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First Lets learn a bit about Paramecia types :

Paramecia is one of the three Devil Fruit types. These fruits give the users a power that can affect their body, manipulate the environment, or produce substances.

Paramecia types are also distinguishable in the manner in which their powers manifest.

  • They can either alter the user’s current physical state (Luffy and Bon Kurei),
  • directly affect their immediate environment and/or living things within proximity (Eustass Kid, Blueno or Whitebeard),
  • or affect both of these conditions (Jewelry Bonney, Trafalgar Law, Doffy and Emporio Ivankov).

Like all Devil Fruit abilities, Paramecia types can also be “awakened”, attaining the ability to use their Devil Fruits in different manners than they originally could. Doflamingo, when awakening the Ito Ito no Mi, can extend his string-creating ability from his own body to affect the environment, transmuting inorganic material, such as the ground and buildings, into vast quantities of strings that he can manipulate without even the need to touch them

Now According to me Awakening can be defined as Max potential of Any Devil fruit
Now that doesn’t mean one changes to logia or something with awakening

for example -Doffy was always able to create strings through his body But with awakening he can change the environment into it strings also

Awakening may vary from user to user as per as their Devil Fruits like Whitebeard was able create earthquakes by sending vibrations into the environment

Luffy’s awakening:cool: :
Now lets jump by to Luffy like i said
Luffy belongs to 1st category of Paramecia: who can alter the user’s current physical state

there greatest feature of Gomu Gomu no Mi is its elasticity

What is elasticity?
The ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed, stretchiness.

Depending on that Luffy will be able to produce elastic wave

What are elastic waves?
Elastic wave, motion in a medium in which, when particles are displaced, a force proportional to the displacement acts on the particles to restore them to their original position. If a material has the property of elasticity and the particles in a certain region are set in vibratory motion, an elastic wave will be propagated. For example, a gas is an elastic medium (if it iscompressed and the pressure is then released, it will regain its former volume), and sound is transmitted through a gas as an elastic wave.

These elastic waves will enable Luffy to produce Shockwaves

Again what are shock waves?
Shock wave, strong pressure wave in any elastic medium such as air, water, or a solid substance, produced by supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, or other phenomena that create violent changes in pressure. Shock waves dier from soundwaves in that the wave front, in which compression takes place, is a region of sudden and violent change in stress, density, and temperature. Because of this, shock waves propagate in a manner dierent from that of ordinary acoustic waves. In particular, shock waves travel faster than sound, and their speed increases as the amplitude is raised; but the intensity of a shock wave also decreases faster than does that of a sound wave, because some of the energy of the shock wave is expended to heat the medium in which it travels

Shock waves are not as uncommon as u may think in One Piece

like Sengoku used in Marineford :
he launched an explosive shock wave with a palm thrust, enough to send a majority of the Blackbeard Pirates flying a fair distance.

#this could be foreshadow for Luffy using shockwaves to fight Blackbeard

same with Kuma :
Kuma’s nikyu nikyu no mi allows him to create shock waves

Now Luffy as fought alot of opponents using shockwaves as their technique

1.Luffy vs Satori (one of priests of Enel)

2.Luffy vs Usopp


now both of them used impact dial the stored energy is released in form of shockwave , usually causing internal injuries to a living body, while not leaving any visible external damage. This blunt force is enough to wound even Luffy, who is usually immune to blunt force due to the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

3. Luffy vs Jinbei

as Jinbei explains that fishman karate uses elasticity of air and water to create a shockwave

4.Luffy vs Don Chinjao


Chinjao as master of Hasshoken :
fighting style allows the user to control vibrations around their limbs to generate shock waves . This shockwave is powerful enough to destroy a metal shield or defeat a strong man easily. Sai also claimed that these attacks are unblockable and reverberating, causing defenses to shatter

5.Now finally my favorite: Luffy vs Rob Lucci
In the fight Lucci used his fishing move ,The Rokuogan is the secret and ultimate attack of the Rokushiki style. Rob Lucci states that only those who have absolute mastery of the other six skills can have access to this seventh skill.
The user places both his/her fists right in front of the target and launches a devastating shock wave in a forward direction. The burst is a reminiscence to that released by an Impact or Reject Dial, capable of bypassing the defenses of a rubber human such as Monkey D. Luffy, who is immune to blunt strikes under normal circumstances, and causes massive internal injuries.


In the Viz Manga, this is called Ultimate Radius: Six King Pistol, while in the FUNimation dub, this technique is called Ultimate Radius: Six King Gun.

#maybe foreshadow to Luffy’s future pistol and Gatling gun techniques

As u can see Luffy is pretty much weak to shockwave opponents thats why i think he will be using it in is awakening form i believe Rayleigh may have already taught him how to use shock wave by using haki

as he displayed it also

CoA normally used to defend or attack as it acts as a coating but Rayleigh repelled the elephant with some kinda shock

I believe Luffy will eventually master all 6 techniques of Rokushiki will lead to him master the 7th technique like Rob Lucci which is -Rokuogan

  • gear 2-soru
  • gear 3-tekkai
  • gear 4 -geppo
  • shigan similar to haki induces Gatling
  • kami-e well he has CoO similar to that
  • believe gear 4th alternate version may have Rankyaku
  • this completes the 6 forms of Rokushik
  • 7th form Rokuogan -shockwave

In this form Luffy will be able to manipulate any elastic medium such as air, water, or a solid substance,
and create strong pressure waves /shock wave :cigar:
this form will reduce the haki usage and provide Luffy with a long term fighting solution without taking 10 mins breaks like in G4 :cool:

Hope u like it

*Theory by D kar


      Luffy’s Next Gears ahahaha :D

        Luffy’s Awakened Form – Fanart

        This Luffy would be able to manipulate qualities of rubber, such as:

        • tear resistance
        • elasticity
        • stretchiness
        • electric resistance
        • density

          Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun!

          Gear 4 Revealed!!! *-*

          Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun!

            Clash of Haki



              Doflamingo said that Luffy is bad at using his DF, so how would Luffy get better? Now before i go on, i am not going to say words like “awakening” however i can say that without a doubt, the what i am about to say next will probably be one of Luffy’s power ups.

              Now what i believe Luffy needs is: 100% control of elasticity without with his DF alone(no haki should be needed).
              Now there are a few things i want to say when talking about elasticity; first, what is elasticity? Well elasticity is the tendency of an object to return to it’s original state after deformation; so let me paint a picture for you

              • high elasticity- this is basically vulcanized rubber [​IMG] now, i’m not saying that Luffy will ever vulcanize his body(imo it’s unlikely); but i do believe he will be able to make is body as elastic as vulcanized rubber with his DF, and make his body as hard as vulcanized rubber with haki
              • low elasticity- when he stretches his body, instead of his body reshaping it just remains stretched [​IMG] at max potential, Luffy could become like slime. HOWEVER i highly highly highly highly highly highly(okay i think you get the point know) doubt that he will ever become a logia. I don’t believe he will become a liquid, but rather a a semi solid. He will not be able to detach parts of his body, however his body would be so stretched out that he would act like a liquid in almost every way apart from being able to separate his body(he cannot separate ). I believe Luffy needs to work more on being less elastic as it is a skill he seems to lack

              But can’t Luffy already do this? Well he can control elasticity like this to a degree, however it is evident that he has not mastered this ability, he cannot use bounceman without haki.

              What can Luffy do with this? Welll here’s just one technique i came up with that would really help Luffy out(forgive the bad art, i’m not good at drawing on my computer)
              Gomu Gomu no Sword; with this technique, Luffy reduces the elasticity in his bones, he then reshapes his hand into a sword. Once the hand is reshaped, Luffy then uses haki on the hand to make it hard, he also increases elasticity so that his sword doesn’t change shape. This would be a very good technique as it would give him more options in battle, which is very good as it gives him ways to counter certain fighting styles and moves.

              But what about the gear? Yes i’ll get to that next

              GEAR 5

              Now i believe this gear will focus completely on manipulating elasticity. But first what will it be? Well i believe it will be skin balloon, now their is enough evidence to back this up so i won’t discuss it any further.


              Well as i said; G5 will be haki, DF awakening, and skin balloon. But what techniques will luffy use with this? Well I believe their will be 2 forms to G5. Those being:

              • fatman
              • burnman

              Allow me to explain


              As we know, all of Luffy’s gears are based on things Luffy has encountered in his life. So what will G5 be based off of? I believe it will be based on the techniques of these 2 men
              So here’s what I am thinking:

              • Luffy inflates his skin; and becomes as big as Sengoku
              • now he will control elasticity to control his shape
              • this form will give him insane defense as Luffy could control the elasticity in his skin to make him almost invulnerable to most(if not all) non DF/non sea stone attacks

              Why use skin balloon when you can use bone and muscle? What’s the point of skin balloon? Well i think many of you believe that skin balloon is just Luffy enlarging his whole body, but i have a different idea. I believe fatman will be a lot like titan transformations in Attack on Titan

              I believe fatman will look something like this

              Luffy’s skin will be as big as Sengoku’s body; however Luffy’s organs, muscles, and bones will stay their regular size. Because of this, Luffy will be able to act a lot like Pica; if someone hit’s his skin balloon, he takes very little damage since he can freely move his real body around in the skin balloon. However he will take damage if his muscles, bones, and organs are damaged

              I believe this form will be based on low elasticity. So how will this help him? Well here is just a thought on what i think controlling elasticity could do

              So say this picture represents Luffy’s arm after he uses skin balloon, now by controlling elasticity i believe he will do something like this

              Now if you are confused by my shitty drawing skills, this is basically what i am talking about

              • Luffy will decrease the elasticity in certain parts of his skin to reshape parts of his skin into new limbs

              Now if Luffy uses this power at full potential, he would probably look a lot like this
              Luffy would reshape the skin in his body into thousands of new arms. this could be used to defend against enemies that would use luffy’s huge size in fatman to outmaneuver him. Furthermore this could also be used to create the ultimate gatling; we all know that Luffy probably has a move called “kong gatling” which is a gatling version of kong gun that would deal massive damage to opponents. Now with fatman, Luffy could do a “thousand arm gatling” that would be him using kong gatling in each of his arms

              This is a pic of how Luffy in fatman mode would use gatling

              First he focuses all the air and into the skin near his fists; this means that he is no longer protected by his skin balloon, but rather he 2 huge skin balloons near his fists. He then reshapes all the skin near his fists into their own fists; this means that Luffy will have thousands of fists made of skin growing off his hands; when using gatling, he will make each and every one of these fists use kong gatling


              As i said before; Luffy will have a problem with speed when he is using fatman. So how will he fix this? Well i believe he will take his body to the absolute limit. He will do this by using all of his haki, combined with his physical strength to compress the all the air inside of fatman into a body the size of Luffy. By doing this Luffy will have to go full body CoA; however his skin will actually begin tearing from the pressure, his skin would also be heated up to insanely high temperatures do to the cells in his skin overworking. This would cause parts of his skin to begin to burn up, making Luffy’s skin look something like this
              So what will burnman be like:

              • Luffy will now be as tall as Doflamingo
              • his skin would be completely covered in armament; but of few of these spots on Luffy’s skin would be burning do to the heat
              • he would now be extremely heavy, but be small in comparison
              • Luffy will now be able to go fast, while keeping the same power as fatman
              • this form will be based on high elasticity; because of the insane elasticity Luffy’s body will be at, Luffy’s body would act almost as if he was vulcanized(he would not be vulcanized, but he would be as elastic as vulcanized rubber)

              How would burnman fight? Well here’s what i am thinking:

              • he would do techniques like kong gun and leo bazooka still; however due to the insane amount of pressure Luffy would be containing, when he contracts his fist, the air would burn up almost instantly. When Luffy releases the punch, his attack would look almost like a hiken(but it would be stronger). Just one kong gun in burman-mode could potentially take out an island
              • Luffy would be fast and heavy at the same time; meaning he would have insane momentum with his punches
              • due to Luffy’s skin being full of highly compressed gasses, even someone like Zoro would have a hard time trying to cut Luffy

              *Theory by Monkey D Theories


                So, we have gears 1st (normal Luffy), 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Each one is based off of a car, somehow. Obviously the names are from the gears of a car, but what about the functions?

                2nd: Engine
                3rd: Tires
                4th: Air bag

                There are some other things they have in common, too. They each have similarities to rokushiki techniques, but grant more than just the technique.

                2nd: He moves faster than your average soru, and he doesn’t just speed up his legs.
                3rd: Hardens a part of his body to use for defense and offense, as well as swelling it, more than what tekkai can do.
                4th: Makes him bouncy, boosts the speed and damage of his punches, and grants him a geppou like ability.

                Another similarity is that they all are based off of a bodily system.

                2nd: Cardiovascular
                3rd: Skeletal
                4th: Muscular.

                Finally, they all have an effect similar to one of the abilities of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

                2nd: Wukong was extraordinarily fast
                3rd: Wukong would transform his individual hairs to change their shape.
                4th: Wukong possessed special boots that allowed him to fly via walking on clouds, like Momonosuke.

                So, what does this mean? Gear 5th will be based off of a car part and it will grant a rokushiki technique, with added effects. It uses a bodily system and is based off one of Sun Wukong’s abilities So, what do I think will combine all of these into one ability?

                Luffy will use his nervous system to take full control over his body. So, how does this fit into each pattern?

                Car part: Gear 5th demonstrates the customization options of a cars shape and exterior.
                Rokushiki: It would allow the user to sense when something touches them, granting a kami-e effect.
                Body system: Nervous system, which is used in movement and sensing.
                Wukong’s ability: Wukong can shape shift, but he can’t change his tail. Luffy could utilize his rubber capabilities to change shape, but not color so he would have a tell if it was him, like Wukong’s tail.

                So, how exactly does this work? Luffy extends his nervous system and takes full control of it. This grants him heightened senses, kami-e, and the ability to manipulate every cell individually due to stretching, to shape shift.

                So, how about Gear Reverse? I believe that due to the different name type of Gear Reverse, the source of power is different. It doesn’t rely on Luffy’s body, it relies on the Fruit’s power. Gear Reverse is Luffy’s awakening. So, what is this awakening?

                In Gear Reverse, Luffy can apply the properties of rubber to other objects. It sounds like an intelligent power and therefor mot Luffy’s style, but remember, Luffy was smart enough to develop all 3 of his current gear techniques on his own. He’s not stupid when he needs to be smart.

                So, how would Luffy use this? Simple, it’s already been forshadowed. When the ASL trio were kids, what did they use? Steel pipes. So, what would this mean? When they grew up, Ace ditched the pipes for his own style. Sabo uses the pipe as a signature weapon in combat. So, Luffy would be an in between. He would use the pipe to boost some techniques, but he wouldn’t require it in combat. He would be a blend, he can use it or not use it.

                So, how would the awakening affect the pipe? Luffy can make the pipe stretch to change its size from very small to very large, allowing for very versatile combat. Now, let’s look at the gear pattern.

                Car part: seat. Does not make the car run, but it makes the car better. Not an essential, but also very customizable in size and shape.
                Rokushiki: Luffy could slash with his staff weapon and make rankyaku effects of all sizes. He could also stab with the staff for a shigan effect.
                System: Awakening, N/A
                Sun Wukong: Wukong had a staff that could change size at will. It could also be manipulated at will by Wukong

                *Theory by Sontaran Gaming

                  MONKEY D. LUFFY


                    GEAR FOURTH