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Masters. Can you recognize them all? :-)

    Different Styles


      Awesome Crossover :3

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        Did you Know that Eiichiro Oda asked several famous Mangakas to draw Luffy and his crew in their own styles?

        From Akira Toriyama(Dr.Slump & DragonBall) to Takehiko Inoue(SlamDunk & Vagabond), Masashi Kishimoto(Naruto) and many others!!!  ^__^

        The Creator of One Piece asked several famous Manggakas to draw Luffy and Other Strawhat Pirates in their own style

          Oda and Toriyama in Cross Epoch(Open to read more)

          Cross Epoch is a one-shot Japanese manga collaboration by Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda. It’s a crossover between their respective masterpieces, Dragon Ball and One Piece.

          CURIOSITY con tutte le singole foto

          The story does not involve epic battles but consists of short scenes in which the characters, usually one of each series in pairs, interact together. Even if the characters here have roles different from usual they remain anyway faithful to themselves.

          In this manga Krillin and Chopper are conductors of a roller coaster

          Bulma and Nami are thieves

          Master Roshi and Sanji are police officers

          Vegeta(here with Nico Robin, Trunks and Usopp) has horns and is the captain of a pirate crew

          Piccolo is a swordsman as Zoro

          At last, here is Buggy with Emperor Pilaf