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I’ve noticed a pattern here, I’ll just get to it.
One of Kaido’s elite 3 executives (The Calamities, which there is a boardgame with the same name) is Jack, many of us theorized that Jack has a card theme, named after the card.

But what about others? Well, Sheepshead is apparently also a card game, and his power is a pun of his name.

Even Ginrummy is named after the card game of the same name.

We’ve also seen other references, including Doflamingo, an ally of Kaido being called Joker (Because perhaps he is a key card of Kaido’s?).

So due to that I think that the other 2 calamities will be “Queen” and “King”, even though it’s possible that Kaido himself is “King” due to his epithet.

So that means that perhaps the third calamity would have a different name, that’s because I doubt “Ace” will be used.

Among the interesting names that might be used by Oda (And therefore might dictate their characters) includes:
*Napoleon (No need to explain)
*Bacon (Perhaps a Pig Zoan fighting with a frying pan lol)

But one of the most interesting details I’ve noticed is the game Pedro.
So, will Pedro betray the Mink Tribe? Does he have anything to do with Kaido?
Also, remember that somehow Jack knew Raizo was supposed to be in Zou and somehow got it it (Which is nearly impossible because no log pose points there), so is Pedro on Jack’s and Kaido’s side?
He does seem to be particularly hostile towards the Strawhats so it’s not that farfetched in my opinion.

So, what do you think?

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

    A shocking revelation! What happened on Zou?!

    *Chapter 808 Spoilers

    I really loved this chapter, even if it felt a bit short. We got a flashback of Jack invading Zou, we met the badass Duke and we found out Caesar’s weapons are behind Zou’s destruction… All in all, a solid chapter and worth the longer than usual wait.

    First of all, it’s nice to see a clearer profile of Jack finally, even though it’s just him in his mammoth form (and what’s with that hairstyle? XD). Can’t wait to see his human form.


    It’s now confirmed that Jack is Kaido’s subordinate, not only that but a Right hand man. From what we’ve seen, there are three tiers of power in the Kaido ranks: Calamities, Gifters and Pleasures.

    The plot was known so far, but the execution by Oda-sensei was nevertheless interesting to follow, I really liked this chapter due to the good mix of emotions, despair, surprise, anger, fun and “wtf?” moments. Especially, the cliffhanger at the end.


      Brook is back!

      So funny the way Luffy greets Brook 



        I made a couple conclusions after thinking about last chapter:

        – Unless Oda is being a massive troll, we can assume Sanji got captured in some way.

        – It’s confirmed that Jack is no longer on Zou.
        – The Mink (other than the guards) seemed rather relaxed. That leaves me to believe that there is no IMENENT threat to them as of right now. Also meaning there is no major antagonist on the island at this very moment.
        – Chopper was dressed up as a King and the Strawhats were welcomed like royalty with banquet and all.

        Following these conclusions i started thinking about what is left to do on Zou. Zou seems like too unique of an island to just hop on, find out about Sanji, and then hop off to go find him. Even if Nami presumes Sanji is dead instead of just captured, Luffy and Zoro (we all know Zoro and Sanji secretly have a bromance) would leave for revenge immediately imo.

        So there’s no threat or antagonist right now and when everyone is filled in about Sanji next chapter the Strawhats won’t have time to celebrate with the Mink for too long. Is that all there will be to Zou?

        My answer is no and here is why i think why:

        I think Zou, or Zunisha, is a living poneglyph. Not like any other poneglyph where text is inscribed into a special rock/stone. The “poneglyph” im talking about is Zunisha’s memory. Zunisha is a ancient elephant that lived over a thousand years. As everyone concluded by now, Zunisha was around during the void century 800 years ago. It experienced what happened during that time. Specifically what happened to the Minkmen during this age.

        One of the characteristics of elephants is that they have an amazing memory. I’d say this is needed if u want to recall something that happened 800 years ago. Is it a coincedence that the ancient creature who was around during the void century, also has this characteristic unique to it’s species? It might be, but i’d like to think not.

        So poneglyphs are normally Robin’s specialty, but in this case it’s time for Chopper to shine. Chopper hasn’t really had much spotlight in the New World. The only thing of importance he has done in the NW is taking care of the kids on Punk Hazard. I think it’s about time for him to get a moment of great significance.

        As we all know, Chopper can talk to animals. Correct me if i’m wrong here, but i believe Chopper is the only creature in the One Piece world that can communicate with ALL other living creatures. That also means he is the only one who could translate between animals and humans or translate from Zunisha to Robin and the rest. Is it a coincedence that the only one who could possibly translate Zunisha’s memories is a Strawhat? Maybe, but the coincedences are stacking up.

        I even believe it’s possible that Chopper has already spoken to or translated for Zunisha and that’s the reason why Chopper is dressed as a King.

        *Theory by Arasys


          After last chapters cliffhanger about Sanji, and the reintroduction of Nami and Chopper, I think that something is very off about Zou. The bases of my theory is that Zou isn’t as cheerful and friendly as it seems, it has a secret dark side.

          First before I go into the details of the theory, I would just like to analyze the SH’s arrival on each island they go to. On almost every island they initially enter, they are either hated on sight for being pirates, or are treated like regular people. The only time that this trend hasn’t held up in the past was when the crew landed on Whiskey Peak.


          Now, as we all know this town didn’t turn out to be the pirate heaven that the crew thought it was, it had a darker side that the crew discovered later, after they had been seduced by the beautiful women


          and the wonderful atmosphere and partying



          Now I know that these similarities between Zou and Whiskey Peak aren’t strong enough to conclusively say that Zou has a dark side. But I have a few more points to bring up.

          The first is has to do with Wanda’s comment about the Curly Hat’s


          She says that they are deceased, but we find out later on that neither Nami nor Chopper are dead, so why would she say that?
          Another weird comment that Wanda makes is when she is talking to Carrot and says that even though Luffy is the captain he won’t be treated with mercy


          This seems like a very weird comment to make, especially when we again learn later on that the crew is actually hailed as heroes on Zou.

          Wanda’s weird comments aside, not even all of the Minks in the country seem trust the SH, even though, if they are the heroes that should be well respected. This is not only shown once, but twice, with Pedro having Luffy surrounded on sight, and the guards in front of the Mink village threatening Luffy and co., even though they were with Wanda.


          I believe that the all of Wanda’s comments and these scenes of Mink mistrust are hints to us that Nami and Chopper believe that the other Swirly Hats are dead, but in fact they are actually being held captive by the Mink King.

          Now I know that that seems like a huge leap to make, but stay with me. The next part of my theory all relies on you guys believing that this guy that Nami is sleeping on:


          is the Mink King.

          I believe that this guy is the one who ordered the Swirly Hat’s, other than Nami and Chopper to be captured, but tricked Chopper and Nami into believing that they were either severally injured or dead. Now why do I think he imprisoned the people who rescued Zou, and why weren’t Nami and Chopper also imprisoned?
          The next part of my theory involves some speculation and I hope you can go with me. I think that the Mink King is actually a very corrupt king, who forces most of the Mink women to service him in his own personal harem.

          The first reason I believe this is because of the huge difference in appearance between the Minkwomen and the Minkmen


          While the Mink females look very much like regular human females, with lots of curves and big breasts, the Mink men look far more beast like. This difference in attractiveness may have created a society where most Mink females are only prized for their beauty while the men are rewarded for their feats of strength.

          Now the next reason why I think the Mink King uses the women as prostitutes is because of his interaction with Nami. Instead of allowing her to dress in her regular clothes and sleep in a normal bed, he has her dressed up in a very fancy and seductive outfit:


          and has her sleeping on his stomach. Now it might be a stretch to believe that the Mink King is trying to make Nami into another member of his harem, but in the very same chapter Wanda reveals that some Minks, like the king, think that Humans are quite attractive


          In this very same scene you can see that the Minks are giving Nami their congratulations. Some of you guys have said that this because she is reuniting with her crew, but I think that they’re congratulating her for being inducted into the King’s harem.

          I also believe that the Mink King could have been partially inspired by King Henry VIII, a corrupt king in London, who was notorious for his size and his large number of wives.


          The last reason why I think that the Mink King allows and endorses prostitution in Zou is because in One Piece, Oda likes to explore very controversial topics, like racism, drug abuse, slavery, and many other things. It would only make sense that he would eventually tackle the topic of prostitution and sexual abuse of women.
          Going back to the overall theory, now that I’ve told you why I believe the Zou King is corrupt, I will now explain how Sanji made him mad enough to have himself captured.

          I do believe that the Swirly Hat’s were the ones responsible for having Jack leave the island, but I also think that it is there fault that he came in the first place.
          When we see them in 795, we see Sanji and Brooke taking out some of Kaido’s men.


          We also know that most of these men were able to escape, and I think that after they escaped they went directly to Jack and told him that it was the Swirly Hat’s fault that they weren’t able to finish their mission. After hearing this Jack went to Zou, destroyed it and was then pushed out by the Swirly Hat’s. Some of the people on Zou praised Sanji and co. as heroes, but most of them blamed them for bringing him to Zou in first place.

          The next reason why I believe that why I believe Sanji was captured by the Mink King is because of his policy on women. We all know that Sanji is a huge perv, but he still believes that women should be respected and cared for. Now how do you think Sanji would react if he found out that the Mink King was allowing for women to be abused and used for sex in the country? He speaks out against the Mink King, and because of this out burst the King captures Sanji and creates a dummy to stand in his place as either dead or in a coma as to not upset Nami and Chopper, who aren’t being captured because of Nami’s beauty and Chopper resemblance to a Mink. This is why Nami believes that Sanji is either dead or in a coma and comes rushing to Luffy.

          *Theory by Kikodg78

            Zou at night

            In chapter 805 Wanda says to Luffy that he should be thankful that he didn’t get lost when the “moon is out” (nighttime).

            So, what do I think it is? Well, first of all as we all know Zou is an animal, an elephant (A giant one but still), therefore like any animal it must sleep, now before you say “maybe it sleeps standing like a giraffe”, well no- this is a sleeping elephant:

            So now although it’s not the same with animals inherently, night is associated with sleep and elephants are day-creatures and not night-creatures so it should be assumed that if Zou sleeps, he does so at night.
            But wait- if he lies down it means that the whole place will be flooded, he will be sleeping on the ocean floor!

            This is exactly why I think it will happen, something that usually happens in One Piece Arcs is a certain “time limit” or a “race against time” before something bad happens- in the recent arc Dressrosa it was the birdcage, before that the Shinokuni, before that the Noah and so on.

            So basically I think that the conflict that will happen in this arc will reach a climax at about nightime- if the SH and friends won’t defeat the enemies and get to safety they will drown- and let’s not forget the fact that Luffy, Chopper, Robin and Brook (Which might or might not still be in Zou) and DF users.

            And now you might say “Well, maybe Zou is STANDING ON THE WATER and not the ocean floor”, well in the recent chaptr we’ve seen Robin’s thoughts regarding the “Water eruption”:

            In it Zou is clearly not standing on the water but the ocean floor, although it’s her imagination we must all realize that when going up to Zou, they first confronted the foot, so Robin has seen the foot from close distance and it doesn’t walk on the water, and of course although it’s cartoonish, remember that it’s Oda’s drawing after all, and he knows all about Zou already, and if Zou walks on water he would draw Zou walking on water.

            So now, how can Zou breath underwater? It can use it’s trunk of course!
            But is it long enough? Well, have you thought to yourself how is it possible that Zou, a giant animal that constantly moves still remained close to Punk Hazard and Dressrosa after all the time Law has been there? Well, perhaps Zou has a “usual route” and at night time he stops at *relatively* shallow waters which allow him to keep his trunk out while he sleeps.

            So yeah, what do you think?

            *Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

              What happened to Sanji?

              At the end of the last manga chapter, Chopper and Nami were shown and they appeared to be safe and in good hands. The fate of Sanji, Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar are still unknown but Nami seems to have grave news. He hugged Luffy as soon as he saw him and she was crying. Zoro was shown to notice something on Nami before all of this happened but the chapter ended at that moment.


              A lot of people seem to agree that something bad has happened to Sanji and that whatever happened involved a fight against Jack of some sort. Some of the theories predict that Sanji was captured by Jack and subsequently the Marines or that after a tough battle his life is now so close to death that not even Chopper can save him. What do you think? What happened to Sanji? And where are Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar?

                Pedro & his importance for the Zou Arc

                Pedro is going to be very influential with this arc. This is a fact. Oda has pointed to this on several occasions already and he’s only made brief cameos.

                There are several locations in Zou that label parts of Zunisha the elephant. The 806th chapter is titled “at the Fort on the Right Belly”. There are also locations on Zunisha including: Right Rump Forest, Right Flank Forest and Kurao City is on the Left Belly. Why is this significant? Well, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we must look at Kanjurou’s cat called Nekozaemon


                The name translates to Guardian Cat. The popular names Jinzaemon and Mataemon mean Left Guardian and Right Guardian. Zou is geographically mapped with reference to the left and right sides of Zunisha. This clearly means Oda is referencing and linking the Forest Guardians to the geography of the Island. More specifically, the Guardian Cat. This Guardian Cat is none other than Pedro


                Pedro is cleaarly one of the Guardians of the forest. He clearly also has authority over Blackback and Roddy, two of the other Forest Guardians, as we can see in chapter 805 as he commands the guardians to leave.


                Therefore, he’s clearly an incredibly authoritative and likely powerful character and figure amongst the Mink tribe.

                Nekomamushi is “the big boss” of the Island, as we learnt in the most recent chapter.


                Due to the fact the name includes the word Neko, or “Cat”, Pedro and Nekomamushi are likely to be related. Of course, this isn’t the only instance where Oda has used animal characteristics in names. Wanda is a play on the onomatopoeia of a Dogs bark, Carrot is clearly associated with Rabbits, amongst other examples is Blackback being a play on the word of Silverback. Oh, and I must also note that Pedro means Rock.

                This parallels with the Lion King story. Why? Well, we have Pedro, a Lion, who’s name means rock


                and we have a father figure as well. The Dukedom of Zou has been overrun by Jack and completely razed to the ground by Jack. This lightly parallels at Scar, who fought with Simba, the plotline is to take back the Pride Rock for his own. Jack is likely heir to the throne the same way Simba was, based upon his relation with Nekomamushi. Jack fought Pedro and eventually captured him. This, we know, is because of all the claw marks and the scene in Wandas flashback from this chapter

                [​IMG] [​IMG]

                And yes, before anyone starts making strange remarks about him being a Tiger. A tiger has stripes, Pedro does not. Pedro shares several features with Lions. This includes the following:

                • Pedro’s long hair is basically a Lions mane
                • Pedro has long lower canines, as do Lions
                • They have the same mouth style and shaped ears

                So in conclusion: Pedro is the heir to rule Zou, but he’s been deposed by someone, the likely arc villain. His father is Nekomamushi, the current King/the recently dethroned King. Pedro is the strongest Forest Guardian and the most authoritative of them all. He is inspired by Simba from the Lion King and has a tumultuous past. He’s incredibly important to the Zou arc.

                *Theory by L o g i a

                  CHAPTER 805: THE MINK TRIBE – REVIEW

                  NEW Cover Page Series! From The Decks: The 500 Million Man Arc! This is exciting! It looks like we’ll get to see Luffy’s bounty news spread to EVERY CORNER we’ve been too across the entire series!


                  Starting off from the continuation of last weeks chapter, we’re greeted to Zoro and Carrots scuffle and its still great to see that he’s intrigued by the electricity. Robin never ceases to amaze me with her comedy as she calls them cannibals out loud haha, her comedy this arc has been absolutely incredible so far, I love it! Carrot true to her mink form as a Rabbit JUMPS! SHE HAS LEAPS! She can hop! THE SKILL IS INCREDIBLE!

                  Later Wanda, the Canine Mink, says that there comrades are dead, and where too find them. I highly highly doubt Sanji’s group is dead but I am interested in seeing what happened. They also know who they’re already, which we assume they had interactions with them, possibly even attacked them, who knows.

                  Usopp thinks they’re dead (as usual lol).

                  ABSOLUTE RESPECT for Zoro, he did something I’d never see, he acknowledged Sanji… something that he would NEVER do in his sight…. THEY HAVE that RESPECT for each other but you will NEVER see it because it HAS to be this way! They belittle each other because they’re RIVALS but they know just how powerful they are against each other! This is the type of way its always been.. there is no one being better than the other, both are equals here…. Zoro knows Sanji’s strength, and Sanji knows Zoro’s. GREAT GREAT development from Zoro and Sanji on their respect for each other, we know they do deep down, but actually hearing it is AMAZING!


                  Bepo is confirmed a Minkman, Bepo isn’t familiar with Zou as he left as a small child, and has been Law’s comrade for 10 years… their bond is powerful, it could be that Bepo was very much the first mate of the Heart Pirates, which I wouldn’t doubt as he was the navigator of the crew. BUT WAIT THE RUMBLE IN THE WHALE FOREST!! LOOK WHO IT IS!!!!!!!!!!! OUR FAVORITE POLAR BEAR!! HE’S FINALLY BACK! YES BEPO! WE HAVE WAITED YEARS!! YEARS FOR HIM!!! And he’s trying his damnedest to stop the brawl between Luffy and the Bull Mink RODY!! The ELECTRO SHOCK! It can’t effect Luffy! He’s immune! Which yet again is great to see, that was a great intense moment there.

                  BUT LOOK WHO IT IS, THE MAN I WAS WAITING TO SEE JEAN BART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO GLAD TO FINALLY SEE HIM BECAUSE ODA NEVER DREW HIS POST TIME SKIP DESIGN!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! BUT EVEN JEAN BART CANNOT STOP THE MINKMEN!!!!!! Jean Bart gets bodied by BlackBack!! He CANNOT STOP HIM! SACHI AND PENGUIN ARE THERE TOO!! Finally! We finally get the HEART PIRATES!!! THE EXCITEMENT!!! It’s incredible! They’re all attempting to stop the Mink’s but cannot stop them!

                  Back to Franky, Robin, and Usopp searching for the rest of the crew, love Robin’s intuition here, great to see that she used the cooking to tell if Sanji was there recently or not. But… the claw marks and that LARGE footprint… I have no clue what to even expect… that could be anything or anyone… the animals could be in a large scuffle or get into a huge fight… we find out two weeks ago that the country was still in tact but it was ravaged who was none other destroyed by that man….. JACK! CAPTAIN JACK! Who we last saw attempting to rescue Doflamingo against Sengoku and Tsuru…. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MAN IN ACTION! But trouble hits soon, the Eruption Rain is coming from Zou, and it’s now yet again time for the crew to depart to find the rest of the Straw Hats, can’t wait to finally see the crew back together!

                    ZOU’S DEATH

                    Zou might die after Luffy’s visit.

                    According to an Indian myth, the world is on the backs of four elephants.
                    Here Zou is just one elephant in the sea. Zou might have something to do with the 4 seas.
                    4 elephants:elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant: into 1 elephant:elephant: = 4 seas:ocean::ocean::ocean::ocean: into 1 sea:ocean:the All Blue:globemeridians:
                    According to the myth, the ‘world’ is on the back of 4 elephants. The world = the world’s secret i.e. the secret of the world government… the void century.

                    On the back of Zou:elephant: resides a race of people:bustsinsilhouette:, the Minkmen:monkeyface::bearface: who hate humans:holdinghands:.
                    There was a prophesy that Luffy would bring destruction to Fishman Island and then the Merfolk & Fishfolk:spoutingwhale::tropicalfish::whale: would move to land. Though it might seem like a bad thing, it’s a good thing. To unite humans with the Merfolk & Fishfolk. That was the purpose of the Noah, to transport them.
                    Much like Fishman Island, the death of Zou is actually a good thing. The 1,000 years old ancient elephant has a cursed expression. It looks tired and cursed. It’s possible it’s cursed to roam the seas for eternity. It might have been wishing to die for centuries but cannot. Luffy might directly or indirectly free it from the curse. Also, it will force the Minkfolk to live among the humans again, uniting the people of the world.

                    I wonder what role the Will of D. have in this:peace:

                    *Theory by Capt. Awesome D. Shin