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Progression of Time in One Piece

Myth: It has been a year since the story began.

Fact: There is no indication of how long the storyline has taken. Few clues aid the fans at all.

From witnessing the story play out;

  1. Luffy’s first few adventures in the East Blue happened within a few weeks. The only time night was witnessed however were during the captain Kuro story arc and at the end of the Arlong story arc. They therefore spent at least one day at Usopp’s village.
  2. Luffy worked for two days in Baratie before the arrival of Don Krieg’s Pirate Armada.
  3. They spent several days partying in Nami’s village after it was freed from Arlong.
  4. No night scenes were witnessed during Loguetown, it is presumed Loguetown was a quick stop for them due to the conflict with Smoker.
  5. Whiskey Peak was at least one night, they were there less than a day.
  6. They were at Little Garden for only a day (no night scenes were witnessed).
  7. From Little Garden to Drum Island it was less than five days (Nami would have died from her illness of Kestia if it had been any longer).
  8. There was a night scene at Drum Island, but they were there no more than two or so days.
  9. They met Ace within ten days of him visiting Drum Island because he had left Drum Island only a week beforehand and he was still in Alabasta when they arrived. He was only going to wait ten days for Luffy.
  10. In all, they spent less than a week or so in Alabasta before moving on.
  11. They were in Jaya less than four days, the time taken before their Log Pose would have adjusted, however they left close to its change.
  12. A close examination of Skypiea will show that it lasted two days (Entering the white sea to the campfire in Upper Yard was one day, and then the Survival Game to waking up the next morning after the party was another).
  13. No night scenes were seen in the Davy Back Fight matches. It is presumed the events took place in less than a day.
  14. They stayed in Long Ring Long Land for 4 days after Aokiji’s attack to let Luffy and Robin rest.
  15. They traveled for another 3 days before coming across Yokozuna.
  16. Including the events of Enies Lobby, the crew had stopped at Water 7 for a week.
  17. Thriller Bark was less than a day, a day max.
  18. There was a week between leaving Thriller Bark and arriving at the Red Line.
  19. They were in Sabaody Archipelago for less than a day.
  20. A full two days had visibly passed over the time Luffy was on his way to Amazon Lily.
  21. Four and a half days had passed during the journey from Amazon Lily to Impel Down via Marine ship.
  22. At least 30 hours passed while Luffy was in Impel Down.
  23. Three weeks passed from the end of the “War at the Summit” at Marineford to Luffy ringing the Ox Bell.
  24. Two years passed during the timeskip.
  25. They travelled straight to Fishman Island in what was depicted as less than a few hours after reuniting, and stayed there for less than a day, a day max.
  26. They travelled straight from Fishman Island to Punk Hazard in what was depicted as less than a few hours.
  27. They spent less than a day on Punk Hazard before leaving for Dressrosa.
  28. They spent four days on Dressrosa before leaving for Zou.
  29. A week passed before they reached Zou.
  30. They spent a day on Zou before Luffy’s group went to Whole Cake Island and the others went to Wano Country.


    Many theorist like me believe Kaido to reasonable guess that he has a power that relates to Dragons because of the fact that he has appearances relating to dragons such as his Moustache and his Dragon Scale like Tattoo.

    Many have speculated him to have gain his powers from either a Devil fruit or a Smile Artificial fruit, but i believe there is another way he could of obtained a power of a Dragon, but before i go through it i’d like to state the reasons why Devil fruit and Smiles are inconceivable.

    Devil Fruit:
    It’s quite obvious that Kaido is not a Devil fruit user as it’s been mentioned in the manga that Kaido rules in Land, Sky, and importantly to know the SEA. It’s clearly indicating that he must not be weak in water in order to be dominant in the sea. If so, Devil fruit is out! knowing Devil fruits are weak when it comes to water.

    Artificial Devil fruit:
    I can’t really say the evidences to disprove this one just now, but later as you go deeper into my theory you’ll understand why this one isn’t it aswell. However i will say that because artificial df is a copy of the original, it would make more sense if it also receives its drawback to water.

    Now on to the Theory!!

    In the Beasts Pirates those with tattoo’s called the Gifters are seen to have powers to transform into a zoan like being, however unlike Kaido’s Tattoo’s his are completely different, but comparing it to Hody’s tattoo they both share similar appearances as they both show a similar skulls and an image which might be representing their granted powers.


    Tatoo Comparisons
    Hody‘s -Sea fish and Shark bites Tattoos.
    [​IMG]Kaido‘s -Dragon scale like Tattoos.

    Now, Hody uses steroids to enhancing his Strength, Speed, Water manipulation, and giving him the ability to be feared by the sea beasts including the ability to order them around. Because his tattoo looks to depict his granted powers and abilities of Sea Beast like powers from his steroids it leads me to believe the steroids he is consuming comes from the use of Sea kings beasts, allowing him to be more dominant in the water.

    Having mention those I believe Kaido also uses Drug Enhancements, which in this case he specifically consumes steroids created from Dragons in my belief because of his dragon scale tattoo, like how Hody’s tattoos represent his granted steroid abilities of a Sea Creatures.

    In the Chinese Dragon mythology it was believed that dragon bones can be used to create an elixir of immortality, granting the consumer to be immortal, they are also known in their legends for being either Immortal or Mortal, but with incredibly hard, nearly-unpierceable skin including long length of life, explaining many of the feats of using dragons for Kaido’s enhancement steroids.

    This steroids granted Kaido to have nearly-unpierceable skin including, unbelievable strength and speed, including long length of life, which undo the effects of the steroid to shorten his life span. Like Hody he will also be Feared by Beasts mainly Dragons and the ability to order them around like a king, explaining his given nickname King of All Beast.

    As stated by Kinemon Wano has Dragons as it might be where his stariods originated from and how he was able to conquer Wano Kingdom.

    One More thing to add is his mood swings personality, they shares similar personality side effects of real life enhancement steroids.

    Thanks for reading my theory!

    *Theory by Enel One Piece Theorist

      The Beasts Pirates

      The Beasts Pirates are a powerful pirate crew ruling in the New World, led by the Yonko Kaido.

      Kaido, the captain, has full control over the crew. He is noticeably much larger than an ordinary human being and feared by his fellow crewmembers due to his drunken rampages and extremely violent mood swings. Most of his subordinates dress similar to barbarians and viking warriors, wearing armaments such as helmets, belts, furred and feathered cloaks with pauldrons, swords, gauntlets, long pants, and boots. Their chests, however, are generally left uncovered; the one exception, needless to say, is the female crewmember Ginrummy, who, while scantily clad in general, has metal breastplates. Like their horned captain, almost every single member of the Beast Pirates bears an ornamental headpiece of animal horns as well, or possesses actual animal horns, while others even have fangs or other animal traits, and a large amount of the crew sports hair that is some combination of long, wild, or flowing.

      At his side are three beings known as the Disasters. One of them, Jack, has the ability to become a mammoth, granting him immense size and strength. Jack has authority over the Gifters and Pleasures. The crew also has X Drake, another ancient Zoan-type user like Jack and a member of the Worst Generation.

      One division of the Beasts Pirates is called the Gifters, a group of Artificial Devil Fruit users lead by the Headliner Sheepshead. All the Gifters have a pair of black horns.The Gifters were created through the use of SMILEs, which gives them the ability to transform some parts of their body, such as their arms or ears, into different parts of an animal’s body. With the defeat of Doflamingo, however, Kaido’s attempt at building up a giant army of Gifters was brought to an abrupt end.
      Another division is the Pleasures, who resemble foot soldiers and do not appear to have any animal traits. They each wear a hat with one horn, and smile regardless of the circumstance, even when taking damage.

      The crew’s Jolly Roger is a skull in the middle of a pair of intersected crossbones (similar to the Blackbeard Pirates’s flag). The skull has horns similar to Kaido’s, and there are two shapes flanking the skull.

        Bitch Please


          Quick Reminders
          We all now from manga chapter 807 that Jack and crew attacked Zou 17 days ago, almost half a month ago. Also, Bepo and the rest of Law’s crew was already on Zou at that time.


          And we know that the Curly Hat crew arrived on Zou 10 days ago.


          But we know that Jacks crew was still there on Zou 10 days ago since we saw the Curly Hats confronting Sheepshead and Ginrummy in chapter 795.


          Also, we can confirm that Jacks crew left Zou because Ginrummy stated that they were leaving after Sheepshead was defeated by Sanji.


          Part 1

          I believe the Curly Hats all went up Zunisha into Zou together. They were probably able to get up Zunisha by using Momonosuke ability to create clouds in the air. Similar to how him and Luffy got out of the trash room at Punk Hazard (shown below) Or they got up there by Ceaser creating some gas balloon.

          When the Curly Hats got on Zou they met this deer mink girl


          She was offering to escort the Curly Hats out of the Whale Forest and into the part of Mokomo Dukeonm governed by Duke Inuarashi. I will explain why later!

          While escorting them out of the Whale Forest, Sheepshead and the other Gifters confronted them and the team got split up. That is when we see Nami Brook and Momonosuke running from them and the chapter ends where Sanji defeats Sheepshead and the other crew members left.

          Part 2:

          Ok so lets rewind!

          The deer mink girl was trying to escort the Curly Hats out of the Whale Forest and into the part of the country inhabited by the “Day Minks” which was ruled by Duke Inuarashi. And we can assume that it was day time because the opening for that flashback stated “The Following Day” when it transitioned from Dressrosa to Zou.


          But Why would the deer mink girl do that?!!

          Here is why

          First of all that deer mink girl is not a mink that is active during the day, but in the night!!
          Yes, that deer girl is actually a mink that usually goes to sleep from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night! I will explain why she was awake during the day later!

          She tried to get them to where the “Day” minks were because if they stayed in the Whale Forest after 6 pm, they would have been attacked by King Nekomamushi and his mink troops!

          The deer mink girl actually told them about this and tried to get them there as fast as she can but Sheepshead and his crew attacked them causing them to get split up.

          That is why Nami said “Lets hurry. We’re running out of time.”!!!!


          You must be saying, Why would King Nekomamushi do such a thing? Don’t minks love humans?

          Thats the thing….. Duke Inuarashi and the minks that wake up during the day love humans or at least try to, But King Nekomamushi and the minks that wake up during the night DO NOT!

          You can see the contrast between the way Duke Inuarashi and King Nekomamushi act.

          Duke Inuarashi seems to be the one that that is more civilized and will try to come up with a peaceful compromise. As seen when Duke Inuarashi dropped his sword in an act of peace and tried to make peace with Jack and his crew.


          In contrast, we see King Nekomamushi immediately resorting to violence, and how savage and barbaric him and his troops look. [​IMG]
          With this being said, King Nekomamushi and Duke Inuarashi are totally different. No wonder they don’t get along! (although I know there is still more about their past)
          (Shown below where wanda talks about their relationship)


          This reinforces the fact that King Nekomamushi and the “Night” minks do not like humans.

          There is still more evidence that they don’t like humans.

          Here we see King Nekomamushi stated that he would have killed a Samurai that came into Zou.


          Do you think Duke Inuarashi would have killed a Samurai that came into Zou, based on their behaviors I just explained?

          Yeah I don’t think that Duke Inuarashi and the “Day” minks would outright kill the samurai, maybe be cautious and sternly question him, but not kill the samurai.

          Still don’t believe me that King Nekomamushi and the “Night” minks don’t like humans?

          Here is more proof.

          Remember what Wanda told Luffy at the Whale Forest after his encounter with the Guardians in manga chapter 805?!

          She said ” Just be thankful that the moon is isn’t out right now”!!!!! 


          In other translations she said “You should be thankful that it isn’t dark yet…”!

          Part 3

          Remember when Franky pointed out that Wanda had signs of recent injuries.


          Wanda seems as if she was going to tell them why she had recent injuries but as soon as she was expected to say something,a mink comes to tell everyone that the Duke is awake!!

          I always knew that Wanda was hiding something from the straw hats and it seems as if Oda is clearly setting the suspenseful mood to reveal it.

          Obviously, something important happened between the time the Curly Hats arrived on Zou to when luffy and the rest arrived on Zou. More importantly, something happened while Duke Inuarashi was in the coma!!

          And this is what I believe happened

          After Jacks crew left Zou (I will explain what really happened to sanji, ceaser jack and his crew later!)
          Duke Inuarashi was badly injured along with his army.
          I believe that King Nekomamushi saw this as an advantage to take over all of Mokomo Dukedom for himself and he also saw Duke and the “Day” minks as traitors for housing the Curly Hats!!!

          I believe that after 6 pm, King Nekomamushi and other minks would become aggressive and try to attack or threaten Wanda and the rest of the musketeers!!

          Maybe the reason why Wanda has injuries is because she was fighting off some of King Nekomamushi’s army. But the fact that they only attack at night reduces suspicion from other musketeers or “day” minks.

          With that being said, I believe that the Strawhats are going to have to confront King Nekomamushi and his army! Also, Kanjuroo and Kinemon will probably be attacked when they arrive on Zou land because it is 6pm already and I already explained that King Nekomamushi and the “Night” minks don’t like humans, much less samurais!

          Also, I believe that Chopper will possibly be captured by some of King Nekomamushi’s men and force him to heal his wounds.

          Also, going back to the deer mink girl. I believe that she is not like other “Night” minks that have a hostility towards humans. I believe she is the type of mink that wants peace between Duke Inuarashi and King Nekomamushi!

          Part 4

          Now for what I believe happened to Sanji, Raizo, Ceaser, Jack and his crew.

          I noticed something weird in manga chapter 795. Where was Ceaser Clown in the last panels of this page?


          I believe Ceaser Clown may have ran off and gotten himself captured by Jack and hus crew as they were leaving Zou.
          Ceaser probably pleaded that Sanji had his heart but Jack and his crew probably didn’t understand or care that he did and hastily left Zou.

          I believe that Sanji wanted to get back Ceaser so he maybe infiltrated Jacks ship to get Ceaser back!!

          I believe that Jack and his crew found out that Doffy was in the hands of the marines and decided to get him back.

          I honestly don’t know what may have happened to make Sanji wanted alive at that point or what happened to him but I believe that Sanji got caught up in Jacks battle with the marines while he was on Jacks ship!!
          And Sanji could not have been caught because the poster that they wanted him alive, so the marines still have not captured him. (Again I could be horribly wrong)

          Because Wanda stated that they did not confrim tat Jack died, this leads me to believe that Jack survived and is on his way back to Zou in a pit of rage!! (Wanda says that shown below)


          Plus she says that it happened the other day, so Jack was with ginrummy, which was after ginrummy decided to leave Zou, which happened 10 days ago!

          I also believe that Jack will go back to Zou because of what his crewmate said when they were about to attack the four marine ships


          One of the crewmates said “….Do we return?”!

          I believe he meant return to Zou!

          As for Raizo, I believe the reason why the minks are so bewildered by Jack and his crew demanding to have Raizo is because Raizo is probably hiding amongst the “Night” minks or in King Nekomamushi’s army. This could explain why Wanda and the minks we have seen don’t know about Raizo! Maybe King Nekomamushi does not know about this.
          And it makes sense because Raizo is a ninja and is probably an expert at stealth and hiding his presence in the dark. Again I could be horribly worng. (Or maybe a mink is helping Raizo hide….)

          *Theory by Primordial Sky


            The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

            The 4 Horsemen Are:


            The White Horse(Horseman of Conquest)

            -This horseman was said in bible scriptures to be Jesus himself, known for qualities of Triumph, Prosperity and Health, Christ was known for riding a White Horse and that’s where this horseman being known as Jesus himself stems from, theres only one person we know so holy in the OP World yet so evil underneath.

            The Red Horse(Horseman of War)

            The Horseman of War rides on a red horse(sometimes fiery red) this horseman always held his sword up, a regular declaration of war. Who do we know that’s trying to start a huge war.


            The Black Horse(Horseman of Famine)

            When the Black Horse is released, aggrivated distress and mourning as soon to come, Famine here does refer to food but also everything, cut off of resources, and leaving somewhere in ruins, who fits this bill.

            (notice the 3 calamities, this makes it seem like the other two members are based on the biblical devastation brought upon by the horseman’s appearance)

            The Pale Horse(Horseman of Death)

            If i am correct with the direct link between the Horseman and the Kaido Pirates, maybe Doc Q is secretly a part of the Kaido Pirates, we know next to nothing about him and with the freedom of commanding his own fleet it would be easy for him to deceive Blackbeard


            There is a very good possibility the 4th Horseman will be named whenever all of Kaido’s big players are revealed, but i do find it odd Doc Q perfectly fits the bill, and what a crazy idea for Doc Q to be the one who is the rat, we all were thinking it’d be someone like Aokiji or Shiliew but that’s Oda for you unpredictable

            *Theory by DemonAsura666


              I’ve noticed a pattern here, I’ll just get to it.
              One of Kaido’s elite 3 executives (The Calamities, which there is a boardgame with the same name) is Jack, many of us theorized that Jack has a card theme, named after the card.

              But what about others? Well, Sheepshead is apparently also a card game, and his power is a pun of his name.

              Even Ginrummy is named after the card game of the same name.

              We’ve also seen other references, including Doflamingo, an ally of Kaido being called Joker (Because perhaps he is a key card of Kaido’s?).

              So due to that I think that the other 2 calamities will be “Queen” and “King”, even though it’s possible that Kaido himself is “King” due to his epithet.

              So that means that perhaps the third calamity would have a different name, that’s because I doubt “Ace” will be used.

              Among the interesting names that might be used by Oda (And therefore might dictate their characters) includes:
              *Napoleon (No need to explain)
              *Bacon (Perhaps a Pig Zoan fighting with a frying pan lol)

              But one of the most interesting details I’ve noticed is the game Pedro.
              So, will Pedro betray the Mink Tribe? Does he have anything to do with Kaido?
              Also, remember that somehow Jack knew Raizo was supposed to be in Zou and somehow got it it (Which is nearly impossible because no log pose points there), so is Pedro on Jack’s and Kaido’s side?
              He does seem to be particularly hostile towards the Strawhats so it’s not that farfetched in my opinion.

              So, what do you think?

              *Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

                They got same hair style, I think they went to the same hair salon! :D

                ..they got same hair style..

                  A shocking revelation! What happened on Zou?!

                  *Chapter 808 Spoilers

                  I really loved this chapter, even if it felt a bit short. We got a flashback of Jack invading Zou, we met the badass Duke and we found out Caesar’s weapons are behind Zou’s destruction… All in all, a solid chapter and worth the longer than usual wait.

                  First of all, it’s nice to see a clearer profile of Jack finally, even though it’s just him in his mammoth form (and what’s with that hairstyle? XD). Can’t wait to see his human form.


                  It’s now confirmed that Jack is Kaido’s subordinate, not only that but a Right hand man. From what we’ve seen, there are three tiers of power in the Kaido ranks: Calamities, Gifters and Pleasures.

                  The plot was known so far, but the execution by Oda-sensei was nevertheless interesting to follow, I really liked this chapter due to the good mix of emotions, despair, surprise, anger, fun and “wtf?” moments. Especially, the cliffhanger at the end.


                    ZOU, THE LIVING PONEGLYPH

                    I made a couple conclusions after thinking about last chapter:

                    – Unless Oda is being a massive troll, we can assume Sanji got captured in some way.

                    – It’s confirmed that Jack is no longer on Zou.
                    – The Mink (other than the guards) seemed rather relaxed. That leaves me to believe that there is no IMENENT threat to them as of right now. Also meaning there is no major antagonist on the island at this very moment.
                    – Chopper was dressed up as a King and the Strawhats were welcomed like royalty with banquet and all.

                    Following these conclusions i started thinking about what is left to do on Zou. Zou seems like too unique of an island to just hop on, find out about Sanji, and then hop off to go find him. Even if Nami presumes Sanji is dead instead of just captured, Luffy and Zoro (we all know Zoro and Sanji secretly have a bromance) would leave for revenge immediately imo.

                    So there’s no threat or antagonist right now and when everyone is filled in about Sanji next chapter the Strawhats won’t have time to celebrate with the Mink for too long. Is that all there will be to Zou?

                    My answer is no and here is why i think why:

                    I think Zou, or Zunisha, is a living poneglyph. Not like any other poneglyph where text is inscribed into a special rock/stone. The “poneglyph” im talking about is Zunisha’s memory. Zunisha is a ancient elephant that lived over a thousand years. As everyone concluded by now, Zunisha was around during the void century 800 years ago. It experienced what happened during that time. Specifically what happened to the Minkmen during this age.

                    One of the characteristics of elephants is that they have an amazing memory. I’d say this is needed if u want to recall something that happened 800 years ago. Is it a coincedence that the ancient creature who was around during the void century, also has this characteristic unique to it’s species? It might be, but i’d like to think not.

                    So poneglyphs are normally Robin’s specialty, but in this case it’s time for Chopper to shine. Chopper hasn’t really had much spotlight in the New World. The only thing of importance he has done in the NW is taking care of the kids on Punk Hazard. I think it’s about time for him to get a moment of great significance.

                    As we all know, Chopper can talk to animals. Correct me if i’m wrong here, but i believe Chopper is the only creature in the One Piece world that can communicate with ALL other living creatures. That also means he is the only one who could translate between animals and humans or translate from Zunisha to Robin and the rest. Is it a coincedence that the only one who could possibly translate Zunisha’s memories is a Strawhat? Maybe, but the coincedences are stacking up.

                    I even believe it’s possible that Chopper has already spoken to or translated for Zunisha and that’s the reason why Chopper is dressed as a King.

                    *Theory by Arasys