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Oda’s work schedule is absolutely insane!! o.O

Here’s what a typical day in the life of Eiichiro Oda looks like as revealed in a recent magazine article:

● Wake up at 5 a.m., start working
● Continue working through the day
● Go to bed at 2 a.m.

His only breaks are for eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom…

However, he doesn’t exactly do the same thing every day, but he has a schedule of sorts for that as well:

● Monday-Wednesday: Layout planning and character dialogue
● Thursday-Saturday: Drawing and inking
● Sunday: Coloring and other tasks

Thank you so much Oda sensei for dedicating your precious life to share with us this extraordinary series and take care of yourself!

    〖One Piece AMV〗 Everybody wants to rule the world

      AMV Monkey D.Luffy & Gol D.Roger ♦ Power Of Kings


        We all know that D’s are the enemies of the God by what Corazon said


        From this,many people say that “D” stands for Devil…well,Devil is not God’s enemy,he is just opposite of him.
        Devil was supposed to be the first angel,the one who will resemble the God,but he was too selfish and wanted to be God and later he was banished…it doesn’t fit D characters to be the Devil.

        Just like Shicibukai(warlords),yonkou (4 emperors),”D” will be a word on JAPANESE !!
        DEVIL is read in Japaneses AS AKUMA… :arghh:/=A
        Meanwhile DAEMON is read as Dēmon :arghh:D – read the rest

        Real enemy of the Gods are Demons(Daemon – is just good version,turned bad,demons were always bad)…but there is more to it

        “Daemons were created by the will of Zeus,from the people of Golden Age,to serve mortals as guardian spirits,they remain low in number,invisible,but only known for their acts.They offer good fortune to those who respect them”… – this sounds like what D is…
        Let me explain
        Golden age is the period where the humans didn’t have to work or do anything..they were the first humans ever..this will be mentioned later in this theory…

        D’s are known to be very low in number,they also are very lucky,which brings them good fortune,but only those who are with them..enemies better run.

        Daimons/Daimonic – as a literary term, it can mean the dynamic unrest that exists in us all that forces us into the unknown,be it tragic or discovery path.

        This also sounds like D…they don’t know what is up ahead of them..it’s unknown..
        But D’s always had a tragic past,which would lead them to some kind of journey they would go on – discovery
        Self destruction –>>> Self discovery

        You know – D’s are natural enemies of the God..but why ?
        Daemon has another meaning


        I believe the current World Government that call themselves Gods..aren’t real Gods,they took the throne from D’s..you know how i said about Golden Age – where people lived peacefully,no one ever worked..but Daemons had to serve people…well,this is where it all went to hell…

        It’s said that Daemons are very similar(again sounds like D’s)..but different..there are Evil and Good ones

        But Daemons are supposed to be protectors of mortals..well
        Deity’s started calling Daemons evil,dangerous and lesser spirits..
        This sounds like something WG and Celestial Dragons would do..they would take throne from Gods and they would pronounce themselves gods..and others who were helping “lower” kind and those who know what kind of people D’s are,would be called evil and dangerous.

        This is what was wrong..after this,D’s were the bad guys and CD and WG were good guys..so world needed to get rid of D’s..but their will still lives on

        “A special being watches over each individual, a daimon who has obtained the person at his birth”
        This sounds like D’s will is being passed on..Roger’s will to Luffy..and Ace’s to Sabo – when he ate DF,it’s like he was reborn,he ate Ace’s soul – this sounds stupid,but he took over his will

        As i said,there are good and evil Daemons – Luffy/Blackbeard…let’s see characteristics of Good and Evil D
        Good-good, brave, noble, moral, lucky, useful – sounds like Luffy,he is good,brave,always lucky and useful when he wants to be
        Evil-malevolent,bad,evil – nothing much,but this pretty much sums up Blackbeard

        Daemon comes from the word DAIO which means “To share destiny”..
        Almost every “D” shares same destiny – tragic past(as mentioned),adventure,dream.

        As written,Daemon’s are very similar in everything,except there are good and evil.

        Daemon has another meaning except God..it’s FATE..which again is similar to D’s..they all have same fate..

        Now for those who said,that D will be something on Japanese,just like yonkou(4 emperors)…

        Daemon in Japanese is read as Dēmon,while Devil is read as Akuma..
        Will of Daemons lives on..or the Will of Fate,Destiny and Gods

        *Theory by Doctor Room

          CHAPTER 801 REVIEW

          I have to say this chapter has got to be the best since I begun reading the manga from Punk Hazard. So much happened its just amazing.

          We get a sort of final closure to the situation in Dressrosa. The citizens are happy, the dwarves are introduced to the citizens, we see construction of Lucy, Kyros and God Usopp (lol) statues and right as we leave Dressrosa the country is referred to in the same way as it was in the beginning, a country of love and passion.

          Everything else about this chapter was hype.

          We see Lucci and maybe Spandam in Dressrosa, and if the translation is correct, they are both part of CP Aegis 0. Its also funny to note Lucci seems to be more superior in rank to Spandam, a funny role reversal. There is no way that isnt Lucci, the bird and the facial hair are identical.

          We also have Doffy giving another classic speech about the new era. He’s chained the shit down on a navy ship, yet he is giving Vice-Admiral Tsuru some attitude and lamenting the lack of co-operation between him and the Navy.

          But holy crap, the hype he generated. Talking about control of the seas, showing a great spread of all the well known characters of power in the New World, showing us silhouettes of Kaido and Big Mom and quite possible a wavey haired Green Bull. He even coined it ‘The Throne Wars’, a possible reference to Game of Thrones and perhaps teasing us as to what kind of power struggle is coming in the near future.

          We also get a mention of Captain Jack, which I’m sure most people agree was the same Jack referred to in the Underworld Brokers broadcast on Punk Hazard. But man the hype becomes even more insane with the short spill on him. He seems to want to free Doffy from the Navy ships escorting him to Impel Down. This is despite the fact there is an Admiral, a former Fleet Admiral and possible up to three Vice-Admirals all present on these four ships. This Jack guy is a ballsy beast by the sounds of it. His ‘do you even know who I am’ attitude makes him seem so incredible, he has to be pretty powerful when you consider the opposition he’s faced with.

          The Going Luffy-Senpai. This had me in tears of laughter. Barto’s ship has a stretching Luffy figurehead, a whole crew with the exact same ‘blinded by awesome’ mentality and even has framed wanted posters with some signatures on the side. To top it off, they even roll out a red carpet to the posters for the SH crew to see.

          In a small flashback, we see that Luffy gives a piece of Vivre Card to some others (presumably the SH fleet captains), but most importantly we see what Bellamy decided he was going to do. It looks like he’s happy to remain friends, but not intending to join the pirate alliance. We will definitely see him again in the future.

          BOUNTIES OMFG. Was jumping for joy to see even the SH’s who weren’t on Dressrosa got increased bounties. Clearly something big has gone down, especially with Sanji’s poster being changed to ‘Wanted Only Alive’. Something really big about Sanji is going to be revealed, and this was the perfect way to end the chapter.


          Luffy and Law on a lofty 500 mill, Zoro looking badass with a huge 320 mill, Robin and Franky getting decent increases and GOD DAMN USOPP on 200 mill with his unconscious face! Next we see Brook and Nami getting 50mill increases to 83 and 66 mill respectively, Chopper increasing a massive 100% to 100 beri and Sanji finally getting a real picture and a 100 mill increase to 177.

          Nothing about this chapter was in any respect bad. It was all fantastic, top tier storytelling.

          So excited for the coming chapters!

          by Stavzy


            ***SPOILER ALERT***

            – Chopper: 100 Berries.
            – Nami: 66,000,000 Berries.
            – Brook: 83,000,000 Berries.
            – Franky: 94,000,000 Berries.
            – Nico Robin: 130,000,000 Berries.
            – Sanji: 177,000,000 Berries.
            – Usopp: 200,000,000 Berries.
            – Roronoa Zoro: 320,000,000 Berries.
            – Monkey D. Luffy: 500,000,000 Berries.


              One Piece AMV – Revolution

                Luffy made a cameo in DBZ before One Piece was even released :D



                A Chinese net user uploaded a panel from what’s supposedly an old Dragon Ball manga. In it, you can see the back of a straw hat (kinda like Luffy’s) and a skinny character in a tank top (kinda like Luffy). This seems to be the only place that this character pops up.

                Here’s the catch: the original Dragon Ball, where this was apparently discovered, ran until 1995. One Piece didn’t start until 1997.

                So did this panel influence Oda? Not sure. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. 

                  Sunny’s rooms


                    Do You Remember? :-)