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This is really hilarious :-)


    Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing pretty much everything about the Ancient Kingdom and the D clan.

    Geological Location.

    Oda said that in the real world, Luffy would be Brazilian. Its safe to assume that Garp and Dragon are Brazilian as well and since Roger is so similar to Luffy, he is Brazilian also. I think its safe to say that East Blue represents Brazil.

    East Blue is based off South America
    . In fact, the Ancient Kingdom itself is based off a kingdom in South America. Before that however…..


    Obviously its a map of the world and South America is in the western hemisphere, but guess what? For Japan, they use the pacific world map.


    This places South America in the East.

    Also, did any of you know that the Americas(North and South America) was referred to as the ‘New World‘ by the Europeans(Europe, Africa and Asia was known as the old world)?


    And finally, lets uses a OP world map and compare it to the pacific world map.


    Everything seems to align right?
    -Europe, Asia and Africa is more so the “New World” of One Piece.
    -The New World of OP lines up with the western hemisphere where the New World is located in real life.
    -North Blue usually have people who are wealthy and European and it just so happens to line up with Europe.

    Wait…….East Blue lines up with North America and not South America….
    Well that is true but it doesn’t make much of a difference since its called the Americas….ok that is pretty vague but there is more to it and I’ll get to it later so lets return our focus to the maps.

    For the OP map, you see where Raftel is located?


    Overlap it with the pacific world map, Raftel would be located somewhere near Indonesia. This is a huge coincidence because there was a kingdom in Indonesia called Jayabaya, which had a prosperous king named ‘Joyoboyo’.


    Remember Joy Boy? The name is obvious but Joyoboyo was known as a just and prosperous ruler who not only was believed to the reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, but sought to restore justice, social order and harmony to the world.

    Its too big to be a coincidence…..the Ancient Kingdom draws alot of inspiration from Jayabaya and its in the New World and at the very least, near Raftel.

    Also, Jayabaya was a Hindu kingdom and the Ancient weapons has alot of similarities to Hindu gods.

    The Ancient Kingdom is pretty much located in the center of the world.


    Now then, South America was called the ‘New World’ and was speculated to have lots of mythical creatures and civilizations. The Spanish Inquisition(Marijoies) of South America(Ancient Kingdom) was the central point of the Age of Discovery. Cities of gold, to giants, to valleys of cinnamon and to the Andes mines filled with Gold, Sliver and Copper.

    The Ancient Kingdom draws inspiration from the Inca Empire in South America

    The Symbol of the Inca Empire.


    The symbol of the sun?

    The Flag of the Sun Pirates(Fisher Tiger and Jinbe) who sought equality.

    The Inca Empire was also a kingdom of natives.

    Monkey D. Dragon strongly resembles a native with his tattoo and widow’s peak.

    Bartholomew Kuma draws reference from Ninomiya Sontoku and Bishop Bartholome de las Casas, the latter being known as the “Defender of the Indians“.


    You could say that Monkey D. Dragon is the new Sapa Inca trying to get back his land.

    The king of the Inca Empire, the Sapa Inca, was killed by Fransisco Pizarro, a Spanish Conquistador. Pizarro?

    The Pizarro family(the Europeans in general) lead many expeditions throughout South America in search of wealth and conquering Peru, that was in the hands of the Inca Empire. Hold it…aren’t the BB pirates on their way to Baltigo? Coincidence?



    Now that we have the AK location established, I think its time to say that the ‘D’ clan are NOT blood related…..well mostly at least…..

    Its called the Ancient KINGDOM. A kingdom is usually a gathering of different families and societies to make up one huge nation. The Ancient Kingdom are like the SH pirates; one big, happy family without blood relation. Anyone who joins the kingdom is a beloved nakama and inherited the name ‘D’ as proof. Luffy and Law may both be ‘Ds’, but they probably share no blood relation whatsoever.

    However, this kept bothering me.


    The Tenryubitto know about ‘D’ so its not like that middle initial is some sort of secret codename. Even more strange…..WHY HASN’T THE TENRYUBITTO INITIATE SOME KIND OF ‘D’ GENOCIDE!!!?? GO FRIEZA ON THEM!!

    If ‘D’ is that dangerous, why aren’t they taking any special precautions against them in today’s age?

    “That name has become too exposed…”

    “I’m not supposed to tell anyone my full name….”

    It seems that for centuries, the name ‘D’ has been under the radar. When the AK were defeated by the 20 Kingdoms, they were wiped out to near extinction and the survivors scattered throughout the world. Its pretty safe to assume that for at least a while after the war, those with ‘D’ in their name were captured and/or slaughtered so survivors kept their whole names hidden while others discarded the name all together for safety.

    So….either a member ‘D’ stops talking about the name or discard the name all together and eventually, the meaning of ‘D’ would be lost in history. The Tenryubitto and the WG could not go on a killing spree because if they did, the people would grow suspicious and would try to learn the meaning of ‘D’, putting the their rule in grave danger. It is best to keep the name as hidden and low key as possible.

    Eventually, someone who bore the name ‘D’ would prove to be almost unstoppable and pose a huge threat to the rule of the Tenryubitto:

    And the reason Gol D. Roger became such a threat is because of this:

    The Voice of All Thing is a form of haki that allows the user to understand every living creature. The meaning of ‘D’ may be unknown now but the answers lie in the Poneglyphs and in the creatures that existed during the Void Century.

    The first user of this ability was Joyboy using the Ancient Weapon Uranus. Not only that, it is because of Uranus that haki and DFs exist. Don’t you find it strange that haki can be embedded over DFs and a form of haki(CoA) can counter logias? Some DFs can counter haki like Absalom’s Clear Clear Fruit(The Kidd Alliance nor Doflamingo noticed Absa while he using his fruit.)

    Those with the Conqueror’s Haki has a lineage that traces back to a family in the Ancient Kingdom, but only a DIRECT descendant of Joyboy can hear the voice of all things.

    Since Luffy can hear the voice of all things, shouldn’t one of his parents have it too?

    Either Dragon or his wife could/can hear the Voice of All Things as well.

    *Theory by Vandenreich


      In this theory I am going to show you most of what I could find that I thought Monet could be inspired from and make a theory based off what I could find. When Oda bases a character off of a story he doesn’t tend to completely copy it. He tends to make his own version of it. Crocodile for example could be loosely based off of Captain Hook which is ironic considering he named him Crocodile. An example of Oda loosely basing something off of a story is Fishman Island. Certain elements of Fishman island could be based off of The Little Mermaid and Urashima Taro. If you know the story of Urashima Taro you would know that Oda has completely made his own version of it, so Oda using only a few aspects of a story(and changing some aspects) instead of every major part of the story is completely possible IMO. It’s also pretty hard to find which version of a story Oda might have been inspired by, as each story usually has multiple variants and Oda may have mixed the different versions of the story and made his own.


      Now the most obvious inspirations for Monet are Yuki-onna, Harpy, and Claude Monet. But if you investigate further you may find other inspirations that could fit.

      1.) Yuki-onna

      -Monet is an actual snow woman.
      -“Can transform into a cloud of snow if threatened” – Monet is a logia user and can turn into snow.
      -“In many stories, Yuki-onna appears to travelers trapped in snowstorms, and uses her icy breath to leave them as frost-coated corpses. Other legends say she leads them astray so they simply die of exposure. Other times, she manifests holding a child. When a well-intentioned soul takes the “child” from her, they are frozen in place.” – Monet was trying to keep the giant children at punk hazard.
      ​2.) Harpy
      -Harpy’s are women with bird parts – Monet has bird parts(I have a theory regarding how she has bird parts but I will make another thread for that)
      -Harpy’s are sisters
      Below are some similar mythological creatures
      -1.) Sirin
      -Half bird, Half woman
      -“She symbolizes eternal joy and heavenly happiness.” – Monet’s shirt/picture​
      -2.) Siren
      -“Later writers have implied that the Sirens were cannibals” – Monet biting people in snow form
      -Half bird, Half woman
      -“The siren sings so sweetly that she lulls the mariners to sleep; then she climbs upon the ships and kills the sleeping mariners.” – No singing, but Monet tried to put Luffy to sleep and freeze him to death/picture

      3.) Claude Monet(using paintings that might reference Monet/this is where my theory starts)

      -Claude Monet was a famous painter and we know that Oda has shown us references to other artists. Oda referenced multiple artists with Jora’s Ato Ato no mi. Zou is also a reference to “The Elephants” by Salvador Dali. So It wouldn’t be surprising for Oda to reference Claude Monet with Monet’s name.
      -The first painting that most people relate to Monet is “The Magpie” because the painting has snow and a magpie bird in it.

      (Before you read ahead, I need to mention that I do think that Monet lived by using suspended animation so this just makes sense to me)​

      -He also made a series of paintings of water lilies. Now many water lilies can be called lotuses and vice versa even though they are of a different genus. These flowers in a few different cultures are considered to represent rebirth. The pink lotus can also revive itself in a way through suspended animation also. I think the lotus and water lilies are supposed to represent Monet IMO. Now if my memory is correct, then lotuses were a significant flower in the story of the Odyssey. From wikipedia – “The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were narcotic, causing the people to sleep in peaceful apathy“. Whoever ate the lotus did not want to leave the island of the Lotus-Eaters. This reminds me of giant children on Punk Hazard who didn’t want to leave because of the drugged candy being fed to them by Monet and Caesar. You know what else is in the Odyssey? Sirens.
      -There is another painting I want to mention which is “Camille Monet on her deathbed“. In this painting it looks as if she is encased in ice.




      4.) Snow White

      -I mainly thought of this character because of the chapter 800 cover/picture depicting Robin as Snow White and obviously when you hear snow, the first person that comes to mind when thinking of One Piece is Monet. But there aren’t that many aspects that match up which is a problem. We already know that Oda likes to base characters off of stories even if it’s only by a small amount which is another reason why I think Monet could live through the same process Snow White lived which is suspended animation. In the story of Snow White, she was placed inside a glass coffin because she was thought to be dead when in fact she was not just like how Monet is thought to be dead. Just know that even if Monet is alive, we probably won’t end up knowing who represents each aspect of the story until it’s confirmed or not if she alive.

      So the major parts of Snow White are the 7 dwarves, the huntsman, the queen, the prince, magic mirror and the poisoned apple.

      -7 dwarves – I have no idea at all. It might not have taken place yet, or just won’t happen as Oda might have not bothered with that aspect. Maybe Luffy, Law, Zoro, Robin, Franky, Barto, Gambia/Jinbei? (Edit: 7 dwarves could be the allied crew captains)

      -The Huntsman – The huntsman is asked to kill Snow White and bring back her heart to the queen but brings back an animal heart. Could possibly be Law or maybe Aokiji? This actually feels like a part where Oda made his own twist. This part could represent Caesar thinking he is getting Smoker’s heart when in fact he is getting Monet’s heart. (Edit: Caesar could possibly be the huntsman also)

      -The Prince – I think the prince will end up being Sanji because of mainly his chivalry. (I doubt Oda would go the kissing to wake her up route. Sanji might just save her)

      -The Queen – No clue, but in the old version’s of Snow White the queen was a cannibal and so is Big Mom. The queen owned a magic mirror. In a variant of Urashima Taro the tamatebako box had 3 drawers that contained a mirror, a pill that let’s you breathe underwater, and a crane feather that turns you into a crane. I am neutral to this part though.

      -Poisoned Apple – A poisoned apple makes me think of SMILE. Caesar is the one who makes SMILE’s and he can create poison gas. (Like I said earlier I have a theory on SMILE that I will post in a future thread) In the old version, Snow White is awakened by a tremor that causes her to cough up the poisoned apple. There is a theory that Weeble has a watered down version of Whitebeards fruit and that it can produce tremors. As seen in Marineford, the Gura Gura no mi was capable of shattering ice very easily.​

      Something else that is kinda interesting is that the story “The Snow Queen” contains a magic mirror and is about the snow queen kidnapping someone. In “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” one of the kids is kidnapped by the White Witch(who keeps it Winter forever). The White Witch can also petrify people like Caesar did with Shinokuni.

      In the old version of Snow White, the Queen attempts to kill Snow White multiple times with different objects. You can find some of these objects in a color spread I had already previously believed foreshadowed Monet(Chapter 756). Poisoned comb, Magic Mirror, laced Bodice. In this color spread Sanji is wearing Clothes similar to Doflamingo’s, Chopper has a green towel over his head making it look like hair, and Nami is holding Monet’s shirt from one of her flashbacks. Another interesting thing to me at least is that Zoro is eating a squid which is one of the only animals that have two hearts(3 if you count the systematic one). Robin putting on red lipstick could represent Snow White’s red lips.




      ​I think Monet lived through suspended animation. Oda likes to reference stories and now would be the perfect time to reference Snow White. Monet was unconscious after her heart got stabbed so I don’t think she could have put her self into a state like that. The last time we saw Punk Hazard was when Kuzan was on that island. He must have saw the broadcast by Caesar. Why he was there I have no clue. The most logical explanation was either that he wanted to help Smoker or that Blackbeard wanted him to get Caesar. I think Kuzan could have put Monet into a frozen state. Monet could live through that because of her Snow fruit that increases her resistances to the cold. It’s possible that the ice Monet will be encased in will be shattered by Weeble’s devil fruit if the Weeble theory is right. What happened to Monet’s heart? I have no idea, but the fact that Oda didn’t explain that makes me think he is hiding something. I also forgot to mention this – “Placing astronauts in suspended animation has been proposed as one way for an individual to reach the end of an interstellar or intergalactic journey, avoiding the necessity for a gigantic generation ship; occasionally the two concepts have been combined, with generations of “caretakers” supervising a large population of frozen passenger“. It’s interesting at least to me. :phttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suspended_animation
      Thanks for Reading
      *Theory by Zazhi


        This is my first theory, so I want to begin with one about One Piece near future. One that should be stated as true or false in the next few chapters:

        Almost 150 chapters before now, Jimbei agreed to join the strawhats.
        Almost 50 chapters before now, started the Jimbei solo adventure.
        Now, I think Jimbei may come back and join the crew at the end of Dressrosa arc.

        There are some hints that make me think of this possibility in Jimbei’s cover story, so let’s examine them one by one.

        – Look at the cover story first page title:

        “Back to my friends”. I know Jimbei, as a fishman, is friend with all fishes in this cover page, but I think the word “friends” here definitly refers to Luffy and the others.
        This first page might show us Jimbei has finished what he had to do and now heads toward the strawhats, hinting he might appear soon.

        – Later in his solo voyage, jimbei has been able to read a newspaper. Not a random newspaper, this one in particular:

        Why is it important? Because Jimbei, as an intelligent character, can guess from this article that Luffy and Law are after Doflamingo and he can also deduce their actual position: Dressrosa. We know the strawhats and Law will move a lot, from island to island, in the near future and it will be more difficult for Jimbei to localize them later.

        If he is willing to retrieve them as soon as possible, he will want to get to Dressrosa before they leave. Moreover, I don’t see the point for Oda letting Jimbei know about Luffy/Law alliance and drawing it for us, if it’s not to give him useful information.

        – Before the last chapter (794), most people, including me, was thinking Luffy and the others should sail aboard revolutionaries’ ship to go to Zou, where Sunny is with the rest of the crew. But Sabo has left like a thief, without even a “goodbye kiss” on Luffy’s cheek. So, how are they supposed to go to Zou now? Answer in this picture:

        What? You don’t have a boat? No problem, climb up on Wadatsumi!
        This is what made me think Jimbei might show up in the next chapters at first. Wadatsumi is big enough to take everyone on his back (or his head, like Jimbei in this picture) and easily swim from Dressrosa to Zou.
        I know they could also “borrow” a ship in Dressrosa, but:
        Firstly, I don’t know if there still are available ships since the whole city has been destroyed
        Secondly, there must be a reason why Wadatsumi is with Jimbei and I think this one is perfect. They don’t even need to be introduced to Wadatsumi since they already know him.
        Thirdly, we are talking about Luffy’s crew, they don’t do things like others. When they aren’t in Merry or Sunny, they’re on giant ducks, little crow boat, Rocket Man, mini-shark submarine, … Being on a regular boat would be so boring for them.

        – If you believe (as I do) there will be 4 recruits in the New World, each one sharing similarities with two other crewmates in order, then if Jinbei is one of them, he must be the first one. I want to say: considering Jimbei being the first recruit of the New World, no other character can join until he does. So making him join the Strawhats as soon as possible is better to not bring closer other recuitments in the future.

        Hi Pholoris, i’m the voice of the Other You in your head, the annoying one. I’m sorry to interrupt your wonderful listing, but I want you to know that your theory is stupid. Let me explain why:
        Jinbei is currently too strong to fit in the crew.

        I don’t think so. We can’t really deduce anything from the little fight between him and Luffy in Fishman Island. I mean it kind of remind me the little fight between Zoro and Luffy in Whiskey Peak: stopped by a girl at the most interesting moment. But what we know is that Jimbei doesn’t seem to have progressed in fighting in two years and was impressed by Luffy Conqueror Haki.

        Knowing Luffy’s strengh in Gear 4th mode we can say Jimbei is below. In fact, he fought at the same level as Sanji against Wadatsumi (not a good opponent to calculate strengh, I know), therefore I don’t think him much stronger than Zoro or Sanji and he wouldn’t be too overpowered in the crew.

        You may be right, but it’s not the only problem: Jinbei’s bounty too high! Over the monster trio!

        In fact we don’t really know Jinbei’s bounty. A pirate said it was around 400M in Fishman Island

        but we didn’t see any official bounty (or wanted poster) higher than 250M for him.

        But admitting he is around 400M, just Luffy bounty getting up to 500M (after what happened in Dressrosa) would be fine for Jinbei to join. Remember Robin was for a time higher than zoro, still have higher bounty than Sanji nowadays and for a short time, in MockTown before Black Beard showed them their new bounties, Straw Hats believed Robin had higher one than Luffy.
        If Jinbei joins the crew with a huge bounty, it only means it won’t increase as much as the others’ in the future.

        Hmm ok, let’s say he fits in strengh and bounty even now and let’s get back on the cover story first page title. “Back to my friends” could also mean Jinbei hasn’t done what he has to do yet and “friends”, in that case, might be the sun pirates he is heading to.

        You’re right, this title is ambiguous, but we don’t know if his cover story starts right after he let Caribou at G5 (in the previous cover story) or if he had time to do something between. In fact, all points of the Jimbei’s solo adventure was to show us that Jinbei was on its way to somewhere and while traveling he found a poneglyph and Wadatsumi who decided go with him.

        Moreover, it looks like the poneglyph is wrapped up and taken as a gift on Wadatsumi’s head in the last page. If Jimbei doesn’t go to luffy’s position right know and still has to deal with Big Mom or whatever he has to do, those gifts (as well as Wadatsumi) will burden him much more than necessary. And this cover story would be useless as Wadatsumi and this poneglyph probably won’t travel half New World with him until he reaches Luffy.
        You know, I wasn’t expecting a cover story of jimbei this early after fishman island arc, there must be a reason. If Jinbei comes back in two or three islands after Dressrosa and without Wadatsumi (or the Poneglyph) because he left him in another adventure he had after, then this cover story would have no purpose.

        Not bad but I have a last point: even if Jimbei goes to Dressrosa, it is much more probable for him to encounter Sanji and the others first. He would be able to help them.

        If you remember chapter 730, Nami spoke about the importance of keeping C.Clown and Momonosuke away from Big Mom. At the same time, Franky asked her to escape from Dressrosa the fastest they could so Big Mom doesn’t come in Doffy’s country. I think that’s what they did.
        Sanji wanted to fire back at Big Mom and I know that a lot of theories exist about someone appearing to save Sunny from Big Mom, but Nami was pretty confident about escaping and Sanji (who had already met Pekoms and Baron Tamago) wouldn’t put nami in danger if he wasn’t sure he could protect her while attacking big mom. I don’t think they’re around Dressrosa anymore and they probably won’t be shown before Zou.

        *Theory by Pholoris

          Shirahoshi Wallpaper


            “One Piece : Pirate Warriors 3” New Trailer

            One Piece : Pirate Warriors 3 will be released in America on August 25th, and in Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia on August 28th. Alongside the announcement, Namco also shared this new trailer.


              In this theory, I would tackle about Jinbe’s possible backstory way before he became a member of Fisher Tiger’s Sun Pirates and his original dream in which he would achieve by sailing with the Strawhat Pirates.

              Basically this is Jinbe’s “real” backstory, the other backstories where he was included back in the Fishman Island Arc is actually the backstories of Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger respectively.

              Let’s start.

              Firstly, let’s all examine Jinbe’s childhood sketch.


              Alright, the first thing you would immediately notice with Jinbe’s outfit is that he is wearing a Karate Uniform but the clothes are torn off and stitched up.

              And Jinbe also is filled with banded wounds and seems really dirty from what he was portrayed.

              With this things, we can make assumptions:

              We could assume that Jinbe is a rowdy and troublemaking kid, and the torn clothes signifies that he don’t really follow his master’s orders of just using “martial arts” when its needed.

              Jinbe seems to just fight anyone and use martial arts even in street fights. It was confirmed in the manga that Jinbe, Arlong and Fisher Tiger grew up at the shady side of Fishman Island which is the Fishman Island District so it’s safe to assume that Jinbe grew up in a rough neighborhood and grew up on getting to street fights everyday.

              I would assume that Jinbe had a master who tried to keep him from getting into trouble by teaching him Fishman Karate.

              And I would assume that Fishman Karate master had 2 more students aside from Jinbe, i’ll be discussing these 2 other students one by one.

              Jinbe wears a Karate Uniform, I think its obvious who wears the same uniform as Jinbe.


              Yes, it’s Hack the Revolutionary Fishman.

              And he is Jinbe’s first classmate.

              A lot of One Piece fans were disappointed on the Fishman Island Arc, mainly because of underwhelming villains, but the other reason was, because the heavily hinted Fishmen Karate Dojo was not shown.
              Well, there a reason why and because its going to be shown in Jinbe’s backstory

              Jinbe and Hack’s master’s dream is to spread the art of Fishmen Karate and bridge the gap of division between humans and fishmen by competing and winning tournaments in order to show that the fishmen are capable of winning fights through pride and honor.


              Jinbe and Hack acquired that philosophy, but that never sat well with the 3rd student of their master.

              This guy.


              “Heavy Drinker” Vasco Shot.

              Unlike their master and like the previous Fishman renegades Arlong and Hody Jones, Vasco Shot is another one of those Fishmen who went astray from the real issue between humans and fishmen.

              But Vasco Shot is way different than Hody and Arlong.

              While Arlong hates humans, he will never hurt his own.
              Hody’s hate for humans also extended to the fishmen who sympathizes even a bit to human, especially to the followers of Queen Otohime.

              Vasco Shot basically looks everyone the same, as long he can have something to gain from them, but unless Vasco can gain anything from someone, whether its fishmen or human, they are all trash in his eyes.

              Basically, Vasco Shot fell to the worldly desires that his master kept Jinbe and Hack from.

              And Vasco Shot committed the gravest sin of all.

              Vasco Shot killed his master with a few amounts of bribe (booze and money) from humans in order to let the humans freely infiltrate Fishmen Island to either raid towns and kidnap mermaids.

              Basically, what I would assume is that there are 2 main “bodyguards” of Fishmen Island that time.

              Fisher Tiger and Jinbe, Hack and Vasco’s master.

              Remember that at that time, Queen Otohime is probably as small girl, and Tiger and the Master are teens.

              The thing is, Fisher Tiger at that time of the said raid by humans, he is not on the island, so the Master was left to fend off any attackers.

              And Vasco Shot killed that master, so humans can freely enter the island.

              Jinbe tried protecting his master but Vasco Shot is way more powerful than him at that time….this is where Jinbe got his famous “lightning” scar.


              After these events, Vasco Shot probably escaped up to the surface and became a pirate and done some horrific deeds until he got captured.

              While Jinbe reached a breaking point and started on hating humans as well, and Hack also left the island and as we know, he ended up in the Revolutionaries.

              This is probably what ignited Fisher Tiger’s hate for human as well deep inside, not to mention he became a slave.

              So basically, after Jinbe joins the Strawhat Crew, that would be the first time in a long while that Jinbe will meet Vasco face to face.

              It’s the reason why right before Blackbeard and his crew came to kill Whitebeard, Jinbe was the one who Oda decided to carry Luffy and be out of the fight vicinity.

              And Jinbe fainted after that, so he never saw Vasco Shot.

              So basically aside from Jinbe wanting to bridge the gap between the humans and fishmen, his other dream (which I would make a theory of Strawhat Pirates’ “developed” dreams soon) is to avenge his master against Vasco Shot and clean his master’s and Fishman Karate’s name which Vasco Shot disrespected.

              Oh, and if you guys are wondering what kind of fish Vasco Shot is?

              He is a Blob Fish.


              LOL! :tearsofjoy:😀

              *Theory by beck26

                Who’s your favourite fishman karate user?

                Who's your favourite fishman karate user

                  Luffy destroying Fishman Island-Under what Circumstances?

                  Everyone remembers the infamous scene during the Fishman Island Arc in which Madam Shirley predicted that Luffy would destroy Fishman Island, and we also know, she’s never been wrong.


                  So under what circumstances do you think this will occur?

                  1)War with Big Mom:
                  Maybe at one point Big Mom will threaten and eventually invade Fishman Island provoking Luffy to return and fight her. The war will be so chaotic, that the island is destroyed and the citizens of Fishman Island will have to be evacuated (presumably by Noah).

                  2) One Piece “Project”:
                  A popular theory has been surfing around the internet about the true contents of One Piece. This theory states that One Piece is not a treasure but actually rather a project that seeks to create the almighty sea of freedom: All Blue. But for that to happen they need to destroy the entirety of the Red Line which includes: Reverse Mountain, Mariejois and Fishman Island. Citizens will be evacuated of course.

                  3) General Union with the Humans:
                  Once the time is right, Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, and bring all the Fishmen and Merfolk above shore, where they will finally have accomplished their dream.

                  What do you think? Let Us Know ^ ^

                  *All rights go to mikeeozua