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Reason behind the “D”

*Theory by Fylx

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The “D” in for example Monkey D Luffy stands for the will of D but why D? The celestial dragons said that they were gods because of they created the world. They also said the one with the letter “D” in the name are devils and pure evil. Why? The word Devil makes me think of something else, Devil fruit. When you eat a Devil fruit you gain the power of the Devil and if someone with the will of D is a devil? What does that mean? It’s now the real Theory begins. No one knows what happend during the void century and how the will of D started. Perhaps it was a man during the void century that started everything? A man that was so evil and mean that everyone called him Devil. Just like people call Luffy now for Monkey “Strawhat” Luffy people perhaps called this man for Lastname “Devil” Firstname or even Lastname “D” Firstname to make his nickname shorter. He had the strongest devilfruit in the world. The power of all devilfruit and therefore the name devilfruit was born. If you eat a devilfruit you had the same power as that man, “the devil”. He was so evil that even his children and children’s children were called Devil. Even everyone that was somehow related to this man was called Devil or D for short. After a while This man died and his Devilfruit was “Reborn”. I think that Devilfuit is OnePiece. That devilfruit is what Gol D Roger found. The Devilfruit of the first man with the will of D.
Perhaps the D kingdom is where everyone that was related had to move to because they were not welcome anywhere else.

What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?

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