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Rob Lucci in “One Piece Film Gold”



    The name of the Great Kingdom

    Among the greatest mysteries of One Piece, there is the name of the Great Kingdom. Remember, Professor Clover tried to reveal its name but was shot by the CP9 in Ohara. I have a theory about it and it could be a name that we all have heard often.

    Preamble: the name “One Piece”

    First of all, I don’t think the name of the Great Kingdom is One Piece. From what we know, the One Piece is a treasure that exists (no matter the kind), as Whitebeard proclaimed before his dead. In contrary, the Great Kingdom have been destroyed by the Ancient Alliance which will become the World Governmennt. Plus, I think it will be too obvious from Oda, I hope the meaning of the One Piece is more specific.
    That being said, let’s begin the theory.

    Part 1: the Poneglyphs and Joy Boy

    According to Professor Clover, the people that left behind the Poneglyphs was the Great Kingdom. And around 800 years ago, a man named Joy Boy wrote the Ryugu Poneglyph, the one in the Sea Forest. So, we can assume that Joy Boy was a member of the Great Kingdom.

    I will not beat around the bush, I think Joy Boy was the king of the Great Kingdom. Like many theorists, I believe that Oda draw his inspiration from Joyoboyo, the Javanese king.
    For those who don’t know him, Joyoboyo was a famous king in Java 800 years ago in the real world. The similarities between the names and the periods are suspicious. Since then, we can wonder how much Oda draw his inspiration from him. I think that is more than we could thought.

    Part 2: the prophecy and the Void Century

    Some prophecies are attributed to Joyoboyo. One of them is very interesting:

    “The Javanese would be ruled by whites for 3 centuries and by yellow dwarfs for the life span of a maize plant prior to the return of the Ratu Adil: whose name must contain at least one syllable of the Javanese Noto Negoro.”
    (source: Wikipedia)

    The period before the return of the Ratu Adil is called the chaotic era. The next after him is the golden era. Reminds us something, right?

    If Oda draw his inspiration from this prophecy, it can clarify the Void Century and the future of One Piece:
    – “The Javanese would be ruled by whites for 3 centuries…” can be the reign of the World Government.
    – “… by yellow dwarfs for the life of a maize plant…” can be the future short reign of the Blackbeard Pirates. Some versions talk about “brothers” instead of dwarfs.
    – “… prior to the return of the Ratu Adil” can be the return of the Pirate King. In Fact, Ratu Adil means “Just King”.

    From what we got, we can speculate that Joy Boy was a prophet king. He could predict the future like Madam Shyarly or Basil Hawkins. Before the end of the Great Kingdom, its people wrote the Poneglyphs for telling their story to the next generation. But more importantly, for telling that a “Just King” will return to save the world. And maybe, by finding the One Piece.

    Part 3: the “Just King” and the “Will of D.”

    When I first read this prophecy, one part attracts my attention more than the others : “whose name must contain at least one syllabe of the Javanese Noto Negoro.” (Noto Negoro is a Javanese name).
    So, we can presume that the name of the “Just King” must contain at least one part of the name of the Great Kingdom, and by the way, must be a descendant of its people.

    Hmm, it’s strange. The “syllabe” reminds me a middle initial that possess several characters in there name. You guess it? Of course, the “D.”.

    In my opinion, the ideal of the Great Kingdom have a link with the piracy and liberty. The adventurers, the explorers, the dreamers… all of them are the ideological inheritors of the Great Kingdom. And one day, the “Will of D.” will be fulfilled: a pirate with the middle initial “D.” in his name will return and become the “Just King”.

    So, we have our ultimate clue: as the name of the “Just King”, the name of the Great Kingdom must contain the middle initial “D.”.

    Part 4: the name of the Great Kingdom

    And I found it. It’s obvious and it make sense.

    Like Gold Roger’s real name is Gol D. Roger, something in the One Piece World have a similar name. Something so great that it can rule the world…

    Grand Line.
    Or you can spell it: “Gran D. Line”.

    Think about it: all Poneglyphs that we know of their existence are in this sea. Every major events happen it this sea. The Shandians, Alabasta… all these old and great civilisations are from there. And finaly: to become the Pirate King, you have to conquer this sea.


    Joy Boy was the prophet king of the Great Kingdom. He predicted the return of a “Just King” who will save the world: the Pirate King. The name of the “Just King” must contain a part of the name of the Great Kingdom because he will be a descendant of its inhabitants.

    Every pirate are the ideological inheritors of the ideal of the Great Kingdom. The people who have the middle initial “D.” in their name are the descendant of its inhabitants. So, the name of the Great Kingdom must contain the “D.” too. One great place in the world and in the history of One Piece bear its name: Grand Line.

    Thank you so much for reading!

    *Theory by Bonnet

      Hierarchy of the World Government


        Choose your favorite occupation out of these :-)

          Which is the best battle of Sanji?

            CP0’S POWERS

            If CP0’s main trio that we saw in Dressrosa has Devil Fruit abilities, there is no doubt these will be incredibly powerful powers. Afterall, given their role and likely amount of power as the ultimate shield for the Tenryuubito and Gorosei against external threats, it would be ludicrous to think they would have less powerful Devil Fruits. Of course there is the possibility that they do not possess Devil Fruits, but I find this unlikely.

            In another theory of mine, I explain the significance of the name ‘AEGIS’, you can give that a read here:

            One important thing to note is that AEGIS is a defensive ability that the Ancient Greek Gods possessed. This and other factors considered, I will rule out Logia Devil Fruit powers for the following reasons:

            • Rokushiki is most effectively used when a users body is enhanced, Logias do not do this, however, Paramecia can and Zoans always do
            • There is a limited number of Logia fruits Oda can use at this point

            Now, as I said, as Rokushiki is a heavily body-dependent fighting style, the members of CP0 all likely have very powerful Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki.

            According to One Piece trivia, Oda has namedropped another Rokushiki technique called ‘Chokkai’, it’s name means ‘to bother’, although nothing more is known, whether Oda is joking or not is also questionable. If Oda is being truthful about this, having not seen this technique before, we will likely see CP0 using this. If Chokkai is real I suspect the technique will involve after images and immense speed the same way Rokuogan involved immense strength.

            From what we know so far, this is a list of abilities they likely have:

            • Busoshoku Haki
            • Kenbunshoku Haki
            • Chokkai
            • Rokuogan
            • Kami-e
            • Geppo
            • Soru
            • Tekkai
            • Rankyaku
            • Shigan
            • Combination of Haki and Rokushiki

            As for Devil Fruits:
            Aegis to our best knowledge has three different possible source materials in Greek Mythology. There are three of these CP0 agents and therefore I believe that they each have a direct link to every singular part of Aegis.

            The first instance will relate to this man:


            Basilisk Mythical Zoan – Hebi Hebi no Mi Model: Basilisk
            This is because, in myth, the shield first contained the skin and hair of a Gorgon, granting it incredible invulnerability as it could use Stone for protection and manipulate stone as well as turn enemies into stone. Although the ability to turn people into stone is taken by the Mero Mero no Mi and the Gorgon-based character is embodied in Hancock, a Basilisk Zoan is still very likely and powerful



            • Flight
            • Turn opponent to stone upon contact (not automatic)
            • Extra speed and agility
            • Size advantages
            • Greater muscular power
            • Regenerative ability to external wounds

            Secondly, the right hand man from the long arm tribe:


            Chimera Mythical Zoan – Neko Neko no Mi Model: Chimera
            Legend also states that a Chimera-esque creature of unspecified appearance had formed a part of the Shields construction. The creature is likely strongly related to Chimera. Therefore it’s highly probable that Oda would use the actual Chimera for this guys powers



            • Flame breath
            • Poisonous bite from tail
            • Claws of incalculable strength (swords slashing?)
            • Horns of incalculable density
            • Enhanced speed
            • Enhanced strength and power

            Lastly, the tallest of the three characters:


            Iron Paramecia – Tetsu Tetsu no Mi
            There was a giant killed by Athena called Pallas, and another called Asterus, both of whom had incredibly strong hyde/skin that was resistant to any mortal damage. At the time of the Greeks, Iron was the strongest metal discovered, hence this is a good choice. This guy is huge anyway and can be considered a symbolism the giants in question, his ability will greatly enhance his ability to defend himself



            • Enhanced defence (absolute defence? +Tekkai + Busoshoku Haki)
            • Greater muscular strength
            • Power and density increased greatly
            • Ability to create and manipulate pre-existing Iron
            • Slight magnetic properties

            Well, whether I’m right or wrong, these guys are totally monstrous, but this is a little bit of fun, hope you enjoyed! Do you like these choices of Devil Fruit?

            *Theory by L o g i a


              What I basically think is that Zou is now the first arc of a new saga with a new focus.
              The “Pirate Alliance” saga is now over, we got our alliance and I think that the next arc which is the Reverie/Revolution Arc which I mentioned in my “History of the Revolution” arc is going to feature Sanji as it’s main character.
              So as Doflamingo mentioned- the Throne Wars are coming and it’s big players- the pirates (Yonko, Shichibukai, Worst Gen), “Forces of Justice” (CP, Kaigun), and the RA will now begin to engage in different combats and the victor would be the one gaining the dominance eventually.

              Now that there are a lot of revolutions due to Doflamingo’s downfall at the hands of Luffy, as mentioned by Dragon, and for that reason he now wants to assemble the “Intense” leaders of the RA (Which as mentioned above I believe includes Inuarashi and Nekomamushi), possibly for the strike that he plans during the Reverie which is nigh:

              Now it seems reasonable that the message should arrive as soon as possible, and considering the height of Zunisha it seems reasonable that the messenger could be the same one that took Sabo away is chapter 794, the one that is/controls the Crows (Which some believe to be the same one in the silhouette shown above, but no evidence for that):

              However, he came only to find Inu and Neko out-cold and severed, however Sanji was there as well.

              The RA has already shown impressive amounts of knowledge, indicating that whatever Sanji has with his past, they might know that so the Crow-Man might have decided to ask him to perhaps help them locate the, what I believe to be a secret weapon, to both have more fire-power and to prevent the WG to take hold of Sanji, and the information, first.

              Sanji agreed, after all the WG have done to him, and still does want to, as well as for his nakama’s sake to help the RA on this case so he wrote a letter for his nakama where he promises them to return.

              Afterwards we might get the Revolution Arc, where we might receive a lot of new pieces of information- both regarding the Void Century, we’ll get Sanji’s past, we’ll know a lot about the Revolutionaries and most notably Dragon and we’ll see many characters return in the Reverie.

              After all that the world of One Piece would change forever!

              So hope you like that idea- I know it’s not as serious and specific as other theories of mine but I decided it was worth writing.

              *Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

                SMILES AND WHAT THEY DO

                Chapter 808 and 809 does give us some important information.


                Smiles Users having very peculiar Tattoo’s like Sasuke and the Sound 4’s Curse Mark from Naruto, it seems these smile users have tattoo’s on their body so they will be allowed to transform parts of their body wherever these Tattoo’s are present, Sheepshead and the Wolf Guy show this distinctively as they have these tattoos on their arms and they have the ability to transform their arms into the distinctive animal smile it was based on, even allowing for abilities not even real DF users possess


                Smiles based of real Zoan DF’s?

                Jabra the Ino Ino no Mi Wolf

                Ino Ino No Mi Smile Model


                This leads me to believe these Smiles were based upon real Zoan DF’s and it makes sense, also its worth nothing the Wolf Hand guy stated to watch out for the members with the black horns, since Pleasure’s are just normal Fodder it shows the Gifters will all possess these same Black Horns, so its worth keeping in the back of your mind at least


                Based upon this information it leads me to believe that the rest of the Gifters must be based upon real Zoans as well, it seems eventually we will encounter a Mouse Zoan, a Crab Zoan, and a Bull Zoan.

                Special Smiles: And Why Momo has no Control

                Momo isn’t able to control his DF because he doesn’t possess the Smiles’s signature Tattoo’s so clearly he wont’ be able to use it like the gifters can

                As i have stated before these Smiles are based upon real DF’s, so why was Momo’s fruit considered a failure? Very simple because he didn’t produce Storm Clouds, its fairly obvious since the Dragon he turned into is the Chinese Dragon which is mythology has the ability to control the weather


                Who has the real Chinese Dragon Zoan? 75 percent sure its Monkey D Dragon, 25 percent sure it’s Kaido

                These gifter’s have real abilities and we haven’t seen enough of Jack to gauge whether he has one or not, but id go with the latter, already we’ve seen that Jack likes staying in his Mammoth form and i don’t feel comfortable saying a Smile User can transform normally like that, Kaido has white horns so its obvious he has a real DF. Jack himself and surely the other two Calamities and Kaido himself has these gifters as soilders.

                I think there’s a possibility that there are fairly high ranking members with special Smiles but i think it’s too early to tell, id prefer to tell and id hate to go on pure speculation.

                Do Smile Users Sink?

                This is still very unproven and i feel it’s worth noting if they aren’t real DF’s they shouldn’t sink, when you think about it powered up decent fighters who can even swim would be a big advantage. Kaido seems to be a fairly smart war strategist at least.

                *Theory by DemonAsura666

                  One Piece Early Sketches(StrawHats, Admirals, CP9 and more)!






                  ARLONG’S CREW





                    OK, most people have been wondering about the next nakama, but a lot have ignored the allies and how will Oda handle them? Will they follow Luffy on his journey? Will they stay in their country? How will it be?


                    So I have been thinking about it for a long time and I tried to be objective and I want you guys if you have better ideas to comment for sure and give me your opinions. Now I will write a lot, so be patient please cause I tried to analyze everything

                    First of all, there are two concept I want to clarify here:
                    1- When I say allies here, I’m not talking about allies who are on equal terms, no I meant allies who are under the command of Luffy and waiting for his orders, and that’s how most big Pirates in the new world operates.
                    2- The way I analyzed it, was a way where I separated the allies into two major groups.
                    A) People Who will stay at the kingdoms and islands who are under Luffy and protect his territory.
                    B) People who will follow him on his journey, BUT on their own ship not the sunny.

                    So, there was something I have noticed in this arc and how Oda introduced Luffy’s allies that made me believe that he will follow this pattern and I will go through it in a minute.

                    When he introduced these allies, there were two kind of allies:
                    1- Pirates with bounties
                    2- Assassins, Mercenaries, Kings, Gangs, criminals (but there was not a single bounty on these guys, because Marines only cares about hunting pirates)

                    Now, the first group, the pirates, they will have to keep sailing no matter what because of their bounties and because they cannot stay on the same island to protect a territory of Luffy, because we have seen what Law was aiming for when he wanted Doflamingo to resign from shichibukai system. If Doflamingo did it, he cannot stay in Dressrosa no matter what cause he will be hunted by marines. Same we can say about the pirates. So how come other yonko and big time pirates have people protect their islands and territories if the yonko isn’t there and there is a bounty on these guys like scotch for example? It’s because these guys are not pirates, and they don’t have bounties, they are gangs, mercenaries assassins, Kings and their troops. So they can rest assured if they stayed in that island to protect it.

                    I think you guys understood what I’m getting at. So I’ve organized and sorted the characters I’ve seen in this arc as allies into the two groups:

                    A- Pirates with Bounties:
                    1- Cavindish and the beautiful pirates.
                    2- Bartolomeo and the Bart club.
                    3- Bellamy (I will get into him in a minute since he doesn’t have a crew anymore and no he’s not joining SHs Lol)
                    This group I will talk about them later, I will first talk about the others in details

                    B- Others who doesn’t have bounties: These guys will be the ones to protect the future territories of Luffy, and Oda mixed them in this arc together as a foreshadowing of what islands Luffy will take over besides Fishman Island in the future. And these guys will stay in the island to protect it, until the final war where Luffy will ask them all to help him.
                    Let’s look at them one by one:

                    1- Kinemon, Kanjuro and momonoske (Don’t have bounties, Wano will be Luffy’s territory and they will protect it)

                    2- Sai and Boo (They are from Hanokuni the land of flowers and they don’t have a bounty cause they are just a gang not pirates, their grandpa Chinjao was a pirate but not them, they have the happo navy under Luffy’s command already by Chinjao, but they will stay at Hanukuni to protect it for Luffy until the final war. Also, Baby 5 was very young about 10 years old when she was under Doffy as shichibukai so I doubt she got a bounty at all)

                    3- Blue Gilly and Ideo: One from the long leg tribe and one from the long arm tribe. I was watching a review video of EOP, check him out he’s great, but he mentioned something about it was based on a story of two tribes long legged and long armed and that they were working alone separately, but that these long leg and long arm tribe will only be at the max power when they unite and work together and who will do that? Luffy and Blue gilly and Ideo will protect this town cause I have a feeling that these two tribes currently are hating each others and work separately although they live near each others

                    4- King Riku, Kyrus, Viola and Rebecca: Kyrus does have a bounty, BUT it’s a picture of him as a toy and it doesn’t even mention his name, so there is no problem for him. As for Viola, she doesn’t have a bounty and the reason I say this is Doffy was most probably a shichibukai for 10 years because as I said before he cannot stay in an island if he was hunted, so him taking Dressrosa mean he got to shichibukai system 10 years ago and then attacked it, and with that, the WG will not put a bounty on someone who works for him, and also Fuji will try to be blind about her and not give her a bounty after Doffy is down since he knows that she is a princess and that it’s the result of the WG corruption she was with Doffy and to protect her family. So either way, these guys will stay in Dressrosa and will protect it.

                    5- Same can be said for Prudence Kingdom with King Elizabetllo and Dagama the tactician.

                    6- We have hajroudin who wants to be king of giants, so he most probably needs to stay in Elbaf, and this island is gonna be one of Luffy’s territory as well.

                    7- Abdullah, Jet, Slayman and Orlumbus (I don’t know from where they are but they will stay somewhere and protect a place)

                    Now that I’ve finished from the 2nd group, I wanna talk about the first group, the pirates who will follow Luffy in his journey. And here is what I think. I believe that Oda is gonna make the New World a bit different in the way they make their journey. See, people like Kidd, Law, Drake and so on, these guys were just like Luffy in the way they sail, an island after an island and so on. But in the new World, we have seen something different. Kidd had a hideout and a base for his pirate crew. And most pirates in the New World do have a main base including all 4 emperors like Shanks and BB who Luffy have a lot of similarity to them as we know.

                    That leaves me to believe that Luffy will also have a main base and the journey will be a bit different from now on. They will stay in that Base, if they want to go on a journey to a certain island to explore it and possibly make it his territory, then they go, but after that, they return to that base and not go to the next island immediately. Luffy will need more than one ship in the future in case of there is a problem in one of his territory, and that’s where Luffy orders Bartolomeo’s crew to go and solve that problem. After all Bartolomeo has always wanted to be like that and we all know him being on the main ship is gonna be a bit annoying if he kept fangasming, so that is the best way I see it. Same for Cavindish whom I believe that will be under Luffy in his own ship. As for Bellamy, since he doesn’t have a ship, I really believe that him and Bart built a strong bond, and that he will Join Bart as his right hand man in Bart’s ship.

                    If there is a message Luffy wants to deliver to someone and so on, he can send Bart with that message, like they are ambassador of Luffy, just like how Pekoms and Tamago works for Big Mom and how Rockstar is working with Shanks

                    There are many reason I say that this is how it is gonna be from now on in the New World.

                    1- In the New World, you need to rest after one single journey, the islands are very close to each other unlike before , meaning about only one day journey from an island to another. And going to the next island injured is a big problem.

                    2- In this way, all the strawhats will get an enough time to train in their base on the new technique that they have developed during the last journey. For example, if they have a base now (which they don’t), Usopp can train on his haki with Sanji or someone else since he only unlocked it, and with that we get a faster growth in each Strawhat which is better than a whole timeskip just so that Usopp can train it. This way it is better with every strawhat who wants to increase their strength and their techniques. Hell, they might go training with their allies, people Like Cavindish and so on just like how we saw Ace fighting and training with Squard in the flashback

                    3- The Strawhat are bound to go back to many islands in the future whether we like it or not. There is Fishman Island which I expect a huge war will happen there and Luffy will definitely go back for it to protect it, and there is Amazon Lily in Calm Belt which was foreshadowed that the SHs crew all of them will pay them a visit (said by Luffy himself before he went to Impel Down, and I will explain later on the reason of their visit)

                    So as I see, from now on, the strawhats journey will not be one way to the front, no they will go back to some islands for missions, or a visit and so on. That’s why Luffy will have a hideout and will have a base for his crew like all other pirates do.

                    Now, what I want to talk about is what ships in the future I expect it to be under Luffy. And when I say ships I mean fleets other than the sunny under his command.

                    What I expect him to have are these fleets and maybe more but these who I remember for now:
                    1- Sunny and the main ship with the official SHs members and their number is unknown yet since it’s up to Oda.

                    2- “The beautiful pirates” under Cavindish (Let’s face it, he will be just crazy to be popular and what better way than following the future pirate king and not letting Luffy have all the glory Lol)

                    3- “Bart club pirates” with Bartolomeo (Captain) and Bellamy (Vice captain)

                    4- “The Sun Pirates” under Aladdin (captain) and Jinbie I believe he will join inside the sunny itself, cause when he said that he will break his deal with Big Mom, he told Luffy to invite him on Sunny ship not just being a subordinate on another ship. On the other hand, we can see that the Sun pirates are working for Big Mom now but it seems that Jinbie isn’t the one in charge, that’s why I’m saying Aladdin is the one, besides, they have bounties, so they cannot stay behind in Fishman Island to protect it, so they will have to sail the sea rather than being hunted and Jinbie joining Luffy meaning they also will join Luffy but on their ship. On the other hand, Fishman Island as Luffy’s territories will be guarded by 70,000 soldiers and the prince Fukaboshi who promised Luffy to to rewrite the legend of the Great Neptune Nights by leading the strongest army on the ocean floor according to what they promised.

                    5- “Kuja Pirates” lead by Boa Hancock, and before attacking me, here is why I believe their ship will be a subordinate of Luffy. Forget about how obsessed Hancock of Luffy and how much she likes him. I’m gonna talk about events that is about to happen. I meantioned earlier that I will say the reason the SHs pirates will pay a visit to Amazon Lily. The reason is that Hancock will be hunted down by the marines and the WG. Why? Think about it, Fujitora’s main objective is to abolish the shichibukai system. Meaning if that happened, and Hancock has a bounty, hell the WG might even know that she was a slave and she escaped. She is bound to be hunted by the marines and WG. This is where Luffy will declare that Amazon Lily is his territory cause Luffy will not let them suffer as we know. and since Hancock will stay a fujitive who has a bounty, there is not a better choice than her ship joining Luffy under her command while there are a lot of strong Kuja warriors still there on the island to protect it.

                    6- And don’t laugh at me, “The legendary pirate Buggy Sensei and his fleet Lol” and the reason is the same reason of Hancock. Shichibukai will be abolished, and the marines already think highly of him as someone very strong because he was on Roger ship and the brother of Shanks Lol. So, this time, Buggy will be hunted down in a way more serious manner than how they ignored him and thought he is a lowly pirate, which is why I believe that he will go under the protection of either Luffy or Shanks, but we all know how he has pride when it comes to Shanks, so he will choose Luffy. Also because I believe that Shanks will die in the future so Buggy is bound to help Luffy eitherway.

                    7- “Giant Warrior Pirates” Led by Dorry and Brogy. These two giants topic will be brought again when SHs go to Elbaf. As I said, hajrodin doesn’t have a bounty so he will stay there and protect Elbaf until the day he become king of giants. But there are three Giants who might have a bounty, and will be on that ship, we have Dorry, and Brogy and also we have the Giant from Auction House in Saboady who escaped and he promised that one day he will repay his dept to the SHs. he is a slave, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has a bounty.

                    8- “CP9”, I really believe that against CP0, they will appear and will help the SHs to take them down and since they are fugitives, they cannot stay alone, some are speculating that they are already under kaido, but we all know even if that is true they will not continue that way. That’s why I see two ways for them at the end. Either joining Luffy this way, or they join the Revs. Some are saying they will be under X-Drake, but to be honest I doubt it cause tbh, I hold all the respect to Drake, but I think Lucci is stronger.

                    9- And the best allies Luffy can ever have and the pirate crew that their leader have ordered them to protect Luffy and their commander was Luffy’s brother. “The Whitebeard Pirates” lead by Marco. I really believe that they will be under Luffy’s command in the final war. Many people will disagree and will say that this is too much of a fleet, but let me tell you this:

                    First, Luffy will not make them under his command right away. No, there will be a looooot of journeys and a lot of arcs before Luffy gain this much power and make these kind of allies under his command. For example, an ally like the “Whitebeard pirates” are only gonna be under Luffy during and after Blackbeard arc. Cause the Whitebeard pirates must have a hand in taking BB down in my opinion due to their history, so they will be under Luffy’s command after that when they go to fight the WG as a whole.

                    Secondly, When the SHs go up against the WG as a whole, they are gonna have to fight against 10 important very powerful figures. Cause this fight isn’t just against the marines like before when WB faught against them, no, this time they are gonna face the whole power of the WG including the (Marines + Cipher Pol + The 5 Gorosei). I will neglect CP0 leader, and I will only say there is just 10 people who have an incredible power. they are 3 admirals, 1 fleet admiral, 1 chief of staff, and 5 gorosei (who I believe on a completely different level than the admirals themselves)

                    So this army of Luffy even with that power is still lacking and pale compared to the WG. Now of course the Revs will be included and also many other pirate groups in the future of One Piece will be under Luffy, I’m just saying it’s not much. After all, that final war will engulf the whole world like WB said

                    Damn, I wrote a lot, I hope you enjoyed this thought about how will Luffy will handle the allies under Luffy, and tell me your thoughts.

                    *Theory by Sadistic Senpai