Could it possibly be that that child is…?

D: Odaaaaaaaaaachi! You see that reaaaally cute mermaid girl with a hood in volume 65, chapter 644 (p152)? Could it possibly be that that child happens to be.. ♡♡MADAME SHYARLY♡♡? by The one who will become a pirate is me!


O: Yes, you are correct. Even though Madame Shyarly is known as a Madame, she is still actually 29 years of age. Her brother Arlong being 41 and Hody 30, Shyarly is from the same generation as Hody, yes–. Since Arlong was abandoned by his father in Fishman District as a small child, he never really knew the faces of his parents, but around the time Arlong became 15, a man claiming to be the father of Arlong came along with a little girl from a different mother. That would be Shyarly. When Shyarly was 4 years old, it is said that she accurately predicted the start of “the Great Age of Pirates”.

Could it possibly be that that child is…? MADAME SHYARLY sbs one piece eiichiro oda

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