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Sanji’s siblings revealed!! o.O

Finally the long wait is over!

Sanji’s Sister ヴィンスモーク・レイジュ (Vinsmoke Reiju) and  Sanji’s Brother ヴィンスモーク・ヨンジ (Vinsmoke Yonji)

Sanji’s sister Reiju is SO HOT! *__*

Yonji really looks badass.

Just like someone predicted, Sanji’s bro is also a pervert ahahaha XD

I wonder if Reiju is a pervert too XD

It could be fun if Sanji’s sister would be a pervert with Zoro 😀

    Progression of Time in One Piece

    Myth: It has been a year since the story began.

    Fact: There is no indication of how long the storyline has taken. Few clues aid the fans at all.

    From witnessing the story play out;

    1. Luffy’s first few adventures in the East Blue happened within a few weeks. The only time night was witnessed however were during the captain Kuro story arc and at the end of the Arlong story arc. They therefore spent at least one day at Usopp’s village.
    2. Luffy worked for two days in Baratie before the arrival of Don Krieg’s Pirate Armada.
    3. They spent several days partying in Nami’s village after it was freed from Arlong.
    4. No night scenes were witnessed during Loguetown, it is presumed Loguetown was a quick stop for them due to the conflict with Smoker.
    5. Whiskey Peak was at least one night, they were there less than a day.
    6. They were at Little Garden for only a day (no night scenes were witnessed).
    7. From Little Garden to Drum Island it was less than five days (Nami would have died from her illness of Kestia if it had been any longer).
    8. There was a night scene at Drum Island, but they were there no more than two or so days.
    9. They met Ace within ten days of him visiting Drum Island because he had left Drum Island only a week beforehand and he was still in Alabasta when they arrived. He was only going to wait ten days for Luffy.
    10. In all, they spent less than a week or so in Alabasta before moving on.
    11. They were in Jaya less than four days, the time taken before their Log Pose would have adjusted, however they left close to its change.
    12. A close examination of Skypiea will show that it lasted two days (Entering the white sea to the campfire in Upper Yard was one day, and then the Survival Game to waking up the next morning after the party was another).
    13. No night scenes were seen in the Davy Back Fight matches. It is presumed the events took place in less than a day.
    14. They stayed in Long Ring Long Land for 4 days after Aokiji’s attack to let Luffy and Robin rest.
    15. They traveled for another 3 days before coming across Yokozuna.
    16. Including the events of Enies Lobby, the crew had stopped at Water 7 for a week.
    17. Thriller Bark was less than a day, a day max.
    18. There was a week between leaving Thriller Bark and arriving at the Red Line.
    19. They were in Sabaody Archipelago for less than a day.
    20. A full two days had visibly passed over the time Luffy was on his way to Amazon Lily.
    21. Four and a half days had passed during the journey from Amazon Lily to Impel Down via Marine ship.
    22. At least 30 hours passed while Luffy was in Impel Down.
    23. Three weeks passed from the end of the “War at the Summit” at Marineford to Luffy ringing the Ox Bell.
    24. Two years passed during the timeskip.
    25. They travelled straight to Fishman Island in what was depicted as less than a few hours after reuniting, and stayed there for less than a day, a day max.
    26. They travelled straight from Fishman Island to Punk Hazard in what was depicted as less than a few hours.
    27. They spent less than a day on Punk Hazard before leaving for Dressrosa.
    28. They spent four days on Dressrosa before leaving for Zou.
    29. A week passed before they reached Zou.
    30. They spent a day on Zou before Luffy’s group went to Whole Cake Island and the others went to Wano Country.



        Vinsmoke Family

        The Vinsmoke Family is a family of killers that commands the ‘mythical evil army’ (as described by Nami) known as Germa 66, and have a large presence in the Underworld. They may possess considerable clout with either the World Government or Marines, as Sanji presumed that his family had orchestrated the change in the condition of capture for redeeming his bounty, from ‘Dead or Alive’ to ‘Only Alive’.

        The family is currently known to consist of a father (the family patriarch), and at least three sons (of which Sanji is the third). The patriarch is known to be an infamous man throughout the New World.

        It is revealed that the leader of the Vinsmoke family, Sanji’s father, arranged for him to marry the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte Purin. Sanji, shocked that his past has been brought up again, believed that his family were also responsible for him now being wanted only alive. With the intention of putting an end to his past, Sanji reluctantly left Zou to attend the wedding.


          Who Will Stop Sanji’s Wedding?

          Sanji’s wedding is very near to happen now, we’re thinking about Purin the 35th daughter of Charlotte LinLin the future wife of Sanji but I believe someone will sneak in onto wedding hall to stop the wedding ceremony. Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Pekoms and Pedro are on the way now to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji and when they arrived there, the hungry Luffy will gonna eat that delicious island hehe just kidding! x) Let’s get serious I believe when Luffy and the others arrived on Whole Cake Island they will separate to each other to fight different underlings of Big Mom.

          The one who’ll going to stop the wedding ceremony of Sanji is none other than Nami to pay her debt to Sanji. Remember Sanji saved Nami on her wedding to Absalom so it is necessary that Nami will stop Sanji’s wedding.Do you guys remember on which point of wedding ceremony Sanji saved Nami?

          Sanji saved Nami by the time Absalom is gonna kiss the bride, maybe Nami will arrive on wedding hall by the time the groom and bride will gonna kiss each other like what happened at thriller bark on her wedding.
          Now let me give you another reason why Nami is the one who will stop Sanji’s wedding.

          Please take a look at the very left corner of the manga chapter 811 coloured page, there is something written on it and it says “We’re revealing exclusive story board sketches by Oda sensei himself! Check out the brand new information about the One Piece film Gold on the next page”.

          Maybe the real meaning of that words IS “ODA HIMSELF! is revealing an EXCLUSIVE STORYBOARD SKETCHES SO CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW INFORMATION” because in this chapter coloured page not only the information about One Piece film Gold is what Oda’s trying to reveal, in this coloured page there is something special that Oda already revealed and it is something special to Sanji.

          Please take a look at Sanji, he is holding a can and CIGARETTE on his hand And! as you can see on his FINGERS he is wearing rings EXCEPT ON HIS RING FINGER. PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY AT SANJI’S RING FINGER, IT IS POINTING TO THE ORANGE HAIR OF MYSTERIOUS GIRL. As you can see in the picture Sanji’s RING FINGER is the only finger which is pointing to the orange hair of a mysterious masked lady. I guess you already have an idea on who’s this girl with an orange hair right?

          Ring Finger = Wedding Ring has a big role in wedding
          Ring Finger pointing into Nami = Nami will gonna have a big role in Sanji’s wedding???

          Now let me add something, maybe Chopper will also have a big role on Sanji’s wedding.
          Please look again in chapter 811 colored page, notice the smoke of Sanji’s cigarette, its direction is going into Chopper’s horn and look at chopper’s horn there is a some kind of ring there, is that also a foreshadow that chopper will play a big role on Sanji’s wedding?

          Maybe Sanji’s life will be endangered because he’ll meet and marry a beautiful lady named Purin And Sanji will lose a lot of blood because of severe perverted nosebleed and the only one who can save his life is none other than his great crewmate doctor Chopper like what he did before in Fishman island.
          Everyone of us has their own idea, thoughts and opinions about Sanji’s wedding so share it to us nakamas!

          *Theory by Fire_Fist_Recca

            Luffy’s cooking ahahahaha XD

            Chef Luffy


              Last year, I saw a theory video about what could possibly be Luffy’s Gear Fifth. The premise of the theory was that Luffy’s Gears all focus on a different part of the body, making it unlikely for future Gears to be direct enhancements of previous ones. This may provide an explanation for why Gear Fourth has the title of Bounceman; the use of muscles is explicitly the basis of Gear Fourth, so any other muscle-based Gear abilities would be variants on Gear 4th. The theory I found (which sadly I cannot find now) stated that Gear 5th would focus on the nervous system, allowing Luffy to take control of his bioelectrical signals and weaponize them. The theorist further backed their idea with the fact that rubber, despite inhibiting electricity, can be electrically charged with static electricity, such as a balloon in the winter.

              This got me thinking; is Luffy really smart enough to understand that his nerves have electricity running through them? Would he even be able to find his nervous system? For that matter, does he even know what a nervous system is? Sure, Rayleigh or Chopper could probably help him figure out something like that, but I don’t think so. I think Luffy would find a much simpler, more obvious source of electricity.

              Let’s go back to the balloon example. Traditionally, what method do people use to charge balloons? They rub them against their hair. I propose that Gear 5th will indeed be electricity based, but not from the use of the nervous system, but rather the hair. Now, I do not propose that Luffy will pump air into his hair, as I do not think that that would produce the effect I am suggesting. Along the same line, though, I do not think pumping air into the nervous system would grant control of bioelectricity. What I am saying is that Luffy will add an electrical charge to his attacks, improving his offensive capabilities and possibly granting a speed power-up similar to Gear 2nd. If you are thinking that it would be redundant to give him another speedy Gear, bear in mind that Gear 4th is a power-type Gear like Gear 3rd. Also, I think that Gear 5th will be able to be used in combination with the previous Gears, so if you are worried that Gear 5th will lack the raw power of 3rd or 4th, I hope this will put your mind at ease.

              The previous theorist suggested that they got the idea for electricity from Luffy’s Thor attacks.


              Now, I admit, Thor Gigant Axe being from Strong World means it is not canon, but Strong World was written by Oda, so presumably Gigant Axe was his idea and was intended to be a demonstration of the Gum-Gum Fruit’s capabilities. Thor Elephant Gun, on the other hand, is canon, and as you can see, has electricity coming off of it. Unfortunately, the electricity is only shown during the clash with Don Chinjao, and admittedly may just be meant as sparks from the impact, but I still think the association of Thor, a previously mentioned electric-attack, and the visual of electricity may be meant as more than coincidence.

              But how will Luffy discover that he can generate electricity through his hair? By accident, like he did with speeding up his blood flow and inflating his bones? Quite possibly, but I think not. You see, I came up with the idea of him using his hair around the time Doflamingo was defeated. I thought for a few months “he’ll probably run his hand through his hair on a winter island and find sparks or something.”

              But then the crew arrived at Zou. Carrot attacked, electricity emanating from her paw. Strange, I thought. Rody the bull headbutts Luffy, also charged with electricity. We learn that all Minks can use this electric ability, known as Electro.

              But why? Very few animals in the real world can utilize electricity. It’s not like Fishman Jujutsu, where fish people who live in water manipulate the water around them. That makes perfect sense, but why would any old land animal be able to use electricity? What’s the correlation?

              The correlation, my friends, is fur. Every mammal has fur (with a few exceptions) and the Minks seem to be exclusively mammalian. In fact, it is explicitly stated that the fur of the Minks is their pride and joy (though I am having trouble finding the page this is said on). So, I believe that Electro is generated in the fur of the Minks, and that Carrot’s weapon is a furred paw-glove to facilitate the transference of Electro from her body to the weapon.

              I think Luffy watching Carrot fight will give him the idea to try using his own hair to generate electricity. The result will likely be somewhat different from Electro, but he will more or less get the basic idea of using his own “fur” as a basis of the ability.

              As I was writing this theory, I realized that there actually is a way Luffy could air in Gear 5th. He could pump air into the hairs along his body, such as on his arms or chest, to increase the surface area with which he can generate electricity. I don’t think this is too likely, as we have never seen Luffy with hair anywhere other than his head, but the idea of Luffy puffing himself up and suddenly being really hairy sounds exactly like something Oda would do. Besides, perhaps the hair on his arms is just really small, not even sticking out of the follicles, so he needs to pump up just to get it to show. Remember, Oda has stated that the point of Luffy is to keep the story ridiculous even at its most serious moments, so I don’t have any trouble imagining Luffy making himself absurdly hairy in the middle of a decisive battle. Hell, making himself hairy may give him more of a monkey appearance, and I have seen a couple of theories that his Awakening or Gear 5th will make him “the Monkey King.” His hair may just be the key to that.

              In summary; I believe Luffy will be inspired by the Minks’ Electro ability to try using his hair to generate electricity for Gear 5th; he may pump up his body hair to make himself more Mink-like, taking on the appearance of a monkey for this new form.

              *Theory by Tokiro Oumaga


                We all know that Oda is a master of foreshadowing, but what will happen when One Piece is near its end?

                There will be less foreshadowing, and instead Oda will entertain us by recreating some of important past events. Of course not exactly the same and not in the same context but in similar and impressive way.

                For example:
                Sanji left the others to deal with his own problem just like Robin did.
                Momonsuke communicated with Zunisha just like Shirahoshi did with Sea Kings.
                And in the recent chapter 822, Luffy dragged the others jumping down to Sunny or the sea (whatever his plan), just like he did in Enies Lobby, dragged everybody to Rocket Man.

                Next chapter, I think Oda will recreate how Luffy got a seventh member when Robin sneaked into Going Merry after Arabasta Arc. This time, a seventh member again has already sneaked into Sunny to follow Luffy in his journey to rescue Sanji.

                Who is he/she? I will give you clues..

                1. She is a woman

                2. The first Mink we met in the beginning of Zou Arc, but she is nowhere in the recent chapter, 822.

                got it?

                3. She can reach Sunny very easily because she can jump very high.

                4. She mentioned that it is fun to sneaked into Big Mom tea party in chapter 815.

                5. Last clue, she was in the Sanji rescue team poster:

                *Theory by gaimon

                  ZOU’S SECRET DARK SIDE…

                  After last chapters cliffhanger about Sanji, and the reintroduction of Nami and Chopper, I think that something is very off about Zou. The bases of my theory is that Zou isn’t as cheerful and friendly as it seems, it has a secret dark side.

                  First before I go into the details of the theory, I would just like to analyze the SH’s arrival on each island they go to. On almost every island they initially enter, they are either hated on sight for being pirates, or are treated like regular people. The only time that this trend hasn’t held up in the past was when the crew landed on Whiskey Peak.


                  Now, as we all know this town didn’t turn out to be the pirate heaven that the crew thought it was, it had a darker side that the crew discovered later, after they had been seduced by the beautiful women


                  and the wonderful atmosphere and partying



                  Now I know that these similarities between Zou and Whiskey Peak aren’t strong enough to conclusively say that Zou has a dark side. But I have a few more points to bring up.

                  The first is has to do with Wanda’s comment about the Curly Hat’s


                  She says that they are deceased, but we find out later on that neither Nami nor Chopper are dead, so why would she say that?
                  Another weird comment that Wanda makes is when she is talking to Carrot and says that even though Luffy is the captain he won’t be treated with mercy


                  This seems like a very weird comment to make, especially when we again learn later on that the crew is actually hailed as heroes on Zou.

                  Wanda’s weird comments aside, not even all of the Minks in the country seem trust the SH, even though, if they are the heroes that should be well respected. This is not only shown once, but twice, with Pedro having Luffy surrounded on sight, and the guards in front of the Mink village threatening Luffy and co., even though they were with Wanda.


                  I believe that the all of Wanda’s comments and these scenes of Mink mistrust are hints to us that Nami and Chopper believe that the other Swirly Hats are dead, but in fact they are actually being held captive by the Mink King.

                  Now I know that that seems like a huge leap to make, but stay with me. The next part of my theory all relies on you guys believing that this guy that Nami is sleeping on:


                  is the Mink King.

                  I believe that this guy is the one who ordered the Swirly Hat’s, other than Nami and Chopper to be captured, but tricked Chopper and Nami into believing that they were either severally injured or dead. Now why do I think he imprisoned the people who rescued Zou, and why weren’t Nami and Chopper also imprisoned?
                  The next part of my theory involves some speculation and I hope you can go with me. I think that the Mink King is actually a very corrupt king, who forces most of the Mink women to service him in his own personal harem.

                  The first reason I believe this is because of the huge difference in appearance between the Minkwomen and the Minkmen


                  While the Mink females look very much like regular human females, with lots of curves and big breasts, the Mink men look far more beast like. This difference in attractiveness may have created a society where most Mink females are only prized for their beauty while the men are rewarded for their feats of strength.

                  Now the next reason why I think the Mink King uses the women as prostitutes is because of his interaction with Nami. Instead of allowing her to dress in her regular clothes and sleep in a normal bed, he has her dressed up in a very fancy and seductive outfit:


                  and has her sleeping on his stomach. Now it might be a stretch to believe that the Mink King is trying to make Nami into another member of his harem, but in the very same chapter Wanda reveals that some Minks, like the king, think that Humans are quite attractive


                  In this very same scene you can see that the Minks are giving Nami their congratulations. Some of you guys have said that this because she is reuniting with her crew, but I think that they’re congratulating her for being inducted into the King’s harem.

                  I also believe that the Mink King could have been partially inspired by King Henry VIII, a corrupt king in London, who was notorious for his size and his large number of wives.


                  The last reason why I think that the Mink King allows and endorses prostitution in Zou is because in One Piece, Oda likes to explore very controversial topics, like racism, drug abuse, slavery, and many other things. It would only make sense that he would eventually tackle the topic of prostitution and sexual abuse of women.
                  Going back to the overall theory, now that I’ve told you why I believe the Zou King is corrupt, I will now explain how Sanji made him mad enough to have himself captured.

                  I do believe that the Swirly Hat’s were the ones responsible for having Jack leave the island, but I also think that it is there fault that he came in the first place.
                  When we see them in 795, we see Sanji and Brooke taking out some of Kaido’s men.


                  We also know that most of these men were able to escape, and I think that after they escaped they went directly to Jack and told him that it was the Swirly Hat’s fault that they weren’t able to finish their mission. After hearing this Jack went to Zou, destroyed it and was then pushed out by the Swirly Hat’s. Some of the people on Zou praised Sanji and co. as heroes, but most of them blamed them for bringing him to Zou in first place.

                  The next reason why I believe that why I believe Sanji was captured by the Mink King is because of his policy on women. We all know that Sanji is a huge perv, but he still believes that women should be respected and cared for. Now how do you think Sanji would react if he found out that the Mink King was allowing for women to be abused and used for sex in the country? He speaks out against the Mink King, and because of this out burst the King captures Sanji and creates a dummy to stand in his place as either dead or in a coma as to not upset Nami and Chopper, who aren’t being captured because of Nami’s beauty and Chopper resemblance to a Mink. This is why Nami believes that Sanji is either dead or in a coma and comes rushing to Luffy.

                  *Theory by Kikodg78