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Sanji’s Haki

It was stated by Luffy that Sanji possesses Haki, when discussing it in the context of members of his crew who could fight Caesar Clown, a Logia user. Since Law was referring to the ability to coat themselves in armor, it confirms Sanji as a Busoshoku Haki user. However, Sanji did not actively display any of these abilities until the Punk Hazard Arc when searching for Kin’emon’s body using Kenbunshoku Haki.

Although it is unknown if he can use it, Sanji does know about Haoshoku Haki, something he (along with the rest of the crew) had not shown any knowledge of during the first half of the series. He, along with Zoro, has commented on Luffy’s ability to passively knock out half of Hody’s men, noting that he actually possesses it. It was also hinted at during the Fishman Island Arc, that both he and Zoro possess Kenbunshoku Haki when asked by Luffy if the pair could sense a “wild animal” in the Ryugu Palace, which they both answered that they could.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki is Sanji’s speciality concerning Haki. When helping Kin’emon recover his torso from within the lake on Punk Hazard, Sanji actively used Kenbunshoku Haki in order to locate the samurai’s torso within the dark water. Sanji seems to be really proficent using this kind of Haki, as being able to perceive Tashigi being beaten by Vergo despite the long distance between them, detect a sniper at a 16 mts. rooftop and act before him, finding the Thousand Sunny (with some of their crewmates aboard) in the middle of the sea or even to tell people’s true intentions the first time they meet (as with Kin’emon or Viola). He was also able to sense Nekomamushi’s aura from within Capone Bege’s body during the Zou Arc.


    Hi everybody,
    I will try to speak about a “theory” I made, and the ideas I had about.
    I’m not a big fan of the word “foreshadow” because everyone sees foreshadows everywhere.
    But, I think that the Sanji’s abilities are revealed by his fights he had and he will have, let me explain. :yaaa:

    0 – Incomplete fights

    Before to start the main idea :
    The unfinished fights Sanji had that I will not speak about in this theory are

    Gin The Man Demon 
    Vergo The Demon Bamboo 

    Doflamingo The Heavenly Demon

    (notice that these 3 people have the word “demon” in their nickname… :eek:)
    And I don’t include Kalifa and Violet. It wasn’t a fight for me because Sanji will never kick a woman and doesn’t accept to fight against them.

    1 – Pearl – Diable Jambe

    The Iron Wall

    He’s the first one Sanji fought. Even if it’s Gin who defeated Pearl, the main fight was versus Sanji, and Sanji was leading the dance. Pearl was using fire, and Sanji was not affraid of that.


    Then, during Enies Lobby’s arc, Sanji shows us the famous Diable Jambe, made of fire.
    Until now he is able to embraze his two legs, even his whole body.


    2 – Kuroobi – Blue Walk


    He is a fishman, third man of Arlong and was the enemy of Sanji during Arlong Park’s arc. Very strong, able to fight in water, most of the fight was under water, and Sanji showed a good ability to stay during a long time in water.


    Then, after the time-skip, Sanji showed the ability to use the Blue Walk, and swim very fast in water as a fishman.


    3 – Bentham- Okama Kenpo


    During Alabasta’s arc, Sanji fought against this guy. He was the first Okama, and the first one to use the Okama Kenpo.
    During the time-skip, Sanji fought against every okama and probably learned Okama Kenpo Legs techniques.
    he had to fight the 99 Okama fighters. He even had a fight with Emporio Ivankov the Okama Queen.
    For now, he never used okama-leg techniques but maybe he will unlock it and stop being ashamed of what he learned.


    4 – Jerry – Jao Kun Do (?)


    This point is more a speculation than a fact.
    Jerry is a member of CP6 and had a quick fight with Sanji who One-Shot him straight away.
    Jerry was using a boxing martial-art from Karate Island in South Blue.

    The thing is Sanji will never (or very rarely) use his hands to fight.
    BUT the interesting thing is here is that Jerry has very long legs. I think he can be (not sure) a man from the Long-Leg Tribe.

    From them, we recently saw Blue Gilly using the Jao Kun Do.
    As Sanji is using many martial arts techniques with his legs, I speculate that he will use this panel of abilities soon. Maybe he will learn it from Blue Gilly or maybe in a fight against the Baron Tamago (long-leg tribe) during the Tea Party.


    5 – Wanze – Newkama Kenpo : 99 Recipes


    This fight was also very short. Wanze was the first spiral-guy that Sanji transformed physically.
    He was using the Ramen Kenpo. Sanji was disgusted by him wasting food in a battle.
    But I think that this fight was a foreshadow that Sanji will use food during fights in a different way : Newkama Kenpo.
    During the time-skip, Sanji has to beat the Okama to learn the 99 Recipes of Newkama Kenpo.
    I think most of the recipes will consist to make him more fast/strong/tough, something like a vitality energy.

    So the good news are that Sanji will have to show 98 Recipes (he used one during Punk Hazard’s arc).

    The n°99.

    We saw Iva using Newkama Kenpo during Impel Down, his most powerful technique showed was “Newkama Style: Aesthetic Art #44 Secret Technique – Dream-Strike-Condemn-Reverse Fist“.


    So, more it’s close to Zero, more it’s powerful. It means, Sanji showed the weakest recipe during PH, he has to show 98 others recipes techniques.
    (Speculation : I think his most powerful recipe will be the 100th : the n°0).

    6 – Jyabura – Rokushiki


    Jyaburja is the third powerful member of the CP9. He was mastering the 6 techniques of the Rokushiki.
    He was a master of Tekkai. But he also uses Geppo, Shigan, Rankyaku, Soru and Kami-e.

    After the time-skip, Sanji showed the Sky Walk which is his personal Soru. (Blue Walk is the Soru under water).


    His Diable Jambe Spectre is quite similar to Rankyaku.
    He will master it and will be able to send fire with distance.


    I think Sanji will master the Tekkai (mixed with Armament Haki it could be great), the Shigan (with feets), and Kami-e.
    Also this theory about Rokushiki fits the hypothesis than his father is linked with CP0 from any way and could be a master or Rokushiki.

    7 – Absalom – Invisibility

    Absalom of the Graveyard

    This guy was the man Sanji fought during Thriller Bark’s arc. He ate the power that Sanji always wanted : the Suke Suke No Mi. To be invisible.
    Sanji said it in a comedic way, but I think that the invisibility could really a future ability of Sanji, very useful in battle and which fits with his personnality : assassin, spy, hidden guy, etc.

    How ?
    Sanji will be very very fast, and will become invisible for his adversaries. (like the ninja techniques in Naruto).
    he will have a special technique to be very fast and become invisible, maybe as kind of illusions (like Iva did).

    8 – Duval – Poisoned Weapon


    Duval was OS by Sanji. He was the second guy to have spirals in his face who Sanji met. Even if this guy is a gag, he was maybe a foreshadow for many things around Sanji :
    – masked and hidden (Iron Mask) -> Killer who could probably be linked to Sanji (maybe not brother but mixed with Sanji simply).
    – said cursed when he was a baby (spiral eyebrow ?)
    – Bounty fake, now it’s coming serious with all he plot about the Vinsmoke.
    – Poisoned weapon.

    Duval wasn’t a great fighter but was using a harpoon gun, the harpoons were poisoned.


    Since we know that Sanji is from an assassin’s family, he knows how to use weapons. Against Capone’s crew, he showed that he was very confident to use guns and fire weapons. So I think, he could use once (not often) a poisoned weapon.

    Also, poisoned weapon makes me think to this guy.

    Sir CrocodileHe is using a poisoned hook. He is (I think) linked to Germa 66 and Capone (so to Sanji).
    It will be not a surprise if Sanji uses once a poisoned weapon.
    Crocodile might also reappear during the Tea Party’s arc because he is based on the character Candyman


    9 – Wadatsumi – Anger


    So, I don’t know if this pattern works again in the New World, but I think it could be.
    Wadatsumi maybe doesn’t fit because he was the enemy of Sanji and Jinbe…. But Sanji was the one to finish him.
    So basically, Wadatsumi was becoming stronger and bigger with his Anger. He was red and very angry.

    (also notice that Wadatsumi is the only one who didn’t suffer of oldness after taking the pills).

    I think Sanji could have a special mode made with his anger. The Anger is the Sin of Satan himself. Sanji has references with the Devil very often, and was completely burning two times.
    I think he will have some epic mode built from his anger and will become like a berserk.
    He could be a real devil.


    For now that it’s the real fights we saw about Sanji.

    10 – Sanji others new abilities and future fights

    In plus of Rokushiki, Jao Kun Do, Newkama Kenpo like I said, Sanji has to master his Observation’s Haki and his speed. He also has to become better with Armament Haki (leg broken against Vergo).

    About his future fights, he will I think fight these guys :



    “Defeat in your future”Sanji wasn’t only speaking about Luffy’s victory, but also his own victory.
    Enel is a master of speed and Observation Haki. And Sanji isn’t affraid to be burned right now. :cool:
    He’s “God”. Sanji is the “Devil”.




    This fight is sure and waited since a long time.
    He’s the more fast of the manga with his light (Kuma is something else than “fast”).
    This fight will be one of the most epic.



    Jesus Burgess

    I think he will eat the Mythical Zoan Phoenix of Marco.
    He has strong Armament Haki and Jump ability, and he looks very resistent. Also he starts to know the fire of Ace/Sabo, so he will not fear the fire of Sanji.
    He wil be the good fighter for Sanji : fly, fire, longevity, strength, defense.
    Jesus vs Satan ?

    Alright, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

    *Theory by Zero Zero No Mi


      This is gonna be a pet project of mine where I make a detailed analysis of what technique(s) in the One Piece world is perfect for one individual character at a time. Looking at things such as fixing weaknesses in a character’s fighting style, theorizing on potential abilities the user is not tapping into with their DF etc. All in an effort to try and get as close to the max potential for a character and things we may see being used by these characters when they reappear.

      The Strawhats have been done to death, and I will do one of them every once and awhile (Probably not the DF users too much) but just in honour of the Year of Sanji that is on the horizon, I would like to start with the badass martial artist of the crew. Don’t expect many strawhats after the first few that I want to talk about, because like I said, they have been done to death. Alright that’s enough intro let’s get to it.



      Sanji, the awesome kick fighter of the crew. Master of the Black Leg Style, and creator of the Diable Jamble technique, Sanji imo has always been a cool character who hasn’t reached his full potential yet. With the Year of Sanji on the way, that may start to change so he can finally reach levels where he can take on Kizaru at the end of the series, because that would be awesome.


      1. Black Leg Style :- A strong 100% kick based fighting style that is designed to protect the user’s hands from fighting to prevent damage. Primarily to allow the user to be a chef.
      2. Diable Jamble :- Using high speed rotation to create friction that builds up heat around the focal point, adding fire and heat to the user’s normal technique. Perfect for breaking through Tekkai. I’ll get into why later.
      3. Haki :- Will specialize in Observation according to Oda, so that’s guaranteed to be his strongest colour. Will have armaments as well.
      4. Speed :- Probably the fastest member at base, with only Luffy surpassing using Gears.
      5. Geppou :- Learned skill from CP9
      6. General superhuman stats to varying degrees in all other areas.​


      1. Lacking in durability a tad, as seen when Vergo almost broke his leg.
      2. Lacking in physical power comparatively speaking when compared to the other members of the Monster Trio
      3. Still inexperienced with haki
      4. Lack of ranged attacks, very close quarter oriented fighter.

      I think this is a huge clue as to the type of final antagonists Sanji will face. He either faces someone who uses a unique type of martial arts, such as Kurobo(Fishman Karate), Jyabura(Tekkai Kenpo), Wanze (Ramen Kenpo), Bon Clay(Okama Kenpo) or he faces someone who has a really strong armour/body, Pearl(Iron armour) or Absalom(Animal skin body).

      Pearl in particular foreshadowed a LOT of Sanji’s current techniques and he’s easy to forget because of how long ago he was. He even had a technique that cloaked himself in fire. He may be foreshadowing my matchup with a Diamond fruit using Burgess at the end of the series. Yet another precious stone that can be used. So now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the skills that Sanji will pick up
      that are perfectly crafted to assist him.


      This is the martial arts version of the air slash that swordsmen use. And it is unique way of Oda giving martial artists, ranged techniques. This technique in particular is pretty essential for Sanji’s fighting style. It gives him range, and he specifically can draw even greater potential out of this move than we have seen so far because his entire fighting style is focused on his legs. He may already have the capability to use this technique.

      What makes this technique particularly deadly in the hands of Sanji is Diable Jamble. Could he create a flaming kick slash? That is the question. On the surface the answer is no. To ignite the air requires a ridiculously hot heat source and one that is constantly producing heat.

      We all want Sanji to get hotter, but spinning more, or spinning faster will never get you there. Friction is a very labour intensive way to generate heat. The more friction, the more heat that is lost to the surroundings. In fact, it is a very inefficient way. So even if Sanji were to spin a lot faster, initially he may gain some heat, but he’ll lose it just as fast. Not just to the friction, but also to the temperature gradient he would be creating between his leg (the source) and the atmosphere around him.
      The hotter something is, the faster it loses heat to its environment.

      Therefore, Sanji’s current method of generating Diable Jamble will eventually be antiquated, incapable of developing any further beyond its max point. And I’d say, not efficient enough heat wise to creating a flaming Rankyaku.


      However, as for basic Rankyaku, I’d expect Sanji to be able to pull that off in his sleep.
      So we have out first likely technique.



      Diable Jamble is an amazing technique. And its usefulness is largley overshadowed by the fire aspect. But where Diable really shines is transfer of thermal energy. Heat, is basically measured by how much motion is ongoing in a body of matter.

      That’s why thermal durability is in many ways more impressive than physical durability. To be resistant to heat, one’s own molecules have to resist absorbing thermal energy from any heat source. Naturally, bodies made of flesh don’t have such impressive qualities. It’s why Diable Jabmle ate through Tekkai like butter, as that technique is the physical reinforcement of the body through extreme tensing. But Diable Jamble transfers thermal energy to its target, giving the atoms more energy that they have to move around more, forcibly undoing the tension Tekkai created. This is probably one of my favourite powerups any Strawhat has ever had it’s awesome.

      However, in light of the activation limitations I outlined above, if Sanji is gonna reach a higher level of Diable Jamble, he will probably need to create a new way to activate the technique that doesn’t involve friction against the environment in any capacity (air or water). The best way would be somehow to generate the heat internally and let it radiate outwards. (Well the best way is to get some kind of DF, but I’m not going there. I don’t think anyone thinks Sanji is gonna get a DF). So how does Sanji create more intense heat for his Diable Jamble? The answer was just revealed in the recent Dressrosa Arc.


      The practitioners of Hasshoken have a remarkable technique. Technically, it’s not even remotely possible physically without destroying yourself. What they have done, is learned to oscillate their molecules around a fixed position without losing form to such a high degree that they can can produce vibrational waves, that radiate outwards and cause the molecules of rigid objects like metal, to fracture and fall apart.

      Anything that doesn’t oscillate well internally is likely to fall apart under the strain of these waves. In many ways it’s brilliant and might be the coolest martial arts in the series, behind Rokushiki. At least imo.
      But what does this have to do with Diable Jamble? Vibrations. Vibrations don’t only produce force, high enough vibration produce HEAT.

      If you think about it, heat is just the sensation produced by the motion of atoms of matter. Furthermore, heat is really impossible without two things; Matter and Motion. By vibrating, Sanji could completely change his Diable Jamble activation. He won’t have to spin at all. He’d just have to vibrate his leg and it will heat up, much more evenly and less wasteful as well. And he could keep the vibrations going at will, so he won’t be constantly losing heat with Diable Jamble after he activates it. After all, once the friction is done, the technique only last a short while after.

      With this skill, and using it in his own way, Sanji will actually be able to achieve higher levels of heat, as he’d be able to produce a steady ignition source at all times so long as he could keep the vibrations going. While at the same time, when not needed, just adding vibrations to his regular Diable Jamble adds another layer of penetration that makes his attacks deadly.

      This also gives Sanji a unique way of breaking down even the toughest of defenses. Through constant pressuring with attacks imbued with both heat and molecular vibration, every time his kick hits an object it becomes progressively weaker and will be almost guaranteed to fall apart. A full course of Sanji cooking.

      This martial art is thus perfect for giving Sanji the skill to ascend to even greater heights both in his fighting techniques as well as haki. I’m 100% sure he will gain this skill.



      How hot can Sanji then go with technique? How hot does he need to go? It’s an interesting question. But it depends the opponents he will face. If he has to beat Diamond, he would need to go past 3550 degrees celsius. In perspective the surface of the sun is around 5500 degrees celsius, so he’s not far off at that stage.

      It would be amazing to see Sanji reach the temperature of the sun and melt the ground and shit as he walks. The sky is the limit. What we have to balance however is how does he avoid hurting himself with these techniques? Well, the only option is Armament haki, but special clothes may also end up being necessary depending how hot he goes to. We know that Marigold used her haki to protect her while she set herself on fire, so we can only guess haki would be involved in protection from the heat for Sanji.

      Just a note on Sanji’s haki. Oda has taken the fun out of speculating on this area by basically confirming Sanji will specialize in CoO, which is great because that was my prediction all the way back during the break after chapter 597. To fight Kizaru however, Sanji’s speed needs to be absurd. Observation can only take you so far.


      It’s simple, Sanji has to find a way to use his immense leg strength to push the boundaries of some speed technique to a new level to take on Kizaru. Soru being the number one candidate with it’s acceleration technique of kicking the ground over 10 times in an instant. But what if you pushed that number even further. 20+, 50+ 100+ times at the starting moment could produced speeds well beyond what Soru does.

      On the other end of the spectrum it could be something new entirely, that doesn’t use kicks. Maybe some kind of muscular manipulation technique that produces one big burst instead of multiple rapid ones. Like Urouge’s bulk up or Lao G’s cellular energy store thingamajig. Maybe this technique will be bolstered by Fighting Cuisine and strengthen the body to store that kind of energy. Either way, Sanji will likely be the fastest non DF user in the world by the end of the series. Which is mighty fine and I can’t wait to see it.


      So we have CP9 techniques, with Hasshoken, and haki and new heat techniques all wrapped up into one. I’m sure you can tell I didn’t bother going in depth into things like Haki because it felt obvious to me at least where these skills were heading. It’s also too universal, you could lap it on anyone. Alternatively, I focused on the likekly more unique skills Sanji would end up acquiring.

      Now we have all of compiled, what are you ideas on what skills Sanji will develop?

      *Theory by TheConqueror

        Who took this picture? :-)

        who took this picture lol


          Hi guys, this is my theory on Sanji, Hell Incarnate, and the links he shares with the biblical underworld, its ruler Satan and how this will effect the story of One Piece. Of course, there are several interpretations of the bible, so there may be varying degrees of accuracy depending on which edition you’ve read or are familiar with, if you are indeed Christian.

          As we know, in Thriller Bark, Sanji made an incredibly bold statement to Kuma, when Zoro made his sacrifice to save the Strawhat crew.


          Now, Sanji, the most feared amongst the Marines? Moreso than Zoro and Luffy? That doesn’t seem right… But trust me, this is very much a truthful statement, it’s just not clear to us yet.

          So, one of the primary and most obvious links with Satan and Hell is his use of Fire. Specifically, Diable Jambe and Hells Memories. Diable Jambe translates to “Devil Leg”. Diable Jambe was first introduced as a gift from the Devil, and compared to spices. He then later labels it as the destructive power of the Devil


          Hells Memories is also a heavy fire based and Hell-linked technique of Sanjis. A level up from Diable Jambe, Hells Memories specifically relates to Hell as a whole, or rather, a large portion of Hell, as I will explain later. Sanji, igniting himself fully on fire, is invoked by his memories of immense torture, having been stranded on his version of Hell on Earth.


          It is notable that Satan is often portrayed to be enveloped in flames

          But what about the other portions of Hell that I mentioned? Have they not come to fruition yet? Well, the answer is no. They haven’t. Yet…

          There is one place in the One Piece world that is commonly referred to as “Hell”, many sections of this place also have the name “Hell” in their title. This is Impel Down, and it is very strongly linked to the Christian Underworld in the Bible as well as the Greek underworld. Impel Down has 6 floors and Hell has 6 areas. The 6 floors of impel down are Crimson Hell (level 1), Wild Beast Hell (level 2), Starvation Hell (level 3), Blazing Hell (level 4), Freezing Hell (level 5) and Eternal Hell (level 6). These areas portray six different features of Hellish punishment in the bible, although it never states there are different levels of punishment, it’s quite clear there are. Level 1 is very similar to the Incontinence level of Hell, in which the punished are simply treated with pain, whether this be by beating, piercing or battle. The Violence section of Hell is similar to level 2, as the beast called Geryon blocks the path to the third section, the basilisk also lays in wait here, keep in mind this is a massive parallel with One Piece:

          [​IMG] [​IMG]

          This part is also strongly related to the Greek Underworld. Especially as in Impel Down, the Sphinx is what allowed/caused Buggy and Luffy to descend to Level 3, the story of the Sphinx is one of plagues and famines over the city of Thebes. Level 3 also has great significance as it parallels the Malebolge section of Hell, in which sufferers would face eternal starvation in intense heat. Level 4 and the Treachery or Caina zone, is the stereotypical Hell we know about, with flames blazing everywhere, too hot and volcanic for normal humans. Level 5 bares shocking resemblance with Cocytus, the last small section before the bottom of Hell. Cocytus is a freezing and icy landscape. Lastly, Lucifer is like Level 6, not to be confused with King Lucifer, is the deepest realm in Hell, nobody knows what happens in there.

          Now, why does this matter? Well, so far, Sanji has shown abilities paralleling these floors, in said order. Firstly, when fighting Wanze, he used Kitchen Knives, paralleling Crimson Hell.


          Then, he became a “hunter” against Jyabura, who was compared to a Beast, paralleling Wild Beast Hell.

          He proceeded to use flames and intense heat within the same fight against Jyabura. This parallels Starvation Hell.


          His flames became more intense, powerful and of a far grander scale when he used Hells Memories against Wadatsumi, paralleling Blazing Hell.


          There are still two more levels to go. Freezing Hell and Eternal Hell. Interestingly enough, there’s already been an Ice reference to Satan in the Manga. Many people argue that Brook is Hell Incarnate, but I believe he’s simply a smaller reference to what Sanji is to become. Brooks new Ice technique, known as “Satan Soul”

          This shows us the association between Satan and Ice. I believe Oda will take this further and give Sanji an Ice leg opposite to his Diable Jambe.

          Don’t you find it strange how Sanji’s only ever used Diable Jambe on his right leg?

          [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

          Punk Hazard also shows the right half of the Island to be embezzled in Flames while the left half of the Island is frozen over


          To continue with the hellish themes of Sanji, his next powerup will be an Ice Leg. This still has food connotations, as Ice is used in beverages, to cool or prepare food as well as maintain it while in storage. So the logic of Sanji using spice to make fire can apply to use ice in a similar fashion. I therefore believe Sanji will be able to use Ice on his left leg and it will be used in a similar way to Kuzan, making it spread contagiously and cause extreme longlasting pain, making it perhaps more deadly than Fire.

          Now then, why is Sanji basically like Satan? He isn’t a D and therefore isn’t Gods natural enemy. So how is he represented by the King of Hell? Well, the story goes that Satan was Gods greatest Angel, having gotten too full of himself, he challenged God, wanting to become the new Deity of the universe, having lost the fight, he was punished to rule the underworld for eternity. Essentially, Satan is a fallen angel. And Sanji too is a fallen angel. How do we know this?

          Well, the Gods of One Piece only want Sanji Alive:


          Due to his history and circumstances, Mister Prince is only wanted alive. There are many theories about Sanji being a Tenryuubito descendent or a lost Prince, all of them are plausible, but this only backs up and strengthens the possibility.

          Sanji has also fought God and lost (funnily enough, Satan was defeated by a strike of lightning). Sanji is also a fallen Angel having descended from the heavens above.


          To conclude, now what we know that Sanji is like a de facto Satan, the statement that he will be the most feared member of the Strawhats is slowly going to unfold and become true. Sanji will be able to use Ice in the future as well.

          *Theory by L o g i a

            SANJI’S NEW POWER UP

            Okay guys I think we can all agree that Sanji has something up his sleeve that will help him catch up to the insane power we’ve seen Luffy and Zoro display. There have been many theories as to what it is and I’ve had my own theory in my head for about a year so I decided I’d give my two cents.

            First I’ll discuss what the technique is:
            We’ve seen Oda draw from different mythologies for ideas and my theory has to do with Christian Mythology, specifically the works of Dante and his Inferno. First let’s talk about his current power up.


            Diable Jambe is French for Devil leg and involves fire based attacks which makes sense because when you think of the Devil you think of hell and fire. Some of Sanji’s new attacks draw inspiration from this idea and the fact that he just spent 2 years in his own personal hell of Okama land.

            So now that that’s been established lets go back to Dante. Anybody who’s ever read Inferno(or seen the Impel Down Arc for that matter) will know that fire and brimstone isn’t all there is to Hell. The lowest level of Hell is actually a frozen wasteland saved for the worst sinners in history. Brutus, Judas, and even Satan himself are imprisoned in ice there.


            So fire isn’t the only thing associated with Hell and Satan. You also have ice.
            I believe that Sanji unlocked Diable Jambe back at Enies Lobby because he was going through the Hell of losing his friends. Then during the timeskip Sanji descended into another level of Hell(as he had now lost all of his friends and was stranded in the worst possible place he could imagine) and discovered the ability to use a freezing leg to attack.
            I believe this new technique would be called Cocyte Jambe, Cocyte is French for Cocytus which is the name of the frozen lake in which Satan is trapped.

            Now I’ll discuss the nature of this new power-up.
            First is how he’ll activate it
            I think the way he would activate it would be similar to how he activates Diable Jambe. He will begin to spin at incredibly high speeds but instead of creating friction for his down leg, he will extend his other leg which will in turn cause his foot to spin much faster because of centrifugal force. This speed will have the wind blowing at it so fast that the air will get colder and his leg will start to freeze over(One Piece physics everybody). This will create an icy shell around his leg which he will attack with.

            The advantages of having an icy leg would first be that all of his attacks would be extremely cold and would partially freeze his enemies. Also his leg would now be much harder because it is covered in ice which will add more power to each kick.

            Having the option of fire or ice to attack with will give Sanji greater versatility as he may face opponents who can handle the heat but not the cold and vice versa. As far as power goes, on its own it would be just as powerful as Diable. The real power comes when he uses them together. One leg each.

            Now you’re probably thinking that if he used them together then it would just even out the temperature and make it less effective. That’s if he used them at the exact same time. Now if he used them back to back with slight intervals, that’s a different story. I’ll explain

            The Characteristics of life are as follows:
            composed of one or more cells
            undergo metabolism
            maintain homeostasis
            can grow
            respond to stimuli
            can reproduce
            through evolution, adapt to their environment in successive generations

            Now pay attention to homeostasis
            If you took the time to read that then good for you, if not, I’ll summarize.
            Homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. Examples of homeostasis include the regulation of temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity. It is a process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.

            If Sanji were to kick an enemy with a fiery leg and burn him, then before the body can react to the heat he kicks him with a freezing foot and and freezes the burned tissue then that tissue is now much more damaged than it would have been had he just burned it or just freezed it. When you get a burn or frostbite you are supposed to slowly and steadily return that tissue to its proper temperature, when the change is instantaneous the tissue will be severely damaged.

            Not only this but the body will also try to adapt to changes in temperature but will be unable to react quick enough meaning that it will be warming itself up from the freezing as Sanji is burning it, and cooling itself down as Sanji is freezing it. This will increase the damage done by each attack as he now has his opponents body systems working against them and the more he attacked the more the damage he causes will increase.

            Eventually because of its inability to maintain homeostasis the opponent’s body will suffer from what is called Homeostatic Imbalance and its systems will start to shut down which can incapacitate a person or even cause death.

            So that’s my theory. I believe Sanji will develop a Freezing leg technique called Cocyte Jambe which will give him much more versatility in combat and when used in conjunction with Diable Jambe will allow Sanji to attack person in a way that destroys the body from the inside out as well as outside in.

            This idea has been on my mind for a while so let me know what you guys think.

            *Theory by Samurai Jack


              Sanji and Horus have a lot of similarities if you guys did not know, this is why I think Oda could have taken inspiration from Horus to make Sanji.
              Some of you guys might ask who is Horus ? Well he was a deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, and he was an offspring of one as well. Which was Ra, the sun God.


              Horus was also one of Egypt’s Pharaoh’s, he was believed to have a human form for when he became a Pharaoh and an original form, for when he was not human.

              Now on to the similarities with Sanji, first of all Sanji’s eyebrows are really similar to the eye of Horus.
              As you guys can see Sanji’s eyebrow is similar to the curl at the bottom of the eye of Horus.

              Also Horus was known to be the sky God, in Ancient Egyptian times. This is because he was known to be a falcon in his non human form. Just like Horus Sanji is able to fly, also sometimes when Horus flew in the air people said that he represented the sun. This is just like Sanji when he uses Diable Jambe, he does not represent the sun but he burns like it lol.

              This leads to my next point it is said that Horus’ left eye represented the moon and his right eye represented the sun. And whenever he flew in the air he would represent either one, so could this be why Sanji only shows one eye ? What if showing both eyes disrupts his body’s normal balance in some supernatural way ? Maybe he doesn’t even have both eyes open at the same time.

              This is why Sanji probably is the observation haki specialist in the strawhat crew, before I thought that it should be Zoro, but if Sanji is the “Horus” of One Piece then this is correct. Why I’m saying this is because the eye of Horus is the mostly used as the symbol for the all seeing eye in our world if you guys did not know. Yes the same eye used by the “illuminati”, the eye in the pyramid !
              Notice how Sanji’s eye seems to be inside of a triangle as well like the pyramid, because of how his hair is shaped.

              Horus was also known to represent protection and this could be Sanji because if he can see everything he can protect everything. Even if he is not strong enough he can still warn people ahead of time.

              Horus was also Royalty as some of you guys could already tell and some people have theorized that Sanji is a descendant of Royal blood, which I believe. Just like Horus.

              Could Sanji be the descendant of a Sun God like Horus, and could this explain why he is able to summon flames out of no where with out a devil fruit ?

              Lastly, could this become true, Horus had a rival named Set which killed one of Horus’ parent’s. He ended up becoming Horus’ life long rival. He was also able to gouge out one of Horus’ eyes and that eye was the one that represented the moon thus making Set the ruler of the night and Horus the ruler of the day. Set always won during the night and Horus during the day, ever since he lost his eye.

              Could Sanji end up having a rival like Set in the future, or does he already have one ? Will Sanji lose an eye ?

              *Theory by SpeedEyes

                Sanji’s Diable Jambe (Theory)

                *Theory by Rei Sasuke

                (you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])

                Dials are strange, mysterious devices made from the remains of particular shellfish, which have the ability to store energy and matter. Though they originate from Skypiea. There are many types of Dials that store various things depending on their type.


                Dials store energy and matter itself, usually by that particular type of energy or matter being absorbed by a tiny hole or holes on one side of the Dial and content can be released by pressing the apex on the other side of the Dial. Dials are capable of letting the energy out in different amounts. Some use their contents all in one blast, such as Impact Dials, Axe Dials etc., while others are capable of storing multiple uses within their contents until it runs out, such as the Flame Dial, which then has to be refilled with that content for the dial to be used again. On sky islands,weapons are upgraded, or even combined, with Dials. This creates incredibly powerful weapons. We all know Ussopp created 2 types of weapons with dials, Kabuto his slinger, and Nami’s clima tact because her ability is to study weather changes. What if Ussopp or Sanji himself have modified two type of dials within his indestructible shoes by combining flame dial with heat dial to create “diable jambe”?! Think about it, no one has the ability to spin so fast to make leg burn on fire, neither other cooks. Sabo is nr 2 revolutionary chief and couldn’t do that, but he is much stronger than Sanji. Why? Because only the strawhats knew about dials and saw them and used them. One question, did we ever see sanji use diable jame without the shoes? No because they absorb the shock by Sanji’s powerfull kicks and release the energy in pure flame. Sanji used the diable jambe at the Ennies lobby arc, after the skypie arc was finished. and he being a chief is used to contact with fire so he by the time passed managed to use the diable jame properly and to level up the technique. Think about it…