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Brook is back!

So funny the way Luffy greets Brook 



    I made a couple conclusions after thinking about last chapter:

    – Unless Oda is being a massive troll, we can assume Sanji got captured in some way.

    – It’s confirmed that Jack is no longer on Zou.
    – The Mink (other than the guards) seemed rather relaxed. That leaves me to believe that there is no IMENENT threat to them as of right now. Also meaning there is no major antagonist on the island at this very moment.
    – Chopper was dressed up as a King and the Strawhats were welcomed like royalty with banquet and all.

    Following these conclusions i started thinking about what is left to do on Zou. Zou seems like too unique of an island to just hop on, find out about Sanji, and then hop off to go find him. Even if Nami presumes Sanji is dead instead of just captured, Luffy and Zoro (we all know Zoro and Sanji secretly have a bromance) would leave for revenge immediately imo.

    So there’s no threat or antagonist right now and when everyone is filled in about Sanji next chapter the Strawhats won’t have time to celebrate with the Mink for too long. Is that all there will be to Zou?

    My answer is no and here is why i think why:

    I think Zou, or Zunisha, is a living poneglyph. Not like any other poneglyph where text is inscribed into a special rock/stone. The “poneglyph” im talking about is Zunisha’s memory. Zunisha is a ancient elephant that lived over a thousand years. As everyone concluded by now, Zunisha was around during the void century 800 years ago. It experienced what happened during that time. Specifically what happened to the Minkmen during this age.

    One of the characteristics of elephants is that they have an amazing memory. I’d say this is needed if u want to recall something that happened 800 years ago. Is it a coincedence that the ancient creature who was around during the void century, also has this characteristic unique to it’s species? It might be, but i’d like to think not.

    So poneglyphs are normally Robin’s specialty, but in this case it’s time for Chopper to shine. Chopper hasn’t really had much spotlight in the New World. The only thing of importance he has done in the NW is taking care of the kids on Punk Hazard. I think it’s about time for him to get a moment of great significance.

    As we all know, Chopper can talk to animals. Correct me if i’m wrong here, but i believe Chopper is the only creature in the One Piece world that can communicate with ALL other living creatures. That also means he is the only one who could translate between animals and humans or translate from Zunisha to Robin and the rest. Is it a coincedence that the only one who could possibly translate Zunisha’s memories is a Strawhat? Maybe, but the coincedences are stacking up.

    I even believe it’s possible that Chopper has already spoken to or translated for Zunisha and that’s the reason why Chopper is dressed as a King.

    *Theory by Arasys


      After last chapters cliffhanger about Sanji, and the reintroduction of Nami and Chopper, I think that something is very off about Zou. The bases of my theory is that Zou isn’t as cheerful and friendly as it seems, it has a secret dark side.

      First before I go into the details of the theory, I would just like to analyze the SH’s arrival on each island they go to. On almost every island they initially enter, they are either hated on sight for being pirates, or are treated like regular people. The only time that this trend hasn’t held up in the past was when the crew landed on Whiskey Peak.


      Now, as we all know this town didn’t turn out to be the pirate heaven that the crew thought it was, it had a darker side that the crew discovered later, after they had been seduced by the beautiful women


      and the wonderful atmosphere and partying



      Now I know that these similarities between Zou and Whiskey Peak aren’t strong enough to conclusively say that Zou has a dark side. But I have a few more points to bring up.

      The first is has to do with Wanda’s comment about the Curly Hat’s


      She says that they are deceased, but we find out later on that neither Nami nor Chopper are dead, so why would she say that?
      Another weird comment that Wanda makes is when she is talking to Carrot and says that even though Luffy is the captain he won’t be treated with mercy


      This seems like a very weird comment to make, especially when we again learn later on that the crew is actually hailed as heroes on Zou.

      Wanda’s weird comments aside, not even all of the Minks in the country seem trust the SH, even though, if they are the heroes that should be well respected. This is not only shown once, but twice, with Pedro having Luffy surrounded on sight, and the guards in front of the Mink village threatening Luffy and co., even though they were with Wanda.


      I believe that the all of Wanda’s comments and these scenes of Mink mistrust are hints to us that Nami and Chopper believe that the other Swirly Hats are dead, but in fact they are actually being held captive by the Mink King.

      Now I know that that seems like a huge leap to make, but stay with me. The next part of my theory all relies on you guys believing that this guy that Nami is sleeping on:


      is the Mink King.

      I believe that this guy is the one who ordered the Swirly Hat’s, other than Nami and Chopper to be captured, but tricked Chopper and Nami into believing that they were either severally injured or dead. Now why do I think he imprisoned the people who rescued Zou, and why weren’t Nami and Chopper also imprisoned?
      The next part of my theory involves some speculation and I hope you can go with me. I think that the Mink King is actually a very corrupt king, who forces most of the Mink women to service him in his own personal harem.

      The first reason I believe this is because of the huge difference in appearance between the Minkwomen and the Minkmen


      While the Mink females look very much like regular human females, with lots of curves and big breasts, the Mink men look far more beast like. This difference in attractiveness may have created a society where most Mink females are only prized for their beauty while the men are rewarded for their feats of strength.

      Now the next reason why I think the Mink King uses the women as prostitutes is because of his interaction with Nami. Instead of allowing her to dress in her regular clothes and sleep in a normal bed, he has her dressed up in a very fancy and seductive outfit:


      and has her sleeping on his stomach. Now it might be a stretch to believe that the Mink King is trying to make Nami into another member of his harem, but in the very same chapter Wanda reveals that some Minks, like the king, think that Humans are quite attractive


      In this very same scene you can see that the Minks are giving Nami their congratulations. Some of you guys have said that this because she is reuniting with her crew, but I think that they’re congratulating her for being inducted into the King’s harem.

      I also believe that the Mink King could have been partially inspired by King Henry VIII, a corrupt king in London, who was notorious for his size and his large number of wives.


      The last reason why I think that the Mink King allows and endorses prostitution in Zou is because in One Piece, Oda likes to explore very controversial topics, like racism, drug abuse, slavery, and many other things. It would only make sense that he would eventually tackle the topic of prostitution and sexual abuse of women.
      Going back to the overall theory, now that I’ve told you why I believe the Zou King is corrupt, I will now explain how Sanji made him mad enough to have himself captured.

      I do believe that the Swirly Hat’s were the ones responsible for having Jack leave the island, but I also think that it is there fault that he came in the first place.
      When we see them in 795, we see Sanji and Brooke taking out some of Kaido’s men.


      We also know that most of these men were able to escape, and I think that after they escaped they went directly to Jack and told him that it was the Swirly Hat’s fault that they weren’t able to finish their mission. After hearing this Jack went to Zou, destroyed it and was then pushed out by the Swirly Hat’s. Some of the people on Zou praised Sanji and co. as heroes, but most of them blamed them for bringing him to Zou in first place.

      The next reason why I believe that why I believe Sanji was captured by the Mink King is because of his policy on women. We all know that Sanji is a huge perv, but he still believes that women should be respected and cared for. Now how do you think Sanji would react if he found out that the Mink King was allowing for women to be abused and used for sex in the country? He speaks out against the Mink King, and because of this out burst the King captures Sanji and creates a dummy to stand in his place as either dead or in a coma as to not upset Nami and Chopper, who aren’t being captured because of Nami’s beauty and Chopper resemblance to a Mink. This is why Nami believes that Sanji is either dead or in a coma and comes rushing to Luffy.

      *Theory by Kikodg78

        Zou at night

        In chapter 805 Wanda says to Luffy that he should be thankful that he didn’t get lost when the “moon is out” (nighttime).

        So, what do I think it is? Well, first of all as we all know Zou is an animal, an elephant (A giant one but still), therefore like any animal it must sleep, now before you say “maybe it sleeps standing like a giraffe”, well no- this is a sleeping elephant:

        So now although it’s not the same with animals inherently, night is associated with sleep and elephants are day-creatures and not night-creatures so it should be assumed that if Zou sleeps, he does so at night.
        But wait- if he lies down it means that the whole place will be flooded, he will be sleeping on the ocean floor!

        This is exactly why I think it will happen, something that usually happens in One Piece Arcs is a certain “time limit” or a “race against time” before something bad happens- in the recent arc Dressrosa it was the birdcage, before that the Shinokuni, before that the Noah and so on.

        So basically I think that the conflict that will happen in this arc will reach a climax at about nightime- if the SH and friends won’t defeat the enemies and get to safety they will drown- and let’s not forget the fact that Luffy, Chopper, Robin and Brook (Which might or might not still be in Zou) and DF users.

        And now you might say “Well, maybe Zou is STANDING ON THE WATER and not the ocean floor”, well in the recent chaptr we’ve seen Robin’s thoughts regarding the “Water eruption”:

        In it Zou is clearly not standing on the water but the ocean floor, although it’s her imagination we must all realize that when going up to Zou, they first confronted the foot, so Robin has seen the foot from close distance and it doesn’t walk on the water, and of course although it’s cartoonish, remember that it’s Oda’s drawing after all, and he knows all about Zou already, and if Zou walks on water he would draw Zou walking on water.

        So now, how can Zou breath underwater? It can use it’s trunk of course!
        But is it long enough? Well, have you thought to yourself how is it possible that Zou, a giant animal that constantly moves still remained close to Punk Hazard and Dressrosa after all the time Law has been there? Well, perhaps Zou has a “usual route” and at night time he stops at *relatively* shallow waters which allow him to keep his trunk out while he sleeps.

        So yeah, what do you think?

        *Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

          What happened to Sanji?

          At the end of the last manga chapter, Chopper and Nami were shown and they appeared to be safe and in good hands. The fate of Sanji, Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar are still unknown but Nami seems to have grave news. He hugged Luffy as soon as he saw him and she was crying. Zoro was shown to notice something on Nami before all of this happened but the chapter ended at that moment.


          A lot of people seem to agree that something bad has happened to Sanji and that whatever happened involved a fight against Jack of some sort. Some of the theories predict that Sanji was captured by Jack and subsequently the Marines or that after a tough battle his life is now so close to death that not even Chopper can save him. What do you think? What happened to Sanji? And where are Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar?

            What is happening in Zou?

            The Straw Hat Pirates continue riding Kanjuro’s dragon up Zou’s leg, and Usopp complains that his arms are tiring yet there is still no sight of the peak.

            Luffy then asks Kin’emon and Kanjuro what business they have on Zou, and Kanjuro reveals that they wanted to check on Momonosuke and to see whether their last comrade has landed here: a ninja named Raizo. The Straw Hats and Law react in shock to the news that he is a ninja, when suddenly Robin notices something falling toward them from above.



              As we know, in chapter 803 this character was name dropped by Kin’emon and Kanjuro on the final page, he/she is their last comrade to find in their four person party.


              I’ve done a little bit of digging around and found some very interesting links to Raizo’s name. Oda has, again, like with Kanjuro and Kin’emon, likely designed Raizo based upon a performer or actor, and their names all have implications and connotations that reside underlying their surfaces as characters. To demonstrate this, I must explain the other Samurai’s first:

              Kin’emon and Momonosuke:

              [​IMG] mmmnnsskk[​IMG]

              -Their names in conjunction with eachother derive from Nakamura Kinnosuke, a Japanese actor that Oda is a massive fan of
              -Nakamura Kinnosuke is a flatulist, like Kin’emon
              -Nakamura looks like Kin’emon
              -His favourite fruit was apparently peaches, Momo means peach, Momonosuke’s Kimono and Dragon form are peach coloured
              -Nakamura Kinnosuke played the role of a Samurai in many movies, but he is noted for his role as a dual wielding Samurai
              -Kin’emon has a Fox theme
              -His epithet is “Foxfire


              [​IMG] [​IMG]

              -Kanjuro’s name means truth, “seen as it is visual”
              -Although he isn’t specifically designed based upon an actor, his appearance draws many similarities with a Kabuki poser, a form of Japanese performing arts
              -His talents in caligraphy strongly support this as Caligraphy is often used in Kabuki pieces, makeup also uses huge brushes, like the one he has on his back (obviously to a much smaller scale though)
              -Kanjuro has a Bird theme
              -His epithet is “Evening Shower


              [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

              -His/her name is the same as a Ninja character from a movie called Ninja Assassin
              -He/she is likely named after Raizo Ichikawa, an actor which Oda is a huge fan of, Raizo Ichikawa has been a ninja in the Shinobi no Mono movies
              -In the Ninja Assassin movie, the character Raizo is played by a Korean Popstar called Rain
              -Funnily enough, in the Shinobi no Mono movies, Ichikawa’s character, called Goemon, had the epithet, “of the rain

              So, based upon these facts, what do we know?
              -Kin’emons epithet implied he could use fire, we now know he can fight using flames in conjunction with his swords, Kanjuro’s epithet in japanese culture (not ours) implies honesty and truth which is represented visually through his caligraphy, Raizo’s epithet implies he/she can use waterin some way shape or form
              -Given the roles of named characters associated with Raizo, he specialises as an assassin

              The two known epithets mean it’s highly likely the Wano resident friends of ours are based on a Japanese folklore phenomena called Kitsune no Yomeiri. During wedding processions, paper lanterns can be seen floating away into the darkness, known as atmospheric ghost lights, these are nicknamed the “evening sunshower”. Kitsune means firefox and it is said that Kitsune uses trickery on people to hide his own existence, very similar to Kin’emon and Kanjuro. A Kabuki theatre piece known as Kitsune no Yomeiri Gyoretsu is performed widely. The link here is interesting, and there is a third component to the myth: Shintoist rituals relating to the myths to prevent Kitsune’s interference in Shintoist weddings.

              The last component, in my opinion implies two things:

              1. Raizo is possibly female, due to the wedding themes and the possibility of Kitsune (Kinemon’s) interference (in some cases fooling the bride by replacing the husband)
              2. Raizo is Shintoist and designed on Shintoist monks, many of whom were and still are trained in Ninja arts (this is not to be confused with the Ninja clan that is long dead)

              So what do we know? If my theory is correct, Raizo:

              • Is quite possibly Female but will have an outward appearance of a man
              • Is Shintoist and could look like this
              • Fights with Water
              • Has the epithet “of the Rain”

              *Theory by L o g i a

                Kaido has a Dragon Devil Fruit

                Shortly after the Straw Hats’ arrival in Dressrosa, Luffy had tried to fly Momonosuke because of the flying ability that Momonosuke had displayed and used unconsciously to save both Luffy and himself from remaining in the pit wherein Luffy first stumbled upon him

                , but Momonosuke dreadfully and loudly rejected the idea of flying ‘again’ through the ‘skies’ despite having no memory of the time when he had flown out of the pit together with Luffy, wherein there was no ‘sky’.

                While he was about to shout his rejection of such idea, Momonosuke was recalling somebody’s hand reaching out to grab him.

                That event from his memory appears to be the cause of his aviophobia(fear of flying). The person from his flashback is suggested to have a flying ability, and the Dragon Devil Fruit possesses a flying ability.

                When Momo was loudly rejecting the idea of flying again, his father was composedly listening to what was happening with no sign of surprise. This indicates that his father is aware of the misfortune that befell Momo. This further suggests that this had happened long before both Momo’s consumption of an artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and their separate arrivals in PH.

                At Punk Hazard, Kinemon both exhibited great abhorrence of ‘dragons’ and confirmed to Brook that he has a ‘personal vendetta’ against them. I do not think that such hatred and vendetta could develop from having his ‘lower third’ attached to a dragon (the first dragon that greeted Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin when they first set foot on the blazing half of Punk Hazard) since it is normally IMPOSSIBLE for one to confirm by only his lower third the nature of the being or thing to which it (his lower third) was attached.

                Kinemon also showed great detestation of ‘pirates’ when sanji had first introduced himself and the rest of his group to him as pirates.

                After Momo had consumed Vegapunk’s artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and successfully managed to escape his pursuers at Punk Hazard, he found himself facing a mirror. Upon looking at the reflection of his dragon form on the mirror, he paled and shouted a loud scream. This appears to be a phobic reaction to dragons.

                When Luffy and Momo were stranded in that pit, Luffy introduced himself to Momo as the man who will become the pirate king. Upon hearing that, Momo had become fidgety and nervous and gave a description of ‘pirates’ that matches Kaido’s description. This could suggest that Momo met Kaido in person, and his nervousness could be due to the fear he harbours about Kaido due to a certain event/ events.

                When Kaido’s underling was trying to update kaido with the news of Joker’s defeat, he was looking toward the sky, which means that he believed that Kaido was in the sky, if not on the apex of some mountain.

                In that very chapter, Kaido reached sky island with neither the company nor the knowledge of his crew members.

                It was shown to us that Drake and several other crew members of Kaido were talking about the news whereas Kaido himself was on the sky island.

                It was therefore evident that such method of attaining sky island is strictly related to his abilities.

                In this week’s chapter it was revealed to us, along with his identity, that Kaido has the strongest body structure you could find in all the living things that swim, crawl and fly this earth. Dragons are known to possess such attributes as robust scales that could withstand blades and spears that aim to penetrate their skin as well as wings that allow them to fly and reach such altitudes. Since Kaido’s body was described to be immune to blades and spears that aimed to penetrate it, from this aspect his attributes strongly support the idea that he possesses the Dragon Devil Fruit.

                After Caesar’s downfall at Luffy’s hands, Kinemon told his son, in the middle of their meal, to trust that ‘they’ are all right.

                My theory is that ‘they’ refers to the people from Wa. To be worried about their safety means that they are going through some kind of crisis. A crisis of this level that affects an entire nation whose citizens are so strong inasmuch as not even the marines can go near them can only be caused by one of the four emperors.

                When the Straw Hats, Law and the samurai had left Punk Hazard and were heading to Dressrosa, Law revealed Kaido’s epithet. Upon hearing that, Momo and Kinemon both showed expressions of fear and shock. When asked by Zoro what was wrong, Kinemon untruthfully replied that nothing was wrong.

                Right after Kinemon had untruthfully answered Zoro that nothing was wrong, he reacted frightfully to the dragon form of his own child and started nervously asking about his (Momo’s) whereabouts. Kinemon’s mind should have been preoccupied by the dragon next to him, but the very sight of that dragon triggered feelings of worry about his son’s whereabouts.

                Afterwards, when everyone was gathered and having dinner, Kinemon revealed to them that they were ‘chased’ by people whose identity he wished not to reveal(probably for the safety of the people who aided him recover both his body portions and his son – the Straw Hats).

                In both instances Kinemon concealed matters connected to kaido. In this week’s chapter we discover that Kaido’s goons were ‘chasing’ the ‘samurai’.

                This establishes another strong connection between Kaido and the people of Wa. My theory is that Kinemon’s group was chased by Kaido’s goons when they were trying to go to Zo. And the crisis that befell Wa had been caused by Kaido.

                Kaido is the only one that could have breached the strong security of Wa and did what was done to Momo by his flying abilities. This explains Momo’s accurate description of Kaido, his phobic reaction to dragons, and the fear he harbours about him from the event that caused him aviophobia. This also explains Kinemon’s ‘personal vendetta’ against ‘dragons’, his feelings of worry about the whereabouts of his child that surfaced at the sight of a dragon, and his strong dislike of ‘pirates’ because it is only natural for one to develop such feelings after having his son exposed to such traumatic experience and his country exposed to such crisis (conquest of Wa).

                Let’s also not dismiss that Gear 4 was conceived to combat celestial/ flying enemies too.

                These are my thoughts for why Kaido must possess the dragon ability.

                Thank you for reading.

                *Theory by Australopithecus

                  A Kaido power theory


                  So, after reading the latest chapter, I think it’s a reasonable guess that Kaido is a Mythological Zoan: Dragon (Japanese dragon). Take a look at this here. Kaido’s got the same sort of beard, the same sort of tendril-y mustache, as well as the fact that he’s got a dragon scale pattern tattooed on his left arm.

                  This all says to me that it’s pretty possible that Kaido is a Japanese dragon Zoan. This explains why Momonosuke is such a big deal, because Momo would be an illegitimate form of Kaido’s fruit.

                  More “proof”:

                  1. It’s said in this chapter that a person who attempts to fight Kaido would find themselves faced with “a Kaido”. Quick Google search reveals that a “Kaidou” is a type of ancient Japanese road. Japanese dragons are known for being unbelievably long. Kaido as a dragon would probably be long enough that he basically would be “as long as a Kaido”.
                  2. Dragons are known in their legends for being either one of two things: 1. Immortal. or 2. Mortal, but with incredibly hard, nearly-unpierceable skin that essentially makes them immortal unless you can find a chink in their armor. This pretty heavily draws parallels with Kaido, as well as gives him a potential weakness so he’s not too OP.
                  3. How did the man manage to single-handedly get to a sky island in the first place? Yeah, he flew as a dragon.
                  4. This color spread immediately after it’s mentioned that the Strawhats are targeting Kaido. It’s the Strawhats as a bunch of knights, “slaying” a dragon. Tell me that’s not a serious case of foreshadowing.*Theory by PuddleOfMush