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Last year, I saw a theory video about what could possibly be Luffy’s Gear Fifth. The premise of the theory was that Luffy’s Gears all focus on a different part of the body, making it unlikely for future Gears to be direct enhancements of previous ones. This may provide an explanation for why Gear Fourth has the title of Bounceman; the use of muscles is explicitly the basis of Gear Fourth, so any other muscle-based Gear abilities would be variants on Gear 4th. The theory I found (which sadly I cannot find now) stated that Gear 5th would focus on the nervous system, allowing Luffy to take control of his bioelectrical signals and weaponize them. The theorist further backed their idea with the fact that rubber, despite inhibiting electricity, can be electrically charged with static electricity, such as a balloon in the winter.

This got me thinking; is Luffy really smart enough to understand that his nerves have electricity running through them? Would he even be able to find his nervous system? For that matter, does he even know what a nervous system is? Sure, Rayleigh or Chopper could probably help him figure out something like that, but I don’t think so. I think Luffy would find a much simpler, more obvious source of electricity.

Let’s go back to the balloon example. Traditionally, what method do people use to charge balloons? They rub them against their hair. I propose that Gear 5th will indeed be electricity based, but not from the use of the nervous system, but rather the hair. Now, I do not propose that Luffy will pump air into his hair, as I do not think that that would produce the effect I am suggesting. Along the same line, though, I do not think pumping air into the nervous system would grant control of bioelectricity. What I am saying is that Luffy will add an electrical charge to his attacks, improving his offensive capabilities and possibly granting a speed power-up similar to Gear 2nd. If you are thinking that it would be redundant to give him another speedy Gear, bear in mind that Gear 4th is a power-type Gear like Gear 3rd. Also, I think that Gear 5th will be able to be used in combination with the previous Gears, so if you are worried that Gear 5th will lack the raw power of 3rd or 4th, I hope this will put your mind at ease.

The previous theorist suggested that they got the idea for electricity from Luffy’s Thor attacks.


Now, I admit, Thor Gigant Axe being from Strong World means it is not canon, but Strong World was written by Oda, so presumably Gigant Axe was his idea and was intended to be a demonstration of the Gum-Gum Fruit’s capabilities. Thor Elephant Gun, on the other hand, is canon, and as you can see, has electricity coming off of it. Unfortunately, the electricity is only shown during the clash with Don Chinjao, and admittedly may just be meant as sparks from the impact, but I still think the association of Thor, a previously mentioned electric-attack, and the visual of electricity may be meant as more than coincidence.

But how will Luffy discover that he can generate electricity through his hair? By accident, like he did with speeding up his blood flow and inflating his bones? Quite possibly, but I think not. You see, I came up with the idea of him using his hair around the time Doflamingo was defeated. I thought for a few months “he’ll probably run his hand through his hair on a winter island and find sparks or something.”

But then the crew arrived at Zou. Carrot attacked, electricity emanating from her paw. Strange, I thought. Rody the bull headbutts Luffy, also charged with electricity. We learn that all Minks can use this electric ability, known as Electro.

But why? Very few animals in the real world can utilize electricity. It’s not like Fishman Jujutsu, where fish people who live in water manipulate the water around them. That makes perfect sense, but why would any old land animal be able to use electricity? What’s the correlation?

The correlation, my friends, is fur. Every mammal has fur (with a few exceptions) and the Minks seem to be exclusively mammalian. In fact, it is explicitly stated that the fur of the Minks is their pride and joy (though I am having trouble finding the page this is said on). So, I believe that Electro is generated in the fur of the Minks, and that Carrot’s weapon is a furred paw-glove to facilitate the transference of Electro from her body to the weapon.

I think Luffy watching Carrot fight will give him the idea to try using his own hair to generate electricity. The result will likely be somewhat different from Electro, but he will more or less get the basic idea of using his own “fur” as a basis of the ability.

As I was writing this theory, I realized that there actually is a way Luffy could air in Gear 5th. He could pump air into the hairs along his body, such as on his arms or chest, to increase the surface area with which he can generate electricity. I don’t think this is too likely, as we have never seen Luffy with hair anywhere other than his head, but the idea of Luffy puffing himself up and suddenly being really hairy sounds exactly like something Oda would do. Besides, perhaps the hair on his arms is just really small, not even sticking out of the follicles, so he needs to pump up just to get it to show. Remember, Oda has stated that the point of Luffy is to keep the story ridiculous even at its most serious moments, so I don’t have any trouble imagining Luffy making himself absurdly hairy in the middle of a decisive battle. Hell, making himself hairy may give him more of a monkey appearance, and I have seen a couple of theories that his Awakening or Gear 5th will make him “the Monkey King.” His hair may just be the key to that.

In summary; I believe Luffy will be inspired by the Minks’ Electro ability to try using his hair to generate electricity for Gear 5th; he may pump up his body hair to make himself more Mink-like, taking on the appearance of a monkey for this new form.

*Theory by Tokiro Oumaga

    One Piece AMV – EVERYTHING

      Pandaman is everywhere! XD

      Pandaman is a joke character created by the author, Eiichiro Oda. He appeared hidden in nearly every One Piece chapter, episode arc, movie, and such.

      Even though as a joke, Oda did give Pandaman some attacks as written in his datafile in the contest submission. His attacks are Bamboo Leaves Panda Drop and Giant Panda Deathlock.
      Oda also mentions jokingly that Pandaman has a strength of “3,300,000 power” after eating bamboo and before meals.


        So, this theory is about how the Marco storyline will play out. Nekomamushi is heading towards Marco’s location. Unless he’s been captured, I don’t think he’s gonna be difficult to find. He’s probably sitting somewhere deep into WB’s past territory, half-heartedly trying to hold onto the whitebeard pirates’ former glory.

        But more importantly, I don’t think Marco’ll be thrilled to join their cause.

        I took a closer look at Marco’s picture, and gosh, he does not look cheerful.
        Actually, he looks like a man who’s been through the last two years of Marco’s life… First, the loss of one of his best friends, and immediately afterwards, his leader and father figure. He was forced to take up the mantle of responsibility for a crapton of people who’re wounded, directionless, and just as sad as him following Ace and WB’s deaths. And last but not least, the first battle he gets into, a revenge-fight against BB, he loses miserably.

        I think Marco has become a beaten, bitter man, and he never wants to fight again.
        Inuarashi admits it’s a slim chance, and there’s no strawhat on the marco-retrieval squad, so that’s another point against Marco joining.

        The interesting question is, what consequenses will this have? Well, what usually happens when the Achilles in his tent trope is played? Achilles refuses to fight, the heroes head into battle without him, loses, Achilles is convinced to fight after all, Achilles makes a badass entrance, wins, but a bunch of guys are dead…

        So that’s the overall picture of what I think will happen.

        Diving into the details…

        We know that Weevil, the little bastard, is looking for a fight with Marco. Even though Weevil is incredibly provoking, calling himself WB’s real son and sullying his name, I don’t think Marco cares at this point, and he’s probably postponing the fight with Weevil. I’m not saying Marco will ignore Weevil if he gets up in his face, but as long as it’s over newspaper and his subordinates, I think Marco will ignore it to simmer in his own misery.

        The battle is going to be further postponed by Weevil being called to participate in the battle of Wano, tipping the battle into Kaido’s favor.
        At this point, Marco might head into the battle willingly, or he’ll continue to sulk until one of the strawhats slaps him out of it.

        The battle against Weevil will see the revival of Marco’s spirit, metaphorically. I think him and Weevil will have a heart to heart about fathers, and ultimately, Marco will offer Weevil to join his crew.

        It’s possible that one of the Strawhats will join the retrieval team. In that case, it would be Robin. She’s optimal for scouting missions. Plus, Marco might be located close by Baltigo, tying together two plotlines.

        *Theory by Birdy

          One Piece 766 & Naruto 700

          On Naruto’s face on the Hokage Rock, Boruto paints the Straw Hat Pirates’ jolly roger, a reference to One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. In return, the cover art of One Piece’s chapter 766 references Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

            Which Team Do You Pick?


              There may be a slight chance that Marco will join with the Red Hair pirates for the time being. He has lost both Ace and Whitebeard and might want revenge, but he alone isn’t strong enough.

              During the Payback War the Whitebeard Pirates suffered an utter defeat against Blackbeard Pirates. Blackbeard is probably searching Marco to steal even his Devil Fruit powers.

              Who would be the best person to be with while both hiding and waiting for the right time for a revenge? Shanks!

              It may sound stupid, but I believe that, after they were on Ace’s and Whiteberad’s grave, they have joined and are now waiting for Luffy to arrive, so that they can change the system and the world together.

              So what do you guys think?

              *All rights go to the maker of this theory.


                With the last panel of the 822nd chapter, Oda finally announced the Reverie arc (don’t go assuming Vivi is going to the Tea Party, we all know it’s not true).
                Just a detail, the Reverie arc won’t happen soon. I’m pretty sure we won’t have any news about the Reverie before the Wano Arc’s end.


                For the ones living under a rock (just kidding ;)), here is a brief definition.
                The Reverie (literally translated as “World Council”) is a council formed by the World Government which consists of the world’s greatest leaders of various kingdoms.
                Meetings are held every four years at Mariejois and kings or queens gather to discuss matters that could affect the world.

                Okay let’s begin.
                I will detail in this theory, how and why the Reverie will anounce the abolition of the Shichibukai system from a very logical way and from 3 different point of view. Stay with me guys, you will see that I’ve put a lot of work on it :D.

                Perspective 1 : the Kings of the different countries
                So first, who will be present at the Reverie ?
                There will be the representatives of the 20 countries and here are the ones we already know :
                Alabasta Kingdom : Nefertari Cobra and Vivi
                Ryugu Kingdom : King Neptune (and maybe his 3 sons)
                Dressrosa : King Riku
                Sakura Kingdom (formerly the Drum Kingdom) : King Dalton
                Ilusia Kingdom : Thalassa Lucas (he was the King at the reverie 8 years ago)

                I will add one more but this one is a just a speculation so I won’t talk more about it.
                Prodence Kingdom : King Elizabello II and Dagama

                Did you notice guys ? From the 5 country/kingdom I mentioned just above, 4 of them have already a conflict (more or less) with the Shichibukai system.
                Crocodile and Dofflamingo nearly destroy the whole country of Alabasta and Dressrosa.
                Blackbeard attacked the Drum Kingdom and left him without a King.
                Jinbei close friend of King Neptune, get imprisoned because he refused to fight Whitebeard as a Shichibukai.

                If King Ezabello II is here, he also has a grudge against Dofflamingo.

                What I’m really confident is that the representatives will talk about the situation of their respective country. And this is where the situation will become really tense. I mean the World Government, formed by the 20 most powerfull country, is supposed to protect those countries right ? So how is it possible that already 4 of them (maybe more) have suffered from the Shichibukai system which is supposed to be control by the same WG ?

                We can already see the reasons why the Shichibukai system can be abolished from the perspective of the different characters/country right ?

                Perspective 2 : the World Government
                So what about the World Government itself ? Why would they abolish the shichibukai system at the Reverie ?
                Well here is the current situation, only 5 shichibukai are remaining. So without going any further there are already 2 seats lacking.
                But for the rest here are my thought.

                Dracule Mihawk : we know that he doesn’t care about the WG, he does what he wants to do and he will probably end as a Shanks ally. So there is no reason for him to stay any longer as a shichibukai (maybe the main reason to become a shichibukai in the first place was to gather information).

                Boa Hancock : she already betrayed the WG sneaking Luffy into Impel Down and attacking Smoker and other marines during the MarineFord war. And we know it’s going to happen again in the future. All the reason to expel her from her title.

                Kuma : well either he remains a Shichibukai or not, he will stay under the WG controls for a long time again so doesn’t really matter in this case.

                Buggy : I don’t have a lot to say about this one honestly. I just imagine easily Buggy’s face after losing his Shichibukai title because of Luffy :lmao: !

                And here comes the most interesting one, Weevil :
                I said earlier that the Reverie will occur after the Tea Party and the Wano arc right ? Well guess what, Weevil will have a huge role to at least one or both of this events. First he is linked to Big Mom with his pseudo mother, Miss Bukkin, which there is a huge chance that she is one of Big Mom daughter.
                Second we also know that Marco will come back in Wano as well. It seems not far-fetched to think in that case Weeble might come to deal with him in Wano.
                Anyway, either it is one of those speculation, Weevil will be defeated or become a future ally at the end of the Tea Party/Wano arc. And this is why the WG after losing another of his Shishibukai, will have another good reason to abolish it !

                Perspective 3 : from Oda’s point of view
                If you think about it, if my theory is right, after the Reverie Kaido will be defeated, Big Mom will be out of the picture for a bit (i think she will become an ally cause I can’t see 2 Yonko being defeated/killed so quicklu), almost all the Supernova will be introduced (Kid/Apoo/Hawkins/Killer/ alliance it’s obvious that it goes with Kaido arc, Capone already in the picture, Drake and bonney will appear soon too imo). So after all that, ODA will have to put in front of the scene all the big Boss of One Piecés universe. I mean Shanks and Blackbeard, Dragon and the revolutionnaries and the Gorosei. So how can he do that ? Well imo the Reverie will be the trigger the story need.
                If you think about it, from the beginning of One Piece, Oda told us that the World’s balance was kept by the WG – Shichibukai – 4 Yonkos. We also get some information on the Reverie at the beginning of Grand Line (in Alabasta). It simply means that ODA planned from the very start to make the Reverie one of the most important event in One Piece. Is there a better way to make this event HUGE, than to abolish the shichibukai system and to break the balance of the world ? The big figure will have no other choice but to make their move and we will finally enter in the last part of One Piece.

                That’s it guys. I’ve put everything I had to be as clear as possible
                I hope you enjoyed reading it

                *Theory by Xdidzic

                  Gol D. Roger vs Kaido by vKJuan

                    WANO, SHOGUN AND ZORO – THE EDO PERIOD

                    Its pretty well known that Oda is referring to feudal Japan with Wano. Shogun was a military dictator in Japan during the period from 1192 to 1867. A number of Daimyos used to work under the Shogun. Daimyo were the most powerful feudal rulers during that period.

                    1192-1867 is long period and the rank of Shogun and Daimyo varied a lot between those period. But I have a few reasons to believe that Oda is referring to Edo/Tokugawa (1683-1868) period here.

                    The first clue is the closed door policy. As Brook is saying in this panel, “The Wano country is a sealed-off nation whose people do not take kindly to the outsiders

                    Now lets take a look at Edo history. Tokugawa Iemitsu, the 3rd Shogun during Tokugawa regime, enacted the Sakoku edict back in 1633. The key point of the Sakoku edict was:

                    “The Japanese were to be kept within Japan’s own boundaries. Strict rules were set to prevent them from leaving the country, and if any such attempt was made, they would face penalty of death. Europeans that entered Japan illegally would face the death penalty as well.”

                    Fits perfectly with Oda’s description of Wano, right?

                    Secondly, Women are treated inferior to men in Wano.
                    Kinemon, “A woman’s place is to stand demurely in the menfolk’s shadow and speak with reserve and modesty”

                    Now lets look back at Edo period. Women in the Edo Period had a lower status and possessed fewer rights compared to men to a certain extent. Women also lost economical and political rights due to the Tokugawa law. Women could not own property, and a women’s husband was entitled to kill his wife for being lazy or bad, in the circumstances of household chores or how she presented herself as a faithful wife and obedient mother.

                    Thirdly, The chongmage.

                    The chongmage and topknot hairstyle was there even before Edo period. But its mostly associated with the Edo period and samurai.

                    So everything indicates that Oda is referring to Edo period (1603-1808) and I will speculate a few things based on history.

                    1. Shogun is based on Tokugawa Iemitsu:
                    As mentioned earlier, the controversial Sakoku edict was enacted during Iemitsu’s period. Iemitsu ruled from 1623 to 1651, and during this period he crucified Christians, expelled all Europeans from Japan and closed the borders of the country, a foreign politics policy that continued for over 200 years after its institution.
                    He had every quality to be an antagonist if you ask me :cool:

                    2. Shogun and Oden are brothers?:
                    This one is most likely going to be proven false very soon but if the Shogun is based on Iemitsu, it has some chance to be true.
                    Tokugawa Tadanaga was the younger brother of Iemitsu. Because of his good heart, military and intellectual prowess, he was favored by his mother over Iemitsu as the 3rd Shogun. However, Iemitsu forced him to commit suicide just after the death of their father.
                    Oden was also forced to commit seppuku by the hands of shogun and Kaido?

                    3. Zoro will represent Yagyu Jubei
                    One of the most famous and romanticized swordsman of Japanese history was Yagyu Jubei. During Iemitsu’s reign, Jubei was probably the best samurai of the famous Yagyu clan.
                    There is a legend that Jubei could use only one eye, he lost his other eye during a sparring session with his father.
                    An one eyed swordsman, sounds familiar?

                    4. Zoro will kill the Shogun
                    Jubei’s father contributed significantly for the first and second shognate and therefore was granted a minor daimyo status. He was the teacher and a father like figure of the 3rd shognate Iemitsu. Jubei also served under Iemitsu.
                    So how does everything fit in?
                    In the famous film Shogun’s Samurai (1978) that was later broadcasted as a TV series called the Yagyu conspiracy (1978 – 1979), Iemitsu is killed and decapitated by the Jubei in an act of revenge.

                    A famous dialogue of the TV series which was later paraphrased by Kill Bill,

                    “If you want revenge, you have to be willing to kill God and even the Buddha”

                    Sounds like a dialogue made for Zoro! :cool:

                    5. Strawhat fleet of 4 ships:
                    Many isolated attempts to end Japan’s closed door policy were made by Western powers during 17th – 19th centuries. In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry of the US navy threatened Japan with four warships, Mississipi, Plymouth, Saratoga and Susquehanna. He forced Japan to open to trade with the West and end the Sakoku edict finally. These ships became known as the kurofune, the Black Ships.

                    Luffy, like Matthew Perry, will also attack Wano with 4 ships, (1) Thousand Sunny, (2) Law’s ship, (3) Mink’s ship and (4) a samurai ship and liberate Wano from the shogun!

                    *Theory by Nidai_Kitetsu