Spandam is working under Lucci?


There’s Lucci in the latest chapter of One Piece…the bird with tie and the beard…

And it seems that Spandam is working UNDER Lucci too..

Makes a little sense since Rob always held the WG in high esteem, only worked with Spandam because the WG said so and told Spandam that he and CP9 will return. Also, Kalifa’s dad was a CP9 20 years ago and Spandine is still around so they might have pulled some strings to get CP9 back into the WG.

What do you guys think?

one piece chapter 801 Spandam is working UNDER Lucci
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  1. Hauptschwein

    I thought Robin killed him by breaking his spinal column….
    Damn! I wanted him to be dead ò.ó


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