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          Do You Agree?

          One Piece has the most intricate and complex plot, do you guys agree?



            Chapter 808 and 809 does give us some important information.


            Smiles Users having very peculiar Tattoo’s like Sasuke and the Sound 4’s Curse Mark from Naruto, it seems these smile users have tattoo’s on their body so they will be allowed to transform parts of their body wherever these Tattoo’s are present, Sheepshead and the Wolf Guy show this distinctively as they have these tattoos on their arms and they have the ability to transform their arms into the distinctive animal smile it was based on, even allowing for abilities not even real DF users possess


            Smiles based of real Zoan DF’s?

            Jabra the Ino Ino no Mi Wolf

            Ino Ino No Mi Smile Model


            This leads me to believe these Smiles were based upon real Zoan DF’s and it makes sense, also its worth nothing the Wolf Hand guy stated to watch out for the members with the black horns, since Pleasure’s are just normal Fodder it shows the Gifters will all possess these same Black Horns, so its worth keeping in the back of your mind at least


            Based upon this information it leads me to believe that the rest of the Gifters must be based upon real Zoans as well, it seems eventually we will encounter a Mouse Zoan, a Crab Zoan, and a Bull Zoan.

            Special Smiles: And Why Momo has no Control

            Momo isn’t able to control his DF because he doesn’t possess the Smiles’s signature Tattoo’s so clearly he wont’ be able to use it like the gifters can

            As i have stated before these Smiles are based upon real DF’s, so why was Momo’s fruit considered a failure? Very simple because he didn’t produce Storm Clouds, its fairly obvious since the Dragon he turned into is the Chinese Dragon which is mythology has the ability to control the weather


            Who has the real Chinese Dragon Zoan? 75 percent sure its Monkey D Dragon, 25 percent sure it’s Kaido

            These gifter’s have real abilities and we haven’t seen enough of Jack to gauge whether he has one or not, but id go with the latter, already we’ve seen that Jack likes staying in his Mammoth form and i don’t feel comfortable saying a Smile User can transform normally like that, Kaido has white horns so its obvious he has a real DF. Jack himself and surely the other two Calamities and Kaido himself has these gifters as soilders.

            I think there’s a possibility that there are fairly high ranking members with special Smiles but i think it’s too early to tell, id prefer to tell and id hate to go on pure speculation.

            Do Smile Users Sink?

            This is still very unproven and i feel it’s worth noting if they aren’t real DF’s they shouldn’t sink, when you think about it powered up decent fighters who can even swim would be a big advantage. Kaido seems to be a fairly smart war strategist at least.

            *Theory by DemonAsura666

              Choose your 3 favorite badass characters out of these :-)

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                Which Tranformation do you like to have? :-)

                Can’t wait for G4!



                  *SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 801
                  In the latest chapter we all saw something particularly interesting, and by that I’m of course talking about Sanji’s wanted poster, which said to only keep him alive (Instead of the regular Dead or Alive) and the fact that despite not even being present in Dressrosa in the time of Doflamingo’s demise he had a 100,000,000B jump (Unlike the others which only had 50,000,000B jump).

                  Now, of course, the first thing that came to mind is the famous theory in which Sanji is a noble, a royalty or even a Tenryuubito, to be honest I didn’t bring my attention that much into that idea previously (Even though I did find it interesting) because there just wasn’t enough evidence in my opinion, but after the latest chapter it has been pretty much confirmed, Sanji has mysterious past yet to be revealed before the moment he was seen on the Orbit.

                  So now I began to notice that not only the foreshadowing of him being “Mr. Prince” and several other times he was referred to as “Prince” existed but also other elements about him pointed at that very direction, I’ll begin with the name he originally was intended to have.

                  In One Piece Green, Oda revealed that Sanji’s original name was supposed to be “Naruto”, but due to the rise of the popular manga of the same name he decided to use the name Sanji instead.

                  What does Naruto mean? Well, I looked it up and it’s primary meaning is Maelstrom.
                  Now clearly that’s a pun because of Sanji’s swirly eyebrows, but those eyebrows apparently existed just for that pun as the name Naruto also has another meaning: Turbulence, and like has been foreshadowed in Thriller Bark, Sanji claims to be the World Government’s most troublesome adversary from the Straw Hat crew.

                  And what does the name Sanji mean? Well it primarily means “praise” or “glory”, also apparently it’s not a very common modern Japanese name, but traditionally it was given to the third child because it starts with San (3 in Japanese).
                  Now both of the names agree on that though- Sanji will be a big deal, with both turbulence and glory.

                  So, now that we established that indeed Sanji’s past might play a big role in the plot and Sanji himself is a key character in a turbulence that’s about to come, and his massive importance was also established now we must ask: Why only Alive on the poster?
                  Well, the WG only have 2 reasons of doing that:
                  1. A Tenryuubito cares for him and would not like him to die, must likely meaning that he is a child of a Tenryuubito.
                  It must be noted that regular royalty and novelty do not have enough influence and power in order to do such a thing, it has been clearly seen how massive the Tenryuubito’s influence over the government is compared to the regular nobles and royalty, for example, Sabo is clearly a very wanted man despite being a noble.
                  2. He knows a secret and the WG wants him to tell them what it is, for example, he knows the hiding place of someone or something and therefore he must not die because he is the only one who knows where it it.

                  Now I generally disagree with the first option, why may you ask? Well, the reason for that is that Sanji mentioned back in Enies Lobby Arc that he was educated in a way to never harm a lady, and as seen from Charloss’ behavior as an example the Tenryuubitos as a culture do not concern themselves with others and are highly possessive towards their “wives” or women in general, most notable example is Charloss alone having at least 13 wives so far and he married and dismissed wives of a whim.

                  On top of that, Sanji clearly lived in North Blue and not Mariejois, or at least this is what’s most likely, both considering the fact that he claims for being from North Blue and his knowledge regarding “Liar Noland” as seen back in Jaya Arc, although I admit that him being from North Blue do not prevent him from being a Tenryuubito but it significantly lowers the chances, because they mostly live in Mariejois, and also because I doubt (Although it wasn’t confirmed but considering their culture) that they would know about “Inferior Humans” culture and tales, as I doubt they’ll tell those “Human” stories to their “Godly selves”.

                  So now that I noted why I consider the first option to not be it, then that leaves the second option.
                  But then, who IS Sanji? Well, considering the references of him being a prince, and his high-class attitude, it is not that far-fetched to assume he was actually a prince.

                  But a prince of what kingdom? Well consider that to be an assumption but I believe that he was a prince of the Lvneel Kingdom, mostly known as Noland’s country.

                  Now, I chose that for several reasons, the first is Sanji’s knowledge regarding the story, technically it could indeed be known throughout the North Blue but the fact that Sanji explains it to the rest of the Strawhats and the fact that that very kingdom was described in the book makes it more likely for it being a foreshadowing of his yet-to-be-discovered past, plus, even among North Blue, it is most likely to be most well known in that very country more than outside it, considering where it takes place and where the origin of the story is from.
                  The second reason is that it’s the most mentioned of all North Blue countries, yet it was only lastly seen in Law’s flashback 13 years before the current timeline, you know how old Sanji was then? 8, that’s about the age Luffy’s flashback took place (If I remember correctly he was 7), if I remember correctly Nami was also 8 during her flashback and so on, so that would make it look like “How the place looked before the storm that occurred later”. Is it a coincidence that Oda chose that exact date? I don’t think so.

                  Another thing is in Long Ring Long Land Arc Sanji wore a hat which resembles Noland’s hair design and he was referred by Zoro as a “Prince of Fools”.
                  It also resembles the castle of Lvneel. (As seen in the picture above)

                  Now, Lvneel was most likely not a member of the WG, at least in Noland’s time as the king mentioned that he needs to “ask Mariejois for permission”, meaning that he might have been at peace with the WG but most likely not actually a member of it, perhaps an ally.

                  However what if Lvneel resisted about 13 years before the current timeline? Well, it was already mentioned where non-citizens of the World Government go to right?

                  They begin working in Tequilla Wolf, a massive bridge in East Blue, now, what would have happened if that very kingdom hid a secret such as “what is Uranus” or other elements of information that the WG find valuable yet only the royal family of that kingdom knows that secret, and all the royal family died? With the exception of the young third child of the King and Queen? You get where I’m getting into?

                  I mean, think about it, so far the only one to not have a dead close-one in his flashbacks (With the exception of Luffy who only THOUGHT someone was dead), is well, Sanji.

                  That might also explain why Sanji went to the East Blue, well, he was kinda forced with the rest of his people to go there by the WG after they attacked his Kingdom.

                  So now, how did he escape? Well that would be a complete assumption but if I had to pick a chain of events is this: Sanji managed to blend with the crowd, so they wouldn’t think he is the prince, but he knew it was only for a small amount of time and that he has to escape, he has promised his family not to get captured, so he ran away but almost caught! But then, a woman came to his aid and caught the attention of the guards in order to help the little prince to escape- she died on that spot, and at that moment Sanji made a vow to not let another woman, ever, cry or get hurt.
                  Due to the woman’s help, Sanji managed to escape and managed to get on the Orbit, the crew allowed him to stay with them as long as he helps by doing something, Sanji offered to be a cook. It is possible that either then or before that he began loving to cook and heard rumors about the All Blue, where fish from all seas appear in.
                  In fact, as an afterthought maybe the information he possesses is the location of a map or information regarding the All Blue, which the World Government find important for their own reasons (Most notably covering up even the slightest evidence of something Void Century-related).

                  So, what do you think?

                  *Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

                    All Time Top 15 Best Selling Manga

                    15.  JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure – 90 million sales


                    14. Hajime No Ippo – 94 million sales


                    13. Touch – 100 million


                    12. Fist of the North Star – 100 million


                    11. Doraemon – 100 million


                    10. Astro Boy – 100 million


                    9. Slam Dunk – 120 million


                    8. Oishinbo – 130 million


                    7. Detective Conan – 140 million


                    6. Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamerari Koen-mae Hashutsujo – 156.5 million


                    5. Black Jack – 176 million


                    4. Golgo 13 – 200 million


                    3. Naruto – 205 million


                    2. Dragon Ball – 230 million


                    1. One Piece – 320 million