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Sanji’s Elder Brothers Theory

In the last chapter we met Yonji which means 4th and Reiju which means zero. This explains the title of the chapter “0 and 4”.
Yonji has a number 4 right on his cape.

Now take a look at these 2 men seen in the last chapter fighting Sora

As you can see they have a 1 and 2 on their capes. Seems like they would be the other 2 Sanji’s brothers.

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    Vinsmoke Family

    The Vinsmoke Family is a family of killers that commands the ‘mythical evil army’ (as described by Nami) known as Germa 66, and have a large presence in the Underworld. They may possess considerable clout with either the World Government or Marines, as Sanji presumed that his family had orchestrated the change in the condition of capture for redeeming his bounty, from ‘Dead or Alive’ to ‘Only Alive’.

    The family is currently known to consist of a father (the family patriarch), and at least three sons (of which Sanji is the third). The patriarch is known to be an infamous man throughout the New World.

    It is revealed that the leader of the Vinsmoke family, Sanji’s father, arranged for him to marry the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte Purin. Sanji, shocked that his past has been brought up again, believed that his family were also responsible for him now being wanted only alive. With the intention of putting an end to his past, Sanji reluctantly left Zou to attend the wedding.


      Who Will Stop Sanji’s Wedding?

      Sanji’s wedding is very near to happen now, we’re thinking about Purin the 35th daughter of Charlotte LinLin the future wife of Sanji but I believe someone will sneak in onto wedding hall to stop the wedding ceremony. Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Pekoms and Pedro are on the way now to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji and when they arrived there, the hungry Luffy will gonna eat that delicious island hehe just kidding! x) Let’s get serious I believe when Luffy and the others arrived on Whole Cake Island they will separate to each other to fight different underlings of Big Mom.

      The one who’ll going to stop the wedding ceremony of Sanji is none other than Nami to pay her debt to Sanji. Remember Sanji saved Nami on her wedding to Absalom so it is necessary that Nami will stop Sanji’s wedding.Do you guys remember on which point of wedding ceremony Sanji saved Nami?

      Sanji saved Nami by the time Absalom is gonna kiss the bride, maybe Nami will arrive on wedding hall by the time the groom and bride will gonna kiss each other like what happened at thriller bark on her wedding.
      Now let me give you another reason why Nami is the one who will stop Sanji’s wedding.

      Please take a look at the very left corner of the manga chapter 811 coloured page, there is something written on it and it says “We’re revealing exclusive story board sketches by Oda sensei himself! Check out the brand new information about the One Piece film Gold on the next page”.

      Maybe the real meaning of that words IS “ODA HIMSELF! is revealing an EXCLUSIVE STORYBOARD SKETCHES SO CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW INFORMATION” because in this chapter coloured page not only the information about One Piece film Gold is what Oda’s trying to reveal, in this coloured page there is something special that Oda already revealed and it is something special to Sanji.

      Please take a look at Sanji, he is holding a can and CIGARETTE on his hand And! as you can see on his FINGERS he is wearing rings EXCEPT ON HIS RING FINGER. PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY AT SANJI’S RING FINGER, IT IS POINTING TO THE ORANGE HAIR OF MYSTERIOUS GIRL. As you can see in the picture Sanji’s RING FINGER is the only finger which is pointing to the orange hair of a mysterious masked lady. I guess you already have an idea on who’s this girl with an orange hair right?

      Ring Finger = Wedding Ring has a big role in wedding
      Ring Finger pointing into Nami = Nami will gonna have a big role in Sanji’s wedding???

      Now let me add something, maybe Chopper will also have a big role on Sanji’s wedding.
      Please look again in chapter 811 colored page, notice the smoke of Sanji’s cigarette, its direction is going into Chopper’s horn and look at chopper’s horn there is a some kind of ring there, is that also a foreshadow that chopper will play a big role on Sanji’s wedding?

      Maybe Sanji’s life will be endangered because he’ll meet and marry a beautiful lady named Purin And Sanji will lose a lot of blood because of severe perverted nosebleed and the only one who can save his life is none other than his great crewmate doctor Chopper like what he did before in Fishman island.
      Everyone of us has their own idea, thoughts and opinions about Sanji’s wedding so share it to us nakamas!

      *Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca

        Jewelry Bonney and Big Mom

        Many people think that Bonney may be Big Mom’s daughter and I agree. Like Lola and Purin, being named similarly to sweet foods: Lolly and Pudding, Bonney is also named similarly to a sweet food. Jewelry Bonney’s name can actually be phonetically pronounced by Japanese people as:
        ‘Jujubes Bonney’. Jujubes are French Candy/Sweets , fitting the French theme of the Big Mom Pirates. Also, another French sweet food, Bonbon – is similar to her name. Her name clearly fits.

        Bonney has bright red lips similar to Lola and Big Mom, whom are likely her relatives. They all have pink hair and all of them can eat excessive amounts of food as well as ALL THREE of them having the same heart shaped lips! She has also been shown on a Cake Island/Ship, likely associating her with Big Mom.

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          After Oda dropped that incredible bombshell upon us, I’m going to add to the substantial arguments in favour of Sanji being a Tenryuubito, this one will be short but sweet.

          Sanji’s name has two meanings:
          San means Three, Ji can either mean O’clock or Temple. Oda has confirmed that Sanji’s name is 3 O’clock or rather, snack time! Hence he is named as such for being a chef. However, we also know he is the third son of the Vinsmock family.


          Clearly, as the third son, his name strongly relates in his order of birth and therefore I believe his other brothers will be named after their order of birth too. We have Ichiji and Niji, Sanji’s older brothers. If their father follows the same naming pattern he will be called Reiji, however I doubt this.

          Ichiji is the first born. Niji is the second born.

          Now that we’ve delved into the brothers and their names, there are some other underlying and ‘hidden’ clues.

          The ‘Temple’ part of their names can be a direct reference to being praised as some sort of religious or political figures, the same way the Tenryuubito view themselves as Gods. They refer to eachother as ‘your holyness’ and separate themselves from normal humans

          The religion of Christianity, the most followed faith on the planet, originates from Israel. The Bible speaks of ‘three temples’, like Sanji’s family.

          • First is Solomon’s Temple, which was built on Mt Moriah in seven and a half years. (could Moriah be involved in Sanji’s past? Did he encounter Ichiji?) This temple housed the Ark of the Covenant.
            This temple supposedly had the Brazen Alter of sacrifice, the Brazen Sea for Priests to wash themselves and the Brazen Layers of washing utensils. This temple was razed and burnt down by Nebuchadnezzar
          • The temple of Zerubbabel, this was built in two years. The temple followed a similar plan to that of Solomon’s Temple on a much lesser scale. The temple was sacked and most items stolen and the temple was later used for Idolatrous purpose
          • Thirdly is Herod’s temple. Unlike the other temples, this one had a court specifically for female use. This temple existed at the time of Jesus Christ. Both Jesus and Herod have been called the King of Kings on several occasions in the Bible.

          So what?

          Well, IF the Temples have some relation to the brothers:

          • Ichiji has some history with Moriah and is seven and a half years older than Sanji. He too has a background of being a Chef. It’s possible he gave his life to save Sanji and Niji from attackers of unknown faction, he may be dead. His death was caused by fire.
          • Niji is two years older than Sanji and shares many similarities with Ichiji. Ichiji was likely imprisoned or kidnapped by the same attackers of unknown persuasion. Niji may have been a massive pervert and had a strong attachment to aesthetic values. However, it’s possible Niji may still be alive.
          • Sanji ran away and escaped the threat that took his two brothers away from him. He inherited the wills of both brothers as a Chef and the usage of Fire as well as being extremely perverted like his second brother. The notion King of Kings simply ties the third Temple into Sanji and Luffy, the Pirate King to be.

          This is wild speculation of mine, but I think it would make a lot of sense.

          What’s more, Sanji’s well known and obvious French theme strongly relates to ‘Vinsmock’.

          Vin is French for Wine, seen as ‘the drink of the Gods’ in many cultures including: Greek, Roman, Carthaginian and Persian culture. Stronger relating to the connotations of being Tenryuubito, other Tenryuubito family names also have Godly meanings. The first part of Donquixote is Spanish for ‘Gift’ or sacrifice, common practice in these same cultures.

          Extra: A Smock is a type of dress – this may relate to Sanji’s love of women? It’s also a play on the word ‘Smoke’, a reference to cigarettes and cooking.

          There are lots of Godly inferences in the new reveal, and also a lot of references to food. So who were Ichiji, Niji and Sanji? Were they trainee cooks for the Tenryuubito? Were they simply regular Tenryuubitos?


          • Sanji’s brothers are Ichiji (7.5 years older) and Niji (2 years older), his dad might be called Reiji
          • Ichiji is dead
          • Niji is in captivity somewhere, although this is currently an unknown arbiter
          • Sanji escaped the threat that took Ichi’s life and captured Niji, he has since inherited their wills
          • The Vinsmock family is either a Cook family, subservient to the Tenryuubito or a Tenryuubito family themselves

          *Theory by Logia