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Marineford AMV Bohemian Rhapsody

Awesome Video + Amazing Song = Epic AMV :3

    Laughter Style in ONE PIECE

    A curiosity in One Piece is represented by the strange laughters of the characters. We recall some of the most famous laughters in this picture:

    memelaugh2 va con memelaugh1

    Here is the full list of characters who laugh in different ways:

    Arlong: Shahahaha
    Bartolomeo: Hehahaha
    Bentham: Gaaaaahhahhaha
    Bobbin: Boyoyon
    Brogy: Gabababababa
    Brook: Yohohohoho
    Brownbeard: Uohhohho
    Buggy: Gyahahahaha
    Buhichuck: Buhibuhibuhibuhi
    Caesar Clown: Shurorororo
    Caribou: Kehihihihi
    Catarina Devon: Murunfuffuffu
    Chinjao: Hiyahoho
    Crocodile: Kuhahaha
    Dagama: Gamahahaha
    Daisy: Zahahahaha
    Dellinger: Kyahaha
    Demaro Black: Dohaha
    Diamante: Uhahahaha
    Donquixote Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu
    Dorry: Gegyagyagyagya
    Dracule Mihawk: Wahhahhahha/Kukukukuku
    Edward Newgate: Gurararara
    Emporio Ivankov: Mmmfufufu
    Enel: Yahahahaha
    Foxy: Fehfehfehfeh
    Franky: Uhahaha
    Fukuro: Chapapapapa
    Gekko Moriah: Kishishishishi
    Hamburg: Pupupupupu
    Hammond: Hamohamohamo
    Helmeppo: Hiehiehiehie
    Hiluluk: Eheheheheh
    Hody Jones: Jahahahaha
    Hogback: Fosfosfosfosfos
    Ikaros Much: Muhhihhi
    Indigo: Piropiropiro
    Jaguar D. Saul: Dereshishishi
    Jango: Uhyahyahya
    Jean Ango: Dededede
    Jeet: Shihahaha/Nihihihihi
    Jesus Burgess: Wiiiihahaha
    Kanjuro: Kakkakkah
    Kokoro: Nagagagaga
    Kureha: Heeheeheehee/Kahk Kahk Kahk/Eh eh eh eh
    Lao G: Fafafafa
    Machvise: Nihihihi
    Macro: Mohahahaha
    Marshall D. Teach: Zehahahaha
    Masira: Ookeekee
    Mjosgard: Susususususu
    Monkey D. Garp: Bwahahahaha/Wahahahaha
    Monkey D. Luffy: Shishishishi
    Millions and Billions: Kyahoo/Kahahahaha
    Miss Father’s Day: Geeerogerogerogero
    Miss Valentine: Kyahahahaha
    Mr. 7: Ohohohohohoh
    Neptune: Ho ho ho
    Nezumi: Chichichi
    Pica: Pikkya-pikkya-pikkyarara
    Perona: Horohorohoro
    Rolling Logan: Uhihihihi
    Sai : Kakakaka
    Sarkies: Pahahahaha
    Satori, Hotori and Kotori: Hoh hoh hooooo
    Scratchmen Apoo: Apapapapapa
    Shanks: Dahahahaha
    Shiki: Jihahahaha
    Spandam: Wahahahaha
    Tararan: A-a-a-a-a
    Tom: Tahahahaha
    Tony Tony Chopper: Eh eh eh/Hahahaha
    Trebol: Behehehehe
    Usopp: Mwahahah
    Vander Decken IX: Bahohoho
    Vasco Shot: Toputoputopu
    Wadatsumi: Fugufugufugu
    Wanze: Sa-sa-sa~~!
    Wapol: Maaahahahaha
    Yorki: Nuhahahaha
    Zodia: Gagagaga

    So, what’s your favourite laugh? Let us Know! 😀


      Last year, to celebrate ONE PIECE’s 15 years anniversary, it was announced the start of issuing a “ONE PIECE VISA CARD”.
      Initially, there were 2 designs available (Luffy or Chopper)

      Now, the One Piece VISA credit card also offers a Law-themed credit card.

        Oda and Toriyama in Cross Epoch(Open to read more)

        Cross Epoch is a one-shot Japanese manga collaboration by Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda. It’s a crossover between their respective masterpieces, Dragon Ball and One Piece.

        CURIOSITY con tutte le singole foto

        The story does not involve epic battles but consists of short scenes in which the characters, usually one of each series in pairs, interact together. Even if the characters here have roles different from usual they remain anyway faithful to themselves.

        In this manga Krillin and Chopper are conductors of a roller coaster

        Bulma and Nami are thieves

        Master Roshi and Sanji are police officers

        Vegeta(here with Nico Robin, Trunks and Usopp) has horns and is the captain of a pirate crew

        Piccolo is a swordsman as Zoro

        At last, here is Buggy with Emperor Pilaf

          Historical references: François L’Olonnais & Roronoa Zoro

          “If is the famous pirate François L’Ollonais the source of Zoro’s name? You got it. I took the name from François L’Ollonais, who was the cruelest of all the Caribbean Pirates” (Oda)



          Jean David Nau, better known as François L’Olonnais, was a French buccaneer, pirate and privateer. He was known as one of the cruelest pirates in the Caribbean Sea. He treated the region’s Spanish and native inhabitants with such savagery that many historians believe he was insane.
          With over 600 buccaneers and 8 ships he attacked the cities Maracaibo and Gibraltar in the Gulf of Venezuela. The city of Maracaibo was conquered easily and that left region wide open, easy for a devastation. When the buccaneers came to Maracaibo , they realized that a lot of townsfolk escaped, so they chased the fugitives throughout woods and brought them back. L’Ollonais was abominably torturing almost every citizen until they betray their friends and reveal hidden treasures . Some of them died in pain.
          After that, they landed near Gibraltar. The Citizens met same fate as the ones in Maracaibo . They were raped, tortured, murdered , and no one was spared. Some of them died without any particular reason, just for personal satisfaction. Almost whole town was burned.
          L’Ollonais conducted many treasure raids against Spanish possessions and was killed while attempting a raid, captured by the Indians who were on the Spanish side. His life finished like he perhaps deserved. He was cut into pieces and burned. Some rumor goes that he was eaten by cannibals.

            Top 5 Epic Moments

            Hi Guys, what’s your Top 5? Let Us Know! ^ ^

              ONE PIECE: more than 345 Million Copies in Print Worldwide!!!

              Even the New York Times celebrated this incredible record with the publishing of this full-page. *__*


                Love This

                ONE_PIECE_DECADE_ANNIVERSARY_by_e1n (1)

                  WHO IS THE MYSTERY WOMAN?

                  Oda has revealed that Sanji’s birth and early history is likely to be revealed or at least touched upon in 2016. Oda has been building up to this and within two of his colour spreads he has left us two massive hints as to somebody important in Sanji’s life.

                  Firstly, the cover page of chapter 784:


                  There is a blonde female zombie biting Sanji’s right shoulder.

                  Now the cover page of chapter 811:


                  The can that Sanji is holding has this same woman on the front of the branding. The legible words on there are ‘All women are g….’, something strongly related to Sanji’s lifestyle and ideology, this character clearly has a huge impact on Sanji’s life

                  As for deciphering who it is: they are a fully grown woman when they died/are a zombie in the first colour spread. She is also blonde, perhaps a blood relative such as an older sister, mother or aunt?

                  ‘These two women don’t look much alike’ or ‘it’s just a coincidence’ you say? Is it?


                  This coverpage which prossibly foreshadowed Jack has Luffy and Sanji wearing Gold ornaments, both have the faces of women on them. The time of Jack and 2016 are synonymous, so there may be more to this cover page than meets the eye

                  Here’s a possible bonus:


                  A crown on a woman… Is it possible Sanji really is royalty? The scarf Luffy uses on the snowman comprises of Yellow, Pink, Turquoise and Blue… the colours of the womans hair on the can that Sanji holds on the coverpage of chapter 811!

                  I personally think this woman is Sanji’s mother and the tragic figure in his background

                  *Theory by L o g i a