Alright i’ve been pondering to this theory for quite a long time now and i think i’ve come to a reasonnable theory about Jewelry Bonney’s true identity.There have been many theories about her and mine is not fully original: because she joins many others in a certain way.

As we all know, Bonney’s Pink hair can remind us all of Laura from Thriller Bark. When she has parted ways from the SH she gave Nami a Vivre’ Card from her mother who’s a great pirate in the new world.
(yeah yeah we all know that ! Go straight to the point ! > Knowing how Oda likes to create links between character we can all assume two thing :
– First Laura’s mom is the Yonkou Big mom (nothing new to learn here captain ! go on!
– Big Mom’s daughter are encouraged to travel the world by themselves and not under Big Mom’s mark (at least she did not seem to be forced to do anything but travelling back from the new world seeing how she got to water seven : p )

At this point most of us thought that Bonney was also Big Mom’s daughter due to the fact that she shares the same candy pink hair color and her insatiable appetite…

BUT (here’s the tricky part ^^ ), We all saw during the Shabondy’s ark that Bonney had a devil fruit

(similar to Ain’s unless Ain’s devil fruit is similar to Bonney’s?… Oh … the theory read what comes next ! )
Allowing her to change the age of her enemies (turning them into old people or babies ) but also changing her age at will (giving her a lolicon look ). So we can also think that her casual appearance may not be the one according to her real age (she’s older than she looks like) She seems like one of the wisest pirate between the supernovae : she saved Zoro from killing a Celestial Dragon but also holds a strong grudge against the Marines… She was also the only one to cry when learning about Ace and WB’s death and she then ran into BB’s crew on the burning island.

Then I saw another interesting theory : Bonney may be a former member of Gol D. Roger’s pirate crew due to her Name : Jewelry. Actually it’s brilliant ! The captain was Gold the second was Silver and the third most powerfull pirate was Jewelry (forming the three of them a monster trio )

What would happened if those two theories were actually partly true ? My theory is that Jewelry bonney was actually Charlotte Lilin’s Twin sister. they looked quite alike at the time but Jewelry’s fruit allowed her to lose a lot of weight. At some point she actually met Gol D. Roger looking for member to join his pirate Crew and she accepted leaving behind her sister

Together they may have lived great adventures. but when Roger died she decided to hide for some time until she decided to get back into business. With her devil fruit she was able to hide her true identity and have a fresh start.

But i can guess what your main argument against this theory will be : “Why isn’t she simply BIG MOM 3:) ? Well it’s quite simple if you’re up to date with the last chapter’s out ! We saw her react to Doflamingo’s defeat and Big Mom is currently eating desert on her main island while we’re talking actually and she wouldn’t thank the SH who just happened to defy her a few days ago.

My last argument will be that her link with Roger would also explain the Marine tracking her (by sending an admiral toward her (and BB’s crew ) if she just was a simple high bounty pirate they wouldn’t have send an army to get her she’s important ! and even tough they send her such a comitee we saw recently that she managed to escape and hide somewhere in the new world for two years !

Long story short (for the people who don’t like to read long theories ) : I think that Bonney is a former Roger’s pirate member (and was part of a similar monster Trio ) and also Big Mom’s sister. She hided from the marine by changing her age with her Devil fruit and decided to get sail once again (for an unknown reason)

So what do you people think about it :) ?

*Theory by Enalys


  1. Sakib Mahmud

    I don’t believe she can have such ability to become 1 of the Monster trio… -_-

  2. fyi the marines captured jewelry bonney because of blackbeard.. the marines was tracking BB and BB left bonney tied thats how they capture her

  3. igor almeida

    there are people who asked ODA himself the age of all supernovas, his answers while not on the anime it is to be considered true nonetheless, he gave her 20~ years old, he wouldnt tell everyone that is her true age to change it on the anime, she was not part of roger crew nor is she that strong, the marines keep tabs on her for other reasons, she can make some important people younger and might be the reason they let her go after she got caught on the new world, really impossible for her to flee on the ocean and flee from akainu he wont let anyone go.

  4. There’s a Roger-crewmember called “Scopper Gaban”. Subtract the S in the first, and he’s called Cobber.
    Gold, Silver and Copper. So I do not think that Bonney is the third member.
    Also, there are several pink-haired people in the OPverse: Coby, Perona, Hina and so on.

  5. Samuel Sousa

    Your theory is wrong. The third of Roger’s crew was Scopper Gaban. Scopper = Cooper = Bronze.

  6. Besides – I do not think that Akainu arrived to siege Bonney, but Blackbeard instead!
    Following what happened at Marineford, BB would be considered one of the worst – and strongest – pirates. THAT’S why Akainu arrived – not because of a Supernova.

  7. Absolute rubbish, she is far too weak to be part of Roger’s crew.She may be related to Big Mom but thats it.

  8. Heey dude the monster trio on rogers ship were GOLD Roger,SILVERs Rayleigh and sCOPPER Gaban.Just so you remember

  9. Ultimate Dragon EJM

    The flaw of your Theory is, she’s not that strong to be the one of Gol D. Roger Trio.

  10. Hauptschwein

    I think the Marines are strongly after her because the WG is after her DF!
    She has the power of aging. look at the Gorosei. It seems like they didn’t age at all(if you compare the chapters)
    And this is a very very strong power.

  11. The only reason akainu came was to capture the BB pirates, not her. There is probably another reason as to why they let her go. I dont think her DF is that powerful. Altering anyone’s age permanently is just too convenient. That would make her DF more powerful than the ope ope no mi, which can grant immortality at the cost of the user’s life.

  12. Oda also said that sabo was dead since to many ppl were waiting for him to comeback so he calmed ppl down with his answer making his comeback a bit more unexpected. If he would say that Bonny is like 60 years old that would confuse the viewers, right? (Doesnt have to be like this.. it just could be.) Also to become on of the “Monster trio” you dont need a strong devil fruit. We have seen many times how strong someone can get by just using haki.

  13. Usually I dont commet on these but.. wouldnt it make more sense if it was Gold, Silver, then Bronze? Rather than jewelry? Iono just my opinion

  14. Hmmmm i think not..

    But i think he will be the next silver or gold i mean she will be the third batch yeahh 3rd batch twith supernovas and i hope she will join SH pirates i really rooting that she will join.. She will help the SH infiltrate the marines plus batlomew kuma and jinbei!

  15. If there were a monster trio, it would be gold, silver and copper (bronze), scopper gaban would be in the list.

    As per her powers, i dont see it as a powerful one.

  16. Unexpected Viewer

    i would like to rate this theory. and i would like to give this a 0.

  17. You forgot something importante : it’s Gol. D and not GOLD.

    I also desagree about her being part of the Roger Monster Trio, cause if it was the case BB wouldn’t be able to cactch her so easely, look how Silver fought Kizaro!!!

  18. I like the theory but you lost me towards the end.
    If Bonney is really that strong(monster trio level) that she wouldn,t have been so easily caught by Blackbeard (i mean she could escape or take down one of him men)
    Secondly, the marine sending a warship to get her could have multiple reasons:
    1. Akainu was around that area and decided to check it out
    2. The warship was for Blackbeard since he screwed over the marines
    3. It was just a warship luffy once took out a warship before the new world
    sorry for the long comment

  19. No way, if Jewelry Bonney was the trio of Oro jackson… she wont defeated easily by BB right ? hehe

  20. Well didn’t she said that she was proud to be from the same “worst” generation like Luffy and Law ?
    so related to big mom why not but the rest is highly unsure.


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