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Bari Bari’s worth

D: Oda-san, hello~. About Bartolomeo, he said something about how his barriers have a limit or whatever, so how many Bari-Bari’s worth is its maximum capacity?                                               P.N. Hoichael Jackson


O: Great question. There is in fact a limit to the space his barriers can cover, as well as how many barriers he can put up at a time. He can only hold up one barrier at a time, and they say that this one barrier can cover up to 50 thousand Bari-Bari’s!! Amazing! 1 Bari-Bari equates to roughly 100x that of 1 Bori-Bari-Bari, so in other words, his barrier capacity is just about 500 Pickle-Pori-Pori-Bari-Bari’s.

(Translator’s Note: Bari, Bori, and Pori are all Japanese sound effects that roughly translate to ‘crunching’.)

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      which is your favorite

        Pirate Hunter Zoro


          It’s a Long Way to the Top

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            can you recognize them all

              Such Epicness


                BOA HANCOCK TRIVIA

                Given that all members of the Kuja tribe are named after flowers, it is possible that her first name comes from the scientific name for the snowberry, a plant known for its showy flowers, symphoricarpos chenaultii hancock. Her family name, Boa, comes from the boa, a group of constricting snakes.

                Boa can also mean “good” in Portuguese and is used as an expression to refer to attractive women.


                She is one of the two women who so far have claimed to be the “most beautiful”, the other being Alvida. Both of these women have grown infatuated with Luffy, though Hancock is perhaps the first character in the entire series who has shown feelings identified as romantic love, unlike Alvida, whose feelings for Luffy resemble more of an “admiring love” since Luffy was the first (and only) man to ever punch her.

                She is the only known female character that possesses Haoshoku Haki.

                  Diez Barrels

                  D: The one who was with Barrels, the pirate called “Dorry”, was X Drake, captain of the Drake pirates, right?! It struck me when I saw the name “Diez”, found the scar on his chin, and discovered that he comes from the sea of the North.

                  So does that mean that Barrels is Drake-san’s father?          from Kobe Prefecture, Kazuki-kun


                  ODA: Yes, that’s correct!! Well done with your findings.

                  X Drake, along with Luffy and the others, is a member of the youthful “Worst Generation” of pirates that stirred up a great deal of commotion around the world. His father, Barrels, used to be a Marine Officer and Drake admired this, dreaming of becoming a great Marine just like him one day. However; who knows what happened, but his father suddenly turned into a pirate and became a terrible man who would physically abuse even his own son. Drake, who still believed in his past father and followed him around was aged 19 at this time (13 and a half years ago). Though that’s a bit too old to be calling him a boy, he probably seemed to look a lot younger while he was weakened with the fear of his father. Later, he fatefully crossed paths with Law, and the Marines soon took custody of him, leading Drake to become a Marine. The thing is, as if resigning himself to fate, after Drake made his way all the way up to becoming a Rear Admiral in the Marines, he ended up leaving the navy and becoming a pirate himself!!

                  Just what happened? What’s he thinking? Hey, you!! —come onnnnnn.

                  I’m interested in seeing the future of Drake, who has also made an appearance in a cover series!!

                    Gol D Roger & Portgas D Ace