So, we have gears 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.Each one is based off of a car, somehow. Obviously the names are from the gears of a car, but what about the functions?

2nd: Engine
3rd: Tires
4th: Air bag

There are some other things they have in common, too. They each have similarities to rokushiki techniques, but grant more than just the technique.

2nd: He moves faster than your average soru, and he doesn’t just speed up his legs.
3rd: Hardens a part of his body to use for defense and offense, as well as swelling it, more than what tekkai can do.
4th: Makes him bouncy, boosts the speed and damage of his punches, and grants him a geppou like ability.

Another similarity is that they all are based off of a bodily system.

2nd: Cardiovascular
3rd: Skeletal
4th: Muscular.

Finally, they all have an effect similar to one of the abilities of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

2nd: Wukong was extraordinarily fast
3rd: Wukong would transform his individual hairs to change their shape.
4th: Wukong possessed special boots that allowed him to fly via walking on clouds, like Momonosuke.

So, what does this mean? Gear 5th will be based off of a car part and it will grant a rokushiki technique, with added effects. It uses a bodily system and is based off one of Sun Wukong’s abilities So, what do I think will combine all of these into one ability?

Luffy will use his nervous system to take full control over his body. So, how does this fit into each pattern?

Car part: Gear 5th demonstrates the customization options of a cars shape and exterior.
Rokushiki: It would allow the user to sense when something touches them, granting a kami-e effect.
Body system: Nervous system, which is used in movement and sensing.
Wukong’s ability: Wukong can shape shift, but he can’t change his tail. Luffy could utilize his rubber capabilities to change shape, but not color so he would have a tell if it was him, like Wukong’s tail.

So, how exactly does this work? Luffy extends his nervous system and takes full control of it. This grants him heightened senses, kami-e, and the ability to manipulate every cell individually due to stretching, to shape shift.

So, how about Gear Reverse? I believe that due to the different name type of Gear Reverse, the source of power is different. It doesn’t rely on Luffy’s body, it relies on the Fruit’s power. Gear Reverse is Luffy’s awakening. So, what is this awakening?

In Gear Reverse, Luffy can apply the properties of rubber to other objects. It sounds like an intelligent power and therefor mot Luffy’s style, but remember, Luffy was smart enough to develop all 3 of his current gear techniques on his own. He’s not stupid when he needs to be smart.

So, how would Luffy use this? Simple, it’s already been forshadowed. When the ASL trio were kids, what did they use? Steel pipes. So, what would this mean? When they grew up, Ace ditched the pipes for his own style. Sabo uses the pipe as a signature weapon in combat. So, Luffy would be an in between. He would use the pipe to boost some techniques, but he wouldn’t require it in combat. He would be a blend, he can use it or not use it.

So, how would the awakening affect the pipe? Luffy can make the pipe stretch to change its size from very small to very large, allowing for very versatile combat. Now, let’s look at the gear pattern.

Car part: seat. Does not make the car run, but it makes the car better. Not an essential, but also very customizable in size and shape.
Rokushiki: Luffy could slash with his staff weapon and make rankyaku effects of all sizes. He could also stab with the staff for a shigan effect.
System: Awakening, N/A
Sun Wukong: Wukong had a staff that could change size at will. It could also be manipulated at will by Wukong.

*Theory by Sontaran Gaming

FUTURE GEARS: 5TH AND REVERSE gear second third fourth 2 3 4 sun wukong the monkey king journey to the west


  1. The staff that can change its size is like kid goku’s staff

  2. Monkey D. Bufford

    There is no Gear Reverse! Only Gear 5th as Nightmare/Horror Luffy form!!

  3. Maryo The Explorer

    That’s nice theory. You did a great job at the point when all refference seems possible. Now I am excited if it will be actually real because i can imagine how badass it will be. But we know Oda sensei will bring something beyond anyone’s expectaion. Hope that will be greater

  4. A staff how can change size huh? Like nami’s staff after being upgraded by ussop?


    I think when his power awaken he got 3 different quality
    1 As u say wave creation
    2 Car part
    3 Its important for luffy fighting style expert is ability to heal or i more stamina like in impeldown where the animal who is get up fastly

    Also i think chopper devil fruit is going to be awaken before luffy


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