So, we have gears 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.Each one is based off of a car, somehow. Obviously the names are from the gears of a car, but what about the functions?

2nd: Engine
3rd: Tires
4th: Air bag

There are some other things they have in common, too. They each have similarities to rokushiki techniques, but grant more than just the technique.

2nd: He moves faster than your average soru, and he doesn’t just speed up his legs.
3rd: Hardens a part of his body to use for defense and offense, as well as swelling it, more than what tekkai can do.
4th: Makes him bouncy, boosts the speed and damage of his punches, and grants him a geppou like ability.

Another similarity is that they all are based off of a bodily system.

2nd: Cardiovascular
3rd: Skeletal
4th: Muscular.

Finally, they all have an effect similar to one of the abilities of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

2nd: Wukong was extraordinarily fast
3rd: Wukong would transform his individual hairs to change their shape.
4th: Wukong possessed special boots that allowed him to fly via walking on clouds, like Momonosuke.

So, what does this mean? Gear 5th will be based off of a car part and it will grant a rokushiki technique, with added effects. It uses a bodily system and is based off one of Sun Wukong’s abilities So, what do I think will combine all of these into one ability?

Luffy will use his nervous system to take full control over his body. So, how does this fit into each pattern?

Car part: Gear 5th demonstrates the customization options of a cars shape and exterior.
Rokushiki: It would allow the user to sense when something touches them, granting a kami-e effect.
Body system: Nervous system, which is used in movement and sensing.
Wukong’s ability: Wukong can shape shift, but he can’t change his tail. Luffy could utilize his rubber capabilities to change shape, but not color so he would have a tell if it was him, like Wukong’s tail.

So, how exactly does this work? Luffy extends his nervous system and takes full control of it. This grants him heightened senses, kami-e, and the ability to manipulate every cell individually due to stretching, to shape shift.

So, how about Gear Reverse? I believe that due to the different name type of Gear Reverse, the source of power is different. It doesn’t rely on Luffy’s body, it relies on the Fruit’s power. Gear Reverse is Luffy’s awakening. So, what is this awakening?

In Gear Reverse, Luffy can apply the properties of rubber to other objects. It sounds like an intelligent power and therefor mot Luffy’s style, but remember, Luffy was smart enough to develop all 3 of his current gear techniques on his own. He’s not stupid when he needs to be smart.

So, how would Luffy use this? Simple, it’s already been forshadowed. When the ASL trio were kids, what did they use? Steel pipes. So, what would this mean? When they grew up, Ace ditched the pipes for his own style. Sabo uses the pipe as a signature weapon in combat. So, Luffy would be an in between. He would use the pipe to boost some techniques, but he wouldn’t require it in combat. He would be a blend, he can use it or not use it.

So, how would the awakening affect the pipe? Luffy can make the pipe stretch to change its size from very small to very large, allowing for very versatile combat. Now, let’s look at the gear pattern.

Car part: seat. Does not make the car run, but it makes the car better. Not an essential, but also very customizable in size and shape.
Rokushiki: Luffy could slash with his staff weapon and make rankyaku effects of all sizes. He could also stab with the staff for a shigan effect.
System: Awakening, N/A
Sun Wukong: Wukong had a staff that could change size at will. It could also be manipulated at will by Wukong.

*Theory by Sontaran Gaming


    Well, let’s begin.

    -Sanji never hits a woman, right?

    -There was one instance when he actually tried to. That was when he fought Kalifa. Sanji tried to finish the fight by pinning her down with his leg, but she escaped. Kalifa then called Sanji a coward, and he lost it. He yelled at her, telling her to shut up, and then he tried to kick her. She managed to dodge the kick, but if she wasn’t so quick, the kick would’ve definitely connected.

    -So Kalifa calling him a coward made him so angry that he abandoned his chivalry and attempted to kick a woman? This leads me to believe that “coward” triggered a traumatic memory, which is why he lost it. Perhaps his father used to beat up his mother, and his mother would retaliate by calling him a coward. Sanji hates his father for that, and he nearly lost it when he thought about him. This is a bit unlikely, since hitting Kalifa would only make Sanji act like his father even more.

    -So perhaps his father used to beat up his mother, and Sanji never helped. One day, his father went too far, and killed his mother. In her last dying breath, she managed to call Sanji a coward for not helping her. Kalifa calling him a coward made him remember how he didn’t help his mother when she needed him, and he didn’t want the same thing to happen to Robin, so he got angry and tried to get the key with force.

    -It’s possible that he ran away from home after this incident. He probably snuck onto the Orbit, where he learned how to cook. Maybe his mother was a cook, or maybe she wanted him to become a cook, and Sanji wanted to honor her.

    -His father must have been looking for him all this time. When Sanji got his first bounty, his father probably thought it was somebody else (since the picture looked like Duval). When the real picture was revealed after Dressrosa, he must’ve requested him alive so he could successfully join forces with the Charlotte family through Sanji. But how would somebody like Sanji’s father make Sanji wanted alive only, especially when the Germa 66 have been fighting the Marines?

    -It’s possible that he was hired by the government to keep an eye on Big Mom, or maybe he was hired to let the government know about underworld events. Maybe he blackmailed them, like Doflamingo did. Either way, the Government is hiding something. Maybe they’re secretly working together. Quid pro quo, eh?

    -Who is his father though? I believe we have already seen him. Vinsmoke has the words Vin (wine) and smoke in it. This underworld broker is smoking while drinking wine. Not only that, there are curls under his wine glass, similar to Sanji’s eyebrows. The other guy there might be one of the brothers.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    -There was one more instance when Sanji abandoned his chivalry. That was in Jaya. He told Nami he would protect her no matter what was in the forest, yet when a tarantula appeared, he ran away and told Usopp to get rid of it. When a bunch of moths and centipedes appeared, he acted the same way, even though he told Nami he’d protect her no matter what was in the forest. He said he couldn’t stand creepy crawlies, but he wasn’t scared of the giant ladybugs, so it was only the tarantula, moths, and centipedes that scared him. I have a feeling that those 3 have something to do with his past. Maybe those 3 represent his father and 2 older brothers. Since the tarantula appeared first, that’s probably the one that represents his father. Maybe he has a tarantula Devil Fruit. Since he’s an assassin, the powers of a tarantula would suit him well.

    -One son might have a moth Devil Fruit, another Devil Fruit that would suit an assassin. Most moths are capable of flight, poison generation, wall crawling camouflage, and enhanced senses, which include night vision.

    -Well what about the second brother? I believe he is Killer. Yes, I know that’s a very common theory, but I have my own original reasoning for believing so. Killer’s favorite food is pasta, which is Sanji’s cooking specialty. That’s not all. So the father represents the tarantula, and one son represents the moth. That son could be Killer, but I don’t think so. That would mean that Killer represents the centipede, and believe it or not, he shares many similarities with the centipede. There is a centipede called the Killer Centipede. They share “Killer” in their name. The Killer Centipede has sharp hooks on its body, which it uses for offensive purposes, just like Killer. It’s also blind, and it uses advanced senses to move around. I’m not sure if Killer is blind, but seriously, how does he see with that mask? Observation Haki? In other words, advanced senses?

    -Putting Sanji’s father aside, maybe Onigumo has something to do with Sanji’s fear of tarantulas. He does seem to have a spider Devil Fruit rather than a tarantula, but hey, Tsuru was stationed in North Blue, maybe Onigumo was stationed there as well.

    -Sanji will probably face off against his father at some point, and if he does, he might use knives. Why? Because fried spider is a delicacy in some cultures, so if his father is in his Zoan form, Sanji might bend the rules.

    *Theory by Samurai Rengoku


      I think that Sanji was cast out of the Vinsmoke Family/Germa66. I also want to believe he left, but I just want to talk about this.

      Sanji’s trademark curly eyebrows are very noticeable.[​IMG]
      After the timeskip his hairstyle switched over to his other eye, revealing his other eyebrow.

      I believe that Sanji’s eyebrows are the reason he may have been cast out of the Vinsmoke Family/Germa66.
      In the new One Piece Chapter a new character of Germa66 has been revealed. He has the same eyebrows as Sanji but flipped around.
      I believe the of Germa66 is named that because of the trademark eyebrows of the Vinsmoke Family that look like 6’s.
      I believe Sanji was cast out because he was born with eyebrows that don’t look like 6’s but to them deformed and didn’t represent Germa66,

      and so the Vinsmoke Family/Germa66 cast him out.
      Thank you if you have read this.

      *Theory by Strawhat Joseph


        Well, as we all know Shanks has a scar on his left eye which is given to him by Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard, the scar was absent on Shanks when he was part of Roger crew

        When Shanks visited Luffy at Foosha Village he had scar.


        So it is between that period from Roger’s execution & visiting Foosha Village, he received the scar from Teach.

        Here’s my theory.

        I am going to start with devil fruit which Shanks had (gomu gomu no mi) & devil fruit which Teach wanted (yami yami no mi)

        Above you can see , both the df’s have similarities (at least i think that ). Both seems to look similar due to that colour and design. So it is safe to assume that one can get confused on recognising the either devil fruit. And if you are as desperate as Teach well you will.

        So my theory is based on that similarities of df.

        Now ,when Shanks entered WB’s ship moby dick, the reaction from various crew members were like they were meeting Shanks as Yonko for 1st time, those who fainted on his arrival.
        Even Shanks’ conversation with Marco “so ,you are 1st division commander Phoenix Marco” states that Shanks and WB never clashed as “Yonkos”.

        So how & when did Teach gave the scar to Shanks ??
        I think that Shanks(before being a Yonko) had found a devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi from a certain pirate crew somewhere in grandline(mostly new world).

        And Teach was already after Gomu Gomu no Mi mistaking it for Yami Yami no Mi, which he has seen in Df book. So when Teach arrived, he found that fruit was already stolen by Shanks. So he planned to get the Df from Shanks & we know how evil planner Teach is .

        He joined the crew of Shanks(remember teach wasn’t a infamous pirate then, he always leaved in shadow of WB). He managed to infiltrate the Red Haired Pirates & waited for his opportunity, as soon he got his hands on the Df, was caught by Shanks & at the same time he realised that df wasn’t Yami Yami no Mi.

        Now in order to flee he tried to fool Shanks in a meaningless talk, while attacked Shanks when his guard was down giving him a bloody scar on eye with his claw & managed to flee from there.


        The reason Shanks scar still ached ,was he was done by the misleading personalities of Marshall D. Teach.

        Thanks for reading ^^
        *Theory by blaze


          Hi guys, and welcome for some new ideas I got since the last chapter appeared.

          This time, about Capone “Gang” Bege.

          I will claim in this theory, that the crew of Capone is inspired by the “5 Families” beyond the American Mafia during 1920-1930 years.

          He is inspired of Al Capone. The Godfather of the Chicago Oufit. A gang who was different than the “5 Famillies” because it was very mix, and people from many countries and religions.


          In this time, what we called the “5 Families” were :
          – Family Bonanno
          – Family Colombo
          – Family Genovese
          – Family Gambino
          – Family Lucchese

          First, there is Vito.
          He is inspired of Vito Genovese, the Boss of the Genovese Family, one of the 5.


          Next is Gotti.
          He is inspired of John Gotti. Leader of the Gambino Family, another one from the 5 Families.


          What I’m claiming is that, there will be 3 others important characters in the Capone’s crew :
          – One from the Colombo Family.
          – One from the Lucchese Family.
          – One from the Bonanno Family.

          One character of the Capone’s crew will be inspired of Giuseppe “Joe” Profaci, boss of the Colombo Family.
          His name will be Joe I think.


          Another character will be inspired of Gaetano/Tommy Luchese (Tommy Three Fingers). He was the boss of the Lucchese Family.
          The name of this character could be Tommy.


          And finally, the last character which I want to speak about will be inspired of Salvatore Maranzano. He was the boss of the Bonanno Familyduring 1930-1931.


          His nickname was “Little Caesar” because he was a huge fan of Julius Caesar and Roman Empire.
          I think, you know where I’m going with that.

          There was another theory I remember about Caesar Clown become a crew mate of Capone Bege, but I didn’t find it when I searched for.
          So anyway, I think Caesar Clown will become a new recruit of Capone Bege’s crew. Inspired of Salvatore Maranzano from the Bonanno Family.
          The power of Gas will fit perfectly the power of Capone Bege. He will become the vice-captain of the crew.


          Thanks for reading, enjoy it.

          *Theory by Zero Zero No Mi

            Kaido’s Immortality

            Whitebeard and Kaido-The Sentencer and the Sentenced

            When we were first introduced to Kaido and his inability to die, many theories were created as to what his power might be. What keeps him from dying?

            I remember reading people’s comments such as “he should just jump into the ocean” or “he should just eat more than one devil fruit.” And while at first I thought the fact that Kaido hadn’t tried either of these things was due more to plot convenience than anything else. But then another thought occurred to me: What if Kaido had already tried these things during his life?

            Let’s talk about some things that we already know about Kaido that will be important to this theory:
            1. Kaido murdered Moria’s entire crew as well as Momo’s parents
            2. Kaido attempted to take on Whitebeard right before the Whitebeard war
            3. Kaido has been given the death sentence repeatedly for his crimes

            These points are important because they tell us that:
            1. Kaido brazenly murders
            2. Kaido had some reason to attack Whitebeard
            3. Kaido has committed atrocities that many deem punishable by death

            And now about Whitebeard:
            1. According to Buggy, no one messes with the Whitebeard pirates for fear of angering Whitebeard
            2. The other Yonko didn’t dare cross him, even in his old age and sickness
            3. Whitebeard’s second division commander slot had been open for ages before Ace filled it

            These points are important because they tell us that:
            1. At some point, Whitebeard showed the world what happens to those who mess with the Whitebeard pirates
            2. The Yonko wouldn’t cross Whitebeard due to more than just his reputation
            3. Whitebeard had reservations about filling an empty slot in his crew, possibly due to pain of loss

            And now, Kaido’s first words:

            Many fans including me at first simply dismissed this statement as “Whitebeard did a good job by dying.” But many people in One Piece have died, why did Oda decide to have Kaido specifically chose to mention Whitebeard here?

            Do you see where I’m going with this? I believe the story goes like this:

            Kaido was a young, incredibly dangerous pirate who had dreams of claiming One Piece, and was making a reputation for himself at an alarming rate to the World Government. He made his name well known throughout the new world for his strength and brutality, through feats such ascrushing and murdering Gekko Moria’s entire crew. At some point, Kaido became cocky and decided to make a move for the One Piece, but of course, he would have to go through the King of the Sea, Whitebeard. Kaido made his first move by crushing Whitebeard’s second division and killing the second division commander. Enraged, Whitebeard unleashed his full wrath on Kaido and defeated him. It was a brutal battle that left both Whitebeard and Kaido permanently scarred, and in a final act of revenge, Whitebeard used his abilities as a Speaker of the Voice to sentence Kaido to an undying existence, and then cast him into the sea. As Kaido possessed a devil fruit, he was doomed to drown helplessly for eternity, without dying. The world was shocked and awed by the true wrath of Whitebeard, who had just crushed the strong young pirate for murdering a member of his crew. Kaido drifted at the bottom of the sea for months or even years before he was finally brought back up to shore by some person or some sea king (for whatever reason lol). Back to the surface, Kaido was delusioned and angry by his months/years of suffering and was left with suicidal tendencies. The world was terrified by the man who they all thought had been killed by Whitebeard making a reappearance (possibly by sinking prison ships). When Kaido was convinced that he could not die, he began to amass his power in the form of eating multiple Zoan-type devil fruits and gaining their abilities, earning him the name of Hundred Beasts Kaido, the man with many Zoan forms. Kaido never forgave Whitebeard for the curse that he placed upon him, and for this reason continuously had fits of rage towards Whitebeard,even attempting to take Whitebeard’s life before Marineford. With Whitebeard dead, Kaido was left with his undying body, and his dreams of claiming One Piece once reaffirmed.

            I believe this would explain Kaido’s suicidal tendencies, why he actually hasn’t died from eating multiple devil fruits/drowning, the pirates of the worlds’ acknowledgement of Whitebeard even in old age, the fact that the Yonko dared not cross him, and even why in his old, sickened state that Whitebeard was still viewed as the strongest pirate on the sea, as he was a Speaker of the Voice.

            But where did this ability come from? What is its overall purpose in the story?

            *Theory by Saving Ace


              The theme of Mariejois is like Olympus in Greek mythology because they are both located in high altitude place and has a gigantic palace which is built on top of the mountain. (Mariejois built on top of the Red Line.)

              Olympus is the home of divine family and ruling gods and Mariejois is the home of Celestial Dragons which we can say the divine family in OP and Gorosei the so called gods.

              The pattern or theme of Mariejois is Olympus so we might see a character which is conceptualize and inspired by the king of gods in Olympia. Who’s the king of gods and ruler of Olympus?

              In ancient Greece Zeus is the king of gods, god of sky and ruler of Olympus, he is the strongest god in Olympus and no one can oppose him nor fight him because of his great power.

              A character inspired by Zeus is very possible because there are gods in One Piece and maybe that strongest god will be the final villain that Strawhats will going to face in the final war against Marines, World Government, Celestial Dragons and Gorosei in the Mariejois.

              Remember what Oda said before that the Marineford war will gonna look like nothing in the final chapter that’s why he’s motivated to keep drawing One Piece and he likes his fans to stick with him til the end.

              Luffy’s Grand Fleet and maybe other pirates or all pirates and Revos will join Strawhats in the huge war against World Government, Marines, Celestial Dragon and Gods in Mariejois, this is great to see as the last chapter of One Piece!

              Mariejois is the greatest place for the final war because remember the impact, excitement and insanity that we felt when Whitebeard Pirates attacked the based of marines in Marineford and started the summit war, what more if we see the Strawhats and his allied forces attack the Marines, World Government, Gorosei and Celestial Dragons in Mariejois and start the final great war. It will definitely give us more excitement, goose bumps and emotions because many pirates and marines will die in this war.

              *Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca

                JACKS RETURN TO ZOU

                First we know Jack is alive somehow in the ocean. Many people believe he’s a fishman or part fish man, other’s argue he’s simple holding his breath. For the purpose of this theory it doesn’t matter, he’s alive and in the water, that is the key.

                Second we know Zunisha twice a day such up ocean water into his trunk and rains it down on Zou, and in fact that water carries a lot of fish and even sharks with it. I feel Oda included this for a reason and that is what I think could happen next.

                I believe that Zunisha will inadvertently such Jack into it’s trunk and rain him down onto Zou, but in doing so Jack will injure Zunisha trunk to try and achieve his plan to injure or incapacitate the giant elephant and in doing so will in fact bring a drought to Zou by cutting off it’s source of water, there by literally living up to his nickname. While he may not be able to move in the water, there will be air mixed in at well and if he get’s into an air bubble he’ll be able to attack Zunisha from the inside out while riding the stream to Zou.

                The biggest problem with this theory however is location. Jack is presumably a distance away from Zou at this point, with the old elephant still moving, albeit at a slower rate.

                This could however be addressed a number of ways.

                1. Zunisha isn’t moving in a straight line, but rather wonder’s around a certain area for a certain amount of time before moving onto a new location, Elephants do this in real life in certain conditions, they move around a specific area for part of the year, and revisit some of the same locations before moving on to another general area where they repeat the process.

                2. Jack may not be able to move on his own, but ocean currents could easily move him around in the water, and Zunisha probably isn’t that far from his current location at any rate, it was injured fairly badly.

                So yeah that’s one of the way’s I think Jack could get back to Zou. Not great but I think the idea has interesting potential.

                *Theory by Herr Krokodil

                  WHO WILL STOP SANJI’S WEDDING?

                  Who Will Stop Sanji’s Wedding?

                  Sanji’s wedding is very near to happen now, we’re thinking about Purin the 35th daughter of Charlotte LinLin the future wife of Sanji but I believe someone will sneak in onto wedding hall to stop the wedding ceremony. Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Pekoms and Pedro are on the way now to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji and when they arrived there, the hungry Luffy will gonna eat that delicious island hehe just kidding! x) Let’s get serious I believe when Luffy and the others arrived on Whole Cake Island they will separate to each other to fight different underlings of Big Mom.

                  The one who’ll going to stop the wedding ceremony of Sanji is none other than Nami to pay her debt to Sanji. Remember Sanji saved Nami on her wedding to Absalom so it is necessary that Nami will stop Sanji’s wedding.Do you guys remember on which point of wedding ceremony Sanji saved Nami?

                  Sanji saved Nami by the time Absalom is gonna kiss the bride, maybe Nami will arrive on wedding hall by the time the groom and bride will gonna kiss each other like what happened at thriller bark on her wedding.
                  Now let me give you another reason why Nami is the one who will stop Sanji’s wedding.

                  Please take a look at the very left corner of the manga chapter 811 coloured page, there is something written on it and it says “We’re revealing exclusive story board sketches by Oda sensei himself! Check out the brand new information about the One Piece film Gold on the next page”.

                  Maybe the real meaning of that words IS “ODA HIMSELF! is revealing an EXCLUSIVE STORYBOARD SKETCHES SO CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW INFORMATION” because in this chapter coloured page not only the information about One Piece film Gold is what Oda’s trying to reveal, in this coloured page there is something special that Oda already revealed and it is something special to Sanji.

                  Please take a look at Sanji, he is holding a can and CIGARETTE on his hand And! as you can see on his FINGERS he is wearing rings EXCEPT ON HIS RING FINGER. PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY AT SANJI’S RING FINGER, IT IS POINTING TO THE ORANGE HAIR OF MYSTERIOUS GIRL. As you can see in the picture Sanji’s RING FINGER is the only finger which is pointing to the orange hair of a mysterious masked lady. I guess you already have an idea on who’s this girl with an orange hair right?

                  Ring Finger = Wedding Ring has a big role in wedding
                  Ring Finger pointing into Nami = Nami will gonna have a big role in Sanji’s wedding???

                  Now let me add something, maybe Chopper will also have a big role on Sanji’s wedding.
                  Please look again in chapter 811 colored page, notice the smoke of Sanji’s cigarette, its direction is going into Chopper’s horn and look at chopper’s horn there is a some kind of ring there, is that also a foreshadow that chopper will play a big role on Sanji’s wedding?

                  Maybe Sanji’s life will be endangered because he’ll meet and marry a beautiful lady named Purin And Sanji will lose a lot of blood because of severe perverted nosebleed and the only one who can save his life is none other than his great crewmate doctor Chopper like what he did before in Fishman island.
                  Everyone of us has their own idea, thoughts and opinions about Sanji’s wedding so share it to us nakamas!

                  *Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca

                    KAIDO’S SHADOW OF DEATH

                    Hello everyone ! I will show you a rather small theory today and it concerns Kaido’s death.

                    I don’t think I have to explain this fact right ? We all know that Kaido is looking for a way to kill himself and so it’s seems logical that before the end of One Piece he will reach his goal somehow. Watch Kaido’s first introduction :


                    I mean we haven’t seen the guy yet and Oda is already telling us that he wants to die ! How many manga can introduce this kind of character :lmao:.
                    Anyway, now that it’s clear for everyone, let’s continue.

                    With the recent revelation of the 824th chapter, I just thought about a character that will help or find a way to kill Kaido. I’m talking about this guy :We don’t know what happened to Hawkins after the Kidd – Hawkins – Apoo alliance met Kaido. But we can already tell that Kidd refused to go under Kaido’s order so he ended up half-dead in a cage. We can already assume that Apoo betrayed the alliance and is now a part of Kaido’s crew. But what about Hawkins ?
                    I mean is it a coincidence that in one side we have a Yonko who is supposed immortal and is looking for a way to die and in the other side, we have a fortune teller that can see “the shadow of death” upon someone ? I’m sure that Oda has something in store for these two characters.

                    I won’t try to guess what will happen exactly, Oda’s imagination is not in my league anyway :D. But I’m telling you this guys, I’m sure Hawkins prediction will have a huge impact on Kaido’s death.

                    That’s it guys, as I said it was quite short but I wanted to talk about this cause I haven’t seen anyone talking about Hawkins recently :D.

                    Tell me what you think about it !

                    *Theory by Xdidzic