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D Means…

will of d

1. Myth: Dragon appeared in Loguetown and Luffy was able to hear the dragon talking in the Apis Arc. The D must mean DRAGON.

Fact: The Warship Island Arc was not canon. Therefore everything in it (except for a few things like the Calm Belt information) was not written in the manga by Oda. This rumor was originally created by a popular anime blogger who took a wild guess after watching the arc. Due to the popularity of said blog, others also pondered on the idea (though some fans came to this meaning on their own accord). However, it has been proven Dragon has an important plot role.

2. Myth: It is the first letter of the civilization name.

Fact: We do not know what the D. means at the moment. This comes from the significant actions of the World Government to stop Clover saying the name.

3. Myth: It is not a D it is part of a smiley! (example: :-D). Also, every D character that appeared in the series has smiled (even Portgas D. Rouge).

Fact: This one stems from the act of smiling upon death.

4. Myth: It is the name of the royal family of the lost civilization or a clan within it.

Fact: We do not know anything about their culture or if they even had a royal family.

5. Myth: D. means “Devil”.

Fact: This one is a nod to Devil Fruits. Rosinante did however state that those with the D. are God’s natural enemy, which is what a devil is conveyed as.

6. Myth: It means “Damashii”.

Fact: This one is linked to the talk of spirits and “will” throughout the series.

7. Myth: It is half a circle.

Fact: This one comes from “One Piece”, the speculation is that the D. is half a circle or pattern/symbol. In other words, acquiring Roger’s treasure will result in the symbol becoming “One Piece” again.

8. Myth: It means “Danger”. One of the Gorosei said so in Post-War Arc!

Fact: One of the elders really said that, but that’s due to the translation “D always means danger”, meaning that all of the people with D on their name were dangerous people.

9. Myth: It is given to those who can start a new era. Such as Roger starting a new age of pirates, and Blackbeards’s betrayal and Ace’s capture leading up to the Marineford War.

Fact: Portgas D. Rouge’s only (confirmed) significant act in life was giving birth to Ace.

    Meaning of Law’s name


    Law’s full name, Trafalgar D. Water Law, consists of two great battles, The Battle of Trafalgar and Waterloo, which cost Napoleon his emperorship. One of the mentioned battles destroyed his coalition with Spain.

    The Battle of Trafalgar and Waterloo  ≈ Trafalgar Law

    Napoleon ≈ Doflamingo

    Spain ≈ Kaido


      We all have been reading so much theories surrounding the letter D in names of important characters in OP. And mostly they say it stands for DEVIL, the ones who oppose Gods or should we say now Royalties. What i think is a bit different. The letter D stand for Death. The reason behind this is that so far we’ve got to know 9 different characters who have letter D the in their names.
      You can see in the picture that i uploaded, 4 of 9 characters are already dead. So my theory is that the D or should i say curse brings violent death to them or to people whom they love if they don’t sacrifice themselves instead. Maybe that’s what Roger knew (hearing the poneglyphs) and that is the reason why Gol D. Roger surrendered himself to Marines, because he didn’t want that curse to affect his kid – Portgas D. Ace. Perhaps they are destined to die while protecting others and there is no other way to escape death and that’s why Roger died by the hands of Marines, to protect his son. And the reason why he entrusted Ace to Garp because he Roger knew the secret behind the name and was sure that the Garp was the best choice to protect Ace considering D in his name and what it stands for. Maybe the D has a double meaning – Death and Defending (the ones you love). Garp eventually didn’t sacrifice himself to protect Ace, and Ace died – and we all now how important and loved Ace and Luffy were by Garp, even if he didn’t show it. Perhaps in future Luffy will be in mortal danger and Garp or Dragon will  die to protect him.
      Now if we look upon other characters who also died in OP, we can see that they died while protecting others. So Roger and Portgas D. Rogue died protecting their son, Jaguar D. Saul died protecting Nico Robin and finally Ace died while protecting Luffy. Trafalgar D. Law was a kid and couldn’t save the ones he loved. that is the curse considering D or should i say Death of the name bearers.
      *Theory by Irbas Škrinjarić