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Any Thoughts?

It is said that “Zou” commited a crime in the past. It was sentenced to walk for all eternity till the end of time. Who was the one who gave that sentence to Zou? Is it Joyboy? Are the people who can hear “the voice” related to “this person” somehow? What do you think?

    Kokoro’s transformation

    D: Oda sensei, hello! The young mermaids in the towns and coves are all beauties, aren’t they? So, the question is, what did Ms. Kokoro look like when she was young? Please draw me a picture!!

    O: Sure thing–. That’s it for this SBS~. See you in the next volume!!


      Captain Monkey D. Luffy & Captain Jack Sparrow :-)

        Who’s your Favorite Shichibukai?

          Which version of Sanji do you prefer? :-)


            I was rereading the Zou arc when I noticed something peculiar about Momonosuke.

            We all know that in the last chapter (chapter 820), Momonosuke made a unbelievable claim that he met Roger. But we failed to notice that Momonosuke previously made a claim which is similarly absurd. Look at this conversation here:

            One Piece 817 - Page 6

            Momonosuke is essentially saying that Inu and Neko were close before. Now, the content of the statement is not the weird part here, but the fact that it came from Momo, an 8 year old boy! How could he know that? The way Momo said those lines, it’s as if he is claiming that he met Inu and Neko before, which we all know is impossible. This impossibility was emphasized in Chapter 819 when it was mentioned that Inu and Neko started hating each other when they returned to Zou which happened before Carrot was born (who is obviously much older than Momo).

            Now, what could his possibly mean? We all know Oda won’t put these things for nothing. It would also appear that Momo is not lying in those statements.

            Then, I was able to come up with a conclusion when I started relating these statements with the ability of the main family of Kouzuki to read and write the poneglyphs (I say the “main” family of the Kouzuki because it would seem that only the heir of the Daimyo is taught this ability).

            I believe that Oden was actually able to transfer his ability to Momo. This ability is not a simple ability to read the poneglyphs. I believe this is an ability wherein the consciousness or memories of the transferor (which in this case is Oden) is passed/transferred to that of the transferree/recipient (Momo). This is the reason why Momo knows Inu and Neko, as well as Roger. However, his ability is not yet polished, that is why he can’t read the poneglyphs.

            Lastly, I believe the Shogun of Wano has an idea of this ability and how it can be transferred. That is why they were not afraid to kill Oden despite the fact that, aside from Robin, he is the only person who can read the poneglyphs, because they thought they would capture Momo anyway. Hence, the reason why Kaidou is after Kin’emon et al. is not because they thought that Oden told them the secret of the world, but because they want to use Momo’s ability to read those poneglyphs.


            *Theory by Henry D. Mont

              Zoro vs Jack foreshadowed?

              Did You notice? o.O


                After 818 i’ve seen many people wondering(myself included) what the use of Oden Kozuki was on Roger’s crew, considering that Roger had the ability to hear the Voice of all Things. If Roger could understand the Poneglyphs with this ability, what was the purpose of having someone that could read the ancient language?

                Well, i think that Oden was in fact the man that created the Rio Poneglyph on Raftel!

                Let’s take a look at what we know about this character so far:
                He’s one of the few people that have been confirmed to be on Roger’s crew, but more importantly, he’s been confirmed to have actually set foot on Raftel! Then Oda continues to reveal that his clan was the one that created Poneglyphs and that this ability unfortunately died with him before he could pass on his knowledge to Momo.

                I don’t think it’s a coincedence that the last man who was able to create a poneglyph was on Roger’s crew.
                Oda didn’t let Roger have this man and this specific ability with him for no reason, cus he’s Oda!

                As we all know from the Poneglyph on Skypiea, Roger gathered its information and took that information to Raftel. Hence, Robin said that the purspose of that Poneglyph had been fulfilled and no longer needed to be protected. So we know that Roger gathered all the pieces of the puzzle and put that puzzle together at Raftel.

                When they reached Raftel and learned the whole truth, for some reason Roger could not act upon it. Whether it was his illness or some other reason we don’t know, but he could not act. That’s why he decided to leave the information, knowing that some day someone with the will and capability to act on it will appear.

                Now, of course, Roger wasn’t just gonna write this combined knowledge about the history of the world on a piece of paper. He wanted it to be found by someone who had the knowledge and Will to find out the truth.
                Also, he didn’t want this information to be able to perish. Now what a coincedence that the one man in the entire world who could create an indesctructible poneglyph was with him on Raftel :smuggrin:.

                So Oden Kozuki used all information that Roger had gathered to create the Poneglyph that tells it all: the
                Rio Poneglyph. Creating this poneglyph might also be (part of) the reason why Roger had his “timeskip” after reaching Raftel!

                That’s it, hope you guys think it makes sense and enjoyed it!

                *Theory by Arasys

                  The Greatest Struggle for Supremacy Begins!

                  *Click to Enlarge the Picture


                    Hi guys i gonna discuss Sanji’s papa Vinsmoke so brace yourself
                    Sanji first actual picture was released after Dressrosa so whoever took the photo must have took it on Punk Hazard or Dressrosa
                    As Sanji was disguised in Dressrosa it’s not possible to take a good picture hence it was taken on Punk Hazard
                    Most possible case is brokers of underworld took it
                    Most probable individual to be Sanji’s Father is 

                    Why? Because he is carrying a trident  

                    and Sanji is similar here

                    Don’t worry i have other reasons also

                    I belive Sanji’s dad has a Ushi Ushi no mi Model : Bull
                    Ushi Ushi no mi as other two variations also

                    1.Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe which Kaku has 

                    [​IMG] [​IMG]

                    2.Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison which Dalton has 


                    As u know Sanji’s Animal representation is Goat which is also symbolic to Satan


                    Take a look at this cover picture

                    The one with cigar represents Sanji’s father and other Goatlings his family

                    Another one

                    Because of this at first i was confused as the above is a Bison but it belong to same ushi ushi or ox ox devil fruit family
                    As u can see the Ox has same cigar in mouth and Sanji above has wine
                    Here’s another

                    Same here skull of a Ox and wine +smoke 

                    But why Bull ?
                    Because Oda gave another forshadow in Dressrosa

                    Fighting Bull is a gladiator competing at the Corrida Colosseum. He is nicknamed Ucy by Luffy, and renowned in the Colosseum as the Brutal Bull.

                    Hope u like it

                    *Theory by D kar