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Hello everyone ! I will show you a rather small theory today and it concerns Kaido’s death.

I don’t think I have to explain this fact right ? We all know that Kaido is looking for a way to kill himself and so it’s seems logical that before the end of One Piece he will reach his goal somehow. Watch Kaido’s first introduction :


I mean we haven’t seen the guy yet and Oda is already telling us that he wants to die ! How many manga can introduce this kind of character :lmao:.
Anyway, now that it’s clear for everyone, let’s continue.

With the recent revelation of the 824th chapter, I just thought about a character that will help or find a way to kill Kaido. I’m talking about this guy :We don’t know what happened to Hawkins after the Kidd – Hawkins – Apoo alliance met Kaido. But we can already tell that Kidd refused to go under Kaido’s order so he ended up half-dead in a cage. We can already assume that Apoo betrayed the alliance and is now a part of Kaido’s crew. But what about Hawkins ?
I mean is it a coincidence that in one side we have a Yonko who is supposed immortal and is looking for a way to die and in the other side, we have a fortune teller that can see “the shadow of death” upon someone ? I’m sure that Oda has something in store for these two characters.

I won’t try to guess what will happen exactly, Oda’s imagination is not in my league anyway :D. But I’m telling you this guys, I’m sure Hawkins prediction will have a huge impact on Kaido’s death.

That’s it guys, as I said it was quite short but I wanted to talk about this cause I haven’t seen anyone talking about Hawkins recently :D.

Tell me what you think about it !

*Theory by Xdidzic

    Which is the most badass crew?


      I think its possible we just found out the identity and powers of Uranus.

      Currently, we really only know the specifics of one Ancient Weapon, Poseidon a.k.a Shirahoshi.

      Her power is that she is able to control the sea kings, who seem honor bound to fulfill her wishes, whatever they may be.

      This last chapter we have seen something remarkable similar. Yes, I am talking about Zunisha not being able to defend herself without direct orders from Momonosuke.

      Zunisha received an order from long ago to walk the world for eternity, and she is unable to break this command without a second order from someone specific.

      This specific person isn’t just someone that can hear the VOAT, as we are told that Luffy can’t give her that order. This is also true for Gold Roger and Oden Kouzuki.

      The person who can is…. Momonosuke. This is eerily similar to what Shirahoshi can do, and her power was remarked upon as an Ancient Weapon capable of destroying the world.

      Do you think Momo power could destroy the world? I think so. Zunisha just one shotted Jack, and her size alone could crush islands.

      I also think Momo’s power will be able to extend to creatures other than Zunisha as well. I doubt he could only control one elephant.

      I wonder if the order that Zunisha received long ago was given by the Uranus of the void century, and Momo, like Shirahoshi, has been born with the power of an Ancient Weapon that often skips many generations. Which is to say, Momonosuke has been born the king of the land animals, just as Shirahoshi is the true king of the sea.

      Although I can’t yet see the ties between Momo’s power and that of a sky god, his power is next level shit and completely overpowered.

      Let me know what you think.

      *Theory by Joy_Boy

        The Supernovas’ Favorite and Least Favorite Foods

        KiddFavorite Food:Cabbage Rolls –Least Favorite Food:Curry Udon
        KillerFavorite Food:Peperoncino –Least Favorite Food:Curry Udon
        ApooFavorite Food:Tom Yam Soup –Least Favorite Food:Mayonnaise
        UrougeFavorite Food:Azuki beans, Pork –Least Favorite Food:Vegetables
        HawkinsFavorite Food:Fortune Cookies (hah!) –Least Favorite Food:Meat
        DrakeFavorite Food:Chicken Rice –Least Favorite Food:Eggs
        LawFavorite Food:Onigiri, Grilled fish –Least Favorite Food:Bread, Umeboshi
        BegeFavorite Food:Meatballs, Tomatoes –Least Favorite Food:Tomato juice
        BonneyFavorite Food:Pizza (Margherita) –Least Favorite Food:Carrots

        Source: SBS Volume 81

          Amazing Artwork by Oda-sensei!

          Chapter 821 Manga Cover. Mind-blowing!

            Who’s your Favorite Shichibukai?


              After the recent chapter, many people believe that we will propably have a Jack vs Strawhats showdown and i am one of them!

              But, i still believe it’s gonna be a seperation between the strawhats!

              Luffy will take few people with him(I believe except for Pekoms, Raizou will join him as well) and Zoro with Law will prepare for the trip to Wano!

              However, there is a small obstacle… none other that Jack himself…! and i will explain why…

              We know that he went on a rescue mission to save Doflamingo from getting imprison!

              In addition, we know he is heading to Impel Down!

              Now, let’s look the map…

              As you can see,Impel Down is on the west while the strawhats are in the opposite direction(east/Zou).

              We know that Jack , managed to attack the marines before reaching Impel Down!

              Also, we know that he left the island the same day Doflamingo was defeated!That was 11 days ago…! And base on chapter 807(ten days ago) half of the strawhats reached Zou!

              So, if i have to take a guess… the distance at that time(It’s a moving island) between Dressrosa and Zou was approximately 1-2 days at most!(read chapter 807 , it will help you understand how many days has passed since entering the NW!Base on my calculations they are 14-15 days)

              Taken into consideration the analysis i just made, it’s highly possible that he managed to catch up with the navy really quick!

              If we also take into the account that the navy left Dressrosa the third day after the battle…!2

              It is beautifully adds up!

              In my opinion, Jack managed to catch up around here!

              In the proccess managed to sink two ships, but sustained some injuries and considered dead…

              However,he failed to retrieve doflamingo and base on the last chapter, he is alive and by the looks of it, he is been accompanied by a large fleet!

              So, guys let’s refresh our memory!

              What was his initial mission?
              To retrieve Raizou!
              And where he is now?
              He is on Zou!
              So, what he is going to do?
              He is going to complete, his unfinished mission!

              I think it’s a pretty logical way of thinking , don’t you think?

              Even if he wants to go somewhere else, he has to pass to Zou…!

              I think it’s very unlikely to move on , straight to Big Mom’s tea party… I doubt he even knows anything about it…

              Also, take note that the battle between him and the navy occured around 8 days ago(11-3=8…xD)!

              He had 8 whole days to rest,to heal,to prepair(fleet)and to travel back on Zou to put an end to his unfinished business!

              So, he must be pretty close to Zou!

              That means a SHOWDOWN!I can feel the hype!:)

              In my opinion, since there is the Sanji matter on one hand and the Jack matter on the other , they will have no choice but to split!

              But why split and not go all together to save Sanji?

              1.Luffy said he will go alone, although i doubt he will be completely alone… he will take at least two![Pekoms and Raizou(stealth)… they will sneak!]

              2.I think it was foreshadowed that, it’s going to be a match between Zoro vs Jack!
              a)They both are the right hand man of their captains!
              b)They both use swords as weapons
              c)When the minks were talking about Jack, Oda focused on Zoro twice for a reason!c011

              3.There is no way Zoro, will go after Sanji after making that speech1

              4.The strawhats befriended the minks and i don’t think they will leave them at their fate…Luffy will entrust Zoro with the mission to protect them any way he can!I believe Law will stay too, since his good friend Bepo is from Zou!Let’s not forget they are still many of them injured

              5.Lastly… maybe one of the biggest mysteries… the moon!
              We have yet to be relieved , what happens when the full moon is out!

              I think i gave you some solid points!

              To move on with the last part of my theory!

              The last part of this theory will be a speculation, but if you think about it , it will might make some sense!

              I think in this fight we will have a Law and Zoro vs Jack battle, like we had the Law and Luffy combination against Doflamingo!
              So, this combination could be turn out to be true!

              Also, they are similar in personalities…both badass,cool,serious and bloodthirsty when they fight!

              In my opinion, this duo will be amazing!

              To conclude, i think we will have a big revelation regarding Zoro’s past from the moment he will release his demonic spirit!
              Yes, i think this will be the fight that we will see him go all out!

              This will be the moment when Zoro will trully connect to Wano and it will ignite his desire to go to Wano even more and learn about his past and lineage!

              I don’t know how the fight will turn out… but i believe , during this fight Jack will tell him about his demonic/cursed clan or lineage and to how he might connect to one of his future enemies!

              I hope you enjoyed my theory

              *Theory by EpicListening

              You can also watch the videotheory here:


                Hey guys, here’s my take on the Red Poneglyph!

                Something that has been curious to me for several chapters now is why exactly is Momo sick? It has been stated that he “doesn’t feel well” and has been in his room almost since arriving on Zou.

                As they head toward whale tree, Oda specifically writes that Momo is still feeling “terrible“.

                Kinemon suggests to Momo “wait at the bottom”. Perhaps this indicates that he is feeling worse as he heads closer to the whale tree.

                Here’s where it get’s juicy.

                Momo says that the closer he gets to whale tree, the more he can hear this “loud voice”. Kinemon comments that Momo is much like his Father and Neko and Inu bring up another person who is “much the same”.

                I really think this voice Momo hears is the “voice of all things”. It is very conspicuous that only Momo can hear this voice, given Franky possesses “super hearing”. Neither the minks nor the Samurai are very surprised. Perhaps this suggests others have heard this same “loud voice” as they approach whale tree.

                This is a voice that only Momo, his father and the “other man” can hear.

                The “other man” is heavily hinted to be Gol D. Roger.


                Remember, Gol D. Roger “found the text and followed it’s guidance”. This implies at some point he would have come across this new Red Poneglyph on Zou, giving him the opportunity to here its “voice”.

                Note, it’s not until they are inside the tree that Nami can hear Raizou’s screams. This heavily suggests that the voice Momo can hear is not the screams of the ninja.

                I am sure Momo can hear the voice of all things!!! And this ability allows him to hear the voice of the Poneglyph on zou and it’s voice is a voice that makes him feel physically ill.

                And we learn that this poneglyph Momo can hear has a “different purpose” than the others.

                To further my suspicions about Momo, he is not shown at all inside the Poneglyph chamber. This next chapter Momo will reveal that he can hear what the Poneglyph is saying, i’m sure.

                So… What could this Poneglyph be saying??

                It’s story makes Momo “uneasy” to the point that he feels “sick”. It’s also colored “deep red”. Perhaps you could even describe it as blood red…

                I think that this red Poneglyph is a poneglyph that describes a story of death. Could it be a gruesome battle during the void century? Some catastrophe? Perhaps it may just be a representation of the many lives lost during the course of the void century.

                My favorite idea, however, is that the Red Poneglyph specifically tells the sad story of Wano Kuni during the void century. Whereas most poneglyphs focus on the Ancient Kingdom and the general history of the void century. I think this is Wano’s Poneglyph.

                It’s hard to be sure exactly though, but for sure, this Poneglyph does not contain good news.

                Let me know what you think!

                *Theory by Joy_Boy

                  In Raizou we trust! :D

                  The three idiots strike again! XD


                    One Piece vs Doflamingo AMV