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    What’s your favorite flashback?


      Track the stylistic evolution of Eiichiro Oda’s most famous One Piece characters

      One Piece’s stylistic evolution


      A recent post by a Japanese internet forum user showed the evolution of series’ creator Eiichiro Oda’s artwork by comparing older pictures of the Straw Hat Pirates with more recent ones side-by-side. While most of the changes are fairly subtle, the slight differences were still enough to spark an online debate about which of the two drawing styles is better.Which is your personal preference?

      In this writer’s humble opinion, Oda’s character designs have hardly changed at all (with the exception of Chopper), especially when compared with the drastic stylistic changes of other famous manga artists over time (in particular, I’m thinking of Akira Toriyama’s legendary Dragon Ball, Kosuke Fujishima’s Oh My Goddess!, or even my personal favorite, Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha).

      It’s only natural that an established artist’s style will evolve over time in response to personal preference or outside influences. Masashi Kishimoto, author of the recently concluded Naruto manga, has even stated that he adapted his drawing style to more closely resemble that of the anime series once it began airing. Of course, the fans themselves can have differing opinions about whether those changes are for the better or worse.


        To be honest, I’m still quite unsure about this, mainly because I am not sure I even want this to happen that way, however thinking about it made me come up with actually several reasons why the nakama we have now is all we’ll have ’till the end of the series.
        I thought about this possibility for 2 reasons, the first is the Pirate Alliance, the second, well, is the concept of “Early One Piece”, most notably this:

        Which brings us to the first reason. Already from the beginning of the series Oda has planned all the nakama he’ll have throughout the series, I must also note that unlike many other shonen, One Piece is actually planned (Though it turned out far longer than Oda assumed), but the fact is, Oda already know what’ll happen and the ending, he knew that from the beginning.
        So here lies the first argument, if he didn’t plan more than 9 nakama (including Luffy), will he add more despite the fact that he already planned this much nakama from the beginning? Those 9 Strawhats have dreams which will all come to a conclusion in about the same time, and having another nakama, in a way, would require Oda to create an entire new plotline alongside the rest, however he didn’t plan this specific plotline from the beginning.
        Now, but here you’ll say: “Except for Zoro, Luffy, Nami and Sanji who have relatively minor changes, the rest are not like the nakama we have now”, and that’s true, however the Strawhats we have now are not different people, only had an artistic evolution and ended up differently, for example, Usopp was supposed to be more like his father, Brook doesn’t have an Afro, Chopper looks more like realistic reindeer.
        The ones with the most massive difference are Franky and Robin, Robin replaced a male character that was supposed to be a plant lover rather than history lover, and Franky replaced a midget carpenter, however, though different it’s clear they were still supposed to have a somewhat similar role despite the differences.

        Now, here comes another element I thought about, if new nakamas will join in the New World they won’t be able to develop like the previous nakamas, while the current Strawhats, who joined before the timeskip, clearly had time to develop and become stronger, if someone joins now he/she will barely have the time to actually become stronger and develop as a character, I mean, think about it, because if I remember correctly one of the editors claimed that One Piece is about 70% done, only leaving 30%? And that’s after it doesn’t seem like anyone’s joining this arc? So it’s even less than 30% of the progress of the story?

        And here comes another one, because it’s the New World, if one is a good warrior or helpful in any type of way, he/she is already in a group/crew, because unlike Paradise or East Blue this is already the top of the top of the One Piece World, and usually already features characters in their peak, and inside groups, which would make it more unlikely for them to join as individuals to the Strawhat crew and more likely joining as their entire group/crew the Strawhat Pirate Alliance.

        So yeah, the fact that the is a Strawhat Pirate Alliance makes more nakama irrelevant in a way, because if someone will join, so is his/her entire group, and will lend their strength to Luffy.

        Also, just making sure, that means that both we’ll have new characters and their entire group as “underling crews”, by the way, it’s not the “Strawhat crew”, in the way those are not divisions but separate crews who ally themselves with Luffy similarly to the way crews ally themselves with Yonkos.
        Roger had an apparently small crew only in 1 ship, Oro Jackson, as seen in Edd War.

        Anyway, now for people saying that Luffy will decline, you are both right and wrong in my opinion, I think he’ll decline the concept of “being their father” but not their alliance, he’ll see them as equals, as allies while in reality they’ll serve him out of their own will.

        Also, the Pirate Alliance also explains what happens with Jinbe, in his cover story, Wadatsumi joins him:

        So, now people though to themselves: Then both of them will join the Strawhats? And the answer is no. Don’t forget the fact that on top of that, Jinbe is also the captain of the Sun Pirates (Whose whereabout are currently unknown, but that’s his title anyway), so now it makes sense why Oda made him decline in the first place, so that he’ll join the alliance, and not the core crew, in Fishman Island the was no alliance so Oda had him to have “unfinished business” before joining.

        Also, about the boy with the number 10:

        I think it’s foreshadowing the number of allied crews Luffy has, also let’s not forget Usopp’s Lieshadowing of 8000 underlings, so far we have 5600. So far we have 7, plus Jinbe it’s 8, I also believe Hancock will join after the Shichibukai system will be abolished, for the last one I’m still unsure, so let me hear who you think will join the alliance, I believe it might be Buggy, because both the Kuja and the Sun Pirates (About them I assume) don’t have a lot of people in them, and eventually we need to have 8000 so I believe Buggy, who has an entire organization under him will be the last one to join the alliance.

        *Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

          One Piece AMV – Do It (ft. Stallone & Shia LaBeouf)

            One piece throughout the years


              True Story


                Let’s go! To the New World!!!! :-)


                  One Piece Family

                  D: Hello, Odacchi! I have a question; will you hear me out? …Oh, you will? Thanks! Here goes. In the song the Straw Hats sing called “Family”, they have a line that goes “We’re not acquaintances, we’re not friends, we’re family”. If the Straw Hats really were an actual family, who would be the dad, and who would be the mom? P.N. Nashi


                  Although the One Piece family theater was different, Oda replied this way :

                  O: “Family” has been aired on TV, and it seems to be the most popular out of all the character songs. I really love it, too. My answer would currently be something like this.

                  • Dad: Franky (Thug)
                  • Mom: Robin
                  • First Son: Zoro
                  • Second Son: Sanji (Punk)
                  • Daughter: Nami
                  • Third Son: Usopp
                  • Fourth Son: Luffy
                  • Youngest: Chopper

                  Brook wasn’t introduced in the manga at the time this question was asked. He’d probably be an old perverted grandfather…

                    2ND NAKAMA(3RD FEMALE RECRUIT)

                    First i like to start with 790 cover page story


                    As you can see

                    in an SBS question, a fan asked if the Straw Hats were real, what nationality would they be of. Based on their appearances, Oda gave the following as a reply

                    • Monkey D. Luffy: Brazilian
                    • Roronoa Zoro: Japanese
                    • Nami: Swedish
                    • Usopp: African
                    • Sanji: French
                    • Tony Tony Chopper: Canadian
                    • Nico Robin: Russian
                    • Franky: American
                    • Brook: Austrian

                    On the color Cover Page of Chapter 790, the Straw Hats are dressed up in the stereotypical national clothing of various countries, most being different from the SBS nationalities displayed above, with

                    • Monkey D. Luffy: Japanese (Samurai attire)
                    • Roronoa Zoro: German (Lederhosen)
                    • Nami: American (Cowboy attire)
                    • Usopp: Brazilian (Carnival costume)
                    • Sanji: French (Musketeer attire)
                    • Tony Tony Chopper: Canadian (possibly) (Fur-lined winter coat)
                    • Nico Robin: Indian (Sari)
                    • Franky: Chinese (Kung Fu costume)
                    • Brook: British (Rocker clothing)

                    Why oda change there nationalities in cover page? There are many possible theories to explain this. So i’m not gonna explain it here. Let’s focus on Robin

                    She is wearing an indian sari. So we can assume that next female nakama from India. If she is from India do we know her? Yes i think we already know her


                    That is 3 eyed girl (vice captain from BM crew)

                    How can we say she is inspired from India?

                    Durga(Kali Maa)



                    And let’s again foucus on cover page 790. Can you see the Bindi on Robin’s forehead. What does it mean?

                    Can you see the shape of Bindi. Its shape is similar to an eye.

                    Bindi is a colorful dot that is placed on the forehead of both men and women in Hindu Dharma.

                    On a spiritual level what does the position of the Bindi signify?

                    The Ajna Chakra is considered to be the place of the “third eye”where one applies the Bindi. The Ajna Chakra is the site where one finally loses Ahamkara(ego or sense of inidividuality) when one achieves self realization or reaches a higher level of spirituality. It is a way to remind one another in the society to see through the mind’s eye and see the bigger picture of attaini

                    And there is something significance in nakama joining pattern

                    I think it’s not necessary to tell about nakama theory based on MFMM pattern.

                    As we know except Luffy first four members are

                    after that


                    But when we consider about female joining pattern every female introduce until now left the group at some point and joined again

                    In Nami’s case she left after first 3 members introduced. I mean except Luffy [Zoro Usopp Sanji]. I know Sanji officially joined after arlong incident but the thing is he was with SH when arlong fight happens

                    But when it comes to the Robin’s case only 2 members were introduced [Chopper, Franky]

                    When water 7 arc was going on we haven’t seen Brook and he was not introduced.

                    If we consider these facts according to the MFMM pattern after a new male recruit we can see the new female nakama. But she will not get a separate arc. She will officially join SH after she choose as a SH. Why is that because i think Luffy plus crew already save her from villain group.

                    As we know Oda is a master of foreshadowing most of every nakamas foreshadowed before like Brook and Franky etc. But as i mentioned before Brook was not introduced, before Robin’s official join i can see that we may not get a chance of seeing last two male nakamas before female character introduction.

                    Let’s again focus on 3eyed girl first introduction. You can see her trouser that is a harem pants normally wear by belly dancers. As we all know luffy wants a dancer as a crew member can she fill that space.

                    *Theory by sahan1993