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Reasons why Caesar Clown will be the next Nakama! Theory


-Most people hate Caesar Clown because he is evil, but I will explain why this is justified later on

-He seems too obvious, since he’s been in plain sight. But this is hiding in plain sight. Oda also said @old Jump Fiesta interview (2009ish) that the next strawhat would be past enemy 

-He is hated by some of the strawhats, especially Chopper (abusing medication)

-Good reasons to dislike Caesar, but the question is “Can he be redeemed”. I think he definitely can. but before that…

Reasons Caesar makes incredible sense

-He has nowhere to go or be safe. He has nobody who trusts him, and all the Yonkou are after him and his weapons/chemicals. Can’t become ally member

-Caesar has a dream, much like the other strawhats. He wants to surpass Vegapunk and become the best scientist. This is why he harms people carelessly

-Was an enemy, like Robin, Nami, Franky, Usopp. Doubted them initially, but it reinforces how much we like them

-He sort of fits in, and has shown a variety of other emotions aside from just being a psychopath. (Ex: embarrassed by chopper, play-fighting, sanji)

-Strawhats do not have a scientist or logia yet

-Caesar is a representation of Vegapunk (Luffy = Roger, Chopper = Hililuk and Crocus, Sanji = Zeff, Usopp = Yasopp)

-Caesar connects everyone else’s abilites (missing piece to a puzzle)
~Finish Sunny with chemicals instead of Cola (Create pluton) sort of like Enel’s electricity
~Help Chopper with medication (with chemicals and drugs)
~Help Franky by replacing cola (Or can help make cola through sugar chemical) and Franky wants to follow Vegapunks dream
~Help Usopp make pesticides and growth hormones for plants
~Provide flames and gas for Sanji’s cooking
~Something stupid for Luffy, like fireworks or cooking meat with flames.

-Very powerful (Top 5 in strawhats) he has poison, flames, air, many other elements other logias are limited to loads of potential

-Potential interest in ancient weapons, since he creates his own weapons
-Foreshadowing: Got symbol of the Strawhats (Chinese Zodiac signs)

-Connects to my next point: knows the secrets of SMILE and shinokuni/gas weapons. stopped gas on mink island

If you are still mad about his evil acts, here’s how he can redeem himself:

-If you supported Monet, then you should by default support Caesar cuz she was evil as well

-Since his dream is to become the best scientist, he was doing it in a bad way due to bad influences (Doffy).

-Never killed people for fun, he believed it was necessary for him dream, and only viewed people as test subjects

-Luffy and the strawhats have brought him humility, like with Big Mom, so now he is beginning to know human emotions and fear.

-Similar to other strawhats:
~Zoro cut down people for their bounties
~Robin betrayed many people and didn’t care if people died as long as she learned about history
~Nami stole from people to help her village
~Franky stole fortune from Luffy and beat up Usopp to build his dream ship
Ultimately Luffy saved them and gave them a better way to achieve his dream, like he will do with Caesar.

-Chopper seems most mad at him. But Chopper was the same, he experimented with monster point drugs and hurt people without realizing it, like Caesar

-Caesar can help get rid of all the weapons he created, and eventually make the crew like him by changing as a person and achieving his dream in a dif way

-Caesar never got a flashback, so he can have a very sad past that justifies his initial crazy nature.

-He will achieve his dream just like the rest of the strawhats by becoming best scientist, stopping his chem weapons, and learning about ancient tech.

*Theory by OneWorldHD