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The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance is a pirate alliance originally formed between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates with the goal of taking down Kaido of the Yonko.

However, Law’s real goal was to take down Donquixote Doflamingo of the Shichibukai in order to avenge the death of his friend, Donquixote Rosinante; he intended to end the alliance when Doflamingo broke their agreement and die taking Doflamingo down if necessary. However, Luffy refused to allow the alliance to end, and their goal is now actually Kaido, who will be targeting them due to their involvement in Doflamingo’s downfall.

When the two crews arrived on Zou, the alliance grew to include the Kozuki Family of Wano Country, led by its young heir Kozuki Momonosuke, and the Mink Tribe, whose leaders Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were servants to the Kozuki Family.
The minks are all born warriors with the ability to produce electric shocks known as Electro.

The Mink Tribe’s warriors fought on par for five days with Kaido’s right hand man Jack and his subordinates, and managed to gain the upper hand, only losing when Jack used the gas Koro. The minks also possess another unknown special ability referred to has their “true power”. The three samurai retainers of the Kozuki Family are all trained in combat, with Kin’emon and Kanjuro being swordsmen and Raizo using ninjutsu. Kin’emon and Kanjuro also have Devil Fruit powers. Their leader Momonosuke, though young and inexperienced, possesses an Artificial Devil Fruit power as well as the ability to communicate with the enormous elephant Zunisha, who is powerful enough to wipe out entire fleets of ships with a single attack.x


    First we know Jack is alive somehow in the ocean. Many people believe he’s a fishman or part fish man, other’s argue he’s simple holding his breath. For the purpose of this theory it doesn’t matter, he’s alive and in the water, that is the key.

    Second we know Zunisha twice a day such up ocean water into his trunk and rains it down on Zou, and in fact that water carries a lot of fish and even sharks with it. I feel Oda included this for a reason and that is what I think could happen next.

    I believe that Zunisha will inadvertently such Jack into it’s trunk and rain him down onto Zou, but in doing so Jack will injure Zunisha trunk to try and achieve his plan to injure or incapacitate the giant elephant and in doing so will in fact bring a drought to Zou by cutting off it’s source of water, there by literally living up to his nickname. While he may not be able to move in the water, there will be air mixed in at well and if he get’s into an air bubble he’ll be able to attack Zunisha from the inside out while riding the stream to Zou.

    The biggest problem with this theory however is location. Jack is presumably a distance away from Zou at this point, with the old elephant still moving, albeit at a slower rate.

    This could however be addressed a number of ways.

    1. Zunisha isn’t moving in a straight line, but rather wonder’s around a certain area for a certain amount of time before moving onto a new location, Elephants do this in real life in certain conditions, they move around a specific area for part of the year, and revisit some of the same locations before moving on to another general area where they repeat the process.

    2. Jack may not be able to move on his own, but ocean currents could easily move him around in the water, and Zunisha probably isn’t that far from his current location at any rate, it was injured fairly badly.

    So yeah that’s one of the way’s I think Jack could get back to Zou. Not great but I think the idea has interesting potential.

    *Theory by Herr Krokodil


      Last year, I saw a theory video about what could possibly be Luffy’s Gear Fifth. The premise of the theory was that Luffy’s Gears all focus on a different part of the body, making it unlikely for future Gears to be direct enhancements of previous ones. This may provide an explanation for why Gear Fourth has the title of Bounceman; the use of muscles is explicitly the basis of Gear Fourth, so any other muscle-based Gear abilities would be variants on Gear 4th. The theory I found (which sadly I cannot find now) stated that Gear 5th would focus on the nervous system, allowing Luffy to take control of his bioelectrical signals and weaponize them. The theorist further backed their idea with the fact that rubber, despite inhibiting electricity, can be electrically charged with static electricity, such as a balloon in the winter.

      This got me thinking; is Luffy really smart enough to understand that his nerves have electricity running through them? Would he even be able to find his nervous system? For that matter, does he even know what a nervous system is? Sure, Rayleigh or Chopper could probably help him figure out something like that, but I don’t think so. I think Luffy would find a much simpler, more obvious source of electricity.

      Let’s go back to the balloon example. Traditionally, what method do people use to charge balloons? They rub them against their hair. I propose that Gear 5th will indeed be electricity based, but not from the use of the nervous system, but rather the hair. Now, I do not propose that Luffy will pump air into his hair, as I do not think that that would produce the effect I am suggesting. Along the same line, though, I do not think pumping air into the nervous system would grant control of bioelectricity. What I am saying is that Luffy will add an electrical charge to his attacks, improving his offensive capabilities and possibly granting a speed power-up similar to Gear 2nd. If you are thinking that it would be redundant to give him another speedy Gear, bear in mind that Gear 4th is a power-type Gear like Gear 3rd. Also, I think that Gear 5th will be able to be used in combination with the previous Gears, so if you are worried that Gear 5th will lack the raw power of 3rd or 4th, I hope this will put your mind at ease.

      The previous theorist suggested that they got the idea for electricity from Luffy’s Thor attacks.


      Now, I admit, Thor Gigant Axe being from Strong World means it is not canon, but Strong World was written by Oda, so presumably Gigant Axe was his idea and was intended to be a demonstration of the Gum-Gum Fruit’s capabilities. Thor Elephant Gun, on the other hand, is canon, and as you can see, has electricity coming off of it. Unfortunately, the electricity is only shown during the clash with Don Chinjao, and admittedly may just be meant as sparks from the impact, but I still think the association of Thor, a previously mentioned electric-attack, and the visual of electricity may be meant as more than coincidence.

      But how will Luffy discover that he can generate electricity through his hair? By accident, like he did with speeding up his blood flow and inflating his bones? Quite possibly, but I think not. You see, I came up with the idea of him using his hair around the time Doflamingo was defeated. I thought for a few months “he’ll probably run his hand through his hair on a winter island and find sparks or something.”

      But then the crew arrived at Zou. Carrot attacked, electricity emanating from her paw. Strange, I thought. Rody the bull headbutts Luffy, also charged with electricity. We learn that all Minks can use this electric ability, known as Electro.

      But why? Very few animals in the real world can utilize electricity. It’s not like Fishman Jujutsu, where fish people who live in water manipulate the water around them. That makes perfect sense, but why would any old land animal be able to use electricity? What’s the correlation?

      The correlation, my friends, is fur. Every mammal has fur (with a few exceptions) and the Minks seem to be exclusively mammalian. In fact, it is explicitly stated that the fur of the Minks is their pride and joy (though I am having trouble finding the page this is said on). So, I believe that Electro is generated in the fur of the Minks, and that Carrot’s weapon is a furred paw-glove to facilitate the transference of Electro from her body to the weapon.

      I think Luffy watching Carrot fight will give him the idea to try using his own hair to generate electricity. The result will likely be somewhat different from Electro, but he will more or less get the basic idea of using his own “fur” as a basis of the ability.

      As I was writing this theory, I realized that there actually is a way Luffy could air in Gear 5th. He could pump air into the hairs along his body, such as on his arms or chest, to increase the surface area with which he can generate electricity. I don’t think this is too likely, as we have never seen Luffy with hair anywhere other than his head, but the idea of Luffy puffing himself up and suddenly being really hairy sounds exactly like something Oda would do. Besides, perhaps the hair on his arms is just really small, not even sticking out of the follicles, so he needs to pump up just to get it to show. Remember, Oda has stated that the point of Luffy is to keep the story ridiculous even at its most serious moments, so I don’t have any trouble imagining Luffy making himself absurdly hairy in the middle of a decisive battle. Hell, making himself hairy may give him more of a monkey appearance, and I have seen a couple of theories that his Awakening or Gear 5th will make him “the Monkey King.” His hair may just be the key to that.

      In summary; I believe Luffy will be inspired by the Minks’ Electro ability to try using his hair to generate electricity for Gear 5th; he may pump up his body hair to make himself more Mink-like, taking on the appearance of a monkey for this new form.

      *Theory by Tokiro Oumaga


        After the recent chapter, many people believe that we will propably have a Jack vs Strawhats showdown and i am one of them!

        But, i still believe it’s gonna be a seperation between the strawhats!

        Luffy will take few people with him(I believe except for Pekoms, Raizou will join him as well) and Zoro with Law will prepare for the trip to Wano!

        However, there is a small obstacle… none other that Jack himself…! and i will explain why…

        We know that he went on a rescue mission to save Doflamingo from getting imprison!

        In addition, we know he is heading to Impel Down!

        Now, let’s look the map…

        As you can see,Impel Down is on the west while the strawhats are in the opposite direction(east/Zou).

        We know that Jack , managed to attack the marines before reaching Impel Down!

        Also, we know that he left the island the same day Doflamingo was defeated!That was 11 days ago…! And base on chapter 807(ten days ago) half of the strawhats reached Zou!

        So, if i have to take a guess… the distance at that time(It’s a moving island) between Dressrosa and Zou was approximately 1-2 days at most!(read chapter 807 , it will help you understand how many days has passed since entering the NW!Base on my calculations they are 14-15 days)

        Taken into consideration the analysis i just made, it’s highly possible that he managed to catch up with the navy really quick!

        If we also take into the account that the navy left Dressrosa the third day after the battle…!2

        It is beautifully adds up!

        In my opinion, Jack managed to catch up around here!

        In the proccess managed to sink two ships, but sustained some injuries and considered dead…

        However,he failed to retrieve doflamingo and base on the last chapter, he is alive and by the looks of it, he is been accompanied by a large fleet!

        So, guys let’s refresh our memory!

        What was his initial mission?
        To retrieve Raizou!
        And where he is now?
        He is on Zou!
        So, what he is going to do?
        He is going to complete, his unfinished mission!

        I think it’s a pretty logical way of thinking , don’t you think?

        Even if he wants to go somewhere else, he has to pass to Zou…!

        I think it’s very unlikely to move on , straight to Big Mom’s tea party… I doubt he even knows anything about it…

        Also, take note that the battle between him and the navy occured around 8 days ago(11-3=8…xD)!

        He had 8 whole days to rest,to heal,to prepair(fleet)and to travel back on Zou to put an end to his unfinished business!

        So, he must be pretty close to Zou!

        That means a SHOWDOWN!I can feel the hype!:)

        In my opinion, since there is the Sanji matter on one hand and the Jack matter on the other , they will have no choice but to split!

        But why split and not go all together to save Sanji?

        1.Luffy said he will go alone, although i doubt he will be completely alone… he will take at least two![Pekoms and Raizou(stealth)… they will sneak!]

        2.I think it was foreshadowed that, it’s going to be a match between Zoro vs Jack!
        a)They both are the right hand man of their captains!
        b)They both use swords as weapons
        c)When the minks were talking about Jack, Oda focused on Zoro twice for a reason!c011

        3.There is no way Zoro, will go after Sanji after making that speech1

        4.The strawhats befriended the minks and i don’t think they will leave them at their fate…Luffy will entrust Zoro with the mission to protect them any way he can!I believe Law will stay too, since his good friend Bepo is from Zou!Let’s not forget they are still many of them injured

        5.Lastly… maybe one of the biggest mysteries… the moon!
        We have yet to be relieved , what happens when the full moon is out!

        I think i gave you some solid points!

        To move on with the last part of my theory!

        The last part of this theory will be a speculation, but if you think about it , it will might make some sense!

        I think in this fight we will have a Law and Zoro vs Jack battle, like we had the Law and Luffy combination against Doflamingo!
        So, this combination could be turn out to be true!

        Also, they are similar in personalities…both badass,cool,serious and bloodthirsty when they fight!

        In my opinion, this duo will be amazing!

        To conclude, i think we will have a big revelation regarding Zoro’s past from the moment he will release his demonic spirit!
        Yes, i think this will be the fight that we will see him go all out!

        This will be the moment when Zoro will trully connect to Wano and it will ignite his desire to go to Wano even more and learn about his past and lineage!

        I don’t know how the fight will turn out… but i believe , during this fight Jack will tell him about his demonic/cursed clan or lineage and to how he might connect to one of his future enemies!

        I hope you enjoyed my theory

        *Theory by EpicListening

        You can also watch the videotheory here:


          The Straw Hat Grand Fleet Finally To Use!!!

          So people,I’m finally back at theorizing,and I have a hyped one this time,about the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

          Maybe it’s too early for the Fleet to be used,but after the marriage of Sanji being thrown at us,and the fact that it will be with a member of the Big Mom pirates and family,to save Sanji the 8 members of the Straw Hat pirates won’t be enough.And for such a important thing as rescueing a nakama, Luffy won’t hesitate on using every and each help possible. 
          Big Mom herself is a monster and she probably has a good amount of commanders who are very powerfull too,besides other strong members and all her fleet that will most likely be present for such an important occasion as a marriege,so the SH will need allies,if not the whole fleet,”just” the minks,cause like Capone said,the minks are right now allies.
          The minks like we saw,are strong enough to fight Jack and his underlings plus his help,so I think that if not the whole fleet,they might be enough.

          And to close this theory down,it’s quite possible that the Minks join the Grand Fleet and here are some reasons:

          1. They may be a country instead of a pirate crew,but they have zero ties to the World Govermnent
          2. The Minks have a huge debt to the Straw Hats,so no better way to pay then help rescue Sanji and the SH in future occasion by joining their Fleet
          3. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were once pirates.
          4. Those two are powerfull enough to fight Jack head on and have real chances of winning.

          *Theory by Pedro5822

            The price list of the Human Auctioning House


            The Human Auctioning House is a center of slave trade and a bidding house for selling living beings as slaves. It is located on Sabaody Archipelago’s Grove 1. It was owned by Donquixote Doflamingo and like most of things affiliated with Doflamingo, it bears the Donquixote Pirates Jolly Roger — a smiley-face with the cancel symbol over it.

            After the timeskip, the Human Auctioning House has fallen into disrepair and its owner, Disco, is now a vagrant. Although as easily surmised and then directly cited by Caribou the slave trade lives on, insinuating that this is not the only auction house.

            According to the price list of the Human Auctioning House, the average starting prices for each races are as followed:

            • Humans: Beli500,000
            • Longarm Tribe: Beli700,000
            • Longleg Tribe: Beli700,000
            • Snakeneck Tribe: Beli700,000
            • Minkmen: Beli700,000
            • Dwarves: Beli700,000
            • Fishmen: Beli1,000,000
            • Giants:
              • Male: Beli50,000,000
              • Female: Beli10,000,000
            • Merfolk:
              • Male: Beli1,000,000
              • Female under 30 years old (unsplit tail): Beli70,000,000
              • Female over 30 years old (split tail): Beli10,000,000
            • Devil Fruit users: market rates.



              Quick Reminders
              We all now from manga chapter 807 that Jack and crew attacked Zou 17 days ago, almost half a month ago. Also, Bepo and the rest of Law’s crew was already on Zou at that time.


              And we know that the Curly Hat crew arrived on Zou 10 days ago.


              But we know that Jacks crew was still there on Zou 10 days ago since we saw the Curly Hats confronting Sheepshead and Ginrummy in chapter 795.


              Also, we can confirm that Jacks crew left Zou because Ginrummy stated that they were leaving after Sheepshead was defeated by Sanji.


              Part 1

              I believe the Curly Hats all went up Zunisha into Zou together. They were probably able to get up Zunisha by using Momonosuke ability to create clouds in the air. Similar to how him and Luffy got out of the trash room at Punk Hazard (shown below) Or they got up there by Ceaser creating some gas balloon.

              When the Curly Hats got on Zou they met this deer mink girl


              She was offering to escort the Curly Hats out of the Whale Forest and into the part of Mokomo Dukeonm governed by Duke Inuarashi. I will explain why later!

              While escorting them out of the Whale Forest, Sheepshead and the other Gifters confronted them and the team got split up. That is when we see Nami Brook and Momonosuke running from them and the chapter ends where Sanji defeats Sheepshead and the other crew members left.

              Part 2:

              Ok so lets rewind!

              The deer mink girl was trying to escort the Curly Hats out of the Whale Forest and into the part of the country inhabited by the “Day Minks” which was ruled by Duke Inuarashi. And we can assume that it was day time because the opening for that flashback stated “The Following Day” when it transitioned from Dressrosa to Zou.


              But Why would the deer mink girl do that?!!

              Here is why

              First of all that deer mink girl is not a mink that is active during the day, but in the night!!
              Yes, that deer girl is actually a mink that usually goes to sleep from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night! I will explain why she was awake during the day later!

              She tried to get them to where the “Day” minks were because if they stayed in the Whale Forest after 6 pm, they would have been attacked by King Nekomamushi and his mink troops!

              The deer mink girl actually told them about this and tried to get them there as fast as she can but Sheepshead and his crew attacked them causing them to get split up.

              That is why Nami said “Lets hurry. We’re running out of time.”!!!!


              You must be saying, Why would King Nekomamushi do such a thing? Don’t minks love humans?

              Thats the thing….. Duke Inuarashi and the minks that wake up during the day love humans or at least try to, But King Nekomamushi and the minks that wake up during the night DO NOT!

              You can see the contrast between the way Duke Inuarashi and King Nekomamushi act.

              Duke Inuarashi seems to be the one that that is more civilized and will try to come up with a peaceful compromise. As seen when Duke Inuarashi dropped his sword in an act of peace and tried to make peace with Jack and his crew.


              In contrast, we see King Nekomamushi immediately resorting to violence, and how savage and barbaric him and his troops look. [​IMG]
              With this being said, King Nekomamushi and Duke Inuarashi are totally different. No wonder they don’t get along! (although I know there is still more about their past)
              (Shown below where wanda talks about their relationship)


              This reinforces the fact that King Nekomamushi and the “Night” minks do not like humans.

              There is still more evidence that they don’t like humans.

              Here we see King Nekomamushi stated that he would have killed a Samurai that came into Zou.


              Do you think Duke Inuarashi would have killed a Samurai that came into Zou, based on their behaviors I just explained?

              Yeah I don’t think that Duke Inuarashi and the “Day” minks would outright kill the samurai, maybe be cautious and sternly question him, but not kill the samurai.

              Still don’t believe me that King Nekomamushi and the “Night” minks don’t like humans?

              Here is more proof.

              Remember what Wanda told Luffy at the Whale Forest after his encounter with the Guardians in manga chapter 805?!

              She said ” Just be thankful that the moon is isn’t out right now”!!!!! 


              In other translations she said “You should be thankful that it isn’t dark yet…”!

              Part 3

              Remember when Franky pointed out that Wanda had signs of recent injuries.


              Wanda seems as if she was going to tell them why she had recent injuries but as soon as she was expected to say something,a mink comes to tell everyone that the Duke is awake!!

              I always knew that Wanda was hiding something from the straw hats and it seems as if Oda is clearly setting the suspenseful mood to reveal it.

              Obviously, something important happened between the time the Curly Hats arrived on Zou to when luffy and the rest arrived on Zou. More importantly, something happened while Duke Inuarashi was in the coma!!

              And this is what I believe happened

              After Jacks crew left Zou (I will explain what really happened to sanji, ceaser jack and his crew later!)
              Duke Inuarashi was badly injured along with his army.
              I believe that King Nekomamushi saw this as an advantage to take over all of Mokomo Dukedom for himself and he also saw Duke and the “Day” minks as traitors for housing the Curly Hats!!!

              I believe that after 6 pm, King Nekomamushi and other minks would become aggressive and try to attack or threaten Wanda and the rest of the musketeers!!

              Maybe the reason why Wanda has injuries is because she was fighting off some of King Nekomamushi’s army. But the fact that they only attack at night reduces suspicion from other musketeers or “day” minks.

              With that being said, I believe that the Strawhats are going to have to confront King Nekomamushi and his army! Also, Kanjuroo and Kinemon will probably be attacked when they arrive on Zou land because it is 6pm already and I already explained that King Nekomamushi and the “Night” minks don’t like humans, much less samurais!

              Also, I believe that Chopper will possibly be captured by some of King Nekomamushi’s men and force him to heal his wounds.

              Also, going back to the deer mink girl. I believe that she is not like other “Night” minks that have a hostility towards humans. I believe she is the type of mink that wants peace between Duke Inuarashi and King Nekomamushi!

              Part 4

              Now for what I believe happened to Sanji, Raizo, Ceaser, Jack and his crew.

              I noticed something weird in manga chapter 795. Where was Ceaser Clown in the last panels of this page?


              I believe Ceaser Clown may have ran off and gotten himself captured by Jack and hus crew as they were leaving Zou.
              Ceaser probably pleaded that Sanji had his heart but Jack and his crew probably didn’t understand or care that he did and hastily left Zou.

              I believe that Sanji wanted to get back Ceaser so he maybe infiltrated Jacks ship to get Ceaser back!!

              I believe that Jack and his crew found out that Doffy was in the hands of the marines and decided to get him back.

              I honestly don’t know what may have happened to make Sanji wanted alive at that point or what happened to him but I believe that Sanji got caught up in Jacks battle with the marines while he was on Jacks ship!!
              And Sanji could not have been caught because the poster that they wanted him alive, so the marines still have not captured him. (Again I could be horribly wrong)

              Because Wanda stated that they did not confrim tat Jack died, this leads me to believe that Jack survived and is on his way back to Zou in a pit of rage!! (Wanda says that shown below)


              Plus she says that it happened the other day, so Jack was with ginrummy, which was after ginrummy decided to leave Zou, which happened 10 days ago!

              I also believe that Jack will go back to Zou because of what his crewmate said when they were about to attack the four marine ships


              One of the crewmates said “….Do we return?”!

              I believe he meant return to Zou!

              As for Raizo, I believe the reason why the minks are so bewildered by Jack and his crew demanding to have Raizo is because Raizo is probably hiding amongst the “Night” minks or in King Nekomamushi’s army. This could explain why Wanda and the minks we have seen don’t know about Raizo! Maybe King Nekomamushi does not know about this.
              And it makes sense because Raizo is a ninja and is probably an expert at stealth and hiding his presence in the dark. Again I could be horribly worng. (Or maybe a mink is helping Raizo hide….)

              *Theory by Primordial Sky

                Here is The New Highest Bounty in One Piece!

                The new highest Bounty ever seen in One Piece! From the highest known bounty of 550 million beli of Ace to 1 billion beli of Jack(He’s worth as much as Luffy and Law combined!) . Damn that’s insane!

                Can’t even imagine what the actual Yonko are worth, though.




                  The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

                  The 4 Horsemen Are:


                  The White Horse(Horseman of Conquest)

                  -This horseman was said in bible scriptures to be Jesus himself, known for qualities of Triumph, Prosperity and Health, Christ was known for riding a White Horse and that’s where this horseman being known as Jesus himself stems from, theres only one person we know so holy in the OP World yet so evil underneath.

                  The Red Horse(Horseman of War)

                  The Horseman of War rides on a red horse(sometimes fiery red) this horseman always held his sword up, a regular declaration of war. Who do we know that’s trying to start a huge war.


                  The Black Horse(Horseman of Famine)

                  When the Black Horse is released, aggrivated distress and mourning as soon to come, Famine here does refer to food but also everything, cut off of resources, and leaving somewhere in ruins, who fits this bill.

                  (notice the 3 calamities, this makes it seem like the other two members are based on the biblical devastation brought upon by the horseman’s appearance)

                  The Pale Horse(Horseman of Death)

                  If i am correct with the direct link between the Horseman and the Kaido Pirates, maybe Doc Q is secretly a part of the Kaido Pirates, we know next to nothing about him and with the freedom of commanding his own fleet it would be easy for him to deceive Blackbeard


                  There is a very good possibility the 4th Horseman will be named whenever all of Kaido’s big players are revealed, but i do find it odd Doc Q perfectly fits the bill, and what a crazy idea for Doc Q to be the one who is the rat, we all were thinking it’d be someone like Aokiji or Shiliew but that’s Oda for you unpredictable

                  *Theory by DemonAsura666

                    Kaido has a Dragon Devil Fruit

                    Shortly after the Straw Hats’ arrival in Dressrosa, Luffy had tried to fly Momonosuke because of the flying ability that Momonosuke had displayed and used unconsciously to save both Luffy and himself from remaining in the pit wherein Luffy first stumbled upon him

                    , but Momonosuke dreadfully and loudly rejected the idea of flying ‘again’ through the ‘skies’ despite having no memory of the time when he had flown out of the pit together with Luffy, wherein there was no ‘sky’.

                    While he was about to shout his rejection of such idea, Momonosuke was recalling somebody’s hand reaching out to grab him.

                    That event from his memory appears to be the cause of his aviophobia(fear of flying). The person from his flashback is suggested to have a flying ability, and the Dragon Devil Fruit possesses a flying ability.

                    When Momo was loudly rejecting the idea of flying again, his father was composedly listening to what was happening with no sign of surprise. This indicates that his father is aware of the misfortune that befell Momo. This further suggests that this had happened long before both Momo’s consumption of an artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and their separate arrivals in PH.

                    At Punk Hazard, Kinemon both exhibited great abhorrence of ‘dragons’ and confirmed to Brook that he has a ‘personal vendetta’ against them. I do not think that such hatred and vendetta could develop from having his ‘lower third’ attached to a dragon (the first dragon that greeted Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin when they first set foot on the blazing half of Punk Hazard) since it is normally IMPOSSIBLE for one to confirm by only his lower third the nature of the being or thing to which it (his lower third) was attached.

                    Kinemon also showed great detestation of ‘pirates’ when sanji had first introduced himself and the rest of his group to him as pirates.

                    After Momo had consumed Vegapunk’s artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and successfully managed to escape his pursuers at Punk Hazard, he found himself facing a mirror. Upon looking at the reflection of his dragon form on the mirror, he paled and shouted a loud scream. This appears to be a phobic reaction to dragons.

                    When Luffy and Momo were stranded in that pit, Luffy introduced himself to Momo as the man who will become the pirate king. Upon hearing that, Momo had become fidgety and nervous and gave a description of ‘pirates’ that matches Kaido’s description. This could suggest that Momo met Kaido in person, and his nervousness could be due to the fear he harbours about Kaido due to a certain event/ events.

                    When Kaido’s underling was trying to update kaido with the news of Joker’s defeat, he was looking toward the sky, which means that he believed that Kaido was in the sky, if not on the apex of some mountain.

                    In that very chapter, Kaido reached sky island with neither the company nor the knowledge of his crew members.

                    It was shown to us that Drake and several other crew members of Kaido were talking about the news whereas Kaido himself was on the sky island.

                    It was therefore evident that such method of attaining sky island is strictly related to his abilities.

                    In this week’s chapter it was revealed to us, along with his identity, that Kaido has the strongest body structure you could find in all the living things that swim, crawl and fly this earth. Dragons are known to possess such attributes as robust scales that could withstand blades and spears that aim to penetrate their skin as well as wings that allow them to fly and reach such altitudes. Since Kaido’s body was described to be immune to blades and spears that aimed to penetrate it, from this aspect his attributes strongly support the idea that he possesses the Dragon Devil Fruit.

                    After Caesar’s downfall at Luffy’s hands, Kinemon told his son, in the middle of their meal, to trust that ‘they’ are all right.

                    My theory is that ‘they’ refers to the people from Wa. To be worried about their safety means that they are going through some kind of crisis. A crisis of this level that affects an entire nation whose citizens are so strong inasmuch as not even the marines can go near them can only be caused by one of the four emperors.

                    When the Straw Hats, Law and the samurai had left Punk Hazard and were heading to Dressrosa, Law revealed Kaido’s epithet. Upon hearing that, Momo and Kinemon both showed expressions fear and shock. When asked by Zoro what was wrong, Kinemon untruthfully replied that nothing was wrong.

                    Right after Kinemon had untruthfully answered Zoro that nothing was wrong, he reacted frightfully to the dragon form of his own child and started nervously asking about his (Momo’s) whereabouts. Kinemon’s mind should have been preoccupied by the dragon next to him, but the very sight of that dragon triggered feelings of worry about his son’s whereabouts.

                    Afterwards, when everyone was gathered and having dinner, Kinemon revealed to them that they were ‘chased’ by people whose identity he wished not to reveal(probably for the safety of the people who aided him recover both his body portions and his son – the Straw Hats).

                    In both instances Kinemon concealed matters connected to kaido. In this week’s chapter we discover that Kaido’s goons were ‘chasing’ the ‘samurai’.

                    This establishes another strong connection between Kaido and the people of Wa. My theory is that Kinemon’s group was chased by Kaido’s goons when they were trying to go to Zo. And the crisis that befell Wa had been caused by Kaido.

                    Kaido is the only one that could have breached the strong security of Wa and did what was done to Momo by his flying abilities. This explains Momo’s accurate description of Kaido, his phobic reaction to dragons, and the fear he harbours about him from the event that caused him aviophobia. This also explains Kinemon’s ‘personal vendetta’ against ‘dragons’, his feelings of worry about the whereabouts of his child that surfaced at the sight of a dragon, and his strong dislike of ‘pirates’ because it is only natural for one to develop such feelings after having his son exposed to such traumatic experience and his country exposed to such crisis (conquest of Wa).

                    Let’s also not dismiss that Gear 4 was conceived to combat celestial/ flying enemies too.

                    These are my thoughts for why Kaido must possess the dragon ability.

                    Thank you for reading.

                    *Theory by Australopithecus