1. the genius

    who’s brook and robin is robin Scherbatsky

    • brook- samuel l jackson
      robin- Robin from How i met ur mother

      • Lol no. Brook is not Samuel L. Jackson, because Sanji is already being portraited as him. The artist wouldnt repeat the same character. With that said, I have no idea who Brook is intended to be. I considered Loki? But I don’t think it would fit the rest of them, cause he would be one of the bad guys, and let’s be honest, Brook hasn’t got one bit of evil on his bones, right? ;P

        • brook is looki look at the spear in his chest

        • Brook ist he guy killed by Loki in the first movie (Johson, i think…)

        • He’s agent Coulson, look at his ribcage there’s Loki’s spear in it 😉

    • Robin is most likely Daisy Johnson, and Brook is definitely Phil Coulson

  2. Luffy = Captain America
    Zoro = Thor
    Nami = Black Widow
    Ussop = Hawkeye
    Sanji = Nick Fury
    Chopper = Hulk
    Robin =Quake (Daisy Johnson)??? (guessing based on S.H.I.E.L.D symbol on sleeve, and thats the only real Agent from S.H.i.E.L.D. that is also an Avenger)
    Franky = Iron Man
    Brook = Phil Coulson (clearly loki spear going through him is a dead giveaway)

  3. Robin is maria hill


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