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    Big Mom Pirates

    The Big Mom Pirates are a powerful pirate crew. The crew’s captain is one of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin. They serve as one of the central antagonistic groups of the Pirate Alliance Saga and Yonko Saga. Their base of operations is Whole Cake Island.

    Captained by one of the Yonko, it can be presumed that the Big Mom Pirates are incredibly strong. One of their members, Bobbin, was powerful enough to pillage an entire country with only a handful of men, and Pekoms, a member with a bounty of Beli330,000,000, single-handedly defeated Caribou, a Logia user and Super Rookie, on his own and with a single attack. It was said that if an island does not pay its tribute she will destroy it using her army of “monsters”.

    Furthermore, Linlin has several islands under her control, and the citizens of Fishman Island, fearing her wrath, agreed to produce the ten tons of candy she orders every month. It is common knowledge to everyone in the New World that Big Mom’s “invitation” to her tea parties is in name only, and that it is a summon order that, if declined, would result the invitee to be choked with regret. Refusal would result in the invitee being sent a box containing the head of someone they personally know, even if that person is someone of notable strength or in another part of the sea beyond the Calm Belts and Red Line, demonstrating how far reaching the crew’s power is.

    They also have multiple ships and allies, some of which were sunk by Eustass Kid. After Whitebeard died, the Sun Pirates apparently joined with them so Fishman Island would be under her protection, which increased the Big Mom Pirates’ power. Jinbe, however, is not really loyal to her and is thinking of leaving her. Also Capone Bege, a rookie pirate captain from The Worst Generation has aligned with the crew. A Single “Road Poneglyph” is currently within the possession of Charlotte Linlin and her crew.

    Big Mom has also aligned herself with the Patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family and through him she has access to the Germa 66 who are said to be a an evil mythical army.

    The Big Mom Pirates’ Jolly Roger is a skull with thick lips and wearing a pirate tricorne based on their captain’s appearance, on a fluffy background (which could represent Linlin’s hair in some fashion) with several candy canes crossed behind it (one on the right, three stacked together on the left), in place of normal crossbones. A tree is seen coming out of the cane on the bottom right.


      Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing the crew structure of Big Mom and her daughters.

      Oda himself has admitted that his drawings got alot of inspiration from Disney and he obviously has characters that are inspired from Disney.


      Big Mom has 3 Disney inspirations(that relates to this theory).

      Ursula from the Little Mermaid.


      Ursula made a deal with Poseidon(WB), is a witch(Big Mom has alot of witch references), tried taking over Atlantis(Big Mom owns Fishman Island) and had an arranged marriage to do so.


      The Evil Queen from Snow White.


      The Evil Queen was jealous of her step daughter Snow White being the fairest in the land so she plotted to kill her using witchcraft. She was stopped by the 7 dwarfs and the prince.

      The Evil Step Mother from Cinderella


      The evil step mother was very harsh to Cinderella and wanted her real daughters to marry the prince and become rich. In the real story, the step mother made her daughters cut off parts of their feet so that the glass slipper would fit them.

      Its also good to note that Cinderella was inspired by former Queen of France Marie Antoinette, who is famous for the line “Let Them Eat Cake”(and running France into the ground starting the French Revolution).

      Step Mothers suck.

      Big Mom loves her real daughters.


      Big Mom only views her step daughters as tools for political power.

      This could be why Pudding doesn’t look so happy with her wedding and Lola why goes out of her way to find spouse.

      It is thanks to her step daughters and political marriages that Big Mom has more influence and reach than any yonkou.

      In case you are like…”Huh??” with Sugar & Monet…

      Monet’s name comes from the FRENCH painter Claude Monet. Monet is also based off a harpy from Greek Mythology. Angry that Phineus gave away the god’s secret plan, Zeus punished him by blinding him and putting him on an island with a buffet of food which he could never eat because the harpies always arrived to steal the food out of his hands before he could satisfy his hunger, and befouled the remains of his food.

      Lastly, curious about this?

      In Japanese folklore, it is believed that rabbits live on the moon making rice cakes. In Chinese folklore, the hare is white and makes the elixir of immortality. It represents self-sacrifice and fought Sun Wukong the Monkey King.

      Sugar’s name is well…..sugar…….she is also based off Amelie Poulin from the French & German movie Amelie. Amélie Poulain was raised by eccentric parents who – erroneously believing that she had a heart defect – decided to home school her. To cope with her loneliness, Amélie developed an active imagination and a mischievous personality.


      Already spoke too much about Big Mom being French in past theories….not doing it again…..

      Big Mom’s ship has a crown which is another hint to Big Mom being a queen.


      Big Mom’s crew also has a mafia theme.

      The leader of a mafia is called Mr. Big or Father. Charlotte Linlin is known as Big Mom and Mama.

      Capone himself referred to Big Mom as his boss.

      Big Mom’s act of sending ‘presents’ to her victims is a common mafia punishment.

      A mafia is also called a FAMILY(hence why the mafia leader can be called ‘Father’). Mafia families and alliances are extremely common in the criminal world so the Charlotte Family could be royalty, purely a mafia family or both.

      To add more to the mafia boss and evil queen, Big Mom rules her crew with fear.

      Hell, she even eats her crew mates alive…..

      *Theory by Vandenreich


        In this theory I will be discussing the possible events of Sanji’s solo arc, the whole deal with Big Mom and these weird thing called “Tea Party”
        So first, let’s start with this line:

        And this one too:

        If you guys, noticed, Akainu and Brook both mentioned they had “a chill run down their spine”, i’ll just be straightforward about it.

        I believe Akainu is referring to Bonney being Big Mom’s daughter. (Akainu have no idea about the wedding) and this indicates that Bonney seemed to have already been caught by the Marines before.

        While Brook was referring to his familiarity to the Vinsmoke Family, a famous Mafia group.

        And this Vinsmoke Family, I believe is led by the blonde guy, from the Gorosei.

        Remember that Brook is around 90 years old, so this means that whoever this Vinsmoke is should be around for quite a few decades in power.

        Which by logical assumption is the Gorosei.

        And both of them (Sanji and Bonney), had been wanted all along by both the World Government and the Charlotte Family for one and one thing only.

        A Marriage.

        Sanji and Bonney are “supposed” to be wed by the Vinsmoke and Charlotte Family, it’s the reason why Bonney currently hiding right now.

        So reason why I said “supposedly” is because right now, Bonney is not gonna marry Sanji, but the 35th daughter of Big Mom.

        Pudding, which I suppose is this girl.

        It’s probably safe to assume that Big Mom’s “daughters” aren’t biological. come on.

        Well, I assume the “Mafia” identity of the Gorosei is most probably a secret to marines, so they wouldn’t know it, I believe this marriage would start a “secret” alliance between the Charlotte Family and the Gorosei.

        As I said before in my previous theories, I said that Kaido is actually “secretly” affiliated with the World Government as well, and I think the Gorosei are trying to do the same thing with Big Mom.

        The World Government using Doflamingo and Caesar to ally with Kaido, while they are using “Marriage” to ally with Big Mom.

        I’ll just stop here coz this is not my main theory.


        Anyway, I’ll assume that Bonney probably ran away from Big Mom after she was forced to marry someone (probably a Tenryuubito) because it’s Ace’s “D” (if you know what I mean) who Bonney really likes to get.

        So after Bonney ran away, Pudding was next in line.

        Now some backstory speculation, the Mafia Gorosei impregnated a woman in North Blue (Roger did that, so its open season) and of course their son turned out to be Sanji.

        In order to keep them separated (because he is a douchebag who dont care about having a son) the Mafia Gorosei sent Sanji to East Blue , while her mom stayed in Marijoies (or North Blue)

        Obviously by crossing over Red Line, a feat only someone like a resident of Marijoies could perform.

        Probably Capone just joined Big Mom Pirates in order to find Sanji because he is actually either a subordinate or an ally group of the Vinsmoke Family.

        Personally, I believe Capone and Crocodile are the real partners and Capone is just tasked in finding Sanji and Crocodile in finding Bonney.

        Of course i’m inclined to think that them two got their own Mafia Group apart from Vinsmokes.


        Alright, so let’s now discuss what I think would happen in Sanji’s Arc. (Assuming he gets one)

        Firstly, I dont believe Sanji would get saved by the Strawhats (that’s so Robin) and secondly, Luffy and Zoro already expressed their full trust in Sanji.

        What I think would happen, is that these 2 arcs (Sanji’s Arc and Zou Arc) would be told interchangeably at the same time, in which both parties would lead to Wano-Kuni Arc.

        And ultimately to the fall of Kaido.

        There’s no doubt in my mind now that Big Mom’s pirate crew, will end up being an ally of the Strawhat Grand Fleet after the Sanji Arc.

        And this same Sanji Arc would bring back and introduce some big time players, as well as the Zou Arc.

        Rather than going rounds in circles, i’ll just provide you on who I think would be the characters that would comprise of Sanji’s team:

        1. Black Leg Sanji
        2. Smoker
        3. Tashigi
        4. Absalom
        5. Gecko Moriah
        6. Jewelrey Bonney
        7. X-Drake
        8. Jinbe
        9. Pekoms
        10. Pudding
        11. Crocodile

        These are people who would get introduced and re-introduced in Sanji’s Arc:
        1. Dr. Vegapunk
        2. Sentoumaru
        3. Big Mom (obviously)
        4. Pudding (obviously too)
        5. Admiral Kizaru
        6. Capone Bege
        7. Crocodile
        8. The Blonde Gorosei

        Caesar would be taken away by Admiral Kizaru, while Vegapunk will reveal himself as one of the Revolutionary Leaders and leave the World Government.

        The end of this arc would be Big Mom ending up as an ally of Sanji and the Strawhat Pirates.

        Sanji’s team would come with him in Wano and merge with Luffy’s team.

        While in Wano, Fujitora, Sengoku and Tsuru would also be involved. Ryukogyu would be introduced.

        I actually have a scenario in mind but I know Oda-sensei would think of something better so I just left things like this.

        *Theory by beck


          As we know, Sanji’s last name is Vinsmoke. Vin is the French term for “Wine”, seeing as Sanji is a high-class cook, and Smoke is pretty self-explanatory. The Vinsmoke family is obviously a noble family because:
          1. Sanji is wanted only alive
          2. He’s having an arranged marriage, a custom that is practiced by rich and noble families

          He is also the youngest of three. I’m assuming his two older siblings are male, and their names are Ichiji and Niji.

          Ichi = 1
          Ni = 2
          San = 3


          Now, moving on to Purin. My prediction is that she’s the three-eyed woman on Big Mom’s ship, due to the fact that the “San” in Sanji’s name translates to 3.


          Does that mean Sanji and Purin will get married? I highly doubt it, because that means he will have to remain loyal to her, and it’s too early in the series for him to stop flirting with every woman he meets. It would also ruin the adventures of the Straw Hats, because Sanji will either leave for good and live with Purin, or Purin will join the crew. I’m almost certain that Luffy and the others will crash the wedding and save Sanji, sort of like the Strong World scenario with Nami.

          That’s all I have to say. What do you guys think? Any feedback is welcome

          *Theory by Dead-0r-A1ive


            The Straw Hat Grand Fleet Finally To Use!!!

            So people,I’m finally back at theorizing,and I have a hyped one this time,about the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

            Maybe it’s too early for the Fleet to be used,but after the marriage of Sanji being thrown at us,and the fact that it will be with a member of the Big Mom pirates and family,to save Sanji the 8 members of the Straw Hat pirates won’t be enough.And for such a important thing as rescueing a nakama, Luffy won’t hesitate on using every and each help possible. 
            Big Mom herself is a monster and she probably has a good amount of commanders who are very powerfull too,besides other strong members and all her fleet that will most likely be present for such an important occasion as a marriege,so the SH will need allies,if not the whole fleet,”just” the minks,cause like Capone said,the minks are right now allies.
            The minks like we saw,are strong enough to fight Jack and his underlings plus his help,so I think that if not the whole fleet,they might be enough.

            And to close this theory down,it’s quite possible that the Minks join the Grand Fleet and here are some reasons:

            1. They may be a country instead of a pirate crew,but they have zero ties to the World Govermnent
            2. The Minks have a huge debt to the Straw Hats,so no better way to pay then help rescue Sanji and the SH in future occasion by joining their Fleet
            3. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were once pirates.
            4. Those two are powerfull enough to fight Jack head on and have real chances of winning.

            *Theory by Pedro5822


              Alright i’ve been pondering to this theory for quite a long time now and i think i’ve come to a reasonnable theory about Jewelry Bonney’s true identity.There have been many theories about her and mine is not fully original: because she joins many others in a certain way.

              As we all know, Bonney’s Pink hair can remind us all of Laura from Thriller Bark. When she has parted ways from the SH she gave Nami a Vivre’ Card from her mother who’s a great pirate in the new world.
              (yeah yeah we all know that ! Go straight to the point ! > Knowing how Oda likes to create links between character we can all assume two thing :
              – First Laura’s mom is the Yonkou Big mom (nothing new to learn here captain ! go on!
              – Big Mom’s daughter are encouraged to travel the world by themselves and not under Big Mom’s mark (at least she did not seem to be forced to do anything but travelling back from the new world seeing how she got to water seven : p )

              At this point most of us thought that Bonney was also Big Mom’s daughter due to the fact that she shares the same candy pink hair color and her insatiable appetite…

              BUT (here’s the tricky part ^^ ), We all saw during the Shabondy’s ark that Bonney had a devil fruit

              (similar to Ain’s unless Ain’s devil fruit is similar to Bonney’s?… Oh … the theory read what comes next ! )
              Allowing her to change the age of her enemies (turning them into old people or babies ) but also changing her age at will (giving her a lolicon look ). So we can also think that her casual appearance may not be the one according to her real age (she’s older than she looks like) She seems like one of the wisest pirate between the supernovae : she saved Zoro from killing a Celestial Dragon but also holds a strong grudge against the Marines… She was also the only one to cry when learning about Ace and WB’s death and she then ran into BB’s crew on the burning island.

              Then I saw another interesting theory : Bonney may be a former member of Gol D. Roger’s pirate crew due to her Name : Jewelry. Actually it’s brilliant ! The captain was Gold the second was Silver and the third most powerfull pirate was Jewelry (forming the three of them a monster trio )

              What would happened if those two theories were actually partly true ? My theory is that Jewelry bonney was actually Charlotte Lilin’s Twin sister. they looked quite alike at the time but Jewelry’s fruit allowed her to lose a lot of weight. At some point she actually met Gol D. Roger looking for member to join his pirate Crew and she accepted leaving behind her sister

              Together they may have lived great adventures. but when Roger died she decided to hide for some time until she decided to get back into business. With her devil fruit she was able to hide her true identity and have a fresh start.

              But i can guess what your main argument against this theory will be : “Why isn’t she simply BIG MOM 3:) ? Well it’s quite simple if you’re up to date with the last chapter’s out ! We saw her react to Doflamingo’s defeat and Big Mom is currently eating desert on her main island while we’re talking actually and she wouldn’t thank the SH who just happened to defy her a few days ago.

              My last argument will be that her link with Roger would also explain the Marine tracking her (by sending an admiral toward her (and BB’s crew ) if she just was a simple high bounty pirate they wouldn’t have send an army to get her she’s important ! and even tough they send her such a comitee we saw recently that she managed to escape and hide somewhere in the new world for two years !

              Long story short (for the people who don’t like to read long theories ) : I think that Bonney is a former Roger’s pirate member (and was part of a similar monster Trio ) and also Big Mom’s sister. She hided from the marine by changing her age with her Devil fruit and decided to get sail once again (for an unknown reason)

              So what do you people think about it :) ?

              *Theory by Enalys


                In this theory we will discuss about Big Mom, one of the Yonkous, and her abilities and powers.

                First off, let’s take a look at Oda-san reason on giving Devil Fruit abilities on his female characters.

                If it’s too small to read, Oda stated that all the Devil Fruits that she assigned to his female characters are relevant to women’s real daily life.

                So looking into it, I decided to go into a different theory about Big Mom’s ability, primarily I was so adamant that Big Mom got the “Witch” or “Witchcarft” fruit but I was taken aback because of a couple of things:

                • Does women really do witchcraft?
                • I can’t see a Zoan or Paramecia “Witch”

                And it should have something to do with her name of being a “mom”.

                So I came to a conclusion that while the motiff of Big Mom’s character and pirate crew revolves around “fairy tales” like Hansel & Gretel and Alice in Wonderland, (which is also a mother stereotype, telling fairy tales to their children upon going to sleep) it is a possibility that Big Mom’s ability is different from her supposedly “witch” persona.

                Let’s look at the hints given by the manga.

                • Big Mom basically “eats” her crewmembers, with her crewmembers supposedly, not dying even though they are inside of her.
                • Big Mom’s saliva is assumed as “acidic”, because it fizzes the floor when her drool fell on it.
                • Big Mom’s island is made of “Cake”, basically her whole ship is made of biscuits, cookies and candies (hence the Hansel and Gretel reference)
                • Big Mom loves candies, and her character seems to revolves mostly around eating or gulping down people (or things)
                • Big Mom’s character design, I assume, is based from old British or Victoria era.
                • Big Mom’s real name is Charlotte Linlin.

                Now, with those hints, I would like to give another possibility about her drool, instead of it being acidic (since Magellan’s fruit got those properties already), I would say her drools’ effect is like this.

                I’m not talking about the “Leidenfrost Effect”, of course, I am talking about the water or basically, “boiling water”, which sizzles when poured (in the case of the video, the pan is sizzling, I know but you get the idea…I believe Big Mom’s drool is boiling hot.)

                Now, moving to Big Mam’s real name, Charlotte Linlin, Charlotte is a dead giveaway of her being designed after the “Victorian Era”.

                With her surname “Linlin”, Lin or Rin means Phosporus in Japanese Language, which is what “Phosporus Matches” are made of, usually used in the kitchen when cooking.

                It also meant “Venus” which is basically the Goddess of Beauty in Roman Mythology, even Venus the planet is generally associated with women.

                Now, with the hints I have given and Big Mom liking candies, eating and her being a “Mom”, I think her ability is a dead giveaway.

                Big Mom got either of the following: “Oven”, “Stove”, “Cooking” or basically “Kitchen” fruit.

                Probably her ability is to “Bake”, “Boil”, “Deep Fry” etc. and oh yeah, I believe she can make “Gingerbread Army” if she really got this ability, which also relates back to her “Fairy Tail” reference.

                Again reverse reference from Oda, instead of a “Mom” telling the fairy tail, its the “Evil Witch” which is present in almost all fairy tales.

                In my next theory I would detail the players of the “Big Mom Saga” which are all connected to fairy tales.

                Now, as I said, Big Mom is a witch who got the “Kitchen” Fruit., in her jolly roger, it got a “tree” which represents the witch, the tree is the forest the witch lives in, basically the wood represents witch in many ways, you know it so I won’t need to expand on it anymore.

                The candy swirl in there obviously is her addiction to eating.

                So basically, its the higher version of Wapol’s Baku-Baku no Mi.

                Thank you for reading

                *Theory by ramenboy


                  (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

                  Since her appearance, we’ve all wondered and theorized regarding Big Mom’s devil fruit, what kind of a character she is, etc. We saw her drool and eat her own subordinate, yep she’s a confirmed cannibal! Many people theorize that her devil fruit has something to do with “acid”, well, I am here to give input regarding another aspect… Big Mom is a Witch, her abilities is related to magic/witches and her character holds a lot of similarities to a witch. I’ll explain why below!


                  The Jolly Roger
                  We all know that the Jolly Roger of any pirate crew is mostly inspired by the characteristics of the Captain of the crew. Shanks Jolly Roger has three scars running down the left eye (and the scars are also colored red). Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger had his symbolic beard, I can keep going on with examples. Big Mom’s Jolly Roger as we know it is:


                  It has this elemental thing going on, I’m not sure of the whole Jolly Roger but what I’m going to speak about here is the tree, and especially the shape of the tree as illustrated

                  *from Wikipedia: A witch’s broom or witches’ broom is a disease or deformity in a woody plant, typically a tree, where the natural structure of the plant is changed. A dense mass of shoots grows from a single point, with the resulting structure resembling a broom or a bird’s nest.

                  Now, let’s rotate the tree in the Jolly Roger and what do we get…


                  Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom
                  Big Mom’s real name, Charlotte Linlin, I have a explanation behind her name;

                  Charlotte: Most characters connected with the name “Charlotte” carry concepts of magic/are witches. I can’t find a list of all characters name Charlotte, but one of the most noticeable I found (along with similarities to Big Mom) was Charlotte from Puella Magi.

                  *The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up

                  Linlin: “Lin” as a acronym means “laughing internally”, it’s when you find something interesting but don’t laugh out loud but just a giggle inside. Now, this is a bit far fetched but “Lin Lin Torido” is considered an “ultimate” form of Lin, so lets take a example of this in English. Lin = Lol while Lin Lin Torido = ROFL.

                  Lin Lin Torido also known to make people go “berserk” internally with laughter. Now, this is just my interpretation of the name, but what if Big Mom can use her powers and make people go “berserk internally”? Make them go crazy from the inside that leads them to die. Using magic or any other way to do this.

                  Big Mom’s appearance as described by One Piece Wikia: “Big Mom has only been seen partially from the shadows, but it is clear that she is an incredibly large and obese woman whose face appears to be larger than her body. She also has a very wide grin, long curly hair, large bulging eyes, and a round nose and cheeks.”

                  Witches often have long curly hair, bulging eyes and a noticeable nose. Even Disney depicts witches this way.


                  The Witch Of Hansel and Gretel
                  Hansel and Gretel is a famous fairy tale of German origins, Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery.
                  We know Oda does get “inspired” by tales, and we know Big Mom is a cannibal, at least she did eat some of her underlings. And lets see, what does her island look like?


                  Big Mom’s Ship and it’s Uniqueness
                  Big Mom’s flagship was revealed in One Piece Chapter 730, we saw a very unique aspect of this ship, the head of the ship was singing and moving! How can a ship be capable of singing and moving on its own will? Yes, we’ve seen Merry “speak” and move on its own will, but that was due to the love Strawhats showed to the ship.

                  I believe Big Mom used her powers and/or abilities to animate and bring life to an inanimate object. Because the ship sang and looked at the Sunny Go on its own will, as if it were alive.

                   *All rights go to Divvens