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Roger Pirates

The Roger Pirates were the crew of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and was supposedly the only crew to ever reach Raftel. 

This was the crew that traveled around the Grand Line together and the things they did were part of legends.

Ironically, only the captain and the first mate seem to have been remembered while the rest of the crew have apparently faded out of memory, all save those still active like Shanks and Buggy.

The Roger Pirates’s ship, the Oro Jackson, was constructed by the most skilled shipwright of the era, Tom. The ship had a large cannon in the front surrounded by a pair of mermaids. This cannon was powerful enough to destroy an entire ship.

The Roger Pirates jolly roger is the traditional skull in One Piece with a mustache that resembles Gol D. Roger’s mustache.


    While researching something odd I had noticed, an idea occurred to me. What if the Oro Jackson is located in the Sea Forest

    Remember the sea Forest?

    This was a place where sunken ships would cluster due to the ocean currents around fishman island. Because so many shipwrecks can be found here it is called a ‘ship graveyard’.

    My first thought is, what a great place to hide a ship, amidst the wreckage of many ships.

    But the sea forest doesn’t just hide the Oro Jackson, if it’s there. We already know it hides the Poneglyph of Apology.

    It’s also the current home of the Noah, as the fishmen look to rebuild it after Luffy manhandled it.

    The two objects the fishmen dont want discovered the most are both located in the sea forest. It doesn’t seem a stretch for it to possibly be hiding one more thing.
    Question: So, if the Oro Jackson is located in the sea forest, who knows that it is there? Who’s protecting it?

    It certainly isn’t a stretch to imagine its under the protection of the only resident of the sea forest, Den, Tom’s brother. Given Tom was the original creator of the Oro Jackson this would be quite fitting.

    Also, isn’t it interesting his title is, “sea forest explorer and researcher”.. Oda is hinting that there may be certain curiosities about the sea forest just by creating such a title.
    Question: If the Oro Jackson is found who will sail in it?

    I believe that Rayleigh, Scooper Gaban, and Crocus at the very least will be present for the final battle. They will need a ship. This could be the Oro Jackson! How fitting!

    If the Oro Jackson still exists and is relevant to teh plot, I suspect it could be found in the sea forest of fishman island under the protection of Den.

    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

    *Theory by Joy_Boy

      Shanks and Blackbeard

      Here is a guess about these two characters.

      I find it suspicious how Shanks was implicated into the whole Ace and Teach fight. We know that Rayleigh knows about the void century, the will of D, he knows everything. It is the same for Shanks, problably, since he was in Roger’s crew as well.
      Going with this, I believe that Shanks try to find “that man” that Crocus, and Whitebeard were talking about. Of course we know it’s Luffy, but Shanks as a character, I think his duty is to find that man, and he kinda did it with Luffy and the whole bet about the new generation.

      Here is another example of Shanks ‘duty’ when he says to Cody that these few seconds of courage “have just made a huge difference in the fate of the world”, and these seconds of courage have indeed, distracted Kizaru’s shot that was going to finish Luffy. Shanks definitely sees luffy as the man that will change the world, the man awaited by Roger and co.

      Now about the Ace vs Teach confrontation. Why did Shanks want to prevent this? “It’s not yet time for them to face each other!!” What is the meaning of that line? Is it the idea of two “D” confronting each other? It make me think about Luffy vs Teach. Two “D” confronting each other might inevitably lead to big changes in the world? That’s the case for Ace vs Teach, and it will probably be the case when Luffy will face Teach.

      Now about the relationship between Shanks and Teach:

      Why is he so concerned about Teach? Yes, there is the scar, but that’s it? I think it goes way beyond that. Now, theory time. I think that Shanks was friend with Teach.

      I don’t think that Shanks could have deduces all of this, simply by having a fight against Teach. Shanks knows him pretty well, his ambition, his dream, his real power and so on. Why didn’t he say all of this to WB? First, because WB would not care and Shanks knows it, secondly, Oda might keep all of this for a flasback involving Shanks and Teach.

      Now about the scar, the most important element:

      “What ashes me now, is this one”. Really? Shanks lost his arm, suffered various wounds, he is an emperor, yet this simple scar would hurt him? I think the meaning behind this line, is that Shanks suffers from this scar because of the meaning behind it, not physically. If they were friends, I can totally imagine Teach betraying Shanks for some reasons.

      But when would they meet? Why would they talk each other? Why would they become friends?

      “This wound isn’t from my adventures”. I think it’s safe to say that by “adventures” Shanks means his journey with Roger, and his journey with his own crew.
      Here is a timeline:

      I think that longtime ago, after Roger’s death, Shanks met Teach and have seen in him the man that was awaited by Roger and co. Teach is a D, and Shanks could have been interested by him just like he was with Luffy. Shanks made a mistake and picked the wrong guy, that’s my guess. Why is Teach so confident about his fate? What does he know about the D? I think he knows almost everthing, thanx to Shanks. And that’s why Shanks might be so concerned by Teach. He was still young, and he made a mistake. He told him everything. Learning from his mistakes, he then did the opposite with Luffy, telling him nothing but just giving him hope and motives.

      Why did they fight? Being a nobody (Teach’s childhood picture), I guess that knowing all of this story and his incredible fate, it changed him. He might have become greedy and power hungry from this moment.

      And now:

      They will probably end all of this with a fight.
      So yea, that’s my 2cents about this.

      *Theory by Kirk


        Welcome back to a quick theory for your entertainment.

        Some time ago, I stumbled upon the 7 Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune and the Heavenly Kings. Surprisingly, they bare some similarities to One Piece characters and I believe they were one of the inspirations for the said characters.

        Hotei is the fat and happy god of abundance and good health.

        This is Monkey D. Garp

        Fukurokuji is the god of happiness, wealth and longevity.

        This is Don Chinjao and his design is even based off Fukurokuji.

        Jurojin is the god of long life. He is also known as the Old Man of the South Pole and is often mistaken as Fukurokuji.

        This is Dr. Vegapunk(Vegapunk is from a winter island and most likely has a long head…no jokes please)

        Benzaiten is the goddess knowledge, art and beauty.

        This is Tsuru.

        Daikokuten is the god of wealth, commerce and trade. He is also the god of thieves. Daikokuten is often paired with the lucky god Ebisu.

        This is Scopper Gaban. Gaban means “thief” or “to steal” and was shown with someone we all know.

        Ebisu is the god of fishers and merchants. He is often paired with the lucky god Daikokuten.

        This is Crocus.

        Bishamonten is the god of warriors. Bishamonten is also called Tamonten “listening to many teachings” because he is seen as the guardian of the places where the Buddha preaches. He was also a punisher of evildoers – a view that is at odds with the more pacifist Buddhist king.

        This is Silvers Rayleigh. In contrast to the lovable Roger(the people that knw him), Rayleigh was the more serious “Dark King” and “Lord of the Underworld.”

        Bishamonten was also one of the 4 Heavenly Kings.

        Bishamonten as a heavenly king is called “Virupaksa.”

        Virupaksa which means “he who sees all”, his symbolic weapon is a snake or red cord that is representative of a dragon. As the eye in the sky, he sees people who do not believe in Buddhism and converts them.

        This is 1oo Beast Kaidou.

        Vaisravana means “he who hears all.”

        This is Gol D. Roger.

        Virudhaka means “he who causes to grow” and causes the good growth of roots.

        This is Sengoku(praying to Buddha bring health and growth to crops).

        Dhrtarastra means “he who upholds the realm.” He is harmonious and compassionate and protects all beings. Uses his music to convert others to Buddhism.

        This is Edward Newgate.

        *Theory by Vandenreich