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The Beginning

the begnning

    The Will of D.


      Zoro and Luffy


        Why Luffy doesn’t kill anyone

        As we know, Luffy hasn’t killed anyone, yet.

        Oda explained why all Luffy’s former enemies are still alive :

        D: Why doesn’t Luffy ever kill his enemies? If you look back, he didn’t kill Mohji, he didn’t kill Helmeppo or Captain Morgan, or anyone. Well, Zoro was the one who beat Morgan, but still. Why?


        O: Ahh, good question. First of all, Morgan is still alive. He’s being held in prison now by his former subordinates. So why didn’t Luffy kill him? In this era, people put their lives on their beliefs and convictions, and fight. When he goes into battle, Luffy is destroying others’ beliefs. And when these enemies’ beliefs are shattered and defeated, they feel a pain equal to death. I think that for these pirates, killing or not killing is secondary to winning or losing.

          Which is your favourite Luffy’s outfit?


            And from that point forward Zoro wondered what kind of mess he had gotten himself into :-)


              Love this scene


                Luffy’s Expressions :-)


                  Shanks Observation Haki Theory


                  I was re-watching and researching Shanks and I’ve noticed something. Despite his carefree easy going nature, Shanks is extremely wise for his youth in the One Piece World. He’s only a middle aged man, yet he has already gained the respect of the greats of the era before him to the point of them actually listening to what he has to say. This is because of 1.) Shanks leadership and strength and 2.) What I believe to the be the main reason, his unmatched talent in the form of haki.
                  Very few times have we seen Shanks demonstrate his power in haki, but when we do they are some of the best feats up to date, not only that but Shanks is still growing in power. He’s already scared off a Sea King, the biggest creatures in the ocean. He casually walked onto Whitebeard’s boat and not only did he knock out some of WB’s men, but his Conqueror’s haki was so powerful that it physically manifested and damaged the Moby Dick, WB’s ship. He was able to block Akainu’s magma fist, an attack that murdered Ace with what seems to be a basic sword using Armament Haki. This just all goes to show Shanks skill in the use of haki. However, I’ve only described two out of the three forms of haki.
                  My theory concerns only Shanks’ skill in observation haki. We’ve only had one scene where we’ve seen what we believe to be Shanks’ observation haki, and this is when WB threw that sake at Shanks, and Shanks dodged with ease while sitting and looking down. Despite that there’s nothing else. Or so we think. I believe that we’ve already seen Shanks display the greatest form of observation haki, prediction of future events. This is where Shanks’ wisdom stems from. Out of all of the big names in the series, Shanks was the first and for a long time the only one concerned with Blackbeard. He goes so far as to tell WB to tell Ace to leave BB alone for the time being, knowing how dangerous BB is. However WB didn’t listen and just laughed it off. Shanks then attacks WB to let him know that he’s serious on WB’s own ship in front of his crew. Jozu was concerned, but Marco being the first division commander had enough knowledge and respect for Shanks to tell the men to settle down because Shanks is not the kind of the man to do stupid things, a testimony to his wisdom. Ultimately WB along with Ace paid the price when it was all said and done. This is my first example of Shanks’ using this form of haki at such levels. My second isn’t an example, more so than a possibility that can explain how Shanks seemingly met up and dealt with Kaido and still made it back to marineford before the battle continued any further.
                  Kaido wanted to attack WB while WB was saving Ace for Yonko purposes. Knowing this, Shanks was able to intercept Kaido, a man Doflamingo fears(a man who challenges admirals and fleet admirals consistently). We don’t know what happened in the confrontation, obviously they’re both still alive so I assume they didn’t fight because when Shanks and his crew arrived they didn’t have any battle damage which would mean they either murked Kaido and his crew or they didn’t fight. Because the latter is more likely, I think the reason this scuffle ended so quickly was because unlike WB, Kaido heard Shanks out due to his wisdom which prevented a disastrous conflict from occuring. This is yet another example of Shanks being almost prophetic in stopping situations from escalating. In a sense he sees the big picture because of his strength in observation haki. Finally, you guys know I had to save the best for last, Shanks ending the Battle of Marineford. Shanks came in yet again at the perfect time which saved many lives that day.

                  What do you guys think?

                  *Theory by Pharaoh