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Power Levels in One Piece(Fan-made). Do You Agree?

    Who’s the Strongest?

      Hierarchy of the World Government


        Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? :-)


          Hi everybody,
          I will try to speak about a “theory” I made, and the ideas I had about.
          I’m not a big fan of the word “foreshadow” because everyone sees foreshadows everywhere.
          But, I think that the Sanji’s abilities are revealed by his fights he had and he will have, let me explain. :yaaa:

          0 – Incomplete fights

          Before to start the main idea :
          The unfinished fights Sanji had that I will not speak about in this theory are

          Gin The Man Demon 
          Vergo The Demon Bamboo 

          Doflamingo The Heavenly Demon

          (notice that these 3 people have the word “demon” in their nickname… :eek:)
          And I don’t include Kalifa and Violet. It wasn’t a fight for me because Sanji will never kick a woman and doesn’t accept to fight against them.

          1 – Pearl – Diable Jambe

          The Iron Wall

          He’s the first one Sanji fought. Even if it’s Gin who defeated Pearl, the main fight was versus Sanji, and Sanji was leading the dance. Pearl was using fire, and Sanji was not affraid of that.


          Then, during Enies Lobby’s arc, Sanji shows us the famous Diable Jambe, made of fire.
          Until now he is able to embraze his two legs, even his whole body.


          2 – Kuroobi – Blue Walk


          He is a fishman, third man of Arlong and was the enemy of Sanji during Arlong Park’s arc. Very strong, able to fight in water, most of the fight was under water, and Sanji showed a good ability to stay during a long time in water.


          Then, after the time-skip, Sanji showed the ability to use the Blue Walk, and swim very fast in water as a fishman.


          3 – Bentham- Okama Kenpo


          During Alabasta’s arc, Sanji fought against this guy. He was the first Okama, and the first one to use the Okama Kenpo.
          During the time-skip, Sanji fought against every okama and probably learned Okama Kenpo Legs techniques.
          he had to fight the 99 Okama fighters. He even had a fight with Emporio Ivankov the Okama Queen.
          For now, he never used okama-leg techniques but maybe he will unlock it and stop being ashamed of what he learned.


          4 – Jerry – Jao Kun Do (?)


          This point is more a speculation than a fact.
          Jerry is a member of CP6 and had a quick fight with Sanji who One-Shot him straight away.
          Jerry was using a boxing martial-art from Karate Island in South Blue.

          The thing is Sanji will never (or very rarely) use his hands to fight.
          BUT the interesting thing is here is that Jerry has very long legs. I think he can be (not sure) a man from the Long-Leg Tribe.

          From them, we recently saw Blue Gilly using the Jao Kun Do.
          As Sanji is using many martial arts techniques with his legs, I speculate that he will use this panel of abilities soon. Maybe he will learn it from Blue Gilly or maybe in a fight against the Baron Tamago (long-leg tribe) during the Tea Party.


          5 – Wanze – Newkama Kenpo : 99 Recipes


          This fight was also very short. Wanze was the first spiral-guy that Sanji transformed physically.
          He was using the Ramen Kenpo. Sanji was disgusted by him wasting food in a battle.
          But I think that this fight was a foreshadow that Sanji will use food during fights in a different way : Newkama Kenpo.
          During the time-skip, Sanji has to beat the Okama to learn the 99 Recipes of Newkama Kenpo.
          I think most of the recipes will consist to make him more fast/strong/tough, something like a vitality energy.

          So the good news are that Sanji will have to show 98 Recipes (he used one during Punk Hazard’s arc).

          The n°99.

          We saw Iva using Newkama Kenpo during Impel Down, his most powerful technique showed was “Newkama Style: Aesthetic Art #44 Secret Technique – Dream-Strike-Condemn-Reverse Fist“.


          So, more it’s close to Zero, more it’s powerful. It means, Sanji showed the weakest recipe during PH, he has to show 98 others recipes techniques.
          (Speculation : I think his most powerful recipe will be the 100th : the n°0).

          6 – Jyabura – Rokushiki


          Jyaburja is the third powerful member of the CP9. He was mastering the 6 techniques of the Rokushiki.
          He was a master of Tekkai. But he also uses Geppo, Shigan, Rankyaku, Soru and Kami-e.

          After the time-skip, Sanji showed the Sky Walk which is his personal Soru. (Blue Walk is the Soru under water).


          His Diable Jambe Spectre is quite similar to Rankyaku.
          He will master it and will be able to send fire with distance.


          I think Sanji will master the Tekkai (mixed with Armament Haki it could be great), the Shigan (with feets), and Kami-e.
          Also this theory about Rokushiki fits the hypothesis than his father is linked with CP0 from any way and could be a master or Rokushiki.

          7 – Absalom – Invisibility

          Absalom of the Graveyard

          This guy was the man Sanji fought during Thriller Bark’s arc. He ate the power that Sanji always wanted : the Suke Suke No Mi. To be invisible.
          Sanji said it in a comedic way, but I think that the invisibility could really a future ability of Sanji, very useful in battle and which fits with his personnality : assassin, spy, hidden guy, etc.

          How ?
          Sanji will be very very fast, and will become invisible for his adversaries. (like the ninja techniques in Naruto).
          he will have a special technique to be very fast and become invisible, maybe as kind of illusions (like Iva did).

          8 – Duval – Poisoned Weapon


          Duval was OS by Sanji. He was the second guy to have spirals in his face who Sanji met. Even if this guy is a gag, he was maybe a foreshadow for many things around Sanji :
          – masked and hidden (Iron Mask) -> Killer who could probably be linked to Sanji (maybe not brother but mixed with Sanji simply).
          – said cursed when he was a baby (spiral eyebrow ?)
          – Bounty fake, now it’s coming serious with all he plot about the Vinsmoke.
          – Poisoned weapon.

          Duval wasn’t a great fighter but was using a harpoon gun, the harpoons were poisoned.


          Since we know that Sanji is from an assassin’s family, he knows how to use weapons. Against Capone’s crew, he showed that he was very confident to use guns and fire weapons. So I think, he could use once (not often) a poisoned weapon.

          Also, poisoned weapon makes me think to this guy.

          Sir CrocodileHe is using a poisoned hook. He is (I think) linked to Germa 66 and Capone (so to Sanji).
          It will be not a surprise if Sanji uses once a poisoned weapon.
          Crocodile might also reappear during the Tea Party’s arc because he is based on the character Candyman


          9 – Wadatsumi – Anger


          So, I don’t know if this pattern works again in the New World, but I think it could be.
          Wadatsumi maybe doesn’t fit because he was the enemy of Sanji and Jinbe…. But Sanji was the one to finish him.
          So basically, Wadatsumi was becoming stronger and bigger with his Anger. He was red and very angry.

          (also notice that Wadatsumi is the only one who didn’t suffer of oldness after taking the pills).

          I think Sanji could have a special mode made with his anger. The Anger is the Sin of Satan himself. Sanji has references with the Devil very often, and was completely burning two times.
          I think he will have some epic mode built from his anger and will become like a berserk.
          He could be a real devil.


          For now that it’s the real fights we saw about Sanji.

          10 – Sanji others new abilities and future fights

          In plus of Rokushiki, Jao Kun Do, Newkama Kenpo like I said, Sanji has to master his Observation’s Haki and his speed. He also has to become better with Armament Haki (leg broken against Vergo).

          About his future fights, he will I think fight these guys :



          “Defeat in your future”Sanji wasn’t only speaking about Luffy’s victory, but also his own victory.
          Enel is a master of speed and Observation Haki. And Sanji isn’t affraid to be burned right now. :cool:
          He’s “God”. Sanji is the “Devil”.




          This fight is sure and waited since a long time.
          He’s the more fast of the manga with his light (Kuma is something else than “fast”).
          This fight will be one of the most epic.



          Jesus Burgess

          I think he will eat the Mythical Zoan Phoenix of Marco.
          He has strong Armament Haki and Jump ability, and he looks very resistent. Also he starts to know the fire of Ace/Sabo, so he will not fear the fire of Sanji.
          He wil be the good fighter for Sanji : fly, fire, longevity, strength, defense.
          Jesus vs Satan ?

          Alright, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

          *Theory by Zero Zero No Mi

            Which is the best battle of Sanji?

              Who has the most dangerous power?

                Who’s the strongest logia type?


                  What group would you join in One Piece?


                    Akainu and the rebels – Yakuza connections of the Admirals

                    Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment.This time I shall be discussing the yakuza connections of the admirals but this mostly focuses around Akainu.

                    First of all, why does the WG seem more like a mafia or yakuza? The way they dress, the way their meetings are held etc.. Does the fact that the 4 admirals are based off actors from the yakuza film era seem strange?
                    (Everyone knows this trivia)

                    AKAINU SAKAZUKI

                    Akainu is based off actor Bunta Sugawara or more specifically, his role in the popular yakuza film series Battles Without Honor and Humanity. In this movie series, Bunta was apart of a yakuza that was trying to shed their yakuza image and make Bunta retire. I’ll get more into Akainu later.

                    AOKIJI KUZAN

                    Aokiji is based off Yusaku Matsuda character in Detective Story (1983). In Detective Story, Matsuda was a detective who was hired to watch over a rich goal named Noami much to his annoyance. Things get complicated when Naomi’s mother is suspected of murdering a love hotel manager so Matsuda and Naomi investigates the crime and it leads them to the yakuza. Matsuda also starred as the main yakuza villian of the 1989 filmBlack Rain by Ridley Scott. In the movie, the lead character went deeper and deeper into the criminal undergound until he was lead the Matsuda’s character who was the main villain.

                    Kuzan’s actions are pretty similar to the movies. He is pretty much an undercover detective playing the villain in order to dig deeper into the underworld.

                    KIZARU BORSALINO

                    Kizaru is based off Kunie Tanaka’s character from Battles Without Honor and Humanity and Truck Yaro. In Battles Without Honor and Humanity, Kuine Tanaka was in the same yakuza as Bunta Sugiwara and was one of the people voting for Bunta to retire. Bunta and Tanaka also starred together in the comedy Truck Yaro.


                    FUJITORA ISSHO

                    Fujitora is based off Shintaro Katsu’s character from the Zatoichi series. During his training, Zatoichi was a member of the yakuza and killed many people. Regretting his actions, Zatoichi left the yakuza and became a compassionate man, helping as many people as he could during his travels. His endeavors led to Zatoichi being loved by many. However, since Zatoichi abandoned the yakuza, yakuza placed it bounty on his head and are hunting him.

                    Judging from this, it seems Fujitora blinded himself as punishment and also because he couldn’t stand seeing the suffering he caused(kind of cowardly). Fujitora was probably a criminal and seeks atonement for his actions and believes the WG isn’t what it should be since it failed to catch monsters like him.
                    Zatoichi- was hunted by the yakuza because he left them. Fujitora came to the “yakuza” to change them.

                    Funta’s Shozo Hirono- didn’t want his yakuza group to change by shedding their yakuza image. Akainu only cares about the image of himself and the marines.

                    Coincidence that Fujitora and Akainu lashed out at one another over the image of the marines?


                    Now to Akainu’s past. As I said earlier, Akainu is inspired by the character Shozo Hirono in Battles Without Honor and Humanity. Hirono was an ex-soldier and street thug who was involved in violent yakuza wars. Hirono was sent to prison many times but soon enough, his yakuza group wanted to shed its image and wanted Hirono to retire, as he was one of the main reasons the group was still viewed as a yakuza. At the end of the film series, after many of his friends were killed, Hirono retired.

                    Kuzan said that “the grass was greener on the other side” so you can probably guess what I’m trying to say; before the marines, Akainu was involved in criminal affairs. Heck…’Sakazuki’ means “sake cups” and they are for yakuza initiation ceremonies.


                    As a kid, Akainu is carrying a knife and has a cap that says “justice”. It seems even at a young age, Akainu was killing criminals. Maybe the reason Akainu is so extreme about killing criminals is because he experienced it first hand.

                    Probably the only thing Akainu hates more than criminals are traitors.

                    Here, Akainu deems a random marine a traitor for running away from the Marineford War and kills him.

                    Check Akainu’s dialogue when speaking to Jinbe.

                    Akainu tried killing Coby cause he deemed Coby a traitor.

                    After all, Akainu is a member of the rebel faction.

                    The rebel faction focuses on the findig and demise of those who has turned their backs on the world government. Who are some traitors?

                    I believed Dragon was a former CP0 agent and that would make the greatest traitor in WG’s history and an obvious target of Akainu. Akainu even knew that Luffy was Dragon’s son even before Sengoku told all of the marines.

                    As for Bonney, though it is unknown that BB knew of her worht or not, the person who was sent/volunteered to retrieve Bonney was Akainu and he said that she FLED aka RAN AWAY from the World Government. Not the marines.

                    According to this chart that Oda made, Aakinu is STILL hunting for Bonney and lets not ignore how Bonney’s Post-TS attire is a hoodie to conceal her face.

                    Why is Akainu hunting for Bonney? Business with Big Mam but that is a theory for another time.

                    You do NOT leave the yakuza nor do you leave the WG. There will be people coming after your head.

                    *Theory by Vandenreich