First of all, I would like for you to read this page from Shaman King explaining the five stars.


The Gorosei represents the balance that each brings to the world( balance between the 3 major powers) and also their ability to create powerful beings via devil fruits.

There are also 5 deities who I believe the goreosei are based on:

1) Jikokuten

Epithets: King of the East, Guardian of the Nation, Kingdom Keeper
Associations = East, Strength, Spring, Water, Green / Blue

*Main characteristic I think serves as a clue: this guy carries a sword.

We know who among the Gorosei carries a sword


2) Zōchōten 增長天
Epithets: King of the South, Lord of Spiritual Growth
Associations = South, Summer, Fire, Red

His identity has a mini theory inside of it. I will discuss it at the end.

3) Kōmokuten 広目天
King of the West, Lord of Limitless Vision. Sees through Evil
Associations = West, Fall, Metal, Awareness, White

I have no idea who in the Gorosei represents him.

4) Tamonten 多聞天
King of the North, Lord Who Hears All
Associations = North, Winter, Earth, Wealth, Black

No idea who represents him.

As you can see all 4 have a direction appointed to them. So each guardian is in charge of a part of the OP world.

Jukokuten is the guardian of the East blue


Ironically although this part of the ocean is considered the weakest, although some of the most powerful people in the OP verse were found in it. Eg: Gold Roger, Rayleigh(Roger found him here), the illustrious Monkey D Family, Zorro, Yasopp, Sabo, Koshiro(?) etc.

Zōchōten is the guardian of the south blue

Kōmokuten is the guardian of the west blue

Tamonten is the guardian of the North Blue

One person is left out.


Epithet: Lord of the Center, Commander of Four Heavenly Kings

First of all, I would like to point out that Hierarchy is important when ruling something. The 5 stars are the supreme power of the WG however, there has to be one person among them who will make the final decision when the others cannot come to common point. This person holds the supreme authority among the Gorosei.

Who is he? I believe he is this guy


How did I come to this conclusion?

Because it seems he is always placed at the center of the Gorosei whenever they are shown while the others are standing or sitting around him.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

*Main characteristic I think is interesting: can revive the dead.


Before I start with the guardian of the south, I need to talk about Sanji.

As the latest chapter has shown, Sanji is wanted alive. Why is that? He is part of a crew whose captain is the son of a revolutionary as well as a guy who punched a tenryuubito. Surely the CD want the whole crew dead.

Sanji was never directly shown in any wanted poster and there has always been talk of him being a prince and also the fact that he said to Kuma about being a bother to the WG in the future.

Sanji, appearance wise tries to be classy and has a gentlemanly posture. His attacks nowadays revolve around a flaming kick.

Who among the Gorosei is associated with Fire? Zachoten, Guardian of the South Blue. I anticipate Sanji got the gentlemanly features (with fire power as a foreshadowing) from his father.


This person looks sharp in the clothes he is wearing and they share blonde hair. And what seems suspicious to me is that he doesnt have eyebrows. I believe Oda decided to do that as it would be a dead giveaway to Sanji’s lineage. Why shave it? Personally I think the swirly brows look weird. Maybe he feels the same way too? In fact no one in the Gorosei seem to have eyebrows! Maybe they all hate brows or maybe it was a misdirection on Oda’s part?

Below are the pictures of the other two. You can see: NO EYEBROWS!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

So, why would this guy want to have a son in the first place?

Well, That’s where Dragon comes in. Dragon stole something valueable that was in the hands of the WG since the void century. This particular item allows longevity and youth. Since dragon stole it, the gorosei most probably decided it was time to have children to continue their work if by any chance any one of them dies.

This particular man had a child and raised the baby along with the mother in the north blue. However, Sanji somehow escaped and ended up with Zeff.

Why keep him in the North Blue and not mariejoa? Because this had to be done in secrecy and made sure that no one could even get a hint as to what was going on. If anyone know the gorosei had successors they might try to kidnap/influence the children and try to extort favors. Also, Dragon might do something to them. Thus all the secrecy. But now the lost son has returned and therefore the “only alive” poster.

NOTE: The Names that I used are not necessarily the names Oda will use for the Gorosei.

*Theory by AWSUMSID