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Well, as we all know Shanks has a scar on his left eye which is given to him by Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard, the scar was absent on Shanks when he was part of Roger crew

When Shanks visited Luffy at Foosha Village he had scar.


So it is between that period from Roger’s execution & visiting Foosha Village, he received the scar from Teach.

Here’s my theory.

I am going to start with devil fruit which Shanks had (gomu gomu no mi) & devil fruit which Teach wanted (yami yami no mi)

Above you can see , both the df’s have similarities (at least i think that ). Both seems to look similar due to that colour and design. So it is safe to assume that one can get confused on recognising the either devil fruit. And if you are as desperate as Teach well you will.

So my theory is based on that similarities of df.

Now ,when Shanks entered WB’s ship moby dick, the reaction from various crew members were like they were meeting Shanks as Yonko for 1st time, those who fainted on his arrival.
Even Shanks’ conversation with Marco “so ,you are 1st division commander Phoenix Marco” states that Shanks and WB never clashed as “Yonkos”.

So how & when did Teach gave the scar to Shanks ??
I think that Shanks(before being a Yonko) had found a devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi from a certain pirate crew somewhere in grandline(mostly new world).

And Teach was already after Gomu Gomu no Mi mistaking it for Yami Yami no Mi, which he has seen in Df book. So when Teach arrived, he found that fruit was already stolen by Shanks. So he planned to get the Df from Shanks & we know how evil planner Teach is .

He joined the crew of Shanks(remember teach wasn’t a infamous pirate then, he always leaved in shadow of WB). He managed to infiltrate the Red Haired Pirates & waited for his opportunity, as soon he got his hands on the Df, was caught by Shanks & at the same time he realised that df wasn’t Yami Yami no Mi.

Now in order to flee he tried to fool Shanks in a meaningless talk, while attacked Shanks when his guard was down giving him a bloody scar on eye with his claw & managed to flee from there.


The reason Shanks scar still ached ,was he was done by the misleading personalities of Marshall D. Teach.

Thanks for reading ^^
*Theory by blaze


    Hello everyone! I’m here today with a theory on Blackbeard’s Body Structure, his DF and so on and so forth. Let’s get started!

    • The first point I would like to start off with is of Blackbeard as a kid, it might be far fetched but here goes. I think Teach might have suffered from a mental disorder, basically split personalities which confused him at a young age since he couldn’t comprehend it and left him depressed as we see above. He might have been born with split personalities or may have retained it through severe trauma as a child. This could also explain why he can wield 2 or more DF’s. His split personality counts as multiple people which acts as a loophole for being able to use more than 1 DF. He may switch to his other personality to use the Gura Gura No Mi, and go back to original mindset when using the Yami Yami No Mi.


    • Another character I’d like to mention is Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho. His mental disorder is later mentioned later on but basically he has 7 split personalities with different abilities. His Red personality in general is the more aggressive one and he forms a machine gun of some sort around his hand when this personality takes over. How does this relate to Blackbeard you might ask? Well what if he uses 2 DF in a way similar to how Sensui gains alternate skills with each personality. Lets say Blackbeard’s main personality wields the Yami Yami No Mi and on the other hand, one of his split personalities is counted as another person in whole and controls the Gura Gura No Mi. In accord to his body structure, this might also explain why he can take hits so well and has different reactions to pain on certain occasions. For example lets say one personality when getting attacked tanks the hit and doesn’t think much of it. While another one of his personalities overreacts when hit and flails around for a slight moment.


    • Now this next point is for the people who are skeptical on my second point of how one personality holds the Yami & the other wields the Gura. Maybe Blackbeard learned how to control his multi personalities in a way similar to Sensui? Sensui could communicate with his other personalities without them taking over at any point in time unless the main personality gave the others his approval. Maybe Blackbeard can switch between personalities at will or keep a certain level of balance/synchronization between the 2 to dual wield both of them at once in certain instances?


    • Another theory is solely based on the Yami Yami No Mi alone and the nature of black holes in general. We know that Black Holes absorb matter, even light particles can’t escape dark matter. What if instead of Blackbeard eating the Gura Gura No Mi after taking it out of Whitebeard’s body, the Yami Yami No Mi absorbed it and was still somehow able to fully use it’s powers but as a trade off he can only use it with his left hand and can no longer use the Yami Yami No Mi in that hand. We know the Yami nullifies the abilities of all DF’s, it would make sense that it can nullify it to a point where it wouldn’t be a threat on the body of the wielder if they have already eaten a DF but can still take control of it’s powers to a certain extent.

    I don’t know how Luffy & Zoro were able to detect that, I hope we get a flashback on this when the time comes for more BB in the future.

    Then we have BB’s Jolly Roger with 3 skulls on it, in my opinion this foreshadows his multiple personalities along with his plan to get a 3rd DF in the future.

    That’s the end of my theory, I hope you enjoyed it since it’s my first!

    *Theory by Ace D. Sosa



      I’m here to post my own theory on our newest Emperor, Blackbeard. Now I know there are tons of content and ideas about this guy, ranging from Cerberus to split personality to the ceremonial dagger. So I just wanted to throw my hat into the ring and see how it goes. Warning, this might be a pretty long post. Hang in there with me guys.

      So the first thing I wanted to address is how BB is in fact a genius. I think he is the mascot for people who are super smart but act super dumb. The sheer number of things he was able to predict/manipulate is staggering. And I think he would be the the kind of person who would actively lie about his own abilities to get an advantage. (ie Trebol)

      The core of the theory then is that Blackbeard’s power does not function the way he tells us it does. He tells us exactly what he needs to for us to hang ourselves in assumptions. What do I mean? Let’s take a look at his powers and our assumption about them.

      1. BB is able to suck in anything into what appears to be an alternate dimension and can push it out of said dimension.
      2. BB does not have normal Logia functions like regeneration or intangibility.
      3. BB suffers more pain than a normal human being, yet can survive some serious damage.
      4. BB can cancel out the effects of other fruits.
      5. We assume that all of these effects belong to the Yami Yami no Mi.

      We assume this, because that’s what Blackbeard tells us. But what if he is lying? What if the Yami Yami no Mi is not solely responsible for all these exceptional powers? What if number 3 and 4 is a separate ability all together?

      I know this is a pretty bold claim; I’ll admit, it’s pretty far out there. But here’s a few hints that led me to this conclusion.

      When BB fought Ace, he said a few interesting remarks. Chief among them are “This power chose me.” and “My body absorbs much more pain than a normal human’s.” and “This power is the most evil.” Now we automatically attributes the extra damage anomaly to the Yami Yami no Mi, but I no longer think it is the case. And why would BB say that this specific fruit chose him? And why is the Yami Yami no Mi so evil? I believe he said all these things because he is hiding the fact that the Yami Yami no Mi is his 2nd fruit, not the first one.

      So here’s a little scenario I constructed. I think that BB ate a very useless fruit as a young child like Luffy. I know, I know, we all love the Gumo Gumo no Mi. But comon, stretching like rubber is pretty tame in comparison to some of the overpowered fruits we have come across. But instead of embracing the power as Luffy have, BB’s fruit made him extremely sad and depressed. Which is why he was crying as a kid.

      What is this useless fruit? I think that it is similar to Urouge’s fruit. It would have the effect of amplifying pain in exchange for toughness and the ability to cancel out other fruits like a powered up sea stone. As a kid, pain amplification might have been the only effect that BB knew and it overwhelmed BB, which is why he set out to find the Book on Devil Fruits, hoping that it might help his situation.

      Instead of a cure, he found information on the Yami Yami no Mi. I think that this book held the true information on what his fruit and the Yami Yami no Mi does, and one of Dark traits is that its power is self-destructive. I think that this fruit is so evil, because it kills its own user with its power. But then there might be a footnote on the page where it states that the Author (assumed to be Vegapunk) theorize that another fruit might be out there which could allow the user to use and control the Yami Yami no Mi. And this here is why BB thinks this power chose him. Because it just so happens that his first fruit can handle the power of absorbing another fruit and the Yami Yami no Mi.

      Then with this new information, he came under Whitebeard and begun his search for the Yami Yami no Mi.

      So then how does this work? And why does it matter? Well I think it matters for a few different reasons.

      Thematically, this would bring BB one step closer to Luffy. Both ate a ‘bad’ fruit early in life, but one rejected it and one embraced it. It could bring out more character development for Luffy by setting up BB as a foil.

      Story wise, I think it’d be a pretty killer plot twist. It would explain BB’s pirate flag and set up Vegapunk to be a critical element in bringing down BB. Because Luffy and crew need to know this final trump card up BB’s sleeve to defeat him. It would be essential come up with a plan to deal with his insane endurance.

      It would also explain a couple of BB’s tendencies. Ever notice how he is really slow in battle and talk alot, specifically to provoke his opponents? And I think he almost always get hit first. I think he needs to feel pain in order to evoke his first fruit’s power to control his 2nd and 3rd fruit. And in the case where his opponents don’t fight first, he could grind his missing teeth to generate pain to fuel his powers.

      So there it is, that’s roughly my idea on how BB’s powers works. I know it’s really out there, but it does connect a few dots for me personally.

      What do you guys think?

      *Theory by Cloudastic



        As we know, BB’s jolly roger is a three headed skull. Many people believe that this is evidence that BB has a Cerberus DF, but i strongly disagree.
        Their is little to no evidence that BB has a cerberus DF; furthermore it makes no sense even if he had that fruit

        – If BB had that fruit, then why didn’t he ever use it?
        – If BB had that fruit, then why did he say that the yami yami no mi was the strongest DF?

        Rather i have a different idea; I believe that BB’s cerberus is represents two things

        1. An allusion to the tale of Hercules
        2. The awakened power of the yami yami no mi


        As i said i believe that BB’s jolly roger is an allusion to Hercules, Specifically the 12 labors of Hercules. As you may know; Hercules did 12 labors as a penance for killing his family. The 12th and final labor was kidnapping Cerberus.


        Similarily, i believe that BB will be the final labor for Luffy. BB wants the one piece, just like luffy; however BB is a yonko, meaning he is already ahead of Luffy in the search for one piece. This means that unless someone defeates BB before the final arcs(which won’t happen), BB will be the strongest person who wants the one piece that Luffy has to beat. What i am basically saying is that cerberus is the final labor for Hercules; just like BB will be the final villain for Luffy. Lastly, Hercules didn’t kill the cerberus and rather returned it safely back to the underworld; i believe that this could be used in one piece. I don’t believe that Luffy will kill BB in the end of one piece, but rather spare his life. However i do believe BB will die, but by his own hands.


        BB said that the yami yami no mi was said to be the most evil DF, but why is that? Many people believe that the yami yami no mi was called evil because it could steal DFs, but i have a different theory. I believe that the yami yami no mi is called evil because it absorbs souls. We know that the yami yami no mi can absorb DFs, so why not souls? I also believe that the yami yami no mi is based on Tartarus. Tartarus is the primordial deity of Darkness, meaning that it is the personification of darkness. Similarly the yami yami no mi is a logia which allows the user to become darkness(i believe that BB can turn into pure darkness when he is not in contact with light). Tartarus is where the souls of the titans are stored; similarly the yami yami no mi is where DF souls are stored. Why is this important? Well as i said, in the story of hercules, hercules returned the cerberus to the underworld. And in greek mythology, tartarus is found in the underworld. So in one piece i believe that the similarities would go something like this:

        Luffy = Hercules
        Blackbeard = Cerberus
        Yami yami no mi = Tartarus and the underworld

        So if ceberus goes back to the underworld, and the underworld in one piece is represented by the yami yami no mi, then what does that mean? Well i believe their is a secret risk to using the power of the yami yami no mi, that being that the user could be consumed by darkness. I believe that every user of the yami yami no mi died because their own soul and body was consumed by the yami yami no mi, forever connecting them with the yami yami no mi. I believe that’s why Marshall D teach has an “unusual body” and that is also the reason he can consume many DFs; he can survive eating many DFs because he no longer has only 1 body, his body is literally a combination of the bodies of everyone who died by the hands of the yami yami no mi.


        I believe BB’s awakening will allow him to do 3 things

        1.Absorb all light
        2.Become darkness
        3.Change the physical features of his body

        In another theory I explained how logias like Enel and Monet change the physical features of their body by using their logia abilities(enel becomes a giant in his raijin form, monet grows sharp teeth). I believe by doing this, BB will have the ability to change the shape of his body into that of a cerberus-human hybrid by controlling how his body looks in it’s logia form. This will give him logia-like abilities when using hand-to-hand combat


        -The yami yami no mi represents tartarus and the underworld
        -Blackbeard represents cerberus
        -Luffy represents Hercules
        -Blackbeard’s jolly roger represents BB being the final fight for Luffy
        -The yami yami no mi will eventually consume the bodies and souls of their user
        -The reason why BB can eat many DFs is because his body is a combination of the bodies of every other person who ate the yami yami no mi
        -BB’s awakening will allow him to become a cerberus-human hybrid by changing the shape of his body in his darkness form

        *Theory by knaal