Boa Hancock


Boa Hancock is the Empress of Amazon Lily and member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. She ate the Love-Love Devil Fruit that allows her to change people into stone.

Boa Hancock possessed the powers of the Paramecia type Devil Fruit called the Love-Love Fruit (メロメロの実, mero-mero no mi). Many of her powers require her to first entice her victims with her charms. Any with impure thoughts will be turned to stone. So far, Monkey D. Luffy has been the only person immune.

Love-Love Fruit Techniques

  • Love-Love Beam: The Love-Love Beam (メロメロ甘風[メロウ], Mero Mero Merrow) attack is one of Hancock’s most favored attacks. By first striking an alluring pose, she plants the seed of lust in either men or women. She then forms her hands in the shape of heart and fires a beam that changes anyone it hits into stone. This can only be undone using the Mezameyo (目覚めよ, Mezameyo) technique. This is used by blowing a kiss from her hand toward the person she froze in stone.
  • Pistol Kiss: The Pistol Kiss (銃[ピストル]キス Pisutoru Kisu) technique is used when Hancock kisses the tip of her finger and blows a kiss. This creates a small floating heart that she then pierces with her finger and fires as she would a gun.
  • Slave Arrow: The Slave Arrow (虜の矢[スレイブ・アロー], Sureibu Arō) is similar in use to the Pistol Kiss. The Slave Arrow attack is form by blowing a kiss to form a much larger heart, it’s stretch and grabbed like bow. She draws back on the rear of the heart. Once release, it created a barrage of arrows that turns all they hit into stone. It’s powerful enough to even stop a cannon ball in mid-air.
  • Perfume Femur: The Perfume Femur (芳香脚[パフューム・フェムル], Pafyūmu Femuru) attack requires no activation and it used with her close combat skills. With this technique, it causes anyone she kicks to turn to partially stone in the general area of the strike, but doesn’t spread to the rest of the body. The infected area become brittle and prone to cracks and crumbling.

The powers of Haki (覇気, haki) were a mystery for much of their time in the One Piece series until Rayleigh revealed they are somethign innate in every human. Those who have attained fame in the world are those with the most powerful Haki. There are three forms and each person tends toward the form that suits them best. Few can master all three, even with training. Boa Hancock, has been shown to know how to use two Haki forms. The powers of Haki are well known on Amazon Lily, but most citizens are unaware of the Devil Fruits.

  • Armament Haki: is an attack power that is famous for it’s abilities to cancel out even the most powerful of the Devil Fruit powers. It can also be infused into weapons such as arrows, and in Hancock’s Pistol Kiss attack.
  • Conqueror’s Spirit: is the power to command and control the wills of others. A wave of force will overcome all within an area. The weak of willed will pass out, and some stronger enemies will be tamed into temporary submission to the will of the user.
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