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The Strawhat Grand Fleet and their Ships

In SBS Volume 81 the names of the ships sailed by the Straw Hat Grand Fleet crews are given:Orlumbus has 50 Nita Maria (2Ta Maria) ships, 5 Santa Maria (3Ta Maria) ships, and 1 Yonta Maria (4Ta Maria) ship, in order of smallest to biggest.
Don Sai commands the Happou Navy, which consists of one Happousai ship and 7 smaller Ippousai ships.
Cavendish‘s ship is the White Horse of the Sleeping Forest.
Hajruddin‘s ship is Naglfarl.
Bartolomeo‘s ship, we already know is the Going Luffy-senpai.Ideo and Leo do not have ships due to being newly formed crews. Ideo is temporarily travelling with Orlumbus and the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet.

    Straw Hat Grand Fleet

    Formed from various powerful crews who managed to succeed in the New World, and the representatives and some other members have been prime contestants of the Corrida Colosseum, the crew is very powerful indeed. In sheer numbers, they have a grand total of 5640 people from various tribes and races, being quite versatile in strength and other attributes. Five of the seven leaders were powerful enough to defeat executives of the Donquixote Pirates.

    The Grand Fleet has the second highest total bounty of any currently known pirate group, behind the Straw Hat Pirates.

    Putting the combined known bounties of all of the “Straw Hats” together (both main crew and Grand Fleet) comes to a known total of Beli 2,800,000,100 which far surpasses the bounty of any other known crew.

      Tontattas: Names and Positions

      D: It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Oda-sensei. First of all, “You’re not a naughty, big person!” Secondly, those little Tontattas are so goddamn cute! I want to know as many names and positions as possible. Please tell me.

      If you don’t, I godda rip all yoh clothes! P.N. Beautiful Lady Swordsman Carrying Meat

      O: Huh? But I’m already naked… Okay! Here you go!

      SBS73 6 Dwarf Profiles


      Top Row: Gancho (Tonta-Chief); Leo (Tonta-Troop Leader); Bomba and Rampo (Vice-Chiefs); Kabu and Bian(Aviation Squad).

      Middle Row: Flapper; Bobomba (Bomba’s younger brother); Maujii; Nubon; Pellini.

      Bottom Row: Grabar (Leo’s grandmother); Inhel, Cotton, Wicca, Baxcon and Daikon (Reconnaissance Squad).

        Leo xD

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