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Kaido’s Immortality

Whitebeard and Kaido-The Sentencer and the Sentenced

When we were first introduced to Kaido and his inability to die, many theories were created as to what his power might be. What keeps him from dying?

I remember reading people’s comments such as “he should just jump into the ocean” or “he should just eat more than one devil fruit.” And while at first I thought the fact that Kaido hadn’t tried either of these things was due more to plot convenience than anything else. But then another thought occurred to me: What if Kaido had already tried these things during his life?

Let’s talk about some things that we already know about Kaido that will be important to this theory:
1. Kaido murdered Moria’s entire crew as well as Momo’s parents
2. Kaido attempted to take on Whitebeard right before the Whitebeard war
3. Kaido has been given the death sentence repeatedly for his crimes

These points are important because they tell us that:
1. Kaido brazenly murders
2. Kaido had some reason to attack Whitebeard
3. Kaido has committed atrocities that many deem punishable by death

And now about Whitebeard:
1. According to Buggy, no one messes with the Whitebeard pirates for fear of angering Whitebeard
2. The other Yonko didn’t dare cross him, even in his old age and sickness
3. Whitebeard’s second division commander slot had been open for ages before Ace filled it

These points are important because they tell us that:
1. At some point, Whitebeard showed the world what happens to those who mess with the Whitebeard pirates
2. The Yonko wouldn’t cross Whitebeard due to more than just his reputation
3. Whitebeard had reservations about filling an empty slot in his crew, possibly due to pain of loss

And now, Kaido’s first words:

Many fans including me at first simply dismissed this statement as “Whitebeard did a good job by dying.” But many people in One Piece have died, why did Oda decide to have Kaido specifically chose to mention Whitebeard here?

Do you see where I’m going with this? I believe the story goes like this:

Kaido was a young, incredibly dangerous pirate who had dreams of claiming One Piece, and was making a reputation for himself at an alarming rate to the World Government. He made his name well known throughout the new world for his strength and brutality, through feats such ascrushing and murdering Gekko Moria’s entire crew. At some point, Kaido became cocky and decided to make a move for the One Piece, but of course, he would have to go through the King of the Sea, Whitebeard. Kaido made his first move by crushing Whitebeard’s second division and killing the second division commander. Enraged, Whitebeard unleashed his full wrath on Kaido and defeated him. It was a brutal battle that left both Whitebeard and Kaido permanently scarred, and in a final act of revenge, Whitebeard used his abilities as a Speaker of the Voice to sentence Kaido to an undying existence, and then cast him into the sea. As Kaido possessed a devil fruit, he was doomed to drown helplessly for eternity, without dying. The world was shocked and awed by the true wrath of Whitebeard, who had just crushed the strong young pirate for murdering a member of his crew. Kaido drifted at the bottom of the sea for months or even years before he was finally brought back up to shore by some person or some sea king (for whatever reason lol). Back to the surface, Kaido was delusioned and angry by his months/years of suffering and was left with suicidal tendencies. The world was terrified by the man who they all thought had been killed by Whitebeard making a reappearance (possibly by sinking prison ships). When Kaido was convinced that he could not die, he began to amass his power in the form of eating multiple Zoan-type devil fruits and gaining their abilities, earning him the name of Hundred Beasts Kaido, the man with many Zoan forms. Kaido never forgave Whitebeard for the curse that he placed upon him, and for this reason continuously had fits of rage towards Whitebeard,even attempting to take Whitebeard’s life before Marineford. With Whitebeard dead, Kaido was left with his undying body, and his dreams of claiming One Piece once reaffirmed.

I believe this would explain Kaido’s suicidal tendencies, why he actually hasn’t died from eating multiple devil fruits/drowning, the pirates of the worlds’ acknowledgement of Whitebeard even in old age, the fact that the Yonko dared not cross him, and even why in his old, sickened state that Whitebeard was still viewed as the strongest pirate on the sea, as he was a Speaker of the Voice.

But where did this ability come from? What is its overall purpose in the story?

*Theory by Saving Ace

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      Who has the most dangerous power?

        One Piece Legends – AMV

          Haoshoku Haki and its Users

          Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training. Only one in several million people have this ability. This type of Haki allows the user to exert their willpower over others. It is said that whoever possesses this type of Haki has the qualities of a king.


          This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage of it shown in the series so far is using it exert the user’s willpower onto those with weak wills and rendering them unconscious. Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting the others. However, those with stronger wills can resist or even ignore the effects of Haoshoku Haki. The ability to knock someone out depends on the difference in strength between the person using the Haki and the person or persons the user is trying to knock out. The greater the power gap, the easier it is to knock the victim out. According to Rayleigh, while this type of Haki cannot be attained through training, it can be improved upon through strengthening the will of the user. It seems that upon recovery, victims of Haoshoku Haki experience the sensation of chills running through their body. However, it presumably wears off after a short period. One can also use Haoshoku Haki to destroy things as seen by Shanks. When on Whitebeard’s ship Shanks was able to crack a part of the ship using his Haki.

          According to Trebol, Haoshoku Haki is proof of an individual who possesses the qualities of a king, a candidate chosen by heaven.[10]Indeed, most of the people who have been shown to possess Haoshoku Haki (aside from Luffy, Chinjao and the non-canon Naguri) share a royal position or epithet or attained some highly respected status, which indicate their dominating role:

          • Boa Hancock, also known as the Pirate Empress, is Amazon Lily’s ruler and a member of the Oka Shichibukai (Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea).
          • Donquixote Doflamingo is the former king of Dressrosa, a former member of the Oka Shichibukai, as well as a former World Noble.
          • Edward Newgate was one of the Yonko (Four Emperors).
          • Portgas D. Ace, being the son of the Pirate King, can metaphorically be considered a prince, and also misunderstood by the world at large that Whitebeard intended to make him the successor to the Pirate King. He was also the commander of the second division of Whitebeard’s fleet.
          • Shanks is one of the Yonko.
          • Silvers Rayleigh has the epithet of “Dark King”. He was also the right-hand of the late Pirate King.

          While this is shown to be a very rare gift among the world as a whole, it is noted by Don Chinjao that the New World is filled with numerous others who possess the ability to use this Haki. He explains that Luffy will most certainly encounter them and fight them for the title of Pirate King.


            IS MORIA ALIVE?

            I think everyone knows the answer to this one. Yes, obviously. He disappeared from Doflamingo’s sight when he was about to kill him. Obvious Absalom intervention is obvious. Just for the sake of completeness, I will put the particular manga panel that describes the event here.

            Moria vanished


            Oda also basically confirmed this in the SBS, so it’s just a matter of when Moria returns.

            Just to make a point, about the not-so-subtle foreshadowing by Doflamingo of Moria resurrecting himself somehow AS a Zombie. It could happen, but I’m not that worried about it because I don’t think it influences his impact on the story much, just a new powerup. Now unto why I made this thread.


            Theoretically, he could be anywhere, but this is where I think Moria is.

            Hiding in and out of Plain sight


            Yes, I believe Moria managed to hide himself by turning a portion of an island invisible. And yes, the implication I’m making is that Absalom, somehow awakened after his defeat by Sanji and is now capable of turning much larger areas invisible with his fruit and maybe even leaving them invisible whether he is there or not. He is sheltering Moria and working alongside him.



            Before, Moria was making a zombie army with the intention to use their power to take over the New World. But really, Moria’s army was pretty weak. Dead bodies, just don’t hack it. What if Moria, found a way to use shadows to push into a living person AND take over their consciousness at the same time. Almost like rewriting who they are as people. Then Moria could take strong people, make augmentations on them and control them. The first victim of this has been revealed. He is…

            Moria’s first calamity.


            Now notably about Edward Weevil, he does share a lot of prominent similarities to a zombie, namely the visible stitch marks. A full ring around his neck and left arm, make me believe that he has been in some kind of body augmentation surgery recently. However, Moria isn’t making his new army out of dead bodies. Rotting muscles and flesh are limited in what they can do and I believe Moria realizes this now.

            I believe Edward Weevil is just as he seems. A retard, with a really strong body who through a Shadow possession and Hogback surgery, Moria has made strong enough to earn 480 million bounty. In other words, Edward Weevil is one of Moria’s new weapons and the world doesn’t know it. And I don’t think Weevil knows it either. It’s probably easier to control the person if their willpower or general cognitive function is highly impaired. It can’t be perfect though because their soul is still inside which is why we have Miss Bakkin.


            Her job is to reinforce the brain washing and keep the living zombie on mission and not let the old personality resurface. In other words, these beings will move in pairs. One for power, one for guidance.
            The clue comes from Miss Bakkin’. Money. You need funds to secure infantry, weaponry and supplies. I believe Moria created Weevil but he’s also not foolish enough this time to think one secret weapon will take over the world. He needs an army of super powerful individuals and he’s building towards that. The remnants of the Whitebeard pirates are easy pickings comparatively speaking to an active Younkou’s ally. Not speaking of course about Marco as they are gonna be difficult, but the many allied crew, all 47 of them, should be significantly more exposed. But I think there is another reason why Weevil is “Whitebeard’s son”.I believe that is the personality that was put into him. Yes, Weevil was possessed by the shadow of the REAL Son of Whitebeard, who Moria has managed to capture and keep prisoner while he uses his zombie to wreak havoc on the New World.
            Now there are some interesting similarities between another characters just introduced. Namely Weevil and Jack. I believe this is intentional. We know Moria is connected to Kaidou. He lost against him and he definitely must know who Jack and the other calamities are. Basically, I believe Weeble’s body structure is based on Jack’s. Moria is basically creating his own group of disasters like Kaidou has.
            The whole point of this strategy is to keep the Government and the other NW Pirates off Moria’s scent. By constantly revealing big information of the movement of pirates around the NW, he makes sure everyone’s attention is focused on the latest big thing that happened, not on what he might be doing. A genius idea really.

            I also believe with Absalom’s awakening, he might have an army of people armed with invisible cloaks or something he created that allows them to shadow the movements of the big pirates. It’s how he managed to get info on the PH alliance so easily. As for the Kidd Alliance, I believe Kidd’s alliance has a mole, who is already working with Moria.


            His name is Scratchmen Apoo. I believe Apoo will play a big role in the Return of Moria arc. For two reason. It was he after all who was seen coming across that invisible island. But also, Brooke is heavily tied to Moria. He was introduced there so if we have a return of Moria arc, it would make sense for Brooke to have his time to shine during that arc, and what better way than to put music based antagonists in Brooke’s way.

            Kidd wanted to know how the information leaked. Recall this panel.

            Moria’s moves


            Now we see the dialogue boxes pointing to the island and not the ship, so what random ship is that? It’s a Thriller Bark ship, leaving Kidd’s hideout. With Absa and his followers behind, after gathering information. It was Apoo who led them to Kidd’s base. He’s working with Moria, I assume to eventually double cross them if they do succeed in taking down Shanks. That’s the idea anyways.

            What’s more important is Absalom is probably using his articles to get a little closer to the government. And get more information on them as well. I’m sure Moria isn’t pleased they tried to kill him. He’d be after them too.


            Moria, in a stroke of genius, has erased himself from the world, while simultaneously pulling strings and making moves. And he’s only just beginning. When we see Moria again, he will have a formidable fighting unit and tonnes of information on both the New World and the Government to help him.

            You ask the question, who is most poised to take over the Black Market after Doflamingo’s defeat? Buggy? Or has Moria already made the moves and no one has realized yet. Wouldn’t that be something for Moria to rise to such power?

            *Theory by TheConqueror

              Have you noticed it before? What do you guys think?


                They die smiling :'(

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                  Why Whitebeard is a Paramecia

                  D: Hello, Oda-sensei! I have a question. Is Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, a Logia or a Paramecia? I personally think he’s Logia, since he took Aokiji’s attack without turning to ice, but…? P.N. NY


                  O: I guess that’s difficult. The answer is Paramecia. “Gura Gura no mi” is said to be the most powerful of the many paramecia fruits. It’s easy to think that he’s an “Earthquake Human” and must be Logia, but if that was so, he’d have to become an earthquake himself. Whitebeard creates earthquakes, in other words he’s a “Vibration Human”. That means he’s a Paramecia who isn’t any weaker than the Logias.

                    THE 7 LUCKY GODS OF FORTUNE

                    Welcome back to a quick theory for your entertainment.

                    Some time ago, I stumbled upon the 7 Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune and the Heavenly Kings. Surprisingly, they bare some similarities to One Piece characters and I believe they were one of the inspirations for the said characters.

                    Hotei is the fat and happy god of abundance and good health.

                    This is Monkey D. Garp

                    Fukurokuji is the god of happiness, wealth and longevity.

                    This is Don Chinjao and his design is even based off Fukurokuji.

                    Jurojin is the god of long life. He is also known as the Old Man of the South Pole and is often mistaken as Fukurokuji.

                    This is Dr. Vegapunk(Vegapunk is from a winter island and most likely has a long head…no jokes please)

                    Benzaiten is the goddess knowledge, art and beauty.

                    This is Tsuru.

                    Daikokuten is the god of wealth, commerce and trade. He is also the god of thieves. Daikokuten is often paired with the lucky god Ebisu.

                    This is Scopper Gaban. Gaban means “thief” or “to steal” and was shown with someone we all know.

                    Ebisu is the god of fishers and merchants. He is often paired with the lucky god Daikokuten.

                    This is Crocus.

                    Bishamonten is the god of warriors. Bishamonten is also called Tamonten “listening to many teachings” because he is seen as the guardian of the places where the Buddha preaches. He was also a punisher of evildoers – a view that is at odds with the more pacifist Buddhist king.

                    This is Silvers Rayleigh. In contrast to the lovable Roger(the people that knw him), Rayleigh was the more serious “Dark King” and “Lord of the Underworld.”

                    Bishamonten was also one of the 4 Heavenly Kings.

                    Bishamonten as a heavenly king is called “Virupaksa.”

                    Virupaksa which means “he who sees all”, his symbolic weapon is a snake or red cord that is representative of a dragon. As the eye in the sky, he sees people who do not believe in Buddhism and converts them.

                    This is 1oo Beast Kaidou.

                    Vaisravana means “he who hears all.”

                    This is Gol D. Roger.

                    Virudhaka means “he who causes to grow” and causes the good growth of roots.

                    This is Sengoku(praying to Buddha bring health and growth to crops).

                    Dhrtarastra means “he who upholds the realm.” He is harmonious and compassionate and protects all beings. Uses his music to convert others to Buddhism.

                    This is Edward Newgate.

                    *Theory by Vandenreich