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Which is the most badass crew?

    Blackbeard’s Next Fight?

      Do You Agree?

      Blackbeard Pirates vs StrawHats

        Shanks and Blackbeard

        Here is a guess about these two characters.

        I find it suspicious how Shanks was implicated into the whole Ace and Teach fight. We know that Rayleigh knows about the void century, the will of D, he knows everything. It is the same for Shanks, problably, since he was in Roger’s crew as well.
        Going with this, I believe that Shanks try to find “that man” that Crocus, and Whitebeard were talking about. Of course we know it’s Luffy, but Shanks as a character, I think his duty is to find that man, and he kinda did it with Luffy and the whole bet about the new generation.

        Here is another example of Shanks ‘duty’ when he says to Cody that these few seconds of courage “have just made a huge difference in the fate of the world”, and these seconds of courage have indeed, distracted Kizaru’s shot that was going to finish Luffy. Shanks definitely sees luffy as the man that will change the world, the man awaited by Roger and co.

        Now about the Ace vs Teach confrontation. Why did Shanks want to prevent this? “It’s not yet time for them to face each other!!” What is the meaning of that line? Is it the idea of two “D” confronting each other? It make me think about Luffy vs Teach. Two “D” confronting each other might inevitably lead to big changes in the world? That’s the case for Ace vs Teach, and it will probably be the case when Luffy will face Teach.

        Now about the relationship between Shanks and Teach:

        Why is he so concerned about Teach? Yes, there is the scar, but that’s it? I think it goes way beyond that. Now, theory time. I think that Shanks was friend with Teach.

        I don’t think that Shanks could have deduces all of this, simply by having a fight against Teach. Shanks knows him pretty well, his ambition, his dream, his real power and so on. Why didn’t he say all of this to WB? First, because WB would not care and Shanks knows it, secondly, Oda might keep all of this for a flasback involving Shanks and Teach.

        Now about the scar, the most important element:

        “What ashes me now, is this one”. Really? Shanks lost his arm, suffered various wounds, he is an emperor, yet this simple scar would hurt him? I think the meaning behind this line, is that Shanks suffers from this scar because of the meaning behind it, not physically. If they were friends, I can totally imagine Teach betraying Shanks for some reasons.

        But when would they meet? Why would they talk each other? Why would they become friends?

        “This wound isn’t from my adventures”. I think it’s safe to say that by “adventures” Shanks means his journey with Roger, and his journey with his own crew.
        Here is a timeline:

        I think that longtime ago, after Roger’s death, Shanks met Teach and have seen in him the man that was awaited by Roger and co. Teach is a D, and Shanks could have been interested by him just like he was with Luffy. Shanks made a mistake and picked the wrong guy, that’s my guess. Why is Teach so confident about his fate? What does he know about the D? I think he knows almost everthing, thanx to Shanks. And that’s why Shanks might be so concerned by Teach. He was still young, and he made a mistake. He told him everything. Learning from his mistakes, he then did the opposite with Luffy, telling him nothing but just giving him hope and motives.

        Why did they fight? Being a nobody (Teach’s childhood picture), I guess that knowing all of this story and his incredible fate, it changed him. He might have become greedy and power hungry from this moment.

        And now:

        They will probably end all of this with a fight.
        So yea, that’s my 2cents about this.

        *Theory by Kirk

          Blackbeard Pirates’ New Powers


          This thread will largely deal with what powers the BB Pirates do have, and what powers they may have in the future. At the end of each section, I’ll briefly outline which strawhat will face each character and why as best as I can.​ Let’s begin.



          It’s simple. BB will get a third fruit. There are many indications. His belt has 3 guns in it. His Jolly Roger has 3 skulls on it. As we know, the Jolly Roger of the pirates tend to represent distinguishing features of the captain. So why is it that BB’s Jolly Roger has 3 skulls? BB doesn’t have 3 heads. The 3 skulls are indicative of BB not being one individual, but 3 separate individuals. Thus,
          he will get a 3rd fruit at some point.

          Why Blackbeard doesn’t already have a 3rd fruit?

          Simple. He’s been on board WB’s ship for nearly 20 years. In all that time, it’s kind of ridiculous to believe that he somehow never once was forced to use its power. Or that someone didn’t figure it out. BB has been simply waiting for the Yami Yami no mi. And he speaks about it as the fruit that chose him, because he was already aware that it was very likely that his body, gave him the ability to house multiple fruits and he was just waiting for the perfect fruit to do so.

          By him putting such an emphasis on getting the Yami Yami no mi, it means he was definitely not going to eat any other fruit while he waited for it. He even said he would just give up if it never came along.
          THAT fruit is like the one and only thing he needed to begin moving to conquer the world and I don’t think Oda would undermine how much importance BB placed on getting it,
          by retroactively revealing that he had one all along.

          Blackbeard’s 2nd fruit and how his years onboard Whitebeard’s ship have influenced him:

          It’s important to look at BB’s choice for his second fruit. It says a lot about him as a character. As much as he is an evil guy, BB clearly respected Whitebeard immensely. He just didn’t put Whitebeard’s morals ahead of his own goals. But he still chose to take Whitebeard’s fruit as his second fruit. He could have just killed ace and stolen Ace’s power, but BB chose Whitebeard’s because he had spent enough time around the man to know it’s awesome power.

          But there are fruits out there even more broken, such as Law’s or Kuma’s. In many ways, BB’s unique perspective on the WB crew means that if he’s on an ability hunt, then he definitely will put capturing Marco’s and Jozu’s fruit on a high priority list. He knows their worth and the way they work,
          and likely even their limitations.

          Thus, I come to the declaration of BB’s final fruit. Blackbeard will get Marco’s fruit.

          Why Blackbeard needs the power of the Phoenix to be the strongest?

          Again, all you have to do is look at the limitations of BB’s current fruit. The Yami Yami no mi, despite its hax effect on other DFs, also comes at a cost. Increased and unavoidable damage intake. With that fruit in his arsenal, BB would never be able to avoid damage like another logia, EVEN if he got another logia fruit.
          He has to take in the damage. Thus, a third fruit would have to correct this flaw somehow and the Phoenix fruit fills that nicely. Since he can’t avoid damage, having a power that makes the damage taken irrelevant, makes him the perfect DF user.

          As a final challenge in the series, it really puts him on a pedestal that would seem completely insurmountable. Even now, with two fruits, Kaidou is considered the Strongest Thing in the World. So, two fruits isn’t enough to be the strongest and BB himself says he wishes to be the strongest. His power hunger will push him to want to take as much power as he can, but he’s shown more than enough cunning and patience to select the right fruit he needs. And I feel he will obtain Marco’s fruit in the future.

          Blackbeard’s other “special” skill:


          Now here is where I get a little theoretical. I believe somehow, BB was born with, or somehow came to have, 3 separate/split souls all fighting for control. Hence why we had that picture of when he was young, with BB crying. I believe these separate souls fought constantly, like voices in his head. Tormenting young BB.

          But more importantly, I believe this gives BB a unique skill against Haki users. With 3 separate/split souls, a haki user reading BB’s presence thus picks up 3 separate presences. And it’s not just haki users, but people with just good instincts can also sense it. That’s why others talk about his atypical body. It’s why he seems to shift from cowardly to pure evil in an instant. Why Luffy and Zoro said he was not “he”, but “them”.

          This skill is what allowed him to slash Shanks. Shanks being a haki user predicted BB, but got three different predictions or struggled to get the right one. This means BB poses a particular hard challenge for a haki user to beat because you never know which presence you are reading and which one you should pay attention too.

          I also think this gives BB the unique skill to hide the strength of his spirit, so he can’t be read like how Luffy read Inuarashi and Fujitora. But more importantly, he could have a super strong spirit within him that he completely hides, a spirit with incredible strength of willpower, maybe even befitting a “D”. It would explain how he hurt Shanks if he faced a strong haki user like Shanks,
          and had no choice but to show his strongest spirit in that confrontation. I feel we will learn more about this when we finally get to Shanks.

          So to summarize, BB will have the Yami Yami no Mi, the Gura Gura no mi, the Tori Tori no mi: Model Phoenix, and a powerful and unpredictable level of haki because of his three separate souls. Making him a very powerful EoS villain. We know he’s gonna face Luffy so it’s important that Luffy gains the following skills to counter BB.​

          Skills Luffy needs to take him on:
          • The Voice of All Things. Luffy is gonna need the ability to perceive and understand things to an extraordinary level to take on BB. It’s the only way to get past his multiple souls. He needs to have a skill that only Roger had. He needs to surpass Shanks and, in many ways, I think that will be the core of Luffy fighting Shanks. Beating him to achieve the level of willpower he needs to take on BB.
          • Vulcanization. Luffy is still very susceptible to shock wave attacks. We saw this in Skypeia and we saw this with Rokougan. He still has this weakness. The thing is, vulcanized rubber is an EXCELLENT shock absorption material. This skill will definitely give Luffy the ability to take Quake Punches a lot better than most. And I know we are getting into special antagonist syndrome, but when Luffy takes BB, it will be for the title of Pirate King so he will be among the few in the world who could even take on BB, more likely the only one.
          • Incredible Stamina. With BB’s ridiculous stamina and Phoenix fruit, Luffy will need to be able to hang in there for a really long time to bring him down.
          • Gear 5+Awakening. Whether both are intertwined or not doesn’t matter, but Luffy needs to be as strong as he can possible be with both his DF AND his haki. With his awakening, he could neutralize a lot of the environmental damage BB would cause with his power.
          • Incredible Haki. A given really. The more powerful his haki, the more damage he can put on BB.

          The next two will be fairly simple, but I am addressing them in order. So bare with it.



          Just like BB will take Marco’s fruit, he will gift his 1st Division Commander Jozu’s fruit.

          Why would Burgess choose this fruit in particular?

          He can put this fruit to similar use as Jozu. Physically, they are built remarkably similar. Very physically strong and resilient. But more importantly, Diamond’s natural properties would definitely appeal to Burgess. Especially now. Diamonds are naturally the hardest thing around, but Diamonds are also good heat conductors. It takes about 3550 degrees Celsius to melt a Diamond. However, they can still be burnt, don’t get me wrong, but for someone who received a thrashing from a certain Revolutionary, getting a fruit that can handle high temperature may appeal to Burgess. Just saying.

          Other than that, I don’t expect anything that major from Burgess. Just all about physical power and durability. He’s not complicated a fighter. He’s the guy who jumps up and throws a house at a Logia, even though he knows that wouldn’t do Jack Shit. So, he gets a simple power. Can you imagine him using something as complicated as the Ope Ope no Mi? LOL.

          So then who does he face? He faces the person in the Strawhat crew who uses heat the most and he would thus be a strong obstacle to overcome. Obviously I’m talking about Sanji. Sanji developed Diable Jamble to penetrate the defenses of CP9’s Tekkai. I think facing an enemy who has such a formidable defense that needs piercing with an even higher heat, pushes Sanji to new levels and he could thus improve Diable Jamble even more then. Devil Leg Sanji, the man with kicks as hot as the flames of hell.

          Also, I believe Sanji will learn Hasshoken, another technique with vibrations that is used to penetrate defenses and armour and what not. Suits Sanji. His intense heat and vibration techniques would be just what the Doctor ordered to kick through Diamond Burgess like Butter. Obviously he still has to get hot enough an Burgess has haki and stuff to counter. A good fight all around. And I know what you are saying. “Burgess is so slow, Sanji needs a test of speed like Lafitte” Sanji’s test of speed will come with facing Kizaru more likely. This will be a test of Sanji’s power.

          Oh and poor Burgess. Can’t catch a break. Users of fire keep screwing him over.



          Will he get a Devil Fruit in the future?

          I don’t believe Shiliew will get any DFs in the future. I get this feeling from him at least that he is a true swordsman, just like Zoro. It sets up their rivalry better if they parallel. Just one thing I want to address. There is this idea that because he is the 2nd division captain, BB will give Burgess the Phoenix fruit and give him the Diamond fruit and Zoro’s challenge would be to cut Diamond, paralleling with his cutting of steel fight with Daz Bones. I for one think Shiliew is a much cooler fighter than that.

          He doesn’t seem like the type to rely on a fruit to make him impervious to other swordsmen. I think he will be a physical monster, powerful haki and strong will. I actually think his haki armour
          may already be harder than diamond and no fruit would help him there. While for Burgess, we have already seen his haki isn’t the best. He’s only learned it in the last two years after all. What is more interesting to me is what blade he will fight with.

          What sword does Shiliew have?

          Shiliew has shown a strong bloodlust and he loves to cut. Recall that Zoro’s Sandai Kitetsu cut, as Zoro said, on its own at Whiskey Peak. Therefore, if he doesn’t already have it, which I don’t think he does, Shiliew will come across this blade and will have the Shondai Kitetsu, the first and most powerful of the Kitetsu blades. You pair the sword with the strongest bloodlust, with a man that loves to cut and you have a dangerous combination. By then, I expect Zoro to have the Nidai Kitetsu so it would be a battle of cursed blade users.

          This is all pretty obvious anyways, like I said, these two would be pretty simple. Now unto to someone a little more interesting.



          What do we know currently about Laffitte’s powers?

          For one thing he has wings, as seen here:

          He can also hypnotize people presumably through sound of some kind. As seen from this panel.


          Take special note of the Marine seemingly falling victim to some kind of sound. I think that is key to how Laffitte fights.

          So his skills include:

          • Swordsmanship using his cane sword (VERY LIKELY)
          • Sound-based hypnosis, very similar to Brooke, likely through Tap-Dancing.
          • A devil fruit that grants him wings.

          What Devil Fruit does Laffitte have?

          There are two strong contenders and I will link both of them to my title for Laffitte. They are:


          Let me just first address the Dove possibility. I think it’s kind of weak. Yes the wings are very reminiscent of a dove, but so are Angel wings and I can’t see a dove being that powerful. It would probably be imo the weakest possible bird zoan you could have. It isn’t even a predator, so no dangerous talons. Nothing. Weak fruit. Even with haki. It is however commonly associated with the Christian faith imagery. With doves being depicted as birds of peace and love. A dove bringing the Olive Branch to Noah etc. But, I don’t think it’s strong enough on its own for BB to take an interest in him as seen BB rejected Bonney and I would say her fruit is better than Laffitte.

          So I will state that Laffitte doesn’t have one of the 5 Tori Tori fruits. He has a Hito Hito no mi: Model:Angel. A mythical Zoan and this gives him supernatural powers.

          The power of an Angel:

          Angels are known for being immortal, able to traverse the immaterial and spiritual realm at will, and gain Superhuman physical stats. So for Laffitte, I’m theorizing that he will be able to become incorporeal.


          As such, Laffitte in his fully transformed state would be immune to being touched. Could pass through objects unharmed. An even greater level of damage avoidance than a Logia. As he isn’t actually linked to this world. He can traverse both. I believe he will also be able to wield a special spiritual energy only he can use. Similar to Brooke. Angels are also said to be tremendous singers with perfect voices. Laffitte might be able to use this as well to hypnotize. At this point, you should already be able to tell where I’m pushing his matchup. It feels so natural. A Heavenly being vs one who has returned from the Underworld.Laffitte will fight Brooke and the two music-using, cane-sword-wielding, spiritually-existing entities will fight it out.



          I love this guy. One of my favourite characters. I think Snipers are cool as shit. What can I say? But since his fight is against Usopp, I don’t expect anything too crazy for his strength. Usopp after all is destined to be in the lower rung of the Strawhat Power scale. He’ll be fast, really fast, with a ridiculously powerful weapon. And he will undoubtedly specialize in Observation Haki. Anyone can guess that. But this wouldn’t be a theory worth its salt if I didn’t at least try lol.

          Van Augur’s Weapon: Liquor Iron Ore shows it’s worth?

          Van Augur’s gun, Senriku (Thousand Lands), I believe is the first Liquor Iron Ore weapon in the series. I believe Liquor Iron Ore resembles its name for a reason. I believe it is literally a “Drunk” Metal. A steel that instead of resisting force, absorbs force because its structure allows the molecules more freedom to flex and warp when under duress. Liquor Iron Ore will be able to withstand great instances of force and hold its shape because it won’t try to resist the force it will flows with the force and let it move its internal structure while still maintaining its bonds.

          This metal was used to make the Marines Encircling Wall at Marineford, and Whitebeard couldn’t break it because of this quality. With such a shock absorbant and resistant metal, guns can be fashioned out of it that have way more power than ordinary weapons. For instance, you couldn’t put a C4 explosive in a hand gun as a propellant for the bullet instead of Gunpowder, because the gun wouldn’t be able to stay together once you triggered it. It would explode; you and the gun.

          With Liquor Iron Ore, this is not a problem. The material is so shock absorbent, guns can be made with way more power and produce way more powerful shots and still hold their shape and even allow amazing accuracy and maybe even lack of kick back. Thus, this weaponry is very rare in the New World and a wanted commodity for snipers everywhere. Van Augur has such a weapon and with reinforcement from haki, could probably even fire off more powerful shots, accurately and from dozens of miles away.
          This dude obviously faces Usopp



          This is one character where I think the depictions directly relate to the best approximation of his fighting style. I’m not sure if he has a DF. I’m not sure if he will get one. Frankly speaking it’s impossible to guess. However, his design directly mirrors almost exactly to the Horseman of Death from the Bible.


          I believe Doc Q will not be a physical fighter. Instead he will be a tactician type fighter. We saw his apples that exploded and others that were just regular apples. We see his sickness and his horse’s sickness.
          We have seen his scythe. I believe he will embody the four skills of the Horseman of Death.

          Using his doctor skills, he has made himself a carrier of death wherever he goes. I believe he is always sick because through experiments he has infected himself with many dangerous viruses and he is constantly treating himself to stay alive. He spreads sickness by infecting those he comes into contact with with a virus that I assume he can activate when he feels like. Whoever fights him will be in a battle for an antidote that I assume only he has.

          How will Stronger factor into this?

          Stronger is a bit of a wild card. He could easily have a DF and not stray from Doc Q’s theme. It is said the 4th horseman spreads disaster through the Wild Beasts and I believe he will use his horse as such. His horse is also infected by his diseases and he will use drugs to push Stronger and himself physically to temporary new heights. A medicinal augmentation. But his goal isn’t to surpass people with powerful physical strength, it’s to spread his diseases which will be the main way he fights. Wearing down his opponent gradually and delivering the final blow with his scythe.

          Will he ever get a DF?

          As I said before, it’s hard to tell if he has one already or even if he wants one. Right now, I’d say it won’t make much difference. His design is really well realized towards the horseman already that I don’t see a DF changing it that much. Unlike the Level 6 prisoners, he isn’t that much of a blank slate. So I’ll leave him at that.

          Due to the tactical nature of his fruit, I will give his fight to Nami reluctantly, with the cop out option for a new nakama not yet met.



          I’ll start by quoting his description from the wiki and highlighting what I think are important clues.


          Avalo will have the Neko Neko no mi Model: Sabretooth Cat

          This fits with his cat theme and his name “The Corrupt King”. Lions are knows as the King of the jungle. Note, he could very well just have a lion zoan, but I wanted to get a little creative.

          What about his arms? Why would Oda obscure them?

          I definitely believe that they are important as well. I believe Avalo lost his fore arms or had them badly damaged at some point and he has had them technologically enhanced or even replaced. I believe his hands are now cyborg weapons and I believe next time we see him, he may eve have further upgrades.

          Avalo Pizarro will be a cybernetic enhanced Zoan type user and his opponent will be Franky



          We know next to nothing about Catarina except she’s considered one of the most dangerous female prisoners of the current generation and her title is “Crescent Moon Hunter”. So my theory will totally be based on this.

          Symbolism of the Crescent Moon:

          Using this idea, I’m going to postulate her DF.Catarina Devon has the Yume Yume no mi, or Dream-Dream fruit.

          She uses this fruit to create a Dream World that she traps her opponents in with a Moon in the sky that never ends and within that world, she hunts you using her formidable power and strength. It allows her to use magic within it and summon other abilities. Within this dream, she controls all.

          It is a fruit of the same class as Law’s Ope Ope no mi, but not one that is tied to what is real. Instead it creates its own real within its range. Thus she is called the Crescent Moon Hunter because she uses her powers to hunt opponents in an illusory world with a moon. As the moon slowly eclipses the person inside comes closer to their death. Starting at a Full Moon and going closer and closer to a New Moon.



          Vasco Shot will have the power of the Jelly Jelly fruit. A Logia Class DF that turns the user into Jelly. However, because he drinks so much alcohol, his jelly has high levels of alcohol in it that gives it an intoxicating effect on people that he traps within it. Thus, allowing him to use his weapon to kill the person. He will have haki and be always drunk. The strawhat who will take him on has not yet joined.



          His powers are exactly as advertised. He is a big giant. Power, strength, durability Size. I don’t expect anything fromt his guy DF wise. Maybe haki wise, but not even sure that’s necessary. So instead, I’ll just state ehy Chopper is facing him in my matchups.

          Monster Point is a foreshadowing of Chopper’s EoS powerup. Besides awakening, Chopper when he used 3 rumbles now causes extreme growth. That is in short, a version of Giantification that Vegapunk and Caesar are working on. So besides Monster Point, through experience with Caesar and the kids, Vegapunk eventually and when we get to Elbaf, I think Chopper will eventually master a Giant Rumble ball that can transform him into a Giant and using that, he fights San Juan 1 on 1.

          And now we are done.


          So, I’m done now. Hope you guys enjoyed. Have a nice day and discuss.

          *Theory by TheConqueror

            THE FINAL WAR!

            In one of the interviews, Oda said that the final arc of One Piece will be about a war so huge that will make Marineford war look like an unimportant filler!

              Blackbeard, Whitebeard and Thatch Connections

              Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach he was called Thatch until he became Captain of his own pirate ship and created Blackbeard.

              In One Piece Marshall D Teach, Thatch, and Edward Newgate (whitebeard) all trace back to Edward Teach, Blackbeard is know as Teach until he murders Thatch and leaves that name, becoming Blackbeard with the killing of Whitebeard no longer “Teach”


                Luffy VS Blackbeard


                  Red Hair Pirates vs. Blackbeard Pirates: Who wins?

                  12358258_562523047230456_259270907_n (1)



                    When we were introduced to Artificial Devil Fruits I didn’t really think about what this actually meant. It wasn’t until recently when I saw Sheepshead using horns for arms that I thought, how’s he doing that?! Then I thought, well Vegapunk and Caesar must have some scientific knowledge of how Devil Fruits work, but that must mean Devil Fruits are made logically and scientifically, and aren’t supernatural. This got me thinking, how can all these crazy ass Devil Fruits not be supernatural?! It was from this question that I started this theory, I undertook a scientific approach as to how Devil Fruits are made and how they work.
                    It’s a LONG theory as I wanted to be as thorough as possible, taking a step by step approach. From this I drew a number of conclusions, ones which made me want to analyse Blackbeard through new eyes. After doing so, I now believe I know how Blackbeard can use more than 1 Devil Fruit. Let’s begin!

                    Let me start with a few propositions that I’ll explain fully throughout the theory:
                    1) All Devil Fruits are made from a specific aspect or aspects of the One Piece universe.
                    2) Devil Fruits are created by a Devil Tree, the fruits are created through a scientific process with scientific components.
                    3) Devil Fruits need a Soul and Body to fuse/conjoin with for the Fruit to come to life.

                    I imagine some of you will be wondering why I’m explaining Devil Fruits as ‘aspects of the One Piece universe’. The main reason is because all Devil Fruit abilities can be explained by our understanding of the One Piece universe, both scientifically and creatively. I’ll explain this further by labelling 6 aspects of the this universe which are used to create Devil Fruits:

                    1 Biology (life forms)

                    A Devil Fruit that’s formed using the biology of a specific life form, basically DNA and other biological aspects that make a particular existence. This means Zoans and Ancient Zoans, i.e. Lucci’s Leopard Fruit.

                    2) Chemistry (chemical compounds/elements etc)

                    A Devil Fruit that’s formed using atomic structures and other aspects of chemistry that account for the inanimate matter of the One Piece universe, i.e. Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi, how he can stretch etc.

                    3) Physics (natural laws/physical occurences of the universe)

                    This aspect is abour matter and it’s motion in relation to the OP universe. This being phenomena like electricity/gravity/light, i.e. Issho’s Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, being able to attract mass to mass.

                    Until now, the aspects I’ve mentioned can all be attributed scientifically to real life, the next two aspects will be in relation to human creation. However, I will explain how all Devil Fruits the next two aspects can be explained by biology, chemistry and physics.

                    4) Artificial Life Forms (mythical creatures)

                    This aspect basically explains how Mythical Zoans are created, by using myths humans of One Piece have created and scientific components to create them. I will now break down Marco’s Phoenix Fruit. A Pheonix takes its biological attributes from birds. The creation of wings, birds feet, a beak etc, and how they function. His blue flames have the properties of actual flames. The regenerative aspect will be based on human’s ability to heal wounds, essentially the idea of restoration is restoring that which already existed. Another example is Sengoku’s Daibutsu Fruit using shockwaves, this is an example of the physics aspect.
                    One question you may ask though, how do you create flames that don’t burn? I will answer this when I explain how the Devil Tree works.

                    5) Artificial abilities/actions

                    This aspect will draw upon the first 3 aspects once more, but the question ‘how is it possible’ will be asked again, therefore the ablilities here are those which could artificially work in theory (again this will be clear when I explain how the Devil Tree works).
                    First example, Wapol’s Baku Baku no Mi, this is an interesting fruit because I believe it mirrors a function of the Devil Tree. Wapol can take any physical objects/beings in the world, eat them, conjoin/fuse them, and create artificial objects, be them weapons or toys. A unique Fruit indeed! It’s this type of fusion that I believe the Devil Tree is capable of when creating fruits.
                    Another example is Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit, again I think it’s based on an aspect of the Devil Tree. Kanjuro can bring drawings to life, artificial creation. Be it a bird flying or food to eat, Kanjuro can create life forms or matter with real physical functions. The Devil Tree is similar because once a person eats a Devil Fruit the Fruit has life through the person, and therefore has physical functions, i.e. Luffy being able to stretch.

                    The last aspect is vitally important, because it’s not something, as of yet, we can scientifically confirm as existing. Philosophers have theorised for hundreds of years on this subject and it’s hard to believe we’ll ever be able to know. What I’m talking about is Souls. However, Oda has confirmed through a few different characters that Souls exist, but actually shows us how they work. In other words, in the universe of One Piece, Souls work scientifically.

                    6) Spirituality (Souls)

                    I’m going to analyse 3 characters who will shed some light on how Souls function in One Piece. They are Brook, Gecko Moria and Trafalgar D. Law.

                    I’m going to start with Brook and the Yomi Yomi no Mi, beginning with a quote from the One Piece wikia:

                    ‘(The Yomi Yomi no Mi) enhances the users Soul to the point where they can come back after dying once, remaining alive until sufficiently damaged, and to use several other soul-based attributes’.

                    Brook’s body clearly has no brain (mind), so he definitely has a Soul. One could attempt to counter this by saying Brook’s Fruit has an ‘Artificial Life Form’ as humans have created the myth of humans having Souls. I’d counter by saying you can’t
                    scientifically create something that doesn’t physically exist (in terms of biology, chemistry and physics). We know Brook has a physical version of his Soul because we’ve seen it leave his body, to our knowledge we don’t know the make-up of Brook’s soul, but we do know it exists. Therefore, I believe spirituality is a branch of science in One Piece. I guess you could say his Devil Fruit is magical but in the next two examples I’ll explain why I don think this is the case.

                    Secondly, I’ll explain Moria’s ability, again with a quote from One Piece wikia:

                    ‘(Kage Kage no Mi) gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows, as a tangible physical form… the shadow follows the soul of it’s owner’s movement’

                    The word to focus on here is ‘physical’. Assuming their is no such thing as a Soul in One Piece, why would Oda allow shadows to mirror a human’s mind? I think it must have to do with how Souls scientifically exist in One Piece. Usually a shadow ‘follows the soul of its owners movements’. Let’s assume ‘soul’ is the wrong term here and a shadow is actually just your your body blocking out the light, why would Oda allow a person’s shadow to be a second personality of that person? I think this has to be beacuse in the world of One Piece shadows hold a conjoined physical relationship with a person’s Soul and Body.

                    And lastly I’ll explain Law’s Devil Fruit, again with a quote from One Piece wikia :grin::

                    ‘In the case of switched souls Devil Fruit powers are maintained within the original physical body’

                    This is in relation to Law using his Ope Ope no Mi to switch either Souls or minds between two different people. The Soul notion is backed up when Sanji used Kenbunshoku Haki in Nami’s body. This Haki has been described as ‘spiritual energy’ and I think it can be scientifically explained in the field of spirituality. I also think Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki can be explained using the Soul. In some kind of scientific way people with strong fighting Souls can harden their body via the Body and Soul connection and those with Haoshoku Haki can use their Soul to intimidate etc.
                    In relation to the quote, the fact that Law cannot operate on Devil Fruits when switching bodies implies that once a Devil Fruit has fused with a Body it cannot leave it until the Body has no Soul. Chopper didn’t lose his Devil Fruit when his Soul was swapped with Franky’s because Franky’s Soul kept it connected to Chopper’s Body.

                    The Devil Tree

                    I believe Devil Fruit’s come from a Devil Tree for the same reason that has been proposed in numerous other theories. It’s because biblical named Trees exist or have existed in One Piece and it just seems logical a Devil Tree will exist.
                    From my research I’ve come to the conclusion that the Devil Tree is God-like, I think it’s a omnipotent and omniscient Life Form that is connected to everything in the One Piece universe. I believe the Devil Tree functions like nothing else in One Piece and is capable of using all aspects of the One Piece universe like ingredients to operate with when creating Devil Fruits (similar to how Law can operate in a sphere, in fact I believe Law’s Ope Ope no Mi is scientifically linked to this process). I then believe it scientifically fuses/conjoins the aspects of the One Piece universe together to create the Devil Fruits (I’ve already mentioned how this is similar to Wapol’s Baku Baku no Mi, again I believe this Fruit is a specific aspect of this scientific process). Finally, the Devil Fruit will be eaten and will fuse/conjoin with a Soul and Body (I’ve already mentioned how Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit is similar to this phenomenon, I believe Kanjuro’s ability is to bind a type of Soul to his drawings and that’s why come to life. I think Kanjuro’s Fruit is an aspect of this scientific process.
                    Just to be clear, when I’m saying every Devil Fruit is a scientific process of scientific components, it’s true of what is scientifically possible in the world of One Piece. I think Vegapunk has some knowledge of the Devil Tree, that’s why Momonosuke can create clouds he can walk on and is a type of dragon, Vegapunk will have been able to replicate the process by using components of the clouds in a Sky Island with the biology of some kind of dragon.

                    Why Blackbeard can use more than 1 Fruit

                    I’m going to show a quote by Blackbeard which I think holds a deeper meaning than what’s shown on the surface:

                    Darkness is gravity! The power to pull everything in… and space not even a ray of light!… Infinite gravity!

                    We all know Blackbeard has a unique Logia in the Yami Yami no Mi. He can use his ‘infinite gravity’ to gravitate all living things/objects toward him. His darkness can suck all this in like a vortex where he can store them, and he can nullify all Devil Fruit users when touches them.
                    As you’ll know I already believe that for a Devil Fruit to work it has to be fused/conjoined to a Body and Soul, I also mentioned how Law couldn’t separate a Devil Fruit from a body, this is because the Soul must die first.
                    If we accept what I’ve said about Souls and how they scientifically work in One Piece, and we focus on the Blackbeard quote, ‘the power to pulleverything in… not even a ray of light!‘. I believe Blackbeard has the ability to suck in Souls! What?! Well, from a dead body. I also believe he can separate the three way relationship between the Body, Soul and Devil Fruit. Blackbeard can suck Devil Fruits toward him when he touches a Devil Fruit user, if he wasn’t touching the user he would be sucking the Body toward his darkness because, as I’ve said, he cannot separate Devil Fruit from an alive person as the Body and Fruit will be fused together. So what he can do is separate the Soul and Devil Fruit connection when he touches them, that is why their abilities are nullified. If a Fruit user is alive the Body and Soul won’t be separated, it works exactly like the Body and Devil Fruit connection. Even if Blackbeard could somehow suck in somebody’s Devil Fruit, he would die. Then, you may ask, how can Blackbeard use at least 2 Devil Fruits?
                    I’m now going to elaborate on how the Yami Yami no Mi works differently on someone who is alive and someone who is dead.
                    Now, if the person is dead, for example when Whitebeard died, Blackbeard would be able to suck in both Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit and Soul as they wouldn’t be fused together with the Body. Blackbeard would be able to store Whitebeard’s Soul and Gura Gura no Mi while attatching both to his body! That’s why Blackbeard doesn’t die, and that’s why it’s the most evil Devil Fruit. In this scenario Blackbeard would have 2 Souls for 2 Devil Fruits, but I believe he has 3 Souls!

                    This is obvious but I’ll say it anyway, Blackbeard is based on the real life pirate Blackbeard. What’s interesting though is that the real life pirate was known as Edward Teach, and also went by the name Thatch. The 2 people Blackbeard has killed are called Thatch, Edward Newgate, and of course Blackbeard himself is known as Marshall D. Teach. They all make up Blackbeard because Blackbeard has control over all 3 Souls!
                    I’ll end the theory by saying that no matter how many Souls Blackbeard can suck in I don’t think he can have more than 1 Devil Fruit from each class, meaning I believe Blackbeard will add a Zoan to attach to Thatch’s Soul. The Blackbeard Pirates are known to sneak in and take advantage of situations (like cowards!), such as at Impel Down and Marineford. Even Burgess attempted to take Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi when he was exhausted against Doffy. So I believe Blackbeard will kill Monkey D. Dragon and steal his Devil Fruit or will sneak in once Luffy defeats Kaido, kill Kaido and take his Zoan.

                    *Theory by Timshel