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Usopp’s Backstory

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by shevoj

    Sanji didn’t recognize himself! XD


      Straw Hat Pirates’ Dreams

      Monkey D. Luffy
      – Luffy`s dream is to become the Pirate King like Gol D Roger. He started dreaming when he was a child in the East Blue which is his home town. His idol is pirate Shanks which eventually became one of the pirate’s Emperor.
      Roronoa Zoro
      – Zoro’s dream is to become the world’s greatest swordsman. His dream started when he was a child where he can’t beat his childhood rival opponent. In order to achieve it he needs to compete to all swordsman in the world and beat them all. He is also dreaming to defeat the Swordsman king Dracule Mihawk in order to become the world’s greatest swordsman. 
      Black Leg Sanji
      – Sanji’s dream is to find the legendary place All Blue. In this place all the fishes and ocean creatures have gathered. His dream started when he was a child and trapped in a huge stone in the middle of the ocean.
      Cat Burglar Nami
      – Nami’s dream is to create the map of the whole world. In order to fulfill her dream she needs to travel in the whole world with his nakama(friends).
      Sniper King Sogeking (Ussop)
      – Ussop’s dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father and to become the Sniper King of the world in order to help his captain to achieve his dream. 
      Devil Child Nico Robin
      – Robin’s dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the true history of the One Piece world including the void century(900 years from now). She is also continuing the research of her teacher Clover from his hometown.
      Tony Tony Chopper
      – Chopper’s dream is to become a great doctor that can cure and heal any diseases in the world and to travel with his friend around the world.
      Cyborg Franky
      -Franky’s dream is to build his dream ship and travel until the end of the Grand Line. His dream ship can overcome any battles and adventure where ever they are. 
      Humming Brook
      -Brooks ambition is to help his captain achieve his dream and to return in his hometown to meet his pet Laboon which is a whale. 
      Credits : TWG

        Did You Know?

        These guys have all the same voice actor, Kappei Yamaguchi.


          That’s Why One Piece is still The Best :3


            Zoro’s Badass Plan :’D

              STRAW HAT FISHES






                  This is a theory about Usopp’s final power up, his dream, and his future. So before i go any further, i would like to say one thing that will be the basis for all of these predictions.

                  -all of Usopp’s lies are foreshadowing for future events

                  This can be seen as when Usopp was on syrup village he told Kaya that he saw a giant , island eating goldfish. And when the SH crew reached little garden, what did they find?


                  So without waste, lets jump in!!!

                  Okay so the basis of my theory starts on chp 713, usoland
                  In this chapter we see a page like this


                  Now if you look at the top panel, it says “this is a fighter fish, it is related to the giant goldfish”. As we know, the giant goldfish is one of Usopp’s lies that actually came true. That’s why i believe that quote was actually a hint from Oda, what Oda really meant was “okay guys, listen up; their will be HUGE foreshadowing in this chapter”. And then when i re read the chapter, i found this


                  Here Usopp says that he used haki to defeat 50000 fishmen, he also said he used haki to cause vibrations. Now what’s the only kind of haki that could be used to knock out vast amounts of people and cause vibrations?

                  Yes, i believe Usopp will awaken CoC later in his life. Why? How? What????

                  Well as you know, CoC is the haki of kings; and what does Usopp’s bounty say?



                  Now many of you feel as if Usopp has a weak will; well that’s only in certain situations, their have been many times where Usopp has had a powerful will, this is mostly when he is passionate about something. This can be seen in one of Usopp’s best fights

                  Furthermore you have the Luffy-Roger parallels


                  I believe this proves that Usopp can have CoC; because remember, Shanks was on the Roger Crew, he wasn’t even the strongest but he still had CoC. I believe that Usopp parallels both Buggy and Shanks, he begins his journey paralleling Buggy, but ends it paralleling Shanks.

                  This is also why i believe Usopp will be YONKO after the main story ends. Remember, one of the Roger pirates(potentially 2 if Buggy becomes yonko) became a yonko after Roger finished his journey. That pirate was shanks, and as i said; Buggy will parallel Shanks in the EoS and final war.
                  This claim can further be proved by one of Usopp’s first lies


                  “Captain Usopp” and the “Usopp pirates”. I believe that after Luffy finds the One Piece; Usopp will meet up with his former crew


                  I believe they will then train their haki with Zoro for a couple of years before heading off to the grand line to become pirates.

                  How will Usopp gain conqueror’s haki? I believe he will gain it when he becomes a brave warrior of the sea in the final war; he could also gain it by the death of either Yasopp or the God of Elfab


                  *Theory by knaal

                    God Usopp – The lies become truth [One Piece AMV]