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Who is allied with whom and who is against whom? Here is the Answer!!

Are you a little confused about the recent events in the New World? You can no longer tell who is allied with whom and who is against whom? Here is the solution! Two explanatory pages from the last issue of Weekly Shonen Jump!


*Here is the Translation:

Kaido and Doflamingo had business dealings.

Law and Doflamingo are connected by fate.

Law/Luffy crushed Doflamingo.

Law/Luffy targeting Kaido.

Drake is under the umbrella (?) of Kaido. (Note the question mark).

Luffy has respect/promise towards Shanks.

Luffy and Big Mom are antagonistic towards each other.

Capone is under the umbrella of Big Mom.

Kid/Apoo/Hawkins targeting Shanks.

Kid/Apoo/Hawkins battled/at war/hostile towards Kaido.

Weevil targeting Blackbeard.

Kuzan collaborating with Blackbeard? (Note the question mark).

Kuzan and Sakazuki are antagonistic towards eachother.

Sakazuki hunting/searching for Bonney.

Blackbeard heading to Rev. HQ? (Note the question mark).

    Can you spot the mistake in this One Piece drawing?

    If you watch well this picture published in a issue of  Weekly Shonen Jump, you will notice that there is something wrong. Try spotting it.


    Noticed anything? I give you a clue: look at Usopp’s bike.

    The last image, a drawing made by the designer Takumi, has the solution.

    Now, have you spotted it ?

      Luffy Leads in One Piece Character Poll

      Weekly Shonen Jump published the results for the yearly One Piece character poll.


      Here is the TOP TEN:

      1. Monkey D. Luffy: 9,183 votes
      2. Trafalgar Law: 8,794 votes
      3. Roronoa Zoro: 7,997 votes
      4. Sanji: 7,154 votes
      5. Sabo: 5,131 votes
      6. Portgas D. Ace: 5,124 votes
      7. Tony Tony Chopper: 3,336
      8. Nami: 2,173 votes
      9. Bartolomeo: 1,751 votes
      10. Boa Hancock: 1,422 votes

      Who’s your favorite One Piece character? Let us know!