The Strawhat Grand Fleet and their Ships

Orlumbus has 50 Nita Maria ships, 5 Santa Maria ships, and 1 Yonta Maria ship, in order of smallest to biggest.
Don Sai commands the Happou Navy, which consists of one Happousai ship and 7 smaller Ippousai ships.
Cavendish‘s ship is the White Horse of the Sleeping Forest.
Hajrudin‘s ship is Naglfarl.
Bartolomeo‘s ship, we already know is the Going Luffy-senpai.
Ideo and Leo don’t have ships of their own yet. They hitched on Orlumbus’ ships for the time being.

Source: SBS Volume 81

    Any Thoughts?

    It is said that “Zou” commited a crime in the past. It was sentenced to walk for all eternity till the end of time. Who was the one who gave that sentence to Zou? Is it Joyboy? Are the people who can hear “the voice” related to “this person” somehow? What do you think?

      Kokoro’s transformation

      D: Oda sensei, hello! The young mermaids in the towns and coves are all beauties, aren’t they? So, the question is, what did Ms. Kokoro look like when she was young? Please draw me a picture!!

      O: Sure thing–. That’s it for this SBS~. See you in the next volume!!


        Could it possibly be that that child is…?

        D: Odaaaaaaaaaachi! You see that reaaaally cute mermaid girl with a hood in volume 65, chapter 644 (p152)? Could it possibly be that that child happens to be.. ♡♡MADAME SHYARLY♡♡? by The one who will become a pirate is me!


        O: Yes, you are correct. Even though Madame Shyarly is known as a Madame, she is still actually 29 years of age. Her brother Arlong being 41 and Hody 30, Shyarly is from the same generation as Hody, yes–. Since Arlong was abandoned by his father in Fishman District as a small child, he never really knew the faces of his parents, but around the time Arlong became 15, a man claiming to be the father of Arlong came along with a little girl from a different mother. That would be Shyarly. When Shyarly was 4 years old, it is said that she accurately predicted the start of “the Great Age of Pirates”.

          One Piece Manga Enters “VS. Four Emperors Arc” on April 4!

          It’s time for Luffy and its crew to finally take down the “Four Emperors”!

          “Vs. Four Emperors Arc” will start from the next chapter.


            • In this form, Luffy’s Busoshoku Haki takes the shape of tribal flames on his body. This is the only example of Busoshoku Haki forming a recognizable pattern.
            • In the anime, while changing to this form, Luffy is seen with a red aura around him.
            • In the anime, a silhouette of Luffy´s Devil Fruit, the Gomu Gomu no Mi, can be seen while his torso is being coated with Busoshoku Haki.

            • Luffy being covered by Haki in almost all his body, except for the abdomen, chest and head and the Haki shadow trim around his eyes are similar to Dragon Ball series’ non-canon Super Saiyan 4 (instead of Haki, the Super Saiyan 4 is covered by hair). In addition, both forms are named after the number 4.
            • Similarly to Gear 2nd, Gear 4th allows Luffy to use techniques that appear to be his own reimagining of Rokushiki abilities, his pseudo-flight bears a striking resemblance to Geppo, and Leo Bazooka is seemingly reminiscent of Rokuogan (with Gear 2nd allowing Luffy to move at a speed similar to Soru).

              Goru Goru no Mi

              As you can see in the last trailer of One Piece Gold Movie, Gildo Tesoro uses gold to immobilize the Straw Hat crew.

              Tesoro ate the Goru Goru no Mi, which allows him to telepathically manipulate gold at will. He can use this power to create huge fountains of gold, trap his enemies, and even slowly transform their skin into gold.

                The Greatest Struggle for Supremacy Begins!

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                  Crocodile’s and Arlong’s Fate


                  Myth: Oda stated in an interview that Crocodile and Arlong were executed.

                  Fact: An old rumor based on unfounded sources that claims Oda stated in an interview that Crocodile and Arlong were executed. However, no such interview has been shown to actually exist. When Luffy defeated Crocodile, he was knocked through the bedrock and fell to the ground outside the temple, wounded. Same goes to Arlong whose nose was broken and his castle fell on him.

                  But in the Miss Goldenweek side-story, Crocodile was in fact alive in prison and later seen to be still alive in Impel Down, exposing the interview to actually be a myth, Hatchan also confimed that Arlong was in prison as well.

                    Tashigi and Kuina


                    1. Myth: They are twins!

                    Fact: Kuina is seen as a baby and as an only child in Chapter 0.

                    2. Myth: They are the same character.

                    Fact: So far they are only considered different characters and no evidence has been stated to say otherwise since Kuina’s body is seen in the manga. This is mainly due to how 4Kids changed her death to an injury, from which many fans assumed the injury Kuina sustained was connected to Tashigi’s bad eye sight. Tashigi was drawn as a child in an SBS, and her appearance was very different from Kuina’s, making it clear that she and Kuina are separate characters.