New details about Vinsmoke Family and more

*Chapter 815 Spoilers

Mind-blowing chapter!

1- Vinsmoke hype! Sanji’s dad as the head of “a mythical evil army“. This family’s got some sinister and powerful history (probably a long-standing partnership with the WG). Can’t wait to know what they want to gain from the political marriage and why.

2- Big Mom herself. Some tend to disregard or rank her as the weakest of the Yonkous, but she is slowly proving it wrong. Connections that go as far as the East Blue from the New World (and that fast)? That’s freakin crazy. I also love Pekoms speech on power. Very impactful.



This changes everything. It’s BM cleaning her hands off the Strawhats, implying she’s no longer a threat as urgent as Kaido. She’s not gonna pit herself between the alliance and another Yonkou and was only after Sanji from the very beginning. It was contrary to Zoro’s worst case scenario and the SHs and co. could very well concentrate all their power and strategy on their upcoming fight with Kaido. The question is, will they?

4- Luffy’s awesome sense as a captain. He clearly wants everybody to back off and take care of everything by himself because it will reduce the risks involved in retrieving Sanji. And I seriously like the fact that he’s taking his time to listen to everyone and consider it seriously (damn the one when he was listening to Law was the best) even if it’s contrary to his impulsive character.

5- The Samurais. Finally a plot progression on this department. As much as the Sanji hype consumes my being, I can’t wait for what will happen now that they’ve finally set foot on Zou.

Honorable Mentions: Nekomamushi being cute/awesome, Franky’s hairstyle (the best so far), Heart Pirates dynamic w/ their captain and last but not the least….

New details about Vinsmoke Family
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