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      In this theory I’m going to compare the SH to some people in the old generation but are still active. Once these certain people die/quit/etc I believe the Straw Hat I describe will take something similar to their role. This will be very weird, trust me


      Monkey D Luffy is the new Roger, old Pirate king

      I think this because, well, you know of course. Luffy carries on Rogers will, and becomes the new Pirate King. No trouble there..


      Roronoa Zoro is the new ..Dracule Mihawk Silvers Rayleigh

      Mihawk because of the World’s greatest swordsman. Rayleigh cause he’ll be the pirate kings right hand man. Many think he’ll awaken CoC Haki once he opens his left eye. I think that could be a possibility. Most likely after beating Mihawk or Shiliew, he’ll become the WGS.


      Sanji could be the new .. Red Leg Zeff Monkey D. Dragon

      Yes, you saw it correctly. Monkey D Dragon. Now, put down your pitchforks. Remember this scene:


      Now I believe Oda put that for a reason. This could be major foreshadowing for around the end of the series. And Dragon is currently the most feared man, so Sanji taking his place is like being the new Dragon. Plus, many theories of Sanji being a Noble or a Celestial Dragon could affect the outcome of his future. Red Leg Zeff was put because, well, both cooks, same fighting style, the basic stuff. But I don’t think Sanji will have that revolutionary army and stuff like that. I think he’ll be feared for something.. Maybe his heritage?


      Franky, Cutty Flam as the new Dr. Vegapunk

      It was between Vegapunk or, Ceaser Clown. But CC is too much of a jerk and not at all like Franky. And Dr. Vegapunk is a similar scientist type engineer like Franky. This could be possible. But we don’t know much about Vegapunk and there could be some other people from Roger’s crew that could fit in. And Franky being the new Vegapunk would actually be really awesome.


      Nico Robin as the new Dr. Clover

      I chose this and not her mom because we don’t know much about Olivia, and I didn’t choose Kuma cause they’re nothing alike. Clover was the major archaelogist in Ohara, and Robin could carry on his will and surpass him, aiding the future Pirate King. A great fit.


      Brook as the new ..Brook

      Brook was already from the elder times, and is not really similar to anyone else. Brook will be his own man and continue on with his own goals. GO BROOK!


      Usopp as the new Shanks Noland Yasopp or Buggy

      Montblanc Usopp? Seems Plausible. Usopp is very similar to Noland, and his lies are all becoming true. He could actually be the Usoland. Shanks was just a cabin boy, but became a very strong person. Usopp could awaken CoC and become like Shanks. The usopp pirates and Usopp leaving them is similar to Shanks leaving Luffy and giving him his straw hat. Usopp and Yasopp are both excellent snipers; though Usopp will get stronger and surpass him. Buggy and Usopp both have great luck and have very similar personalities. Both make themselves seem super powerful, but actually aren’t as powerful as they boast. Lol.


      Tony Tony Chopper as the new Dr Hiluluk

      Chopper will carry his will of becoming an amazing doctor, who can cure any disease.


      Nami as the new Boa Hancock

      Both are pretty tough females and very pretty, and they do show off their body most of the time. Both have a deep love for something (Money, Luffy) and both are overall very similar. I don’t think Nami has CoC and will be a Warlord as well as an ex-slave, but might have a similar role at the EOS as Hancock does. Nami could become the most tough navigator and female in One Piece. I can see Nami becoming a queen-type person. Oh and if Nami becomes the head of Amazon Lily at sometime that’ll be hilarious.

      Law = Whitebeard
      Kid = Shiki
      Thousand Sunny = Oro Jackson
      Coby and Smoker are hard ones, but I think Smoker will join the SH.

      *Theory by Red Beard

        One Piece AMV – Gol D. Roger



          This is a theory about Usopp’s final power up, his dream, and his future. So before i go any further, i would like to say one thing that will be the basis for all of these predictions.

          -all of Usopp’s lies are foreshadowing for future events

          This can be seen as when Usopp was on syrup village he told Kaya that he saw a giant , island eating goldfish. And when the SH crew reached little garden, what did they find?


          So without waste, lets jump in!!!

          Okay so the basis of my theory starts on chp 713, usoland
          In this chapter we see a page like this


          Now if you look at the top panel, it says “this is a fighter fish, it is related to the giant goldfish”. As we know, the giant goldfish is one of Usopp’s lies that actually came true. That’s why i believe that quote was actually a hint from Oda, what Oda really meant was “okay guys, listen up; their will be HUGE foreshadowing in this chapter”. And then when i re read the chapter, i found this


          Here Usopp says that he used haki to defeat 50000 fishmen, he also said he used haki to cause vibrations. Now what’s the only kind of haki that could be used to knock out vast amounts of people and cause vibrations?

          Yes, i believe Usopp will awaken CoC later in his life. Why? How? What????

          Well as you know, CoC is the haki of kings; and what does Usopp’s bounty say?



          Now many of you feel as if Usopp has a weak will; well that’s only in certain situations, their have been many times where Usopp has had a powerful will, this is mostly when he is passionate about something. This can be seen in one of Usopp’s best fights

          Furthermore you have the Luffy-Roger parallels


          I believe this proves that Usopp can have CoC; because remember, Shanks was on the Roger Crew, he wasn’t even the strongest but he still had CoC. I believe that Usopp parallels both Buggy and Shanks, he begins his journey paralleling Buggy, but ends it paralleling Shanks.

          This is also why i believe Usopp will be YONKO after the main story ends. Remember, one of the Roger pirates(potentially 2 if Buggy becomes yonko) became a yonko after Roger finished his journey. That pirate was shanks, and as i said; Buggy will parallel Shanks in the EoS and final war.
          This claim can further be proved by one of Usopp’s first lies


          “Captain Usopp” and the “Usopp pirates”. I believe that after Luffy finds the One Piece; Usopp will meet up with his former crew


          I believe they will then train their haki with Zoro for a couple of years before heading off to the grand line to become pirates.

          How will Usopp gain conqueror’s haki? I believe he will gain it when he becomes a brave warrior of the sea in the final war; he could also gain it by the death of either Yasopp or the God of Elfab


          *Theory by knaal

            When scars are badass


              Do You Agree?


                [AMV One Piece] Shanks & Rayleigh

                  Rayleigh’s disciple

                  *Theory by Oz

                  I have a theory regarding Mihawk being Rayleigh’s disciple.13RayleighMihawk-1

                  Both being very good swordsmen (one of them even the best in the world) is kind of a hint for me. And it would explain two still unknown things:
                  1. How the friendship between Shanks and Mihawk developed (Shanks, too, being a swordsman) maybe they were both his disciples at the same time.
                  2. Zoro’s scar on his eye. We know that Zoro’s and Rayleigh’s scar might have the same reason, which would be the training of observation haki. And after the War of the Best at Marineford, Zoro became Mihawk’s disciple. Mihawk knew of that technique to train the haki of observation because he saw it from Rayleigh. Mihawk having the hawkeyes did not have to train his observation haki but he showed that technique to Zoro.
                  It’s just a theory though, I don’t have any kind of proof. But I would like to read your comments about it. ^ ^

                  (you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

                    ZORO’S SCAR & RAYLEIGH’S SCAR

                    (you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

                    We would assume they both have a similar scar because they are swordsmen and therefore a situation where you eye is likely to get slashed is presented to them more frequently.

                    It might be that they ‘voluntarily’ have a scar on their eye as a way to purposely hinder themselves in order to train better (as stated by Celestial D. Dragon in many theories that zoro is training his CoO & hence his left eye is closed)

                    Also it is most likely just another sort of parallel between Luffy and Roger’s crews. Either that or Oda thought they would look cool as fuck with scars on their eyes.

                    But now look at this below pic of Rayleigh.


                    Rayleigh unleashes Conqueror’s haki from eye with scar.

                    Could it be another parallel thing between Rayleigh & Zoro.That they are both prominent CoC user & their eye with scar is dominant in using CoC.


                    It is almost certain that Zoro might awaken Conqueror’s haki in future.So I’m guessing like Rayleigh ,will eye with scar of Zoro play imp role in CoC.


                    Oda just showed Rayleigh using scarred eye for CoC, to make it look badass .

                    Please note eyes play important role in Conqueror’s haki. Almost all character have been unleashing CoC from eyes. Kings use expression of dominance dictated through their eyes to rule over weak willed.

                    What do you think about?

                    *All rights go to blaze