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            D: I have a question. Is the character of Borsalino based on Kunie Tanaka’s role of “Borsalino 2” from the Movie Truck Yaro: Bakuso Ichiban-boshi? –AkuaNoichigo


            O: You saw that movie?! That’s fantastic. It’s quite an old film. I wonder if it’s out on DVD and Blu-ray now. I have the entire Truck Yaro series on VHS tapes. You are correct, Borsalino comes from that role. There’s an Alain Delon film called Borsalino as well, and I suspect that Kunie Tanaka’s character was named in homage to that movie. Alan Delon’s a super-cool actor too. His movies are older, so most people probably haven’t seen them. I don’t mind, though. I did this to satisfy myself. That’s all for this installment of the SBS! See you again soon!!

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                  Nico Robin

                  D: Question. Robin always says frightening things in front of everyone. But in her own thoughts, she oftentimes thinks of fun stuff like “Cats” or “Dress-roba” (T.N. – Dress-roba is a pun on Dressrosa, meaning “Dress-Old Woman”). Why doesn’t Robin talk about these thoughts with her crew to make them laugh? I love how Robin is like this. P.N. Y.O122O: I see, that’s true. From what I think, from the Punk Hazard Arc when she told Franky (in Chopper’s body) not to ever make such a strange face in Chopper’s body again, Robin probably likes cute things. But even though she likes cute things, she’s a bit dark/creepy herself, so if she tries to put these cute thoughts to words there is a chance it may come out as scary/ominous. That’s the kind of woman that Robin is.

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