want to, and depending on the circumstances, tend to bring some type of positive effect around them, regardless of their intentions in the first place. If you look at if from the standpoint of of the “D”s we’ve seen so far in the series, from the M0nkeys to the Marshalls, it basically covers both sides of the spectrum pertaining to Tricksters.

            So what do you guys think, are the “D”s ultimately the “Tricksers/Devils” of the One Piece World, or do you believe that the “D”s hide a deeper meaning? If so, what do you believe they are?

            *All rights go to Celestial D. Dragon

              Ancient Weapons – Uranus and the Tree of Devil Fruits

              (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

              Let’s start a theory about the famous 3 Ancient Weapons (From here on “AW”), trying to figure out what Uranus is.
              We have Pluton, a ship as weapon of mass destruction, Poseidon, the ability to control the Sea Kings becoming manifest in the Mermaid Princess (once 800 years ago, and now again in Shirahoshi), and Uranus, a yet completely unknown weapon.

              The AWs have one big inspiration: Mythology!

              “Each of the Ancient Weapons is named after a Greco-Roman god affiliated with the earth, sea, and sky respectively: Pluto ruled the underworld, which was believed to be underground and all mineral wealth within the earth belonged to him; Poseidon was the ruler of the sea; and Uranus was the personification of the sky.” – OP Wiki

              Poseidon was the ruler of the sea -> The AW Poseidon is the Sea King controlling Mermaid Princess
              All mineral wealth within the earth belonged to Pluton -> The AW Poseidon is a ship, something tangible, probably out of wood (or steel?), in any case out of a material, something “from earth”.
              Uranus was the personification of the sky. -> The AW Uranus is related to the sky? Probably.
              Now the 3 Ancient Weapons have this pattern a lot:

              1. God of the sea, God of mineral wealth (earth), God of the sky
              2. A mermaid, a ship, something in the sky
              3. 1 weapon under water, 1 weapon on the water, 1 weapon above the water

              So I say Uranus is something connected to the sky, maybe to wind and weather, there is no doubt for me.

              Now to the question: What could Uranus be? And where is it?

              1. Location:

              Judging by the story, Pluton was first mentioned in Alabasta, a normal island in Paradise.
              Poseidon: Fishman Island, deep under the sea below the Red Line.
              That leaves? The New World! Uranus’ location/introduction in the story will be connected to the New World. Where in the New World? Well, there is 1 fact we know from Chapter 0: Gol D. Roger was in possession of an Ancient Weapon. I say he possessed Uranus, which would reveal us the location: Raftel!

              2. Identity:

              Let’s continue our way of thinking in patterns: So far we have one weapon as a person or animal, in general a living being (Poseidon), one weapon as a ship (Pluton).

              That means Uranus is neither a person, nor a ship. What is left? And what of the things that are left is actually in the sky?

              Some ideas: A flying animal? An airplane? A cloud? A sky island? A moon? If you count Shirahoshi as animal, then maybe Uranus is in fact a person? Or a Devil Fruit?

              Let’s test these ideas:

              1. A flying animal? – I count Poseidon already as an animal, so no.
              2. An airplane? – Well that would also be a tangible weapon, just like a ship, so no.
              3. A cloud? – A little hard to imagine how a cloud could have/be a weapon, so no.
              4. A sky island? – Possible, but we already know that there are a lot of sky islands, and one of them being an Ancient Weapon wouldnt be very special anymore, so no.
              5. A moon? – There are 6 moons in One Piece, Enel being on one of them, and we know people lived on the moon. Kinda heard to imagine that one of those 6 would be a weapon, so no.
              6. A person? – I think Shirahoshi counts as a person (living being), so no.
              7. A Devil Fruit? – There are so many, many Devil Fruits, it would be kinda lame if Uranus is just one special Devil Fruit, so no.

              Many believe that Monkey D. Dragon himself is Uranus, or that his Devil Fruit is Uranus, but that would be like a copy of Shirahoshi just with a human, right? It wouldnt quite fit the pattern.

              Hmm, so nothing really fits? That’s disappointing. What is left then? Let’s gather some more info:



              In this picture, we see the 3 races from the moon, the Birkans, Skypieans and Shandorians, travelling from the moon down to the earth, this was long before the Void Century. The 3 races are symbolized by 3 different hats: 1 antenna, 1 helmet, and 1 fish-head -> Uranus, Pluton and Poseidon.

              We see that the leader of this journey is in fact the character with the antenna hat: Uranus. This makes perfect sense, because in Greco-Roman mythology, Uranus is the grandfather of Zeus, Pluton (Hades) and Poseidon!

              That means the Ancient Weapon Uranus should be of much greater magnitude than Poseidon and Pluton.

              I also think that the 3 races from the moon were the founders of the Ancient Kingdom, as well as their weapons: Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus. This would fit 2 patterns:

              1. Mythology: God is “not from the earth”, God created the earth, and the human race with Adam & Eve (more about them later), just like the 3 races came “down to earth”.
              2. US Forces: Navy, Army and Air Force as “weapons” for the USA, just like Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus as weapons for the Ancient Kingdom.

              Adam & Eve

              I already stated, that Pluton is a ship, and that Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess, and I also stated their positions, Paradise (Pluton) and Fishman Island (Poseidon). We know two “holy” trees in One Piece: The Treasure Tree Adam and the Sunlight Tree Eve. How are these all connected?


              • Poseidon is an AW related to the sea, it’s a mermaid – The Sunlight Tree Eve was mentioned on Fishman Island, because there was a huge tree giving sunlight 10,000 meters beneath the surface. I believe that was in fact the Sunlight Tree Eve, and the location fits perfectly: Fishman Island!
              • Pluton is an Ancient Weapon related to earth/wood, it’s a ship – Franky mentioned the Treasure Tree Adam, because Roger’s ship the Oro Jackson was built out of that special wood, just like Sunny. He even went to a neighbour island of Water 7 to buy pieces of that wood. So again, the location fits perfectly: Paradise!

              Now what about Uranus? I said the location of Uranus was Raftel. I will now explain this further:
              Raftel is the place where both trees are connected. Like Uranus is the grandfather of Pluton and Poseidon, on Raftel both trees (connected to Pluton and Poseidon) will combine/connect. We already have 2 trees for the other Ancient Weapons, so I wouldnt be surprised if the remaining weapon is connected to the remaining tree, the Tree of Devil Fruits!

              Now what is the connection to the sky?

              Sky does not only have to mean the physical sky, like “the place where all the clouds are”. Sky can also be understood in a spiritual way, like heaven. Poseidon is a living being, Pluton is a weapon/ship, like a huge item.
              So we have a living being, and an item, what is left? -> Something neither living, nor tangible! Uranus is something spiritual!

              First of all, nobody ever reached Raftel but Gold Roger, and we already know that he was in possession of an AW. Evertyhing is connected, the trees, the Poneglyphs and Rio-Poneglyphs, it all is “One Piece”. Second of all, the physical appearance of that tree must be huge, reaching far up into the sky, “godlike”. And lastly, the power of that tree to “give live”, to give power, and to unite all Devil Fruits is something spiritual.


              I’m not sure how exactly all this works out, but the simple idea is clear:
              The Adam and Eve Trees are connected to the Ancient Weapons Pluton and Poseidon, and mythology tells us that Uranus stands above those two.
              That’s why I think the combination of Adam & Eve is the Tree of Devil Fruits, which is nothing else than Uranus.

              Think about it: We have a tree that generates sunlight, or energy, we have a tree that generates the matter/material, now all we need is the soul/spirit, right?
              Uranus, the Tree of Devil Fruits, is a tree that generates spirit! Namely in form of devils inside the fruits. It brings “life” to those fruits, as well as supernatural powers.

              I might be wrong about Uranus being somethign “spiritual”, it could also be the staff we see the Birkan holding (in the cover picture with Enel), like a magic staff. But what Im sure about is, that Uranus generates life, like I already explained.

              • Eve generates sunlight, to those living under water -> Shirahoshi
              • Adam generates a special material (wood of the Adam’s tree) to build objects that can withstand anything -> Ships
              • The Devil Fruit Tree generates spiritual energy/the devil’s soul/ki (however you wanna call it^^), like a god creating a form of life -> The ability to generate spiritual engery, e.g. control of the sky/weather/elements.

              Whether or not all Devil Fruits can/will be combined to form the One Piece, or if the Devils will be combined to form the original Devil is a different question. In another theory I also mentioned that the D. characters are the descendants of the Ancient Kingdom, and the Guradian of the Devil Fruits, which would fit if my statement, that the Ancient Weapons belonged to the Ancient Kingdom, is true. Uranus is a weapon of the Ancient Kingdom, the Tree of Devil Fruits, therefore the descendants of that Kingdom are the guardians.

              -> Uranus is the Tree of Devil Fruits.

              What do you guys think?

              *All rights go to Gobee129


                (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


                So when Monet died on Punk Hazard her ability went on to another fruit. Maybe it went to one of Nami’s tangerines? Why I think Nami out of all the other none devil fruit crew will it eat is because of three reasons.

                1. She loves tangerines. They’re her connection to Bellamere and back home
                2. It suits her already existing abilities (all things concerning weather)
                3. Nami isn’t the one to save the crews devil fruit users when they fall into water, (Zoro,Sanji) so she’ll be able to eat it without being troubled with the burden of saving the crew, though she would be extra baggage when in water.

                I don’t think she necessarily eats it on purpose. More mistake, then she realises after it tastes so horribly.


                *All rights go to TJSperling

                  Ryokugyu theory

                  (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


                  Note: this theory is based on the assumption that Jinbe will join Strawhats. This theory is something I thought of after reading a comment about Ryokugyu as an admiral and how he could be.

                  Personality: We have so far seen many types of admirals in One Piece, what is missing is the crooked cop, the corrupt admiral that encapsulates and symbolizes all that is wrong with the marines. We have seen corrupt marines in the series so far (Nezumi, Morgan) which means its completely possible that higher ranking officers also are corrupt.

                  This would also fit well considering how the different admirals have their own justice:

                  • Aokiji: Lazy Justice (acts when he absolutely has to)
                  • Akainu: Absolute Justice (acts for the greater good with no concern for the means)
                  • Kizaru: Random Justice (acts when he feel like doing it)
                  • Fujitora: Blind Justice (acts when HE thinks its right)
                  • Ryokugyu: Corrupt Justice (acts in his own interests)

                  Powers: Green is commonly associated with nature and earth and therefor I am going to assume that his powers is related to this. (Which type of power is not relevant just that it is related to earth)

                  Showdown: The reason I think this is a very possible theory is because his characteristics would fit extremely well in the following scenario. If we look at the latest opening in One Piece you can see the Strawhats taking on the admirals. Luffy vs Fleet admiral Sakazuki, Zoro vs Fujitora and Sanji vs Kizaru. Their powers match each other very well so in a final arc these are battles that likely would occur. This however means that the Strawhats will have to fight Ryokuyu too. The perfect opponent to the corrupt admiral would be Jinbe. As a fishman he have had to suffer the tyranny of mankind and the World Government. And to have a final showdown between the fishman and the man who who abuses the system that have been oppressing the fishmen would be very fitting. Even their powers would go well. Water vs Earth which also could be a symbol for the fishman vs human battle since the elements represent the habitats the different races live in.

                  TLDR: Ryokugyu is a crooked cop like those in every action movie.

                  Thank you for reading this excruciatingly poorly formated text and I would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

                  *All rights go to sirnorthcountry

                    Donquixote Rocinante is Sanji’s dad Theory

                    (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

                    I think Rocinante may be Sanji’s dad and here’s why.
                    First of all, here’s a lil’ timeline so we’re all on the same page with this.


                    * Trafalgar’s age is “26”, but he tells Doflamingo that he’ll pay for what he did 13 yrs ago, alluding to Rocinante’s death when Trafalgar was 10, and when we flash back 16 yrs ago Trafalgar was 7yrs 7 months, making him about 23 right now (chap.724 pg.19, chap.761. pg 13).

                    Age inconsistencies happen all the time in One Piece so it’s no big deal. Honestly, I would say all ages are approximate and have some wiggle room. I think it would make sense if Sanji was a little bit younger as well.

                    -Both blonde, and Sanji has those prize winning Donquixote family legs
                    -Sanji was born in the North Blue but grew up in the East Blue (chap. 227 pg. 7)
                    -Sanji has an unusually rare blood type, maybe it’s because he’s from an unusually rare bloodline?
                    -Only crew member who hasn’t lost a named loved one, and Oda wouldn’t miss a chance to kill off some kid’s family unless he had something bigger planned

                    Sanji’s coat in Film Z is very similar to Rocinante’s


                    Why was Sanji working on The Orbit?

                    -Rocinante doesn’t want Doflamingo to find out about him, because Doflamingo has a habit of killing everyone. If things go sour and Rocinante is revealed as a marine, he would want his kid as underground as possible.

                    -Rocinante doesn’t want people to know Sanji is related to the Donquixote family because of their heritage. People hated and attacked them when they found out about their connection to the Celestial Dragons.

                    -Dad’quixote just wanted them to have a normal life and maybe that’s what Rocinante wants for his son too.

                    Or maybe it’s none of these, but one way or another he gets on that boat.

                    Rocinante’s personality suggests he may be a father. He loves kids, which is why he tries so hard to discourage Baby 5, Buffalo, and Law from joining the crew. He doesn’t want to see them get killed/arrested. On their quest for a cure, Rocinante treats Law like a son. Is it because he misses his own son?

                    I’m really interested in hearing other people’s input on this!

                    *Theory by bepo