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One Piece Laughter Styles. Which is your favorite?

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    Nico Robin with different hairstyles :-)

    Which one do You prefer?

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      Luffy Fanart



        (disclaimer: this theory makes absolutely no sense in OUR world; however this is One Piece so really anything is possible)


        Since Kizaru and Sanji both have powerful leg attacks, it is very possible that Kizaru will be one of Sanji’s strongest opponents, even possibly being his final opponent. So how could Sanji beat Kizaru? Well as we know Kizaru is light, meaning that he is both insanely fast and hits insanely hard, so how would Sanji beat Kizaru? Well i believe that to beat Kizaru, Sanji will travel faster than the speed of light.


        Sanji said himself that it was one of his dreams to be invisible. As you know, One Piece is all about people following and achieving their dreams. So i believe that Sanji will try to become invisible without a DF. How? Well as you know, you can only see things because light bounces off a surface and into your eye. However, if you can move so fast that light cannot hit you, you would be unseen by the human eye. So by going faster than the speed of light, sanji would have achieved one of his dreams.

        Now i cannot logically explain how sanji will go faster than light, because it is impossible in our world. However as i said, this is one piece; the law of our world are broken all the time in one piece so going faster than light wouldn’t be impossible. So rather than explaining how sanji actually goes faster than light, i will rather explain how his technique works. I believe that Sanji will focus all his energy, fat, muscle, and haki into his legs(life return); he will then release a powerful rokugan with his legs. When combined with diablo jambe, this rokugan would propel himself faster than the speed of light(don’t question it). He would then launch a powerful kick that contains the force to destroy even islands. However his legs would be severely damaged after this technique and he would be unable to walk for an extended amount of time(at least a day), he would also be unable to use haki during that time period. This technique could possible be achieved by using CoC to conquer the laws of the universe???

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