‘Run, Chopper, Run!’ Smartphone Game First Promotional Trailer

The first promotional video for the upcoming One Piece smartphone game “Run, Chopper, Run!” was released on Bandai Namco Games Japan’s official Youtube channel this week.


    New Dressrosa Poster and the Character Model for Corazon revealed


    The official One Piece website also revealed the character model for “Corazon” Rocinante and the Op-Op Devil Fruit.


      ONE PIECE Ranks No. 2 in “Which Series You Don’t Want to See Get a Live-Action Adaptation?” Poll

      On March, the website MyNavi Student released an article named “If These Anime Were Made Into Live-Action Series It’d Give me a Weird Feeling.”
      Of the 500 total votes, these were the Top 5:

      • No. 1: Slam Dunk – 14,0%
      • No. 2: One Piece – 10,0%
      • No. 3: Neon Genesis EVANGELION – 7,0%
      • No. 4: Mazinger Z – 6,0%
      • No. 5: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – 5,0%

      What do you guys think? Would you like to see One Piece becoming a live-action movie or do you fear another flop like Dragon Ball’s movie adaptation? Let us Know! ^ ^


        One Piece Volume 77 Cover Revealed ^ ^

        The official One Piece website has revealed the cover to the upcoming 77th volume of One Piece, on sale in Japan on April 3rd.


          Inside Japan’s New One Piece Theme Park *__*

          (Open to see more photos!!)

          From “Tokyo One Piece Tower”,  Japan’s first large-scale One Piece theme park.



            Voice Actor for Pica Revealed


            The official One Piece website revealed the identity of Pica’s voice actor: it’s Yuji Mitsuya.

            Mitsuya is best known for his roles in The Lion King (Timon), Touch (Tatsuya Uesugi), Combattler V (Hyōma Aoi), Kiteretsu Daihyakka(Kōji Togari), Saint Seiya (Virgo Shaka), Ranma 1/2 (Tofu), Dragon Ball Z (Kaiō-shin, Gregory), Captain Tsubasa (Shun Nitta) and more!!


              Nissan has announced that they have made an official One Piece themed car, named the “Thousand Serena”, based on the Nissan Serena and inspired by the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, the “Thousand Sunny”.


                ONE PIECE VISA CARD

                Last year, to celebrate ONE PIECE’s 15 years anniversary, it was announced the start of issuing a “ONE PIECE VISA CARD”.
                Initially, there were 2 designs available (Luffy or Chopper)

                Now, the One Piece VISA credit card also offers a Law-themed credit card.

                  One Piece is the manga which made women cry the most

                  Here’s the surprising result of a poll conducted by women’s website “MyNavi Woman”.

                  These were the Top 3: 

                  No. 1 ONE PIECE – 18.2% of preferences

                  No. 2 SLAM DUNK – 12,1% of preferences

                  No. 3 DORAEMON paired with BABY AND ME – 6,1% of preferences


                    ONE PIECE: more than 345 Million Copies in Print Worldwide!!!

                    Even the New York Times celebrated this incredible record with the publishing of this full-page. *__*