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The Voice of All Things, Kaido’s Immortality and Final Battle Theory

Recently I found myself thinking about the grand scheme of One Piece and the future of the series. What follows is the result of canceled college classes, procrastination, and hard thought about the future of One Piece.

I was recently reminded of something that was told to us early in the series:

When we are given our first hints as to the nature of devil fruits, Shanks mentions a “Sea-Devil” and says that he heard that devil fruits are its incarnations. Many people (including myself) had long since forgotten this and dismissed it as simply One Piece legend. Let’s hold on to this idea because we will revisit it later, and for now, let’s set up my predictions:

Recently in Chapter 821, the series takes an interesting turn when we find out that Luffy is not the only person alive right now with the ability to hear the voice of all things, and that Momonosuke (of all people) can hear the voice as well.

I didn’t quite grasp the significance of Chapter 821 at first, but I believe the chapter is the first chapter in which we will truly begin to understand the nature of the voice of all things.

The Voice of All Things and its Speakers

The Voice of all things is probably the most mysterious ability in the world of One Piece. It has yet to be fully explained to us, and we have no idea where the ability came from or why it even exists. Every time we learn something new about the ability, we are left with even more questions.

Let’s take a look at Rayleigh when he first mentions Roger’s ability to hear the voice:

Up until recently, the only people in the series that were confirmed to be able to hear the voice were Roger and Luffy. At the time this ability was revealed, it was the rarest (non-devil fruit) ability in the One Piece world, even more rare than Conqueror’s haki. Yet, in this panel, Rayleigh mentions the ability without explaining it at all, as if the ability were well known throughout the One Piece world, or at least the grand line. Additionally, none of the straw hats saw fit to question him about it.

Some might view this as Oda simply withholding information from us, but this particular part of the Shabondy Arc was heavy with story reveals, we were even given some hints to the Void Century as well as Raftel itself. If Oda were going to explain this rare ability to us, wouldn’t this have been the appropriate time?

I believe that the reason that Rayleigh did not explain the ability is that there are many people on the grand line with the ability to hear the voice of all things. On top of this, we recently learned that there are different “types” of the ability. In chapter 821 we learned that not only are there those who can hear the voice, but those who can speak it as well:

I believe Momonosuke is a part of a special group of people that I will call “the Speakers of the Voice.” Momonosuke was able to command Zunisha to defend itself, something that Luffy, Roger, and Oden were not able to do.

Why wasn’t Luffy able to command Zunisha? Why wasn’t Roger able to command Zunisha? Most importantly, why wasn’t Oden, Momo’s father, able to command Zunisha either? The answer for now will remain unanswered to us, but what we CAN say is that there are those who can hear the voice, and those who can speak to it as well, and Momonosuke seems to be one of the Speakers of the Voice.

Speaking of Momonosuke, his relationship to the voice is incredibly strange. He was not able to “read” the Road Poneglyph like Roger was, but he was capable of commanding a 1,000 year old elephant to do his bidding. From this, we can gather that not only are there different types of the ability, but there are people who are only capable of hearing or speaking to certain voices. Momonosuke could hear the elephant, but could not “hear” the Poneglyph’s contents. Even Luffy himself can not yet “hear” the Poneglyph’s contents, but he was perfectly capable of hearing Zunisha’s cries as well as the Sea Kings at Fishman Island. Shirahoshi/Poseidon might also be a type of Speaker of the Voice, a bloodline that can command or even sentence Sea Kings. This tells us that just because you can hear or speak to the voice of one certain thing does not mean you can hear or speak to the voice of something else. While people like Luffy might not be able to speak to Zunisha, Luffy might be a kind of speaker that can speak to something else. But what exactly? Let’s put this thought on hold for now.

So far, we have learned of those who can hear the voice as well as those who can command certain things or beings through the voice. However, there is a third type of speaker, a powerful type of commander that can sentence. So far, we have seen one confirmed example of this:

Zo was sentenced to walk for all eternity. By whom? We’ll get back to that thought in a bit. For now, I want to talk Whitebeard and Kaido, whom I believe are the first examples of sentencing that we have seen in the series.


Whitebeard and Kaido-The Sentencer and the Sentenced

When we were first introduced to Kaido and his inability to die, many theories were created as to what his power might be. What keeps him from dying?

I remember reading people’s comments such as “he should just jump into the ocean” or “he should just eat more than one devil fruit.” And while at first I thought the fact that Kaido hadn’t tried either of these things was due more to plot convenience than anything else. But then another thought occurred to me: What if Kaido had already tried these things during his life?

Let’s talk about some things that we already know about Kaido that will be important to this theory:
1. Kaido murdered Moria’s entire crew as well as Momo’s parents
2. Kaido attempted to take on Whitebeard right before the Whitebeard war
3. Kaido has been given the death sentence repeatedly for his crimes

These points are important because they tell us that:
1. Kaido brazenly murders
2. Kaido had some reason to attack Whitebeard
3. Kaido has committed atrocities that many deem punishable by death

And now about Whitebeard:
1. According to Buggy, no one messes with the Whitebeard pirates for fear of angering Whitebeard
2. The other Yonko didn’t dare cross him, even in his old age and sickness
3. Whitebeard’s second division commander slot had been open for ages before Ace filled it

These points are important because they tell us that:
1. At some point, Whitebeard showed the world what happens to those who mess with the Whitebeard pirates
2. The Yonko wouldn’t cross Whitebeard due to more than just his reputation
3. Whitebeard had reservations about filling an empty slot in his crew, possibly due to pain of loss

And now, Kaido’s first words:

Many fans including me at first simply dismissed this statement as “Whitebeard did a good job by dying.” But many people in One Piece have died, why did Oda decide to have Kaido specifically chose to mention Whitebeard here?

Do you see where I’m going with this? I believe the story goes like this:

Kaido was a young, incredibly dangerous pirate who had dreams of claiming One Piece, and was making a reputation for himself at an alarming rate to the World Government. He made his name well known throughout the new world for his strength and brutality, through feats such as crushing and murdering Gekko Moria’s entire crew. At some point, Kaido became cocky and decided to make a move for the One Piece, but of course, he would have to go through the King of the Sea, Whitebeard. Kaido made his first move by crushing Whitebeard’s second division and killing the second division commander. Enraged, Whitebeard unleashed his full wrath on Kaido and defeated him. It was a brutal battle that left both Whitebeard and Kaido permanently scarred, and in a final act of revenge, Whitebeard used his abilities as a Speaker of the Voice to sentence Kaido to an undying existence, and then cast him into the sea. As Kaido possessed a devil fruit, he was doomed to drown helplessly for eternity, without dying. The world was shocked and awed by the true wrath of Whitebeard,who had just crushed the strong young pirate for murdering a member of his crew. Kaido drifted at the bottom of the sea for months or even years before he was finally brought back up to shore by some person or some sea king (for whatever reason lol). Back to the surface, Kaido was delusioned and angry by his months/years of suffering and was left with suicidal tendencies. The world was terrified by the man who they all thought had been killed by Whitebeard making a reappearance (possibly by sinking prison ships). When Kaido was convinced that he could not die, he began to amass his power in the form of eating multiple Zoan-type devil fruits and gaining their abilities, earning him the name of Hundred Beasts Kaido, the man with many Zoan forms. Kaido never forgave Whitebeard for the curse that he placed upon him, and for this reason continuously had fits of rage towards Whitebeard, even attempting to take Whitebeard’s life before Marineford. With Whitebeard dead, Kaido was left with his undying body, and his dreams of claiming One Piece once reaffirmed.

I believe this would explain Kaido’s suicidal tendencies, why he actually hasn’t died from eating multiple devil fruits/drowning, the pirates of the worlds’ acknowledgement of Whitebeard even in old age, the fact that the Yonko dared not cross him, and even why in his old, sickened state that Whitebeard was still viewed as the strongest pirate on the sea, as he was a Speaker of the Voice.

But where did this ability come from? What is its overall purpose in the story?


The Sea Devil, the Void Century, and the Family of D. 

Before I get into the meat of this section, I want to talk for a brief moment about the geography of the One Piece world:

We all know the layout of the One Piece world, a grand line surrounded by two calm belts and four blues. We also know that the grand line is brutally difficult to navigate, and the weather and ocean patterns are far from natural. Keep this in mind. Now that that’s out of the way:

DISCLAIMER: This next section is fairly far fetched.

There is so little information on this “Sea Devil.” The only time we have ever heard of him was during Shanks’ conversation with Buggy at the beginning of the series. Therefore, it’s difficult to really say who he is or where he comes from. So for the sake of continuing onward, let’s just refer to the Sea Devil as a “god”, or more specifically, the creator of the world of One Piece.

I believe that this god created the One Piece world using his natural power as THE Speaker of the Voice of all Things. Whereas every other being in the future’s abilities at speaking the voice would be somewhat limited, the god was able to use the voice with no restrictions, and used it to create the entire One Piece world alongside “children” to worship him. The god, however, did not create water (this will be important for later).

The people were not completely submissive to his will at first, so 1,000 years ago, he displayed his frightening power by sentencing the strongest being in his creation, the first to deny him, to walk for all eternity (Zunisha). Witnessing this power, the people of the world were left to tremble before him. Over the next 100 years, the god grew satisfied with the people’s worship of him. Out of arrogance, the god even gave people his Fruits, which gave people one of his many powers.

There were those, however, who were not satisfied with living under the tyranny of the god, believing him to actually be a Devil, and realized that they could use his power themselves:

They formed a society that devoted themselves to finding their own purpose without the intervention of any god. They began to study reality and science in secret, and eventually formed an extremely advanced society of people who were able to speak the Voice. Using their scientific advancement, they created the oceans as places that the devil could not go as a way of challenging his power. They formed their kingdom on an island in the middle of the ocean, where the god could not reach them-the Ancient Kingdom. The founders of the Kingdom even gave themselves the initial D. as an act of mockery to the god, proclaiming him as a devil and identifying themselves as his “direct descendants” or “children of the Devil” as they were able to Speak with his Voice. (It’s important to note that the family of D. were not the only ones who could speak the voice, the other members of the kingdom could do so also)

The Great Kingdom went to war with the devil and his faithful children. The family of the D. were brutally outnumbered, but fortunately they were prepared. They created three ancient weapons to help them with the war. The rest of the world and even the Devil itself were so shocked by the sheer power of the ancient weapons that they didn’t notice what the Great Kingdom was actually working on: a way to kill the Devil: The project to kill him and to unite the world into was written down on the Rio Poneglyph. The One Piece, whatever it is, is somehow crucial to this plan. However, this plan was put on hold when the Kingdom began to succumb to the incredible power of its opponents.

The family of the D. used their trump card (which I will not reveal yet for theatrical purposes) to imprison the devil within the manmade ocean, where he was as helpless as those who ate his fruit. They imprisoned him somewhere in the ocean (earning him the nickname of Sea Devil), and sent the island of Raftel along with the One Piece and the Rio Poneglpyh to the bottom of the sea, then used their skill with the voice to permanently alter the geography of the One Piece world, making the rout to One Piece (and the devil itself) almost impossible to fully traverse. The members of the Great Kingdom who were not the family of D. used their abilities to create the Poneglyphs so that the world would never forget the terrifying power of the Sea Devil, and the struggle they went through to free themselves from his grasp.

However, as the war raged on for more decades, the Great Kingdom and its people were all but wiped out. The 20 kingdoms that had opposed them stood together and formed the World Government, as a way to ensure that chaos of that extent never ensued again. Eventually, those who were alive during the war had passed away. The government realized that with the Sea Devil imprisoned, their main priority should be to preserve peace and order at all cost. They had destroyed all documentation of the century and its history became lost. Eventually, the events of the war were remembered by some as legend, and forgotten completely by others. Power over the voice would be passed down to the few descendants of the ancient kingdom that were left, and the world of One Piece had found peace again.


The Final Battle 

I believe that the final battle in One Piece will be the world of One Piece (led by Luffy) vs the Sea Devil itself, in a battle to free the world. Winning the battle would allow the people to reform the sea into its original state, a sea like the one we see on the Earth: more stable weather and magnetic fields that allow anyone to freely navigate it.

But what about the Family of D.’s trump card? How were they able to imprison the Sea Devil in the first place?

Remember that Momonosuke can seemingly only command Zunisha? And that Shirahoshi/Poseidon can only command Sea Kings?

The Family of D. has the ability to command or sentence god, the Sea Devil, itself

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Saving Ace


    So, this theory is about how the Marco storyline will play out. Nekomamushi is heading towards Marco’s location. Unless he’s been captured, I don’t think he’s gonna be difficult to find. He’s probably sitting somewhere deep into WB’s past territory, half-heartedly trying to hold onto the whitebeard pirates’ former glory.

    But more importantly, I don’t think Marco’ll be thrilled to join their cause.

    I took a closer look at Marco’s picture, and gosh, he does not look cheerful.
    Actually, he looks like a man who’s been through the last two years of Marco’s life… First, the loss of one of his best friends, and immediately afterwards, his leader and father figure. He was forced to take up the mantle of responsibility for a crapton of people who’re wounded, directionless, and just as sad as him following Ace and WB’s deaths. And last but not least, the first battle he gets into, a revenge-fight against BB, he loses miserably.

    I think Marco has become a beaten, bitter man, and he never wants to fight again.
    Inuarashi admits it’s a slim chance, and there’s no strawhat on the marco-retrieval squad, so that’s another point against Marco joining.

    The interesting question is, what consequenses will this have? Well, what usually happens when the Achilles in his tent trope is played? Achilles refuses to fight, the heroes head into battle without him, loses, Achilles is convinced to fight after all, Achilles makes a badass entrance, wins, but a bunch of guys are dead…

    So that’s the overall picture of what I think will happen.

    Diving into the details…

    We know that Weevil, the little bastard, is looking for a fight with Marco. Even though Weevil is incredibly provoking, calling himself WB’s real son and sullying his name, I don’t think Marco cares at this point, and he’s probably postponing the fight with Weevil. I’m not saying Marco will ignore Weevil if he gets up in his face, but as long as it’s over newspaper and his subordinates, I think Marco will ignore it to simmer in his own misery.

    The battle is going to be further postponed by Weevil being called to participate in the battle of Wano, tipping the battle into Kaido’s favor.
    At this point, Marco might head into the battle willingly, or he’ll continue to sulk until one of the strawhats slaps him out of it.

    The battle against Weevil will see the revival of Marco’s spirit, metaphorically. I think him and Weevil will have a heart to heart about fathers, and ultimately, Marco will offer Weevil to join his crew.

    It’s possible that one of the Strawhats will join the retrieval team. In that case, it would be Robin. She’s optimal for scouting missions. Plus, Marco might be located close by Baltigo, tying together two plotlines.

    *Theory by Birdy


      There may be a slight chance that Marco will join with the Red Hair pirates for the time being. He has lost both Ace and Whitebeard and might want revenge, but he alone isn’t strong enough.

      During the Payback War the Whitebeard Pirates suffered an utter defeat against Blackbeard Pirates. Blackbeard is probably searching Marco to steal even his Devil Fruit powers.

      Who would be the best person to be with while both hiding and waiting for the right time for a revenge? Shanks!

      It may sound stupid, but I believe that, after they were on Ace’s and Whiteberad’s grave, they have joined and are now waiting for Luffy to arrive, so that they can change the system and the world together.

      So what do you guys think?

      *All rights go to the maker of this theory.

        Which is the most badass crew?

          Together :-)

            8 Things You Should Know About Portgas D. Ace

            • Ace shares the same birthday as the creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda(January 1).
            • Ace would have been 21 if he were born on time. Instead he is 20 because his mother held him in her womb for eleven months past his due date, meaning he spent a total of twenty months inside her womb, instead of the usual nine.
            • The status of Shichibukai was offered to Portgas D. Ace, but he refused the offer. This is the only known time an invitation into the organization had been rejected
            • Ace being captain of the Spade Pirates, is a pun on the “Ace of spades”, or “spadille”
            • Ace is the first known Devil Fruit user to die.
            • His bounty, being at Beli550,000,000 before his death, was the highest amount revealed in the series before the timeskip.
            • Universal Studios of Japan has built a replica of Ace’s and Whitebeard’s tombs. Ace’s epitaph says: “Ace, may your soul be eternal. Your brave soul will always be with us.” This epitaph was also shown in Episode 663 of the anime.

            • In the 5th Japanese Fan Polls, Ace ranked as the sixth most popular character in One Piece making him the most popular of the Whitebeard Pirates and also the most popular deceased character in the One Piece series.


              I think that Blackbeard is NOT going to fight Dragon, a lot of people have said that Blackbeard will attack Dragon’s base. When Burgess found Baltigo, he only contacted Shiliew, one of the strongest members (who could rescue Burgess) and Lafitte. Since Lafitte is the navigator he will chart the island and place it on a map, thus recording Baltigo’s location. This is very important.
              Even if they wanted to attack Baltigo Blackbeard won’t allow it.
              People seem to forget that Blackbeard is a smart character. Marineford was caused by Blackbeard and then he came out of it with Whitebeard’s devil fruit and a lot of strong crew mates. It’s all one complex plan. He captured Ace so that Whitebeard would fight the Marines (which gave him a window of opportunity to get the Gura Gura no Mi). He used the Shichibukai position to get more members from Impel Down while the war is going on (when there’s less security at the prison).

              So here’s my theory: Blackbeard will ask Lafitte to sneak in Mariejois and offer them Baltigo’s location for something in return. I think it’s also possible Teach might want information on Kuzan (Aokiji) from the Marines because they don’t trust Aokiji either, so that’s one more likely possibility, although it probably won’t be everything Blackbeard wants.

              Lafitte will successfully sneak in Mariejois like he did back at the Shichibukai meeting during the Jaya Arc


              After he tells them about how they got Baltigo’s location and the location itself the World Government will accept the deal and they will give Blackbeard what he wants in exchange for Baltigo’s location.

              Now some of you may say “why would they accept the deal after Blackbeard have betrayed them?”,
              the number one enemy to the World Government is the Revolutionary Army and Monkey D. Dragon. They even talked about how he was a threat to them in the world council. The knowledge of Baltigo’s location will benefit them immensely. Perhaps they can track the Army’s ships, trade deals etc. or even embargo and blockade ships from reaching Baltigo. These are all just possibilities, however: most significantly it could lead to Marine espionage, infiltration or even a Marine invasion in the future, perhaps during the final war arc

              Also this won’t be the first time Blackbeard made a deal with the World Government, remember when he offered them Jewelry Bonney because he wanted some ships? So it’s not far fetched to say that he’s going to make another deal with the World Government for something that he wants.


              So Blackbeard vs Dragon won’t happen, the Revolutionary Army vs The World Government is far more likely. It’s been foreshadowed for a while and when the World Government discovers the location of the Revolutionary Army HQ their fight seems far more likely

              -Lafitte draws a map to Baltigo
              -He sneaks in Mariejois and tell them the offer
              -World Government accepts
              -World Government vs Revolutionary Army could happen on Baltigo

              *Theory by Jack The Drought


                Everyone remembers this moment in the manga

                The legendary introduction of the strongest creature alive KAIDO!!!!
                And everyone’s first thoughts were “the Kidd alliance is about to get destroyed”
                And later people thought “no, they will start an alliance to target Shanks”
                hhmmmm, not bad conclusions,although I think it’s something different
                I think that Kaido and kidd met each other way way before Kaido fell into the base
                Basically my theory is: Kaido and Kidd = Shanks and Luffy
                Now to convince you all to agree with me

                1. Kidd, Law and Luffy
                Now, since this epic moment of Kidd, Law and Luffy fighting side by side people wouldn’t argue that these three supernovas will be the leading force of the new generation
                now I want to point out something Law and Luffy had similar in their flashbacks
                powerful pirate influences and being given devil fruit by them
                Luffy—> Shanks and got the gomu gomu no mi from him
                Law—> Doflamingo/Corazon and got the ope ope ni mi from them
                So both of them had powerful pirates to influence them and give them devil fruits….interesting
                Also, I don’t think people will argue that Kidd and Luffy being heavily paralleled and Kidd usually being a step ahead of him
                So if Kidd were to have a strong pirate influence that gave him a devil fruit wouldn’t it make sense for it to be a Yonko like Luffy had….but wait
                Kidd attacked Big Mom’s ships so I doubt it could be her
                Whitebeard, sadly, is dead
                Blackbeard just became a Yonko
                and Shanks had Luffy
                so that’s right, Kaido seems to be the only one left
                ……not convinced? Let’s continue

                2. Why would Oda have Kaido fall into Kidd’s base?

                to beat everyone in the alliance…….hhhmmmm, but why not do it like he did with Blackbeard and Bonney
                he showed the blackbeard and Bonney situation after the Bonney was defeated, so couldn’t he have done that and make Kaido’s reveal 10x more awesome if that was his intention the whole time, so I doubt that is the answer

                for Kaido to get beaten….this makes a little more sense, but wouldn’t this basically be a gaint fuck you to all the work Luffy and his crew has been trying to do especially with the recent chapters….I don’t think Oda would do this to his main characters so let’s try a different answer

                for Kaido to ignore them and walk away……then why land in Kidd’s base….unless the hole he made will be an important plot point for later I doubt this is it

                for an alliance…….this could happen but so far….Kidd’s and Kaido’s personalities don’t show this happening anytime soon especially since Kaido is a Yonko….unless something is missing from this answer… like

                reuniting Kidd and Kaido and possibly having them work together……if Kidd and Kaido already know each other then working together wouldn’t be out of the question and it explains why Oda had him fall in front of Kidd…..so this does seem to make sense

                3.Kidd post-timeskip
                in case you haven’t noticed, Kidd has been in every arc since the timeskip
                Fishman Island:
                Mentioned to have destroyed some of Big Mom’s ships
                Punk Hazard:
                Shown to be involved in the underworld
                later, shown making his own alliance
                Shown to be targeting Shanks
                later, the Kaido incident

                So yeah, it seems that Oda is hyping Kidd up to do some big things, he’s even in a similar situation to Luffy (messing with Big Mom then targeting a different Yonko (by messing with Big Mom, I mean Luffy threatening her not the Sanji stuff)) so Oda would most likely continue with hype, but if wanted Kidd to defeat Kaido he wouldn’t do it off panel like how he showed Ace VS Blackbeard so how can he continue the Kidd hype….
                by having Kidd and Kaido sitting together talking about future plans or even reminiscing about the past

                4. So, if you are still not convinced I have one crucial piece of information to show
                Do you remember this?

                That’s right, Kidd randomly crucifying people
                and what do we know about Kaido’s crew members?

                They believe in crucify and chill:cool:
                Epic Oda foreshadowing the relationship between Kidd and Kaido
                5. Conclusion
                What do I think happened after the fall?
                hhmmm, maybe something like this

                (a yelling match between Kidd and Kaido)
                Kidd: GO SUICIDE SOMEWHERE ELSE

                Apoo and Hawkins: …….uuuummmm
                (then Killer explains the relationship of Kidd and Kaido)
                Then they work together on something whether it defeating Shanks or something to do With Wano

                That’s the end of my theory so

                *Theory by PlatinumRoger

                  One Piece Manga Enters “VS. Four Emperors Arc” on April 4!

                  It’s time for Luffy and its crew to finally take down the “Four Emperors”!

                  “Vs. Four Emperors Arc” will start from the next chapter.

                    Amazing Artwork by Lorenzo Pinello