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This is a theory about the origins of Akainu and Kizaru.

-The toughest but the slowest
-Motto: For the Government
-The most versatile but least durable
-Motto: For the People
-Fastest but most exploitable
-Motto: For Me(monkeys are known to do tricks and favors in exchange for food. Kizaru’s “food” is money so he works for the WG without question in return)

As you know, the original 3 admirals were a logia trio. I’ve always found that to be too coincidental.


Especially since they were logias as VAs(assuming with Akainu of course)


We know that non-df users are given the option of eating a df when they become an admiral, but I believe that Sakazuki, Kuzan and Borsalino were special/unigue and were given logia DFs because of that. Once again, I say this I because I find to strange that these 3 guys suddenly found 3 of the most powerful DFs in existence and are on the same side.

If you read the theory about Aokiji’s past, you’d know that it was Garp who influenced him to become a marine. That in a way made Aokiji special. Even as VA, Jaguar D. Saul who was a fellow VA, said Kuzan was especially strong.

In this pic, you can all the admirals as children. To me, it reveals a lot about their backgrounds.


The 3 admirals come from very different backgrounds as you can see.

“Kizaru” Borsalino
Name Trivia: Borsalino is the name of a hat company famous for its fedoras. Remember Borsalino’s fedora as a VA?


Kizaru is by far the least raggedy-looking of the admirals. In fact, he is isn’t raggedy at all and looks rather…clean. He has books, a candle lamp, a desk and most of all he’s happy and writing. He really doesn’t look poor.


As a recruit, Kizaru didn’t wear the proper uniform.


The most confusing thing about Kizaru is his personality itself. He told Basil Hawkins that he can’t let a bounty like him get away, he got upset when he was ignored, he is quite brutal, rather humorously calls his opponents scary and is just laid back in general as f he takes nothing seriously. Its quite difficult to figure him out right? Remember what I said earlier though?

-Fastest but most exploitable
-Motto: For Me(monkeys are known to do tricks and favors in exchange for food. Kizaru’s “food” is money so he works for the WG without question in return)

Kizaru is simply a nonchalant person. He doesn’t care about pirates or the WG per say but he faithfully follows his orders simply because its his job. He is very professional that way. Remember whne I said Kizaru’s real name is that of a company? A company is a business and Kizaru is quite the businessman.

Now lets get to Kizaru’s origin. He was born in the City of Marineford. How does that make him unique? He lived with Sengoku when he was younger. We know Sengoku takes in abandoned kids(as seen with Rosinate) and Kizaru’s dialogue with Sengoku made me wonder but I could be overthinking things.


Since he lived in the City of Marineford and was ‘raised” by Sengoku, Kizaru was exceptionally strong the WG gave him a logia and saw a lot of promise in him.


“Akainu” Sakazuki
Name Trivia: Sakazuki is a yakuza ceremony when the new comer becomes known with the Father and drinks sake with him.


As a kid, Akainu was a mess. He looks pissed, is holding a knife and is covered in blood.


Doesn’t Akainu remind you of someone else as a kid?


As a child, Law wanted the whole world to burn and has no qualms with killing anyone. He even tried to murder Corazon with a knife. Akainu was the same way but instead of being angry at the world, Akainu hated pirates with a passion. Whatever happened, I say pirates/criminals took everything from Akainu and he fought and killed pirates on a regular. He made a name of himself and it caught the attention of these guys….


Its the reason why Akainu’s and the Gorosei’s political ideologies are similar. The Gorosei quickly gave Akainu the Magu Magu no mi cause he was exceptionally strong in his younger years.


Know Gorosei Gandhi with the swords? He wears a typical Japanese robe(forgot the real name). Akainu has a Japanese pine tree that he takes cares of.


Jinbe also said that it has the higher ups of the WG that supported Akainu. The highest political power in the WG are the Gorosei. Sengoku told the Commander-in-Chief that he recommended Aokiji and the only person higher than Kong are the Gorosei. Hell, Akainu even directly went to the Gorosei to discuss Doflamingo’s position.


*Theory by Vandenreich

    Ryokugyu theory

    (you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at [email protected])


    Note: this theory is based on the assumption that Jinbe will join Strawhats. This theory is something I thought of after reading a comment about Ryokugyu as an admiral and how he could be.

    Personality: We have so far seen many types of admirals in One Piece, what is missing is the crooked cop, the corrupt admiral that encapsulates and symbolizes all that is wrong with the marines. We have seen corrupt marines in the series so far (Nezumi, Morgan) which means its completely possible that higher ranking officers also are corrupt.

    This would also fit well considering how the different admirals have their own justice:

    • Aokiji: Lazy Justice (acts when he absolutely has to)
    • Akainu: Absolute Justice (acts for the greater good with no concern for the means)
    • Kizaru: Random Justice (acts when he feel like doing it)
    • Fujitora: Blind Justice (acts when HE thinks its right)
    • Ryokugyu: Corrupt Justice (acts in his own interests)

    Powers: Green is commonly associated with nature and earth and therefor I am going to assume that his powers is related to this. (Which type of power is not relevant just that it is related to earth)

    Showdown: The reason I think this is a very possible theory is because his characteristics would fit extremely well in the following scenario. If we look at the latest opening in One Piece you can see the Strawhats taking on the admirals. Luffy vs Fleet admiral Sakazuki, Zoro vs Fujitora and Sanji vs Kizaru. Their powers match each other very well so in a final arc these are battles that likely would occur. This however means that the Strawhats will have to fight Ryokuyu too. The perfect opponent to the corrupt admiral would be Jinbe. As a fishman he have had to suffer the tyranny of mankind and the World Government. And to have a final showdown between the fishman and the man who who abuses the system that have been oppressing the fishmen would be very fitting. Even their powers would go well. Water vs Earth which also could be a symbol for the fishman vs human battle since the elements represent the habitats the different races live in.

    TLDR: Ryokugyu is a crooked cop like those in every action movie.

    Thank you for reading this excruciatingly poorly formated text and I would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

    *All rights go to sirnorthcountry